3 mistakes to avoid if you’re a beginner vaper

logic vape pen

logic vape pen

The world of vaping doesn’t have to be intimidating. In fact, with the right amount of knowledge, switching from combustible cigarettes to e-cigarettes is actually incredibly easy. That being said, while the physical transition between the products is evidently painless, there can still be daunting some decisions if you’re new to the lifestyle. So, in order to make your first-time purchase uncomplicated, we’ve decided to share with you three mistakes that you want to try and avoid while you’re still getting into the swing of vaping.

Please, invest in a high-quality device

One of the most common oversights that beginner vapers make is purchasing a cheap, low-grade device that possesses substandard technology. While it may seem like a budget-friendly investment at the time, a mediocre device has a higher chance of breaking, burning out or needing some replacement parts. That’s why it’s always best to consider your device to be an investment in your longstanding journey to becoming smoke-free. Moreover, high-quality e-cigarette technology, like our Logic vape pen, is worth the first-rate price tag. Not only is a logic vape pen a durable and dependable device, but each of its celebrated collection contains a wide variety of delicious e-juice flavors and ample nicotine strengths. So, why not pay a tiny bit more to ensure an enormous difference in quality and design?

Please, select the correct nicotine strength

Another big mistake that first-timers make is selecting an e-juice with the incorrect nicotine level. Keep in mind that the nicotine strength that’s needed for your Logic vape pen shouldn’t be a guessing game. In fact, it’s entirely dependent on your previous smoking habits and whether you were an occasional or heavy smoker. Below is a rough guide to help point you in the right direction.

  • Omg/ml (zero nicotine e-cigs) are good for people who used to be light smokers and for those who are trying to rid themselves of their nicotine dependency.
  • 20 mg/ml (1.8% e-liquids) are good for people who used to be light to moderate smokers.
  • 27mg/ml (2.4% and higher) are good for people who used to be heavy cigarette smokers.

Please, don’t buy too many items

We understand that when the time comes for you to make the switch you may feel an overwhelming desire to want to splurge on all the latest flavors and accessories. Although this is an exciting, life-changing event in your life, it’s important to be mindful that simplicity is the key to your transition. So, when you start out as a beginner vaper all you really need is a state-of-the-art device, a few delicious flavors and a couple of batteries. That being said, once you get some time and experience under your belt, you will then be able to branch out and try some more advanced vaping technologies.  

Do you have any tips to pass on to the beginners? Drop them in the comments section below.


How do you select a reputable e-cig vendor?

buy e-cigs online

 buy e-cigs online

For the people who once relied on receiving nicotine from combustible cigarettes, it’s no surprise that vaping has become their safe haven. Especially since e-cigarettes give them the opportunity to choose their nicotine concentration level and slowly lower their intake over time. That being said, with the power of choice comes many benefits and pitfalls, so, it’s important to know whether your vaping gear and juices are coming from a reputable vendor. Thus, in order to ensure that you’re enhancing your vaping experience to its fullest potential, there are a couple of things that you should consider when you buy e-cigs online.

Use the overabundance of customers reviews

When you’re trying to find a trustworthy online vendor sorting through customer reviews can prove to be incredibly helpful. Not only are you able to use them to assist you in selecting a delicious e-juice, but you can also read them over to find out how good the service and support of the vendor is. In most cases, people will only take the added effort to create a review if they feel that their experience was either horrible or fabulous. So, it should be really easy to trust the comments from customers reviews and use them as added research to decide whether you want to carry forward and buy e-cigs online. That being said, you can also tell how popular and established a seller is based on how many reviews they have.

Look for a blog

Maintaining an active blog says a lot about a company — they’re organized, they do their research and they’re invested in the e-cig industry. It takes careful time and consistency to earnestly write on a well-timed schedule and if a company manages to do so, it’s because they’re passionate about their business. Not to mention their blog can always be used as an appropriate source for e-cig studies, product reviews and as a place to ground your knowledge about the industry. Be sure to look for vendors who write about an assortment of topics and use links to the appropriate their sources.

A few benefits of shopping with iloveecigs.com

At iloveecigs.com, we take pride in our ability to represent the vaping industry by providing our customers with state-of-the-art e-cigarette technology, such as the Logic e-cigs lineup. However, aside from our astounding product selection, there are a few other ways that we maintain our consumer relationships.

  • Professional customer service
  • Cheap prices
  • Added special discounts for members and returning, subscribed customers
  • Monthly and weekly flash sales
  • An intuitive, easy-ordering system
  • Free shipping across the U.S.

Are there any other factors that you consider before buying e-cigs online? Share with us by commenting below.

