Health Canada’s flavor ban would push vapers back to smoking, study says

As a vaper, having choices is so important—whether it be nicotine strength options or a variety of e-cig flavors. Needless to say, according to a recent study, vapers are so reliant on flavor choices that if they were taken away for good, many would go back to their old ways by smoking conventional cigarettes. That said, there’s also lots of controversy in the media around the fact that alcohol can be flavored with little restrictions on advertisements. Continue reading if you’re interested in learning more. 

What is Health Canada proposing?

Health Canada is moving towards a nationwide e-cig flavor ban in hopes to curb any attraction vaping could have on youth. This would mean that responsible adult vapers wouldn’t be able to gain access to the flavored products they rely on to remain smoke-free. 

The study

The International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project at Ontario’s University of Waterloo conducted a study using participants from Canada, England, and The United States. They examined whether regular vapers who only use non-tobacco e-cig flavors would support or oppose a ban on all non-tobacco flavors and how they would respond to such a policy. Data was collected in survey form.

What were the results?

The results showed that vapers would continue to try and find ways to get their desired flavors, even if there was a ban, with one in five users stating they would stop using vapes and just go back to smoking combustible cigarettes. 

“Our findings raise the possibility that banning some flavored vaping products may dissuade some adult smokers from vaping, with the possibility that they would return to smoking cigarettes, which are clearly much more harmful than vaping products, given that we know that at least half of regular smokers die of a smoking-caused disease,” said ITC research assistant professor Shannon Gravely, who was lead author of the study. 

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Why give your business to the Logic brand?

Are you thinking about purchasing your first e-cig device and finding yourself getting lost in a sea of overwhelming options? When you’re new to vaping, the wealth of knowledge can make it challenging to select an e-cig brand that meets your needs, which is why we want to spotlight all of the amazing qualities of the Logic brand and why it remains our only option sitewide.

All devices are budget-friendly

Whether you prefer the convenience of the Logic disposable unit or the simplicity of the rechargeable options, all devices are sold with budget-friendliness in mind. Aside from receiving an automatic 5% off sitewide when you order with I Love Ecigs, there are opportunities to further your savings when you sign up for our membership (an additional 2%), set up a recurring order using our quick order system (an additional 2%), write a review about us or our products (an additional 3%), and input our monthly coupon code with each order (an additional 1%). There are a whole lot of savings headed your way when you choose Logic as your brand and us as your vendor!  

Logic is PACT Act compliant with an FDA approval pending 

For those who haven’t followed the evolution of e-cigs in the news, the PACT Act, also known as the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking Act, was amended in 2020 to include vapor products, limiting who can manufacture, sell, or ship e-cigs and their e-liquid replacements. However, Logic has continued to remain one of the top brands meeting the changing government requirements along the way. That’s why the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is pending the companies’ approval, with the Logic disposable e-cig, Logic Power unit, and Logic pro vape all currently under review. 

Logic e-cigs are easy-to-use and offer two flavors & two nicotine strength options

Transitioning away from combustible cigarette smoking is easy when the user has multiple tools to assist them, which is why Logic offers easy-to-use devices that mimic their past beloved smoking flavors, with two vigorous nicotine strengths. 

The Logic disposable device comes pre-charged and ready-to-use with a 2.4% nicotine concentration level to cater to first-time vapers that are looking for a simple changeover from smoking combustible cigarettes. Since the user only needs to inhale to draw vapor and exhale like they would a combustible cigarette, it closely fulfills both the mental and physical dependencies of the ex-smoker.

On the other hand, Logic Power units and Logic Pro vapes are a step above the disposable device, offering the same great tobacco and menthol options, but with the option to choose a lower 1.8% nicotine strength. This gives vapers the power to lower their concentration level as their needs allow while still enjoying a fond past-time. The only difference between these two units is that they’re rechargeable with the twist-off of the battery. Simply swap out the cartomizer or capsule once empty and it back onto a charged battery. It’s that simple! 

Do you have any questions for us about the Logic brand? If so, drop them in the comments section below for a prompt response.

Is it true that smoking causes wrinkles?

