Gift Ideas for Vaping Enthusiasts

Gift Ideas for Vaping Enthusiasts

Gift Ideas for Vaping Enthusiasts

Kudos to your friend or family member who has embarked on a Nicotine Reduction Program and is enjoying the benefits and pleasure of e-cigarettes. As crunch time descends upon holiday shopping, consider these vape gift ideas for enhancing this safe and affordable alternative to smoking.

Power Series Starter Kit

When switching from combustible cigarettes to e-cigs, it’s important to do so gradually so the body adapts to decreasing levels of nicotine. The Logic Power Series Starter Kit is a great cost-effective introduction to vaping. The rechargeable lithium battery powered e-cigarettes, available in 2.4% nicotine strength, are ideal for ex-smokers who still require a high concentration of nicotine to keep their cravings at bay. Tobacco and menthol flavors are classic options and always a hit, but you can surprise them with the delicious taste of cherry, perfect for the holidays. And if you want to take home the title of best gift-giver this time of year and make your gift last even longer, pair the starter kit with a set of refill cartomizers. A two-pack will provide the equivalent of four packs of cigarettes, but at a much cheaper rate and without the toxic odor and side-effects that smoke creates.

Logic Pro Vaporizer

The Logic Pro Vaporizer is a great option for vapers who want to alternate between varying levels of nicotine. This pen and charger combo matches well with a two-pack of e-liquid capsules, available in 1.6% and 1.8%, nicotine concentrations and several flavors, including tobacco, berry mint, menthol, and cherry. Although safety precautions should always be taken around pets and children, the capsules’ lock feature prevents activation unless attached to the pen, ensuring the safety of your little ones.

Cubano E-Cigar

If your beloved appreciates cigars, or is interested in something different to vape, there’s a stogie to satisfy that craving. At a 1.8% nicotine level, the Cubano delivers approximately 1,800 puffs, putting it on par with nine Churchills. It’s a sharp looking product, with a 1,300 mAh (milliampere to hours) battery, that’s perfect for tucking alongside a gift of coffee, spirits, or show tickets.

Zero-Nicotine E-Cigs

For ex-smokers who have worked their way down nicotine levels, zero-nicotine e-cigs provide about 800 puffs each, and come in an assortment of delightful flavors, such as tangy mango and sweet strawberry. Whether you choose a single taste or a couple of different ones, they’re the kind of vape gift ideas that are always welcomed. Add in a membership card, and give the vaper in your life a memorable present that continues well past the holidays.

Did you find our vape gift ideas helpful? Tell us what you plan on gifting the vaper in your life this holiday season!

British Psychological Society Report Recommends Promoting E-Cigarettes to Help Smokers Quit

British Psychological Society Report Recommends Promoting E-Cigarettes to Help Smokers Quit

British Psychological Society Report Recommends Promoting E-Cigarettes to Help Smokers Quit

According to a new report published by the British Psychological Society, e-cigarettes are a recommended tool to quit smoking. The report, entitled “Changing Behaviour: Electronic Cigarettes,” was published this past October and was written by Dr. Lynne Dawkins and Dr. Hayden McRobbie. The report is an attempt to guide behavior with respect to smoking cessation and related educational activity.

According to co-author Dawkins, Associate Professor at London South Bank University, “for smokers trying to quit, e-cigarettes are more attractive than traditional smoking cessation methods, such as nicotine replacement therapy, and at least as effective. There is also mounting evidence that they are much safer than tobacco smoking.”

In addition to broadly endorsing vaping as a method of quitting smoking, the report makes specific recommendations. For instance, it recommends improving education with respect to the relative harms of smoking cigarettes and vaping e-cigarettes. The report also recommends introducing the use of e-cigarettes into the government’s Stop Smoking Services. Furthermore, it suggests undertaking fiscal measures to raise the cost of cigarettes and lower the cost of e-cigarettes, as well as pursuing policies which will promote vaping over smoking, including instituting “smoke-free” legislation while avoiding “vape-free” legislation.

Additionally, the report recommends adopting regulations which will lead to the evolution and improvement of e-cigarettes through successful product development efforts. Lastly, the report states that the government should invest in research that studies the effects of vaping on smoking cessation. According to the report, such research would also elucidate which factors contribute to a successful transition from smoking to vaping.

All in all, the report reinforces what a lot of studies lately have been saying: e-cigarettes are an effective tool for those attempting to quit smoking.

Have you ever used vaping to help quit cigarettes? Let us know in the comments below!

