2 reasons ex-smokers love tobacco e-cigs

While nicotine is a highly addictive chemical that makes it so hard for people to quit smoking, there’s also a fondness for the taste and smell of tobacco that develops in smokers over time. This is partially why tobacco e-cigs are so popular! Continue reading to learn more about why ex-smokers rely on tobacco e-cigs, especially those made by the Logic brand. 

The flavor is familiar

When ex-smokers attempt to quit combustible cigarettes cold turkey, their nicotine cravings will typically peak within the first few days. However, with the help of a Logic vape pen, those who miss smoking can satisfy their strong desires for nicotine and the urge to vape a flavor that’s familiar to their past smoking routine. Since Logic vapes are only sold as tobacco flavor units, ex-smokers receive an experience that’s aimed directly at their taste buds. Just because they’ve quit combustible cigarettes doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the tobacco taste! 

Vapor doesn’t stick to clothes, hands, and hair

Ask any ex-smoker and they’re bound to tell you that they have never been fond of the way that combustible cigarettes burn, leaving behind a foul smell on their clothes, hands, and hair. While this odor affects the user most, it’s the people who spend time around them that truly suffer. Tobacco e-cigs completely change this dynamic. Instead of heating the e-liquid contents to the point of combustion like a traditional cigarette, e-cigs heat it until it turns from a liquid in the tank to a gas that can then be drawn up into the mouthpiece through inhalation. Since there is no combustion, once the vaper exhales the tobacco vape, the smell dissipates within seconds. 

Satisfying both physical and mental dependencies, tobacco e-cigs are the real deal and are available right here at I Love Ecigs!

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