An old man's hands holding a combustible cigarette

In addition to a strong association with several diseases, smoking combustible cigarettes can also cause premature wrinkles, especially if the user maintains heavy habits over a vast period. This week’s blog submission will focus on how tobacco smoke causes changes to the appearance of the skin and what can be done to reduce its effects. 

Smoking can speed-up the normal aging process of your skin

While your skin can experience unpleasant changes such as crow’s-feet, pronounced lines between the eyebrows, uneven skin complexion, a grayish tone on lighter skin, deep creases and puffiness below the eyes, wrinkles around the mouth, and thinner lips, smoking combustible cigarettes significantly contributes to a speed-up in the progress of all of these. Bad news for heavy smokers, but the more combustible cigarettes you smoke and the longer you’ve smoked, the more likely you are to develop wrinkles and other age-associated face changes.  

How do your smoking behaviors and the chemicals in combustible cigarettes also contribute?

Toxins from the chemicals in combustible cigarettes damage collagen and elastin, which are the fibrous components of your skin that keep it firm. Without them, your skin becomes hardened, leading to more wrinkles and the onset of premature aging. 

While the development of wrinkles will be more prominent on your face, since smoking combustible cigarettes cause your blood vessels to narrow (limiting the amount of oxygen your skin gets), increasing the production of free radicals, and lowering the levels of vitamin A in the skin, you may also notice sagging skin in other areas around your body.

These same factors may also result in a decreased ability for your body to repair cuts and scrapes, which increases skin scarring. 

Since the damage to your skin from smoking combustible cigarettes is irreversible, you should add skin damage to your ever-growing list of reasons to quit smoking today!

What’s the best e-cig to quit smoking?

Switching to e-cigs allows you to fulfill your physical and mental dependencies to nicotine while freeing yourself from the harmful chemicals ingredients that make up combustible cigarettes. With the choice to lower your nicotine levels over time, your skin will thank you!

The best e-cig to quit smoking is your choice of Logic product. With the option to vape a 2.4% disposable e-cig and the choice between 2.4% and 1.8% nicotine in the rechargeable units, ex-smokers are equipped with a device that looks, feels, tastes, and operates in a similar way to their past smoking routine. 

Was the opportunity to improve your skin a reason that you quit smoking? Drop a comment below to start a conversation. 

How easy are e-cigs to use?

focused on hand holding an e-cigarette with blurred lake view in the background

E-cigs have come a long way since their first debut and are now the most used smoking cessation method available on the market for those who’re struggling to combat nicotine dependency. While there are many benefits to vaping over combustible cigarette smoking, it’s their simplicity that makes the transition between the two forms of nicotine use so easy for users that want to stop smoking tobacco altogether. If you’re on the fence about using e-cigs out of fear of learning something new, we’re here to help you understand just how easy they’re to use!

E-cigs plug in like any other electronic device

While the Logic brand offers the convenience of a disposable, ready-to-vape unit, both the Logic Power Series and Logic Pro Advanced Vapor Systems possess a rechargeable battery that can be plugged into a regular outlet or USB port. 

Below is a quick charging step-by-step:

  1. Unscrew the battery from the device by twisting it counter-clockwise.
  2. Set the mouthpiece aside on a dry cloth while taking the battery and screwing it onto the charger by twisting it clockwise until it’s tight.
  3. Plug the charger into the wall outlet or USB port (keep your computer on to power the charge).
  4. The red light indicates that the device is charging.
  5. Allow three to five hours to complete the charge.
  6. When your device is fully charged, the red light will become green.
  7. Unscrew the battery from the charger and screw it back onto your Logic device by twisting it clockwise until it’s fitted to the mouthpiece.
  8. Press the button five times to activate the power on your Logic Pro unit and if you own a Logic Power device, simply puff to activate it.

E-cigs utilize draw activation technology

Regardless of whether you prefer the convenience of a disposable unit or strive to be more eco-friendly by purchasing Logic refills, rest assured that the device’s draw activation technology makes it easy to draw the vapor. Simply place the mouthpiece of your chosen device to your lips and lightly inhale to activate vapor release. Then, continue the hand-to-mouth motion as needed throughout your day. It’s as easy as smoking a combustible cigarette without the tobacco smoke or smell. 