4 Reasons People Enjoy Vaping

4 Reasons People Enjoy Vaping

4 Reasons People Enjoy Vaping

According to the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, approximately 3.7% of adults in the US use e-cigarettes. Across the pond, the results of a survey by the Royal College of Physicians group, ASH (Action on Smoking & Health), show that there are about 2.9 million vapers in the UK. The popularity of e-cigarettes continues to rise as smokers learn more about why it is better to choose vaping over other nicotine delivery options.

Comfortable Way to Quit Smoking

Adhering to changes is one of the biggest challenges to modifying a routine. Since taking an alternative nicotine delivery product such as the patch means creating a new routine, it is common for people to forget to apply it, aggravating withdrawal symptoms. Also, with the patch and the gum, you no longer have the experience that comes from holding a cigarette, which can make the transition less desirable. With e-cigarettes, however, you vape as you please, while still retaining the comfort and relaxation that the physical mannerisms bring you, which, in turn, helps you set the pace for your Nicotine Reduction Program, and makes it easier to achieve your goal.

Fewer Toxins for Yourself and Others

In addition to staining your fingernails, teeth, and skin, wreaking havoc on your respiratory system, and causing “smoker’s cough,” smoking also affects everyone around you. The second-hand smoke and residue are toxic to people, animals, and the environment. The vaping liquid, mainly consisting of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), commonly found in food products to enhance texture, flavor, and moisture, doesn’t impair your health and that of others to the same degree as smoking combustible cigarettes. Additionally, by choosing e-cigarettes that match the levels of nicotine you’re accustomed to, you can safely stay at, or reduce, your intake as desired.

Variety of Flavors

There’s nothing wrong with preferring a tobacco flavor, yet you’re not limited to that taste with e-cigarettes. Flavor profiles range from Berry Mint to Cherry to the delightful sweetness of Watermelon, and e-cigs emanate a brief, pleasant scent in the air. You can choose a Logic Power Rechargeable Kit in the flavor of your choice, and for those that fancy stogies, consider the Cubano E-Cigar for that distinct sensory impression.

Greater Savings

Did you know that the aforementioned cigar delivers about 1,800 puffs? Or that one Logic E-Cigarette is equal to two cigarette packs? The cost-effectiveness is even more apparent when you factor in that e-cigarettes are durable and do not go stale.

See which e-cigarettes you prefer, and how much better you feel vaping instead of smoking!

Top Three Benefits of Switching to E-Cigs

Top Three Benefits of Switching to E-Cigs

Top Three Benefits of Switching to E-Cigs

The CDC’s fact sheet on cigarette smoking should definitely be pause for thought before taking another drag. Smoking increases the risk of cancer, stroke, tooth loss, fertility problems, and a host of other ailments, yet combating the allure of smoking can be difficult. Directors from two leading tobacco study groups approved of e-cigarette use as an alternative to its deleterious combustible counterpart during their lecture at Boston University. Vaping does make a difference, and it has fewer harmful effects than smoking, especially towards health, relationships, and finances, three important concerns.

Safer for Everyone

Vaping means safer inhalation for you since vapor is less toxic than cigarette smoke. The plant-based Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) mixture doesn’t create second-hand or the equally toxic third-hand smoke that cigarettes produce. Lingering residue from smoking stains and from polluted air are unsafe for pets as well as for people. Animals can develop serious health problems from licking themselves or from ingesting butts, ashes, or contaminated water.

By smell alone, non-vapers wouldn’t know there was an e-cigarette user unless they were there during the brief wisp emitted after a puff. Odors (reflecting whatever flavor the e-juice is) dissipate within seconds and do not linger or stain anything.

More Comfortable to be Around

In addition to how we interact amongst loved ones, vaping is conducive at work breaks and social outings. For instance, you can still achieve that relaxing hand-to-mouth sensation without carrying over any off-putting smells from puffing a Cubano E-Cigar before a meeting. And who hasn’t engaged in that familiar, welcoming banter between strangers at concerts, sports games, or while just waiting for a ride? You can confidently vape a rich menthol e-cigarette that won’t offend, and most likely, you won’t be the only one doing so.

Easier on the Wallet

As you work your way towards deliciously flavored nicotine-free e-cigarettes, you’ll see how cost-effective vaping is and how it can help you quit smoking. A two-pack of refill cartomizers equates to approximately four packs of tobacco cigarettes and is available at the higher 2.4% – 27mg and medium 1.8% – 20mg, levels of nicotine. This allows you to transition as slowly or as quickly as you wish, at a cost that’s easier to manage.

Feel better, save money, and enjoy the refreshing benefits of vaping!

