How to properly inhale using your e-cig device

Vaping is a powerful quit-smoking aid. Simulating the feel, taste, and smell of smoking combustible cigarettes, it allows ex-users to fulfill their mental and physical dependencies through inhalation that uses the same premise: a battery source powers the heating element which then vaporizes the e-juice for the user to inhale through the mouthpiece. Since both the disposable unit and two refillable Logic vapes—Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System and Logic Power Series—work as a complete system, beginner and more experienced vapors can enjoy the same refreshing experience, regardless of their chosen e-cig product. 

Logic vapes’ batteries

All three Logic vapes devices use the same battery technology, which is made from lithium-ion. Aside from being powerful and interchangeable, there’s no need to have any previous experience to safely and effectively operate your unit. Batteries are also ultra-portable for devices that require regular charging and come pre-charged for the disposable option

So, how do you properly inhale? 

Whether you’re vaping for the first time since quitting combustible cigarettes or just trying out Logic vapes, it’s important to properly inhale to ensure a pleasant experience. Get the best out of your Logic vapes by using the following steps:

Step 1: Purchase your desired device and e-liquid featuring the appropriate nicotine concentration level on

Step 2: Wait for your order to arrive.

Step 3: Unpackage your order upon delivery.

Step 4-(A): Place the disposable Logic vape between your lips, inhale to activate the vapor, and slowly exhale—continue as needed.

Step 4-(B): Screw the cartomizer or capsule onto the battery of your Logic vapes unit—ensure that the connection is secure. Place the mouthpiece between your lips, inhale to activate the vaper, and slowly exhale—continue as needed. Once your battery is dead, simply unscrew it from the mouthpiece and screw it on the charger. Replace your cartomizer or capsule as needed.

Now that you know how to properly inhale using your e-cig device, it’s time to start shopping!

Is there a particular inhalation method that you like to use? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

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