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Study: Motivation toward smoking cessation, reasons for relapse, and modes of quitting

man's hand with yellow sleeves holding two combustible cigarettes in his palm

Knowledge and access to a variety of smoking cessation methods play a huge role in reducing preventable deaths from smoking combustible cigarettes. However, important factors that affect one’s success in quitting smoking are motivation and the ability to cope with possible situations that may cause a relapsestress, peer pressure, etc. Since smoking is a recognized public health issue, this study delves deep into motivations to quit, reasons for relapse, the modes of quitting that are available, and how everything works together to help ex-smokers with their transition. 

The study

Entitled, “Motivations toward smoking cessation, reasons for relapse, and modes of quitting: results from a qualitative study among former and current smokers” the study aimed to investigate both former and current smokers’ motivations for seeking out smoking cessation methods, the reasons that led to a relapse (if any), and the modes they used/were using to quit combustible cigarettes.

Four focus groups consisting of 24 participants (12 current and 12 former smokers) and 11 semi-structured interviews (five current and six former smokers) were arranged to create data based on understanding and categorizing their opinions on motivations and the course and process of smoking cessation. The data was then analyzed using descriptive qualitative methods—who, what, when, where, why, and how.  

What were the results?

After careful analysis of the results, three main themes surfaced: 1. smoking ban at work, 2. the high cost of combustible cigarettes, and 3. pregnancy and breastfeeding were identified as motivations to quit. On the other hand, stress, the need to experience the pleasure connected with smoking, and a known smoking environment were reasons that many smokers relapsed on their quit smoking journey. The modes of smoking cessation varied among the users with many reporting they relied on nicotine gum, patches, e-cigs, and a combination of all three to keep them smoke-free.

What were your motivations to quit smoking and what tools helped you succeed in moving towards a smoke-free life? Drop a comment below to share with our readers. 


How vaping helps to reduce stress and anxiety

man blowing vapor from vape

Life is full of stressful situations and experiences that when left untreated, can lead to intense anxiety over time. Quitting smoking is one of those situations. If you’ve tried different methods to reduce your quitting stress and anxiety without much success, it may be time to give vaping a try to start experiencing those positive results.

Vaping evades nicotine withdrawal 

Anyone who has attempted to quit smoking cold turkey has felt some of the awful signs of nicotine withdrawal—extreme cravings, weight gain, sleep disturbances, irritability, mood changes, etc.—and the stress and anxiety that follows when the body is dependent on nicotine. This is the primary reason that so many ex-smokers lean on e-cigs to provide relief and fight off nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

E-cigs, like the Logic vape pen, allow vapers to select a nicotine strength that’s suited to their needs to ensure that their transition away from tobacco is smooth and stress-free. This method can possibly safeguard each individual from withdrawal symptoms that may have them on edge while granting control over their nicotine concentration intake with the option to lower their levels over time with less pressure. 

Vaping evades overeating and weight gain

Quitting nicotine altogether often leads to the user overeating to cope, which results in weight gain. While many people use food as a means of distraction when they’re attempting to quit combustible cigarettes cold turkey, others eat to ward off the signs of nicotine withdrawal. When a smoker inhales the high amount of nicotine that’s found in traditional cigarettes, it activates a pathway in the brain that suppresses appetite

Nicotine in e-cigs can also activate the same part of the brain, while possessing the power to speed up your metabolism, helping your body to burn food. There will be no need to stress about weight gain when you control your nicotine intake by vaping, and when you begin to lower your levels, you will also have the power to adjust your eating habits over time to align with your body’s changing metabolic needs. 

No matter what life throws your way, our selection of Logic vape pens will help eliminate some of your stress and anxiety, thus easing the journey to a smoke-free lifestyle. 

Drop a comment below to let us know which device you found success with when transitioning from combustible cigarettes to e-cigs.

Hospital report shows tobacco as the leading cause of 33% of cancer cases

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Combustible cigarette smokers are told that tobacco can lead to a multitude of cancers, many of which develop after years of use. That said, did you know that 33% of all registered cancer cases in India are a direct result of tobacco smoking? While we could offer another blog featuring tips to quit tobacco smoking, this week we thought it would be more beneficial to offer insight into a recently published study that examined data from the countries’ various cancer registries.  