Set Great American Smokeout Goals with E-Cigs

Set Great American Smokeout Goals with E-Cigs

Set Great American Smokeout Goals with E-Cigs

Originating in 1974 as Don’t Smoke Day in Minnesota, then becoming national in 1977, The Great American Smokeout is a day for smokers to initiate a plan to put an end to their smoking habits. E-cigarettes are a terrific way to manage this, often difficult to achieve, goal and are more pleasing psychologically, socially, and financially.

Immediately Noticeable Benefits

In addition to the physical addiction associated with cigarettes, there’s the very essence of smoking that makes for a strong routine. The tangible aspect of holding a cigarette has its own appeal. Whether you choose to vape with a low, medium, or high strength nicotine vape juice and even if you choose to go nicotine-free altogether, e-cigs give you that hand-to-mouth satisfaction while inhaling and exhaling your favorite e-juice flavor. The benefits that come from smoking e-cigarettes instead of traditional cigarettes include:

No second-hand smoke: The resulting vapor cloud is 95% less harmful than smoke from combustible cigarettes, and it only occurs after a puff, whereas regular lit cigarettes emit lingering smoke even when left idle.

No unpleasant odor: Vaping doesn’t create the heavy, unpleasant odor associated with regular cigarettes that clings to skin, clothing, and furniture, eliminating the need to frantically Febreeze your home before having guests over!

More eco-friendly: The absence of leaves and grounds means that there are no ashes and butts to pollute waters and litter the environment. Furthermore, there are recycling programs for e-cigarette components and batteries.

Cost-effectiveness: Put an end to crushed, broken, and wet cigarettes which equates to wasted money. E-cigs cannot be bent, and capsules and refill cartomizers last longer, so you save on cost, and lose anxiety over ruined products. There are also membership programs that offer savings for re-orders, which means that you don’t risk running out of e-juice, keeping you on track with your goals.

A Range of Nicotine Levels to Meet Your Needs

It’s important to pace yourself when transitioning to or with e-cigarettes. Just as if you were slowly decreasing caffeine intake, start with a nicotine level that equals your current tobacco usage. We carry two medium to high levels of nicotine by volume from Logic Pro, Platinum at 2.4% and Black at 1.8%, with flavor options including cherry and menthol. When you’re ready to switch to nicotine-free, the True Puff Nicotine Free E-Cigs, which are available in light and refreshing fruity flavors, deliver up to 800 puffs each, allowing you to remain cigarette-free while enjoying your cherished routine.

Whatever timeline you set for a Nicotine Reduction Program, let e-cigarettes help get you there! Spread the word and share this blog post with smokers who need some help quitting.

Is Vapor from E-Cigs the Same as Smoke from Combustible Cigarettes?

Is Vapor from E-Cigs the Same as Smoke from Combustible Cigarettes?

Is Vapor from E-Cigs the Same as Smoke from Combustible Cigarettes?

Traditional cigarettes release nicotine through the combustion process which emits smoke whereas electronic cigarettes heat e-liquid to produce vapor that is then inhaled by the user. Since both smoke and vapor look and behave similarly, it is easy to assume that they share the same properties; however, the two are vastly different.

1) Composition

Did you know that there are over 7,000 chemicals in traditional cigarette smoke and that approximately 70 of them are carcinogenic? When cigarette smokers take a puff, they don’t only inhale nicotine, but also thousands of toxins such as cyanide, carbon monoxide, and ammonia, not to mention tar. E-cigarette vapor, on the other hand, contains just a fraction of the toxins emitted by regular cigarettes. Studies conducted by the University of Victoria’s Centre for Addictions Research of BC (CARBC) found strong evidence that e-cigarette vapor is less toxic than smoke.

2) Time to Dissipate

The same study conducted by CARBC found that while smoke takes an average of 18 to 20 minutes to dissipate, vapor from e-cigs evanesces within 30 seconds. In other words, while smokers and bystanders alike are exposed to smoke about a quarter of an hour after it’s been exhaled, secondhand exposure lasts less than a minute with vaping. Also, once a cigarette is lit, it produces smoke regardless of whether the smoker takes a drag or not. With e-cigs, vapor is only produced when the user is actively vaping on the device.

3) Smell

If you’ve ever got a ride in a smoker’s car, you know that the unpleasant smell of a cigarette doesn’t disappear once the smoke vanishes. It lingers and clings on to everything imaginable: hair, clothes, upholstery, fingers, you name it! The scent of vapor, on the other hand, fades away within 30 seconds. Also, since there is a plethora of e-juice possibilities, the smell varies depending on the flavor being used, so some of you may actually welcome the aroma of menthol or cherry!

