Does Vaping Make You Lose Weight?

Vaping has been helpful in so many ways for people trying to quit the habit and help them prevent the underlying risks of tobacco smoking. However, some studies have found more advantages, such as the correlation between vaping and losing weight.

This article will delve deeper into the facts about vaping and weight loss. We’ll try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions and give out tips on using vaping for weight loss.

Does Vaping Have Calories?

An excellent way to understand more about what comprises your vape juice is to look into the ingredients and how it’s made. Most e-liquid contains four essential components: water, flavorings, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin base, and occasional nicotine.

Since losing weight is more about calories in and calories out, some people wonder if vape juice on their vapes contains calories. The short answer would be yes. However, the calories in vape juices are only about five calories per ml, so it won’t be enough to dent your daily expenditure and total daily caloric intake.

What Research Says About Vaping and Weight Loss

Since vaping is considered one of the most effective smoke cessation tools available in the market, these electronic devices have also been associated with losing weight. 

According to a research study in 2011, smokers tend to gain weight drastically as they increase their caloric intake. Vaping does by mimicking the smoking habit; it helps you prevent going back to excessive food intake and cravings due to hormonal changes driven by the withdrawal from smoking tobacco.

Studies conclude more on the indirect benefits of using vaping for smoke quitters as uncontrolled weight gain is almost inevitable. Vape is more of a prevention than the tool itself for weight loss. However, there are some ways within which you’ll find ways to use vaping for weight loss that we’ll discuss later.

Other than excessive nicotine usage, there are many other harmful factors to consider in tobacco smoking that could be avoided by using practical cessation tools such as vaping. These primary health factors don’t only make weight control challenging but also negatively impact a person’s overall health.

How to Use Vape for Losing Weight

Everyone knows the struggle of shedding off a few extra pounds on that scale, mainly because it’s hard to find the discipline in staying active, eating healthy foods, etc. Lucky for you, we will give out some tips on how vaping could help you in your weight loss journey.

Distract Yourself from Binge Eating

Binge eating is one of the primary reasons for weight gain. Most people who are just bored or dehydrated often associate this feeling with hunger, which urges people to eat more than they need. To lose weight, you’ll have to consume fewer calories than what you burn daily, meaning anything more than that would just be stored as fats. Rather than constantly munching food, vapers associate this habit with just using vaping instead. You would lose fewer calories while also improving your discipline towards food intake.

Vape Suppresses Your Appetite

According to a study from 2019, E-Cigarettes help smoke quitters control their weight or might even lose some through the exposure to appetite-suppressant effects of nicotine. So not only does it help control your excessive eating, but it also helps makes you feel full, which then aids in managing your daily caloric intake.

Saves You from Harmful Effects of Smoking Tobacco

Weight control is not just all about looking good; it’s also about being healthy and feeling a lot better than you’re used to. Since vaping continues to be one of the most effective smoking cessation tools, it indirectly improves your overall health and weight loss by stopping you from getting the harmful effects of smoking daily.

Does Vaping Break A Fast?

Intermittent Fasting poses many benefits and is widely being used by people attempting to shed some weight off their scale. A common concern for vapers following this meal timing method is whether vaping breaks their fast or not. 

Generally, it’s fine to vape during a fast without interfering with the benefits. Although e-liquids contain calories, they should not be enough to break your intermittent fasting protocols.

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve cleared up some of the rumors about vapes and their impact on weight loss, you may use them as an additional tool that will make your dieting journey a lot less challenging. If you’re looking for the best flavored disposable vapes online, feel free to visit us and browse our selections at I Love Ecigs today!

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