The study

The study, entitled Clinicopathological Profile of Cancers in India: A Report of Hospital Based Cancer Registries, 2021 was carried out by researchers at the Bengaluru-based National Centre for Disease Informatics and Research (NCDIR), a branch of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). 

NCDIR used data of cancer cases over the past seven years (2012 to 2019), from 96 hospital-based registries throughout the country.  

What were the results?

Cancers that are associated with tobacco use constitute 33% of all cancers reported in India’s cancer registry, irrespective of gender48.7 of all cancers among men and 16.5% among women.  

While gender seemingly played a huge role in the study, percentages were also greatly dependent upon the region of the tobacco users, with higher cancer populations due to tobacco use in the northeast part of the country. 

Among cancers associated with tobacco use, mouth cancer accounted for 24.4%, followed by lung cancer at 22.4%, and tongue cancer at 16.6%.  

“The cancer registries play a crucial role in cancer prevention and control by generating systemic and timely information on new cases of cancer,” said Dr. Prashant Mathur, Director of the NCDIR.

What are your tips to quit smoking tobacco? Drop them in the comments section below to share with our readers.


Quitting smoking leads to eating more junk food, weight gain, study finds

pack of cigarettes with lighter on the ground

New data collected by researchers at the University of Minnesota Medical School demonstrated a clear connection between nicotine withdrawal and poor eating habits. Continue reading to learn more about how the study was conducted, how it was controlled, and how the results were concluded.

The study

A group of smoking and non-smoking participants ranging in age from 19 to 75 participated in a study that examined whether or not acute nicotine withdrawal would increase a person’s intake of junk food and how stress-relieving receptors of the opioid system would be involved in the process. All subjects were asked to stop using nicotine for 24 hours and either received a placebo or 50 mg of naltrexone, a drug that’s commonly used to treat patients with substance addiction problems. They were then offered a selection of salty, sweet, and fattening snacks.

Led by Dr. Mustafa al’Absi, a licensed psychologist and professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Biobehavioral Health at the University of Minnesota, Duluth Campus, the findings were published in the Journal of Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

“Mitigating these challenges during the treatment process will help patients quit smoking while understanding their eating habits and encourage healthier decisions,” he said.

What were the results?

Participants who were experiencing nicotine withdrawals and were taking the placebo consumed more calories than those who had been supplemented with naltrexone. The study concluded that quitting smoking is a leading cause of weight gain and poor diet for ex-smokers. 

Dr. al’Absi suggests that the results are due to the opioid system, where the brain functions for addiction and appetite regulation exist. When a person who’s addicted to nicotine goes into withdrawal, they prefer fatty, sugary foods to fill the void. 

Have you considered vaping to quit smoking?

Since a diet with high-calorie foods can lead to weight gain and other health concerns, many ex-smokers consider vaping to quit smoking. E-cigs offer the ability to appease both physical and mental dependencies with the option to select a starting nicotine concentration level that can be lowered over time. Vaping to quit smoking combats nicotine withdrawal, giving the user a less stressful transition away from smoking.

What did you learn after reading this article? Drop a comment about the study below. 

What are the physical health consequences of tobacco use?

Combustible tobacco cigarettes piled with each other

Although most smokers are aware that long-term combustible cigarette use is the leading cause of preventable and premature death in the United States, many are less aware of the long list of health consequences that can come from tobacco use. That said, it’s not as easy as reading about how to stop smoking tobacco that will result in immediate benefits and a recovered life expectancy, it’s about taking control of your health and well-being. 

The chemicals used to make combustible cigarettes are bad for your body

While combustible cigarettes contain addictive ingredients like nicotine, it’s the 4000+ other chemicals—69 of which are carcinogenic—that are most harmful to the human body.

Some integral ingredients include:


  • Acetone: A flammable solvent that’s used in nail polish remover.
  • Arsenic: A natural element found in rocks, soil, and water that’s poisonous.
  • Benzene: An ingredient that’s used to make rubber cement.
  • Formaldehyde: The base of many types of embalming fluids.
  • Lead: A natural element that’s used to make batteries.
  • Tar: A liquid material that’s used to make roadways and sidewalks. 