4) Nicotine Content

Since all combustible cigarettes contain nicotine, the substance is present in smoke too. Not all vapor, though, contains nicotine. Allow us to explain. With vaping, the user has more options, for instance, someone who enjoys tobacco flavored e-cigarettes can choose between the 2.4% (strong) or the 1.8% (moderately strong) nicotine strength, and if they prefer to vape nicotine-free, they can select the zero-nicotine option.

Are you an ex-smoker who has transitioned to vaping? What other differences have you noticed between smoke and vapor? Tell us in the comments section below!

Vaping Tips for Beginners

Vaping Tips for Beginners

Vaping Tips for Beginners

Vaping is increasing in popularity as smokers ditch combustible cigarettes in favor of their electronic counterpart, the e-cigarette. Unlike traditional cigarettes which deliver nicotine through smoke, e-cigs produce vapor by heating the nicotine-laced e-liquid, which means that ex-smokers can still get the nicotine they need without the thousands of toxins, including tar.

However, the popularity of vaping isn’t limited to ex-smokers. Many vapers enjoy producing impressive clouds of vapor or trying out the delicious flavor choices that are available. Since the technology is new and evolving, you’re bound to make a mistake or two (or several) when starting out, so here are four vaping tips for beginners.

Tip #1: Buy Online

Even if vape shops are mushrooming all over your city, the best deals are online! Many new vapers make the mistake of buying their first vape from a brick-and-mortar store only to realize that they could have purchased the exact product for much cheaper online.

Tip #2: Keep It Simple

It’s easy to fall for the glitz and glam of sub-ohm vaping and complicated mods and builds, but when you first start out, it’s best to keep it simple, especially if your goal is to quit smoking. Purchasing an inexpensive, intuitive, and portable e-cigarette that delivers the nicotine that you need will set you up for success. As you reduce your nicotine dependence, you can gradually lower the level or even vape nicotine free. For those looking to vape for the flavors or for cloud chasing fame, starter kits are your perfect introduction to the world of vaping.

Tip #3: Try Different Flavors

Vaping offers you the possibility of trying out delectable flavors, so if the first one you try doesn’t suit you, experiment! Whether you love the rich, earthy tobacco flavor, the cool, refreshing menthol taste, or you prefer an explosion of cherry, there is an e-juice flavor for you!

Tip #4: Order in Advance

If you wait until you run out of vaping products to order, you may find yourself tempted to go back to using a regular cigarette. Instead, order in advance so that you remain on track with your goal to quit smoking, and even if you don’t vape for the nicotine, ordering in advance has many advantages. Not only will you always be fully-stocked, but you can also benefit from quantity discounts, saving you money.

Did you find these vaping tips for beginners helpful? Share them with your family and friends!

5 Easy Ways to Save Money When Vaping

6 Easy Ways to Save Money When Vaping

5 Easy Ways to Save Money When Vaping

Everybody is always looking for ways to save money, so if you want to trim your vaping budget without compromising your attempt to quit smoking or the quality of products you use, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five easy ways you can vape for cheap.

1) Shop Online

Although many vapers have access to a local vape shop in their neighborhood, they still choose to shop online for all their vape gear and e-juice needs. Why is that? It’s because, unlike brick and mortar vape shops, online stores can offer the best prices to their customers. So, if you want to vape for cheap, buy your products online!

2) Quantity Discounts

At, more is more. That means, the more you purchase of a specific item at one time, the greater your savings. You need the products anyway, so why not buy a sufficient supply and get rewarded with discounted pricing? Check your product page for available discounts.

3) Sign up to Become a Member

Membership programs are also a great way to vape for cheap. With I Love E-Cigs, for instance, if you are a member, you can save 2% on every order automatically at checkout. Membership is free, and in addition to discounts, you have access to your order history, and you can save your shipping information, saving you time. And if you want to further reduce your costs, signing up for a recurring order means that you can benefit from additional discounts each month while making sure that you never run out of e-juice.

4) Subscribe to Mailing Lists

Subscribing to a mailing list not only means that you will get the latest e-cigarette related news right to your inbox, but it also means great deals! I Love E-Cigs sends out exclusive sales and discount coupons weekly to help customers save on vaping products, so subscribe today!

5) Review Products

Many vendors offer incentives to leave reviews of their products. When you leave a review on the I Love E-Cigs website, you can get 3% off in addition to the 2% member discount, saving you 5% off your purchase! If you’re not camera shy and want a shot to fame, making a 30 seconds long video review can save you 25% in the form of a coupon code.

