How to vape in cooler temperatures

While your Logic vape pen is bound to outlast many other popular devices on the market, even the best may not perform to the best of its ability in cool-weather conditions. Since vaping indoors isn’t for everyone, and is often not allowed in public spaces, as temperatures continue to drop, here are two vaping tips for the use of your unit in the cold. 

Keep your Logic vape pen warm

Although this trick seems rather self-explanatory, it’s important to keep your device and e-liquid warm, not freezing when in use. This means keeping it close to your body between puffs and storing it in a jacket pocket or purse if you plan to remain outdoors for a long time. As with any electronic, when your e-cig battery gets cold, it must work harder to produce vapor, putting a strain on its performance. In the same way, the e-liquid can thicken in extreme cold, forcing your device to overwork. So, if you want to avoid performance problems this fall into winter, just keep it working and you won’t have to worry. 

Properly store your device 

Similar to the above-explained problems that can follow when your device is too cold outside, be sure your device and any replacement batteries or e-liquids are also kept warm inside as well. This means that instead of opting to store your unit in an unheated area like the garage, basement, or shed, you should allocate a space with warmth like your kitchen cupboards or bedroom nightstand to ensure that all components remain at a good temperature for the season. That said, please keep in mind the danger that can come from keeping vaping products within reach in a home with children and/or pets by selecting a storage place that is locked or out of reach to prevent unwanted ingestion of the products.

Overall, if you vape in cooler temperatures, it’s important to be prepared and mindful of every situation. If your fingers are cold, chances are your device is too. So, when you head outside to vape, do your best to keep warm and cozy!

Do you vape indoors in the fall into the winter season? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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