What is nicotine withdrawal and how can it be overcome?

nicotine withdrawal

nicotine withdrawal

When you decide to quit combustible cigarettes, your body is forced to learn to adjust to being without nicotine. It’s important to understand that although nicotine withdrawal affects everyone differently, the symptoms are often uncomfortable and overwhelming. That’s why it’s crucial to know how nicotine withdrawal is influencing your health and behaviors and what you can do to curb its unfavorable side effects.

What is nicotine withdrawal?

Depending on how addicted you are to nicotine, the receptors in your brain can start sending the craving to your body after as little as 30 minutes; although this is entirely dependent on your daily cigarette intake. The cravings usually come on strong and are often followed by many troublesome side effects that can leave you feeling irritable and annoyed. That’s part of why quitting traditional cigarettes is so hard on the mind and the body.

What are some of the side effects of nicotine withdrawal?

The nicotine within your combustible cigarette is incredibly addictive. In fact, it’s often considered as addictive as alcohol, cocaine and morphine. That being said, this powerful drug has a wide range of effects on your brain.

  • Diminished mood swings
  • Heightened depression levels
  • An increase in your irritability
  • Decreased short-term memory
  • Increase in appetite

What are some health side effects to watch for?

Nicotine withdrawal has the power to interfere with your sleep patterns, especially when your body is making the adjustment. If you’re trying to combat this, try a few relaxation exercises before bed and even reduce your coffee intake throughout the day.

You should also watch out for the following symptoms of nicotine withdrawal in regards to your health:

  • Slower heart rate
  • Tingling in the hands and feet
  • Intense sweating
  • Heightened nausea and abdominal cramping
  • Constipation
  • Headaches
  • Coughing
  • A sore throat
  • Anxiety

These symptoms can typically last three days to a week, but some people experience the negative effects of nicotine withdrawal for several months when they try and quit cold turkey. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to ignore the symptoms onset by nicotine withdrawal, which is why many ex-smokers ease themselves off the drug by trying various nicotine replacement therapies.

What are nicotine replacement therapies?

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is a treatment that helps people stop smoking. It uses products such as the nicotine patch, nicotine gum and e-cigarettes to supply the person with a lower dose of nicotine. These products don’t contain many of the toxins that are found in combustible cigarettes and they also allow the individual to cut down on their cravings over time by avoiding the horrible symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

Why are e-cigs the most popular NRT?

E-cigarettes offer vapers the same comforting flavors as combustible cigarettes, but with even more choices. Choose from traditional extracts like tobacco and menthol and experiment with aromatic essences like strawberry and berry mint. Not to mention, they also look and feel like combustible cigarettes with their state-of-the-art, slim design and intuitive vapor technology. E-cigarettes are the ultimate tool to help ex-smokers satisfy all their physical and mental dependencies when they possess a hankering for a cigarette. But the best part is, over time as they feel ready, vapers are able to wean themselves done to zero nicotine e-juices and eventually even wave goodbye to nicotine for good. E-cigarettes put the decision into the hands of the vaper and help avoid the irritability of nicotine withdrawal.

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What can you do to remain smoke-free?

quit smoking

quit smoking

Making the decision to quit smoking combustible cigarettes is incredibly easy, whereas actually maintaining a smoke-free lifestyle is where you’re likely to face transition challenges. Whether you’re constantly feeling the stronghold of nicotine withdrawal or you’re disrupted by the changes to your everyday routine, slipping back into old habits is a consistent battle when you’re not prepared with a well thought out plan to maintain your smoke-free way of life. That’s why we want to encourage you to maintain a balanced combination of daily exercise, healthy eating, ongoing willpower and the use of Logic e-cigarettes to help your quitting process prosper.

Get active

Physical activity is a great approach to use when you’re trying to quit smoking. Not only does it have the power to distract you from your cravings, but it can also help you deal with the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal — headaches, insomnia and depression.

When you first quit smoking, try committing 10 minutes a day to physical activity. Over time, you may even begin to notice a boost in your mood and energy levels. You may find that pursuing an active lifestyle can also help you reach your health goals by lowering your blood pressure and making your heart and lungs stronger. The key to using exercise as part of your smoke-free journey is to find an activity that you enjoy and use as part of your plan to reach your fitness goals.

Eat healthily

When you quit smoking, you may experience an increase in your appetite. That’s why making adjustments to your diet can help keep you on the right track. Ensure that you keep nutritious, healthy snacks on hand — granola bars, banana or a yogurt — so that you’re able to keep your energy levels up when you’re on-the-go. Not only is your mind and body distracted by delicious food, but you’ll notice that quitting smoking has heightened your taste buds and sense of smell.