All the above chemicals possess the power to have the following effects on the body:


  • Lungs and cells: Exposure to chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde has been linked to a range of cancers like leukemia and kidney cancer. Tar is also dangerous, and when you smoke, it’s deposited onto your lungs, encouraging the development of cancer cells in your body. 
  • Skin: Acetaldehyde is a chemical that’s found in cigarette smoke that attacks the connective tissues holding your skin together, which makes your face wrinkle and sag. Your circulation also suffers due to a lack of oxygen being pumped around your blood vessels.
  • Teeth: Tar is a sticky substance that will leave residue on your teeth, allowing staining and discoloration from the lack of saliva in your mouth. That said, you’re also at an increased risk of developing periodontitis (gum disease), which causes inflammation around the teeth leading to swollen gums, bad breath, and in severe cases, tooth loss. 
  • Hair: A combination of nasty chemicals results in poor hair growth and can also lead to premature grey. 



Tobacco use is a leading cause of cancer, heart attacks, and lung diseases

Cigarette smoking has been linked to about 80% to 90% of all lung cancers and is also associated with cancers of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, cervix, kidney, and bladder. Even smokeless tobacco products such as chewing tobacco are known to lead to the development of cancer. 

In addition to cancer, smoking is also linked to asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). There is also an increased risk of heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, vascular disease, and aneurysms linked to smoking combustible cigarettes. 

How to stop tobacco smoking

Now that you’ve read through the above list of physical health consequences, are you in need of some tips on how to stop tobacco smoking?

  • Set a quit date
  • If you don’t want to experience the discomfort of nicotine withdrawal, purchase a Logic e-cig with a nicotine concentration level to suit your needs
  • Tell friends and family about your quit plan and ask for their support
  • Get more physically active and exercise regularly
  • Modify your diet to include enriching foods
  • Avoid people and situations that might trigger old habits 
  • Practice deep breathing and other relaxation techniques

What did you find most interesting about this blog? Please drop a comment below to share with our readers. 



How to get the most out of your e-cig battery

Girl's silhouette holding vape pen

Like most electronics, the life of your e-cig battery will depreciate over time. However, there are many ways to extend its usage when it’s properly maintained and cared for. We’ve listed a few tips below that work to prolong the lifespan of your device’s battery, which in turn will also help it to perform better. 

Use your e-cig batteries often

While a regular vaper shouldn’t have problems using their primary battery daily, for those who possess backup batteries, it’s important to remember to swap between them to ensure each one maintains its performance. Leaving a battery unused will allow it to slowly lose some of its power, so for those wanting to optimize battery life and ensure it functions well, be sure to power it up and enjoy!

Never overcharge your e-cig battery

While it seems tempting to keep your e-cig battery on the charger overnight for convenience, it can also reduce the life of your battery. The best way to ensure minimal damage to your battery is to allow it to charge fully throughout the day when its levels can be monitored and removed from the e-cig battery charger as soon as it’s full. Also, do your best to drain the battery as low as possible before placing it back on your e-cig battery charger once again. 

Keep your battery in a dark and dry place

It is very important to keep your batteries in a dark and dry location, like a drawer or a cabinet. This will ensure that your battery stays charged for the longest length of time.

Turn off your e-cig battery after each use

While Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarettes and Logic Power Series power on through inhalation, both the Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System and Logic Power Series need to be turned on before the user can inhale. That said, the best way for vapers to save battery life is by powering down their unit when it’s not in use. While the device will do this automatically after enough time has passed, it doesn’t take much to suck away the power from the battery bit by bit. 

Keep your e-cig battery clean

Like anything, the terminals of your e-cig battery have the power to collect dust and debris between traveling in and out of your pockets. This is why before they get really dirty, it’s important to clean the connective terminals so that nothing gets into the battery. A dirty battery forces it to have to work harder, draining the force, which has you putting it on the e-cig battery charger more frequently. Take our advice and keep it clean and you will notice improved performance, a longer charge, and better performance. 

Are there any other methods you use to extend your e-cig battery life? Drop them in the comments section below to share.