6) Sign Up for Referral Programs

Many vendors, including I Love E-Cigs, offer referral programs which allow vapers to get discounts on vaping products. For example, you can receive $5 in store credit for each customer you refer to I Love E-Cigs when they complete their first purchase. If you have friends who are looking to quit smoking, tell them about us and reduce the cost of your next order! You can refer as many friends as you want.

How do you vape for cheap? Share your money-saving tips in the comments section below!

E-Cigarette Myths vs. Facts

E-Cigarette Myths vs. Facts

E-Cigarette Myths vs. Facts

The vaping industry has witnessed significant changes in the government’s attitude towards electronic cigarettes this year. In July, for instance, the FDA announced a comprehensive regulatory plan that recognized e-cigarettes’ potential to make a positive public health difference, a stark contrast to the agency’s previous stance. In the UK, Stoptober, the government-backed annual campaign to challenge smokers to quit, is endorsing e-cigarettes for the first time, demonstrating a change in the nation’s attitude towards electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS). While these developments are encouraging, many e-cig related myths persist despite evidence that they are nothing but misconceptions.

Myth 1: E-Juice Is a Mystery

According to the American Lung Association, combustible cigarettes contain approximately 600 ingredients. E-juice, on the other hand, consists of a handful of ingredients: Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerin (VG) or a mix of the two, water, flavorings, and nicotine, although non-nicotine options are also available. PG is a colorless, odorless liquid found in pharmaceuticals, beauty products, and edible items while VG is a viscous substance used in sweeteners, personal care products, and food.

Myth 2: Vaping Leads to Smoking

Numerous studies have confirmed that there is no evidence that vaping leads to smoking. A report published by the Tobacco Advisory Group of the Royal College of Physicians revealed that “e-cigarettes are being used almost exclusively as safer alternatives to smoked tobacco, by confirmed smokers who are trying to reduce harm to themselves or others from smoking, or to quit smoking completely.”

Another more recent study by Public Health England examining vaping among teens concluded that concerns that e-cigarettes are enticing teenagers into smoking traditional cigarettes are unfounded. The data showed that of the 60,000 teens surveyed, 3% vaped regularly, and the majority of them already smoked combustible cigarettes.

Myth 3: Smoke and Vapor Are Equally Dangerous

Tobacco smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals, at least 69 of which are carcinogenic, according to the American Lung Association. Some of these toxic chemicals include ammonia, arsenic, benzene, butane, and carbon monoxide, just to name a few. The health hazard resulting from long-term vapor inhalation, however, “is unlikely to exceed 5% of the harm from smoking tobacco,” according to the Royal College of Physicians.

What are some vaping myths that you’ve heard about? Tell us in the comments below!

How to Recycle Your Logic Vape Battery

How to Recycle Your Logic Vape Battery

According to the Royal College of Physicians, the majority of vapers are ex-smokers who have transitioned from combustible cigarettes to e-cigarettes for health reasons given that vaping delivers nicotine in a safer way, but did you know that e-cigs, when properly recycled, are also better for the environment?

Keep America Beautiful (KAB), a nonprofit organization focused on community improvement, revealed that the “overall littering rate for cigarette butts is 65%, and tobacco products comprise 38% of all U.S. roadway litter.” Shockingly, in a survey conducted by KAB, 77% of respondents stated that they did not view cigarette butts as litter. Unfortunately, 95% of cigarette filters that end up in the ground or waterways are comprised of cellulose acetate, a substance which is not readily biodegradable and that can have a lifespan of up to 15 years. Cigarette butts which accumulate in gutters are responsible for blight, creating an adverse effect on plants, and are hazardous to animals and marine life who often mistake them for food.

As more and more smokers turn to vaping to help them kick the habit, less and less cigarette related litter is expected to enter our landfills, rivers, and oceans, but what about the electronic devices themselves? If they end up filling up our landfills, then can the vaping industry truly say that e-cigarettes are better for the environment when compared to traditional cigarettes? This is why Logic, a leader in premium e-cigs, is dedicated to providing its customers with a convenient and free way to recycle their Logic vape batteries.

Logic vape products comprise of a rechargeable lithium ion/lithium polymer battery that should be recycled. Logic has partnered up with Call2Recycle, which specializes in the ecological disposal of battery and electronic goods, to make recycling as easy as possible.

When your Logic vape battery is at the end of its useful life, simply remove the cartridge and visit Call2Recycle’s website or call 1-877-2RECYCLE to find a battery drop-off location nearest to you. With over 30,000 collection sites in North America, including gas stations, convenience stores, and supermarkets, you’re sure to find one in your area.

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