3 vaping tips for the summer months

It’s the official first week of summer and while that means it’s time to get out and enjoy all that the season has to offer, it also means there may be a few adjustments needed to ensure that your vaping experience remains satisfying and safe. Listed below are three tips that we have for vaping in the summertime. 

Carry and keep your e-liquid in a cool, dry environment 

If you’re a habitual vaper who possesses a large stash of refills and/or backup disposables e-cigs, it’s important to find a space that promotes longevity when storing your replacement vapes. The ideal storage location needs to be dry, cool, and out of direct sunlight. Thinking of your replacement vapes as a glass of milk. Fresh out of the fridge, it’s delicious and satisfying, but if you leave it on the counter in direct sunlight, it changes consistency, temperature, and flavor, which can greatly affect the taste and texture. That said, because summer months are already the warmest time of year, be sure to leave extra replacement vapes at home and use a carrying case for your e-cig rather than your pocket. Even the best brands, like Logic ecigs, need a quality storage environment to maintain the taste users know and love!

Avoid charging batteries and/or devices in your vehicle

If you’re driving with the air conditioning on, it’s easy and safe to charge your ecig device—we recommend extending the charge cord to rest the battery and/or device in the glove compartment for shade from the sun. However, if your vehicle is stationary and hot, it’s best to avoid charging at this time. While the risk is minimal, direct sun exposure can overheat the batteries and/or device. The best way to ensure your experience isn’t hindered due to weather is to pre-charge your device before leaving the house and bring along a couple of backup batteries. 

Be prepared for the summer adventures ahead 

Whether you live somewhere that has a short summer or your habitat to a part of the globe where sunshine is always in the forecast, with a little planning, you can take your Logic ecig wherever you go—a family beach day, an impromptu barbecue with friends, or a weekend road trip. Aside from the tips above, if you have plans to be on the go this season, be sure to keep extra batteries close, have a supply of refills, or opt for easy with pre-charged, pre-filled disposables. Extra stock ensures that you’re never left without when a nicotine craving comes knocking. 

Do you have any other tips for novice vapers that we may have missed? Please drop them in the comment section below to share with our readers.

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