How we help you to save for a rainy day

With inflation on the rise, it’s getting harder and harder to make and follow a budget. Especially if any unexpected expenses appear. That said, since e-cigs are your lifeline to remaining smoke-free, you must remember to account for them in your fixed budget. When you shop with us, we offer a wide variety of ways that help you order some discount vapes while also putting savings aside for a rainy day. Let’s dive into all the details. 

What are rainy day savings?

The term rainy day savings is coined for funds that kick in for small, one-time expenses that haven’t been accounted for. This can include surprise expenditures like replacing a hot water heater or your child coming home with a birthday party invitation and you now need to shop for a gift. Rainy day savings offer a way for you to cover these unexpected costs without disrupting your daily budget. 

An automatic site-wide discount

We take pride in offering our customers the best prices on the market, which we guarantee with an automatic site-wide discount. This means that our discount vapes feature 5% off right off the bat, with the option to further your savings by following our other rainy day savings tips.

Offering an easy and quick order system

This method of ordering not only saves you time but also saves you money, which can then be added to your rainy day fund! Our easy and quick order system allows shoppers to receive an ongoing shipment of their favorite products at discounted prices. They simply choose the items that they love, select a quantity that they need, and determine the frequency that matches their vaping routine. Recurring orders with high quantities offer the best discounts, with the option to increase your savings when you sign up to become a member or VIP member

Use our monthly coupon code

Sent as an email on the first of each month and displayed on our homepage, the monthly coupon code is yours to use as many times as you see fit throughout the month. This added 1% in savings is our gift to you!

Additional discounts to your inbox

When products go on sale, we send emails to our subscribers. You will also receive a weekly blog email that contains a unique promo code for an additional 5% discount. This coupon must be used within 72 hours and can be combined with your membership discount. 

Friends earn you store credit

If you have a friend who’s making the switch to e-cigs, it’s worth recommending our products to them. Aside from enjoying them first-hand yourself, you can also earn $5 in store credit after they complete their first order. It’s a win, win for everyone, especially your rainy day savings fund. 

What ways do you ensure that you keep your rainy day savings fund plentiful? Drop a comment below to share with our readers. 

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