Ingenious gift ideas for the vapers in your life

Logic device

Logic device

Everyone wants to find the perfect gift to wrap up and give away during the holiday season. Although it can be difficult to think of an innovative present idea, some creativity and thought can help you find a gift perfectly tailored to the personality of your recipient. Ask yourself what that person needs and consider the gift of practicality. If they’ve been trying to quit combustible cigarettes or are already enjoying the pleasurable sensation of vaping, then a Logic vaporizer would be the ideal present to give a loved one, colleague or friend for the holidays.

Logic Disposable

For the vapers on your holiday shopping list who prefer the convenience of a pre-filled, premium-flavored electronic cigarette, we recommend gift wrapping the Logic Disposable e-cig. As a top-seller in Logic ecigs technology, the Logic disposable offers users a safe, easy-to-use vaping experience with a choice of five flavors — cool menthol, robust tobacco, sweet cherry, extra strong tobacco and extra strong menthol. You can even select the nicotine concentration level that your recipient would prefer. How’s that for a practical gift?

Logic Power

If your gift recipient has a little more vaping experience and would prefer a rechargeable  state-of-the-art device, then the Logic Power would be a suitable present to place a bow on and gift to them. Offered as a rechargeable starter kit, the Logic Power e-cig is known for being incredibly economical, with each flavor cartomizer lasting up to 400 puffs. The bundle contains a powerful, high-quality battery, a superior charger and a flavor cartomizer of your choice. Give the gift of a smoke-free lifestyle this holiday season.

Logic Pro

This advanced Logic vaporizer is a sublime vapor technology that gives its user a few extra tasty e-liquid flavors — like Tobacco, Menthol, Cherry, Toasted Tobacco, Strawberry, Berry Mint and Fresh Menthol. Grab some decorative wrapping paper and wait patiently for your recipient’s excitement when they find out that they are the new owner of a Logic Pro Vaporizer. Holding the device may even keep them thinking of you all month long as they come to appreciate the longevity of their new, state-of-the-art device. It’s almost as if gifting the Logic Pro is like giving a rich, flavorful experience that won’t wear off until long after the holiday season is over.

Which Logic device do you think would make the perfect gift? Tell us in the comments section below.  


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