Mindful eating is a great way to make you feel good about your body, while also helping you reach health goals that have long since been suppressed by your prior smoking habits.  


In order to maintain a smoke-free lifestyle, you absolutely must have the willpower to restrain your impulses. After all, many of our bad habits can simply be attributed to a lack of willpower. That’s why it’s essential to start off with the right amount of determination and a toolbox full of tricks to boost your willpower to the highest possible levels. When you do that, you will maximize the chance that you’ll be able to overcome your tobacco dependency and have the confidence to maintain techniques of self-control. Keep in mind that just having the willpower isn’t always enough. If you want to ensure that you’ve set yourself up for success, start your quitting process by making a plan to keep up your routine and telling your friends, colleagues and loved ones about it. Then look to them for motivation and support when you’re losing tenacity.  


Often times quitting cold turkey, even when you combine physical activity, healthy food and willpower, are not enough to help you successfully quit smoking. That’s why so many people look to an e-cigarette device to help satisfy the cravings of both mind and body. These incredible devices allow you to choose your own nicotine concentration level, which in turn keeps you away from tobacco and allows you to take control health.

The best part is that e-cigarettes are fulfilling your body’s need for nicotine, without the toxins of combustible cigarettes, enabling you to focus on combating your physical and mental dependencies and setting your own time-frame to wean yourself down to more manageable, healthy nicotine levels. This process is often more successful because your body is not faced with the horrible side effects that follow from nicotine withdrawal. You also get the sensation of continuing to enjoy those time-honored daily breaks with your e-cig at hand – morning coffee, break with a co-worker, out for a drink with friends or after meal – all without breaking your commitment to quitting cigarettes.

So, instead of attempting to quit cold turkey, try combining the above recipe for success in order to help you manage your nicotine dependency and quit smoking for good.

Are there any other methods you can use to help you remain smoke-free? Tell us in the comments section below.

You can’t argue these vaping benefits

switch to vaping

switch to vaping

The act of vaping is more than just a revolutionary technology that was designed to curb a long-term smoker’s addiction. In fact, people are also utilizing these devices every day to help overcome their ongoing mental dependencies, to receive safer nicotine dosages and as a means of combating preventable, tobacco-related diseases. There’s no arguing that these incredible devices have taken the world by storm, changing the dynamics of nicotine delivery by constantly contending the tobacco industry. While the open-ended debate between vaping, smoking and your health continues to become a whirlwind of developing studies and research, the truth is that these mixed opinions are no match for our list of vaping benefits.

You can choose your nicotine consumption levels

Regardless of whether you were once a heavy, medium or light smoker, when you make the switch to vaping, your nicotine concentration level becomes your choice. That being said, if you want to successfully cut traditional cigarettes out of the equation, it’s best to start vaping an e-liquid that offers a similar nicotine concentration level to your prior pack of cigarettes. You can then choose to decrease slowly over time, if you wish.

For heavy ex-smokers, we recommend that you try the Logic Disposable E-Cigs. Since they are offered in 3.5% nicotine, these vaping devices are able to provide you with vapor that tastes like extra strong menthol or extra strong tobacco. These e-cigs are the perfect tool for beginner vapers who crave a strong, flavorful and incredibly convenient experience. Moreover, once your e-liquid is all finished, simply dispose of it and open a new one.  

For medium ex-smokers, we recommend that you try the Logic Power Series Starter Kits. Since these re-usable devices are offered in 2.4% nicotine, they’re able to satisfy your strength requirements while also allowing you to familiarize yourself with more advanced technology. These state-of-the-art e-cigs are rechargeable, compact for all your on-the-go vaping and possess an easy-to-use technology that allows you to pop various flavor cartomizers on and off whenever you want.

For light ex-smokers, we recommend that you try the Logic Pro Advanced Vapor Systems. These devices carry a lower nicotine concentration level (1.6% or 1.8%) and offer a consistent level of performance and safety.

If you find yourself missing the feeling of holding a traditional cigarette in your hand or the way the smoke lingers when it touches your lips, you may want to switch to vaping zero nicotine e-cigs. Nicotine-free vaping has the ability to fulfill your mental and habitual dependencies — the way a cigarette feels, the way it tastes and the way it smells — while also giving you the power to overcome any need for tobacco or nicotine.

You can choose the flavor

While smokers are stuck with the same boring flavors, when you switch to vaping, you’re opening your senses to an assortment of flavor possibilities. Heavy and medium ex-smokers can choose between traditional options, like tobacco and menthol, as well as fruity, cherry flavored e-cigs. While light ex-smokers have an added range of delicious flavors toasted tobacco, fresh menthol, strawberry and berry mint. If that isn’t a big enough reason to wean down your nicotine concentration needs, zero nicotine vapers get to indulge in incredible, fruit-inspired flavors like mango, passion fruit, blueberry, peach and watermelon.