Searching for a Mother’s Day gift that shows you care about her health?

e-cig starter kit

 e-cig starter kit

It can be difficult and time-consuming when you’re on the hunt for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. After all, doesn’t she deserve the best? So, if you’re one of the many people who is feeling clueless about what to get your mom this year and if your she’s a smoker or a vaper, we recommend showering her with a gift that’s thoughtful, creative and mindful of her health. Because it’s important to wrap her up a present that will make her smile, how about presenting her with a premium e-cig starter kit? Whether she’s already a vaper or you simply want to help her on the path to better health, e-cigarettes send the message that you care. Did we mention that it’s practical, courteous and incredibly affordable?

Logic Power Series Platinum Label Tobacco Starter Kit

Has your mom been talking about how she wants to quit combustible cigarettes for good? Well, why not show her just how much thought you’ve put into her gift this year by grabbing her a state-of-the-art e-cig starter kit? After all, it’s the perfect choice for those who enjoy and miss the robust, rich flavor of tobacco. Not to mention, this particular Logic model will allow her to vape with an added sense of confidence because its full-bodied tobacco cartomizers offer the same strong-tasting flavor, and remarkable 2.4% nicotine strength, that she’s used to.

Power Series Platinum Label Menthol Starter Kit  

If your mom prefers the chilling taste of refreshing menthols, then she will love indulging in our contemporary menthol e-cig starter kit. Designed to deliver a realistic smoking experience, this device is known for its thick distribution of lush, flavorful clouds. The best part is one crisp menthol cartomizer is equivalent to roughly two packs of menthols. That’s a satisfying 400 lavish puffs!

Platinum Label Cherry Starter Kit

It’s possible that your mom is a little too sweet for her own good and the only way you’re able to balance out the scale is by gifting her something that’s as pleasant as she is. So, if she has an abundant sweet tooth and enjoys the smooth, sensuous taste of cherries, then this innovative cherry e-cig starter kit may be her match made in heaven. The best part is the cherry-flavored cartomizers offer the same enriching experience as a traditional cigarette, delivering the level of nicotine that your mom requires, only she will be left feeling and smelling more charming and beautiful between vapes.

Which e-cig starter kit will your mom be opening this Mother’s Day? Tell us in the comments section below.


How do you cleanse your lungs from years of smoking?

Logic Power Series

Logic Power Series

Many people who smoke fail to carry out their dream of quitting combustible cigarettes because of the misconception that their body will never recover from the damage caused by tobacco and nicotine. You might be pleasantly surprised to learn how impressive your lungs are in improving functionality once cigarettes have been removed from the daily equation for even a short initial period of time. That being said, if you’re able to refrain from smoking, it’s possible that you can gradually start to strengthen your lungs by adopting highly doable changes in your everyday routine. Here are a couple of suggestions to get you started.

Breath fresh air

When your lungs are acclimatizing to the crisp, pureness of fresh air it’s best to avoid being around any smoke or inhalable toxins. Here are a few ways that you can help to keep the air circulating:  

  • Hangout in ventilated areas: When you’re out and about, try and avoid designated smoking areas in order to bypass inhaling the particles that are left behind in the air. Also, when you’re at home try opening your windows whenever possible and sleep with them open or with a fan on in order to circulate fresh air to your brain and lungs.
  • Keep your home clean: Ex-smokers often notice a change to their sense of smell when they ditch conventional cigarettes. If you own carpets, rugs, furniture or curtains, give them a good clean to remove any leftover cigarette accumulation that could be harmful to your lungs and offensive to your senses.
  • Use all-natural cleaning products: When you’re able to use all-natural cleaning products rather than hazardous substances you’re doing your lungs an incredible service. After all, some household cleaning products can cause irritation to the respiratory tract.
  • Use e-cigarettes: E-cigs, like the Logic Power Series, allow you to satisfy your body’s need for nicotine so that you’re able to eliminate the demand for conventional cigarettes. Plus, your lungs will thank you for inhaling vapor in an assortment of delicious flavors rather than smoke.

Exercise to help with your health

Staying in good physical health is essential to provide the right amount of oxygen to your lungs and other organs. Not to mention it’s also helpful in combating the effects of withdrawal. When you exercise, your body releases tons of feel-good hormones that have the ability to relieve pain and generate feelings of contentment and pleasure. So, for those of you who have just quit smoking, exercise is a good way to distract your mind and have your body feeling appeased in the process.

