Can smoking combustible cigarettes alter your bone structure?

Smoking combustible cigarettes has been known to cause homeostasis impairment in bone, with additional compound ingredients causing chronic inflammation in the airways and subsequent tissue destruction. Since human bone is comprised of cells and both organic and inorganic compounds of the extracellular matrix. This study was conducted to examine this disruption and how exposure may exacerbate the demineralization of the bone, causing bone fragility. 

The study

In a recent study published in the Scientific Reports Journal, researchers conducted an analysis of tissue samples from individuals who smoked, individuals who were former smokers, and individuals who had never smoked to understand the mechanisms through which exposure to combustible cigarette smoke causes alterations in bone structure. 

Femoral head tissue samples were collected from those who were undergoing total hip arthroplasty surgery after obtaining informed consent from each participant. Only samples from primary osteoarthritis from mechanical or degenerative causes were included. A clinical questionnaire was also completed to obtain data on medications, associated pathologies comorbidities, demographic information, and smoking behavior. Then, each tissue sample was sorted based on smoking status: smoker, former smoker, or non-smoker. 

What were the results?

The results indicated that the trabecular volume—a compartment in the bone that’s composed of marrow and fat—in the bone tissue of smokers was significantly lower than that of non-smokers. This means that combustible cigarette use is thought to cause structural changes to bone tissue over time

Moreover, these changes were seen to persist in former smokers with inflammatory profiles similar to that of current smokers. 

How can you safeguard your bone health?

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