Combustible cigarettes just can’t compete with these decadent aromas.  

What are some other worthwhile benefits when you switch to vaping? Tell us in the comments section below.

How does an e-cig compare to other methods of nicotine delivery?

methods of nicotine delivery

methods of nicotine delivery

People begin smoking combustible cigarettes for various reasons — socioeconomic pressures, as a coping mechanism, personal influences, to lose weight and sometimes even under peer pressure — but regardless of the choices that have driven them to start this unhealthy habit, one of the main factors that have contributed to the ongoing cigarette frenzy is an undying need for nicotine. Since a smoker’s body has gotten used to the cycle of addiction, it quickly becomes difficult to alleviate the withdrawals and combat the discomforting cravings. That being said, many people successfully become ex-smokers because they combine their willpower with innovative methods of nicotine delivery, like e-cigs.  

How does an e-cig work?

Electronic cigarettes are known for being a much safer method of nicotine delivery. Firstly, when they’re activated through the use of innovative battery technology, these simple, state-of-the-art devices begin to heat up the e-liquid within the capsule or cartomizer. Once the liquid reaches its boiling point it’s then converted into a vapor that can be inhaled and enjoyed. The best part is that the flavors and nicotine concentration levels can be chosen firsthand by the vaper. Simply select a lip-smacking aroma, such as strawberry or menthol, or any of the other five flavors we offer, choose your desired amount of nicotine and enjoy the benefits of a smoke-free lifestyle.

What are some other methods of nicotine delivery?

While vaping is a popular nicotine replacement therapy, nicotine gum, patches and lozenges are a few other methods that many ex-smokers have tried to combat their cravings.

  • Nicotine gum: This is a type of chewing gum that delivers nicotine to the bloodstream.
  • Nicotine patches: This is a transdermal patch that releases nicotine into the body through the skin.
  • Nicotine lozenges: These tablets contain a certain dose of nicotine that is dissolved slowly and released into the mouth.

All of the above methods of nicotine delivery support tobacco cessation and give the person trying to quit the power to choose their nicotine concentration level. However, even though they can prove to be beneficial in terms of reducing a smoker’s need for nicotine, vaping is still the most popular method that ex-smokers use because it’s the only one that satisfies the habitual hand-to-mouth and inhaling action to which smokers are accustomed.

How does vaping compare?

It’s important to understand that smokers are not only addicted to the nicotine in their tobacco products; as time has passed, they have also found comfort in the entire smoking experience. Whether it’s the robust smell of fresh tobacco, the firm hold of a combustible cigarette between their fingers, the way it feels when they inhale or the gratifying rituals that have embedded themselves into their day-to-day lives, there’s simply more to quitting smoking then mitigating your body’s need for nicotine.

Since e-cigs, such as the Logic Pro series, look and feel like combustible cigarettes, they are able to easily weave themselves into an ex-smoker’s habitual routine. They also mimic the act of smoking by providing a similar hand-to-mouth action, while mirroring the inhalation of smoke by producing a rich vapor that can be savored and exhaled at the convenience of the vaper. While e-cigs are enriching the mental dependency of smoking, they’re also refining social routines and allowing the user to portably carry their e-cig and partake in needed breaks throughout the day.

Which above methods of nicotine delivery have you used to help curb your nicotine cravings? Tell us in the comments section below.


What are the benefits of ordering your vape gear online?

buy e-cigs online

buy e-cigs online

If you’re already involved in the vape scene then you probably possess an assortment of high-quality vaping accessories and a variety of delicious juices that pair perfectly with your state-of-the-art device. Then again, if you’re a novice vaper you’re most likely overwhelmed with the endless choices in terms of hardware and flavors. Regardless of which side of the vaping spectrum that you find yourself on, it’s important to have convenience, savings, dependability and a stockpile of impressive, modern vape gear that enables you to enjoy one of your favorite past-times. When you buy e-cigs online you’ll have more time and money to enjoy other wondrous elements of your day-to-day life.

It’s convenient

Buying e-cigs online means you can shop for vaping gear around the terms of your own personal schedule. There’s no need to wait in line or coordinate your day to meet the business hours of brick and mortar vape shops. Simply browse for your ideal vaping products in the morning while you’re sipping your coffee, during your lunch break at work or in the evening when you’re winding down from the affairs of a long day. Also, once you find the products that fulfill your vaping needs, plainly add those items to your online shopping cart, proceed to the checkout and then wait for the order to be shipped conveniently to your home. You can even set up recurring orders for the products you like best and make sure they arrive on a regular schedule without even giving it another thought.