  • Get your heart pumping daily: 15 to 30 minutes a day of moderate activity is a good starting point for someone who’s looking to maintain a balanced exercise routine.
  • Get outdoors: Hobbies like swimming, brisk walking, gardening and even washing your car can be counted as part of your daily exercise if you’re taking the time to practice deep breathing and stretching.
  • Try yoga: Yoga has an array of benefits for anyone, but particularly ex-smokers. It teaches you to breathe efficiently and helps to expand your lung capacity to strengthen the muscles in your diaphragm. You will also become keenly aware of your newfound lung capacity and this feeling of deep breathing will strengthen your resolve to stay smoke-free.
  • Use your e-cigarette: Nicotine withdrawal is one of the reasons that ex-smokers struggle when they perform any form of exercise. So, instead of going cold turkey you may want to try an easy-to-use e-cig, like the Logic Power Series, to help you with your workout routine. That way you’re able to carry out your energetic activities without feeling shortness in breath, tiredness, achiness or nausea.

Are there any other ways that you’ve helped your lungs detox after you’ve quit smoking? Please share your experiences with our readers in the comments section below.


E-cigarettes help military service members quit smoking, study finds

e-cigarette study

e-cigarette study

While the e-cigarette industry is constantly facing ridicule and criticism from non-vapers, there’s actually a lot of light at the end of the tunnel that’s being neglected. In fact, a new study has found a correlation between e-cigarettes and quitting conventional cigarettes amongst military service members. It’s e-cigarette studies like this one that paves way for contemporary discussion, innovative research and educated commentary.

The study

A 2018 study conducted by the Rand Corporation — a nonprofit company that researches and analyzes the United States Armed Forces — monitored the smoking rates among military service members over the past decade. The study, also known as, Health Related Behaviors Survey Substance Use Among US Active-Duty, found that military service members were actually smoking at a lesser rate than the general population. It’s important to note that the subjects who were analyzed were service members which notably means that they were more likely to be young males. Although alcohol, tobacco and illicit and prescription drugs were all a part of the study, we’re only focusing on the information found pertaining to tobacco use.

The objective

The survey used a random sampling strategy (different service branches, pay grades, races, age groups and genders) to complete an anonymous online survey to better understand the health and health-related behaviors of the service members. This included areas such as substance use, mental and physical health, sexual behavior and post-deployment problems that may affect their abilities to meet the demands of military life.

What was the result?

The study found quite a few interesting statistics correlating e-cigarette use with the effectiveness of quitting combustible cigarettes. In fact, “11.1 percent of military service members report daily e-cigarette use,” with 37% admitting to using a device within the past month of taking their survey. It’s also important to note that historically speaking, smoking rates among military service members have always been higher than the national average, but in recent years with the implementation of e-cigs, those figures have drastically decreased leaving only 13.9% of service members currently smoking conventional cigarettes in comparison to 16.8% within the general population.

Another interesting factor to consider is that many states do not subject military installations to the same local cigarette taxes as non-military members, making conventional cigarettes actually much cheaper for a military member. The study concluded that “the rise in the use of electronic cigarettes and a simultaneous decline in cigarette consumption is further proof of the efficacy of e-cigarettes as a tobacco harm reduction tool.

Needless to say, “as more military members use e-cigarettes instead of combustible cigarettes, the Defense Department’s long-term health care costs should decline significantly.

What are your thoughts on the results of this e-cigarette study? Tell us in the comments section below.


A recent study suggests that e-cigarettes are the top nicotine replacement for quitting

nicotine replacement therapy

nicotine replacement therapy

An insightful study, published by the New England Journal of Medicine in February 2019, compared the effectiveness of e-cigarettes, versus other nicotine replacement therapies, in helping smokers quit combustible cigarettes. While we’ve already discussed some of the elements addressed in this study in a recent blog post, there are still a few advancements and details that are worth noting.

A summary of the study

A UK-based study was conducted on 866 randomly assigned adults who were involved in the NHS stop-smoking services — a free program designed to help smokers work towards their quitting date. The group was split up into two separate sub-groups — those who were assigned a traditional nicotine replacement therapy and those who were assigned an e-cigarette starter kit. Each participant was given a three-month supply, information on their assigned products and future recommendations on which flavors and strengths would be best suited for their lifestyle. Weekly behavioral support was also provided for the first four weeks.

The objective was to observe those who remained abstinent from conventional cigarettes for an entire year and note whether they were using traditional nicotine replacement therapies or e-cigarettes. Data was then gathered through three National Health Service (NHS) sites over the course of a two-and-a-half-year period (May 2015 to February 2018).

What were some additional details of the study?

