Basic safety tips for vaping

vaping safety

vaping safety

Over the years, there have been stories reported about faulty or defective e-cig devices. Although it’s incredibly uncommon, as with most electronic accessories, it’s important to do your research and always put your safety first. That’s why we’ve crafted this list of helpful tips that will help vapers to elevate their vaping experience by maintaining the longevity of the device and practicing basic vaping safety.

How to care for your e-cigarette battery

The most important thing a vaper can do to ensure safety is to properly care for their batteries. We recommend for you to always inspect your batteries prior to use, making sure that they are free of any dampness or damage. However, there are a few other ways that you can maintain your batteries.

  • Store your batteries at room temperature or below  
  • Avoid the exposure of direct sunlight
  • Use the correct charger or adapter for your battery
  • Avoid overcharging your battery – no need to charge overnight
  • Avoid under-charging your battery – give it enough time to fully charge
  • Never carry loose batteries around in your pocket
  • Give your battery time to cool down after using it prior to recharging it
  • Do not keep the battery in your mouth for extended periods as it can heat and create a burn

Avoid unregulated MODS

If you’re a first-time vaper, unregulated modifications to your device are not recommended. They’re generally more powerful and require a basic understanding of how circuits connect to their battery sources.

Regulated devices, such as the brand Logic, detect any issues the device is having and shut it down as part of a built-in safety feature. While unregulated devices are not constructed with these features, which makes them more dangerous for inexperienced vapers. For those who simply want a grab-and-go, smooth vaping experience, Logic also offers a care-free disposable option.

Purchase a spill-proof option

Adding e-liquid to your own device has a list of advantages, including the ability to mix a combination of flavors. While this vaping method is a sophisticated choice for the more advanced vaper, in order to avoid any spillage, beginner vapers should try use a pre-filled cartomizer. They are much easier to operate — simply remove the plastic caps from each end and twist the cartridge onto the battery.

Are there any other pointers that you have in regards to vaping safety? Tell us in the comments section below.

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