How do you use the Logic Pro?

Logic Pro Vaporizer

 Logic Pro Vaporizer

There are a lot of questions people have when they first start vaping, starting with which product they should invest in. At I Love Ecigs, we recognize that there are a vast number of devices on the market, but the Logic Pro vaporizer is a technology that stands out above the rest. As one of our top-selling products, due to its outstanding engineering, it’s known for being a simple, life changing, state-of-the-art technology that offers its users an enhanced vaping experience. This premium electronic cigarette is also easy-to-assemble, easy-to-charge and easy-to-love. Now, let’s find out just how easy the Logic Pro vaporizer is to use.

How do you change flavor capsules?

The Logic Pro is one of the most convenient vapor systems on the market. Once you notice that your e-liquid capsule is empty, which is visible through the window on the mouthpiece, simply disconnect your battery from the mouthpiece by twisting it counter clockwise. Once the battery has been removed you will be able to slide your used, disposable capsule out of the device. Next, remove the two plastic caps from each end of your new flavor capsule and insert it into the mouthpiece. Now, you’ll be able to screw the device back together. Then you’ll want to press the center button five times. The technology will be activated by this action and should blink blue to indicate that it’s ready to use.

How do you charge the device?

Your Logic Pro vaporizer is equipped with an advanced, cutting edge battery technology. But, like any superior battery, it will eventually need to be charged. In order to charge your battery, it will need to be removed from the mouthpiece — this can be done by twisting it counter clockwise. The battery can then be screwed into the USB charger, which can be plugged into your computer (while its on), using one of the USB ports. The light on the charger will remain red while it’s charging, approximately 3-5 hours, and will flip to green when it has full battery power. You will then be able to twist the battery off of the charger and back onto your device to begin vaping. Remember to click the center button five times to activate the battery.

Do you have any more questions about the Logic Pro vaporizer? Tell us in the comments section below and we will be happy to answer them.

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