  • The group that was selected to use traditional nicotine replacement therapies were offered a wide range of available products, including the patch, gum, lozenges, nasal spray, an inhaler, mouth spray, mouth strips and micro tabs and were able to select whichever product(s) they preferred.
  • Combining nicotine replacement therapies was encouraged, with the use of the patch along with an oral product being the typical choice.
  • Participants using traditional nicotine replacement therapies were able to mix things up and change their products throughout the course of the study. The e-cigarette participants were also able to mix up strengths and flavors.

Review from an expert physician about the study:

Thomas Houston, M.D., of Dublin, Ohio thought the study was conducted and designed very well. He noted that although e-cigarettes came out on top, with almost double the success rate, in the real-world those who vape usually do not have regular counseling to help them overcome their dependencies.

What are your thoughts on the recent e-cig study? Drop a comment below to start a conversation.

4 things to consider when you’re selecting an e-liquid

Logic Power Series

Logic Power Series

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned vaper or someone who is just getting started when it comes to knowing what products offer you the best experiences it’s important to have some expert guidance to ensure that you make the right choices. That’s why at ILoveECigs, we make it our mission to educate vapers about a variety of e-juices, devices and accessories. So, if you’re still finding your way around the vast e-cigarette market, consider these four things when you’re selecting some delicious e-liquids.


Just like anything else you buy the brand should be a deciding factor when you’re selecting an e-liquid. For example, the Logic Power series is a brand name device that is well-known in the e-cig industry for its ability to produce thick vapor and rich, lush clouds. However, the device isn’t the only accessory that vapers rave about. The Logic Power series refill cartomizers were built to be a light, easy-to-use technology and are sold in a variety of nicotine strengths and flavors. The best part is, this particular brand manufactures state-of-the-art cartomizers that are well sealed to prevent accidental leakage and to simplify the transition between flavors.


When vaping becomes a part of your daily lifestyle, so does the opportunity to have more choices. The popular Logic Power Series has developed three-time distilled oils to produce rich vapor in a variety of exciting flavors tobacco, menthol and cherry. So, regardless of whether you’re craving the taste of combustible cigarettes or the twang of a new, alluring aroma, the Logic Power series has you covered with a range of captivating extracts.  

Nicotine levels

Each e-liquid possesses a different nicotine concentration level, so it’s important to tune into the patterns of your past smoking habits before you select your e-liquid. Heavier ex-smokers will need a stronger e-liquid, such as the 3.5% strength in our Logic Disposable E-Cigs. On the other hand, a lighter ex-smoker will want to try an e-liquid that carries a lower nicotine concentration level, such as the 1.6% or 1.8% strength in our Logic Pro Advanced Vapor Systems. Needless to say, the best part about nicotine concentration levels is that they can be lowered over time according to each vaper’s needs.


Every e-liquid that is available on the market is offered at different prices depending on what the merchant is selling them for. The best way to ensure that you’re getting first-rate prices on your e-juices is to shop around and compare. While there are other retailers that sell the Logic Power Series, at iloveecigs.com we guarantee our customers the best prices for original Logic products and offer regular sales and additional exclusive discounts.

Are there any other deciding factors for you when you’re selecting the perfect e-juice? Tell us in the comments section below.

Why are vapers raving about Logic Power?

When it comes to cutting-edge, vaping technology, the Logic Power series is an incredibly well-known device within the e-cig industry. While it possesses a sleek, intuitive design, the powerful mechanics of the device also deliver efficiency, convenience and flavor. That being said, could this trusted Logic model be the next step in your vaping evolution?

The dependable, long-lasting batteries

There’s a reason that Logic branded this particular e-cigarette model with the adjective “power”. It’s because this exclusive device comes packed with an impressive, rechargeable battery that is capable of outlasting its competitors. Needless to say, for the rare moment where you need a little extra energy to get you through the day, you can rely on the contents of your Logic Power Series Starter Kit that comes equipped with a universal USB charger.

The vigorous vaper production

As you inhale, your device delivers a smooth draw of vapor through your mouth before dipping into your lungs. After holding your vapor for however long your technique requires, you’re then able to exhale and release a thick cloud of lush vapor. The essence of the aromas is completely dependent upon the scents you enjoy with offers including robust tobacco, fresh menthol and alluring cherry cartomizers.  

The easy-to-use practicality

The best part about the Logic Power Series is that these devices are tailor-made to be effortless and straightforward. So, when you want to switch between aromas, or if your flavor cartomizer is empty, simply twist if off of the lithium battery pack. Next, you’ll need to remove the new cartomizer from its packaging by pulling off the plastic end caps from each end of the cartomizer and then twisting the new flavor onto your battery. If you’re looking to recharge your device, it’s the exact same process of removing the cartomizer, but instead of popping on a new flavor, just twist onto the USB charger and wait for the blue light to blink, telling you that it’s fully charged and ready to vape.

