3 reasons you should switch to vaping before the holidays

switch to vaping

 switch to vaping

The holiday season is in full-swing, including all the sights and smells. While there is a crispness to the fall air, there’s also the scent of delicious aromas, like roasting chestnuts and decadent mulled wine, alongside the bittersweet warmth of a crackling wood fire to ultimately put you in the mood for the festive season. That being said, many people use the month of December to spend extra time with their loved ones. However, stepping outside into the bitter cold is not the most appealing holiday activity. Stop missing the important moments, keep warm inside and begin to improve your health over the holidays by choosing to use an e-cigarette, rather than a combustible cigarette.

Stop missing the important moments

When you’re constantly popping in and out to smoke your traditional cigarette, you’re wasting time that should be spent with your loved ones. Whether it’s a little one in your family who took their first few steps or someone just told an incredible story, the shrieks of excitement are most definitely an indication that you’re missing these joyous moments of significance.

So, when you’re finally making the choice to throw away your combustible cigarettes and switch to vaping, you’re are automatically saving your departures from the dinner table and becoming a bigger part of the festive memory making. That being said, your family will most likely also appreciate that the horrible smell of burnt tobacco on your hands and clothes will no longer be combating the delicious smell of the holiday feast. You’re welcome!

It’s way too cold outside anyways

Often times, depending on where you live, the holiday season will subject you to the bitter cold. As a smoker, you’re no stranger to having frostbitten fingertips or your lighter constantly being blown out by the treacherous winter winds. Lighting a traditional cigarette and smoking outside can be an infuriating task during the holiday season. So, why not alleviate the added holiday stress by switching to vaping? Then you can simply sit back, relax and vape away in the toasty warm comfort of your cozy home.

Your body will thank you

Not only are combustible cigarettes the leading preventable death in the United States, but tobacco ingestion possesses the potential to damage your brain, lungs and heart as well as increase your risk to develop many smoking-related diseases. A clean bill of health is the best gift that you can give your loved ones for the holidays and also the best gift that you can receive from yourself. For smokers who need a helping hand, an e-cigarette is a handy tool that you can use to help free yourself from your tobacco dependency. It also allows you to control your nicotine intake and choose between a variety of delicious flavors.

Can you think of some other reasons to switch to vaping before the holidays? Tell us in the comments section below.

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