How do you know when your e-cig needs to be cleaned?

As with anything you use regularly, your e-cig needs to be kept clean. Even the best vape pens on the market function better when they’re clean and clear of dust. While the frequency with which you clean your device depends on how often it’s used, we will discuss why, when, and how to clean your unit below.

Why does your vape pen need cleaning?

It goes without saying that cleaning your e-cig regularly will lengthen its lifespan. This is because debris can clog the air passages, causing strain on the hardware. While the idea of cleaning your device may seem a tad bit tedious, it’s quick, simple, and will save you from having to replace your device anytime soon. Furthermore, cleaning high germ areas like the mouthpiece is far more sanitary. 

How do you know when it’s time to clean your unit?

While you don’t need to worry about signs of build-up for a few months post-purchase, it’s a good idea to set up a cleaning schedule right from the start. A brand-new unit hits smooth and tasty on the palette, but with a lack of cleaning, the residue is sure to build up over time blocking the pathways and changing the quality of the vaper. We recommend making cleaning your vape pen a part of your weekly routine as a rule of thumb.

Here are some things to keep an eye out for to create a cleaning schedule that better suits your vaping needs:

  • Residue build-up 
  • Hard to inhale due to obstructed pathways
  • Forced to inhale harder than normal

How do you clean your vape pen?

Logic e-cigs are designed to be hassle-free and straightforward to operate and clean. Both the Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System and the Logic Power Series can be cleaned by simple removal of the mouthpiece from the battery. You can do this by twisting the unit and unscrewing it. Then, take a clean paper towel and wipe down each terminal along with the nooks of your mouthpiece. If you decide to vape using a Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarette, you don’t need to worry about regular cleaning. Simply vape your unit until no more e-liquid remains and recycle your empty device.

Happy (clean) vaping! 

Even the best vape pens, well-used, require cleaning? Do you have a schedule to ensure device longevity?

One thought on “How do you know when your e-cig needs to be cleaned?

  1. In reply to Maribeth Dunkley.

    Hello Maribeth,

    Logic Power e-cigs do require regular cleaning. Simply unscrew the mouthpiece from the power and wipe the terminals. Then also wipe the mouthpiece using a q-tip. If you do this regularly, you shouldn’t have any issues.

    – The I Love Ecigs Team

  2. Thank you for t his information. the Power tobacco disposable seems to answer my questions. I am a Sr. Citizen and these make me feel a lot younger. I also appreciate your frequent sale prices.

  3. My ecig is Power non vape. Does this need cleaning? I looked at the cig and charges and there does not seem to be a way to clean them. I am so grateful for the Logic ecigs. They have made my days better and to quote others, I am a lot nicer since I gave up the real things. Thank you.

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