Do you own a device from the Logic Power series? If so, tell us about your vaping experience.

E-cigarettes are twice as effective as traditional NRP, study says

nicotine replacement therapy

nicotine replacement therapy

Monumental steps have been made within the vaping industry as a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has found e-cigarettes to be almost twice as effective as traditional nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) in helping smokers remain abstinent from conventional cigarettes.

The study

A team from the Queen Mary University in London conducted a four-week behavioral course with a group of randomly selected adults participants the people who took part in the study were active attendees with the U.K. National Health Service stop-smoking services. The participants were given any/all nicotine replacement therapy of their choice, varying in combinations or were selected to try an e-cigarette starter kit for a three month period. Those who were picked to try e-cigarettes were provided essential information about flavors, strengths and safety precautions. All participants were also provided weekly behavioral support for the first four weeks.

What was the objective?

The primary objective of the study was to analyze the effectiveness of traditional nicotine replacement therapy and correlate those results with the effectiveness of e-cigarettes.

What was the result?

A total of 886 people were selected to take part in the study. Over a one year period, the abstinence rate from smoking combustible cigarettes was 18% from the group who strictly vaped and 9.9% from the group who used one or a combination of the other available nicotine replacement therapy. Nausea was also a frequent side effect in the nicotine replacement therapy group, while there was a huge decline in coughing and phlegm production in the e-cigarette group.

What was the conclusion of the study?

“E-cigarettes were more effective for smoking cessation than nicotine replacement therapy when both products were accompanied by behavioral support.”

Can you relate to the study in any way? Tell us about your experiences when you tried traditional nicotine replacement therapy to combat your tobacco dependencies?  

How does tobacco affect your fitness goals?

Logic Power series

Logic Power series

Every day that you manage to cut back on your tobacco intake is a small victory for the health and well-being of your body. While it’s no secret that smoking does irreversible damage to your blood, lungs and heart, many people remain confined by the hold of addiction and the constraints of their habitual routine. That being said since combustible cigarettes are already holding you back from repairing your health, don’t let them hold you back from achieving your fitness goals.

Smoking conventional cigarettes hurt your athletic performance and make your ability to exercise increasingly difficult. “Why?” you ask. Well, it’s because tobacco contains the addictive ingredient nicotine which has a drastic impact on your body’s natural, autonomic systems.

What does tobacco do to your blood?

When you smoke, the toxins from the tar within your cigarette enter your blood. This makes the blood thicker and increases the chances of clot formations. Since your blood pressure rises, your heart rate heightens, which forces it to work harder than normal. Also, your arteries start to narrow, reducing the amount of oxygen-rich blood that can circulate to your organs.

As you can see, all of the above effects will make exercise more difficult on the mind and body. Since you’re already forcing your heart to work harder when you’re doing exercise, if you’re a smoker it’s being pumped into overdrive in order to achieve the same exponential performance.

What does tobacco do to your lungs?

Your lungs are badly affected when you choose to smoke conventional cigarettes. Coughs, colds and asthma are just the start of your health problems since prolonged smoking has the ability to cause diseases such as pneumonia, emphysema and lung cancer. So, typically, if people continue to smoke their lung conditions worsen and can greatly impact their breathing which makes their ability to exercise more difficult.

What does tobacco do to your heart?

The carbon monoxide from tobacco smoke and nicotine puts a strain on your heart and causes it to rapidly pump faster. By continuing to smoke, the damage to your heart grows and the risks of developing conditions such as coronary heart disease and strokes are drastically increased. That being said, tobacco is not the only substance from traditional cigarettes that affects the heart. There are many other toxins — butane, acetone and arsenic — within a cigarette that can cause damage to the lining of your coronary arteries.

How can the Logic Power series help you achieve your fitness goals?

While exercise can be an important part of your plan to quit smoking, it can also be difficult to feel motivated. That’s why it’s essential to pair exercise with an e-cigarette so that you will have the help you need to manage your nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

The Logic Power series is an intuitive e-cig design that allows you to puff thick, rich vapor rather than smoke. It’s an easy-to-use technology that possesses your favorite traditional flavors, like tobacco and menthol, as well as some popular fruity aromas, like cherry.

When you choose to vape the Logic Power series, you’re choosing to combat your tobacco and nicotine dependency by lowering your nicotine concentration levels over time. The less nicotine there is in your bloodstream means that your body is able to exercise with good lung capacity, a normal resting heart rate and regular blood flow between your heart and other muscles.

Have you considered e-cigarettes as a way to improve your fitness? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.