It’s cheaper

Another benefit when you buy e-cigs online is the effortless way you can save money. Since many physical vape shops are known to possess more business-related expenses (staff, rent and utility bills) they usually need to increase their prices in order to cover some of the costs. While online vape shops possess their own set of personal expenses, as a consumer you’re able to shop around and compare a number of websites in order to find the best price for the gear you want.

You’re also able to save money by buying your items in bulk, obtaining an exclusive membership or when you set up recurring orders to be sent to you with a quantity and frequency that meets your vaping style.

It’s more trustworthy

Often times sales employees are under added pressures to make sales in order to obtain a commission. When you buy e-cigs online, there are no pushy salespeople throwing products at you that you don’t want. Not to mention, instead of just taking the word-of-mouth from a person who is being paid by the business, you’re able to read and watch online customer reviews in order to gain a more trustworthy recommendation pertaining to the products quality and flavor.

Online stores are also able to offer a fresher product which means your e-cigs will arrive with the taste and quality you love.

Are there any other reasons that you buy e-cigs online? Tell us in the comments section below.

How does vaping help an ex-smoker kick their combustible cigarette dependency?

nicotine delivery system

nicotine delivery system

Whether there’s an enthusiastic page flip following the end of your annual calendar or the committed anticipation of a fresh start, the beginning of a new year has the ability to spark promise inside us all. This obligation can come in all forms — joining a gym, saving extra money, volunteering, being more present or starting a new career — but your angst for a buzzing, positive change is often most provoked by your desire to feel good about yourself and your health. That being said, nothing helps both your mind and body feel better than waving goodbye to your combustible cigarette dependency. Perhaps you’ve been promising yourself, year after year, to throw out your pack of smokes and start caring about your future health and well-being? Well, today’s the day, 2019 is your year and here’s how vaping can help you achieve your goal.

You’re able to combat your nicotine withdrawals

E-cigarettes are a state-of-the-art technology that has the ability to help ex-smokers slowly wean themselves off of their tobacco and nicotine dependencies. These devices are considered to be a much safer nicotine delivery system because they allow the vaper to choose their own nicotine concentration levels in order to avoid the displeasing side effects of nicotine withdrawal — anxiety, depression, insomnia and many more irritable symptoms. That’s why e-cigarettes, such as the Logic Power, are an incredibly advantageous tool to use when you’re trying to quit traditional cigarettes and part of why they have become so popular so fast. They possess a wide variety of nicotine levels, an assortment of deliciously, enticing flavors and can be used to contest the discomforts of nicotine withdrawal.  

You receive a satisfying sensation

Often times smokers struggle with quitting combustible cigarettes because their mental dependency is equally as strong as their physical one. That’s why e-cigarettes are such a helpful nicotine delivery system. Once inhaled, the vapor then makes its way to the lungs of the user through the use of a hand-to-mouth action that feels similar to smoking. Although this oral fixation doesn’t undergo combustion like a traditional cigarette, it does mimic the experience through the use of similar motions, inhalation techniques and flavors.  

Vaping as a stress reliever

Many people have a hard time quitting smoking because they relied on combustible cigarettes as a means of stress relief. While combustible cigarettes may feel like they subside your stress, it’s only a temporary feeling that quickly wears off when your body starts to crave nicotine again. Maybe vaping could be the decompression tool you need to help get you through the stress of everyday life?

Are there any other ways in which this revolutionary, nicotine delivery system can help with a combustible cigarette dependency? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Why do smokers love to smoke?

zero nicotine vaping

zero nicotine vaping

Even though smoking combustible cigarettes are the greatest cause of preventable death on a global scale, generations of smokers have continued to purchase them in large amounts to fulfill their tobacco dependencies. Although it’s fair to say that most people know the addictive qualities of nicotine, as well as the negative health effects of prolonged smoking, people of all ages still continue to light up. We believe it’s because smokers love to smoke for other reasons social, behavioral and physical factors that all have the ability to play a part in their overall dependency.

It gives them pleasure

For a smoker, the inhalation from their combustible cigarette gives them an overwhelming amount of pleasure. Whether it’s their first smoke of the morning, a quick puff during their break or a cigarette after a hard day’s work, smoking has the ability to help ease anxiety and discomfort.

Needless to say, this pleasurable sensation that smokers know all too well is most likely caused because their mind and body are stuck in a constant state of nicotine withdrawal. If they have been smoking for years, the moment that nicotine attaches to the receptors in their brain, their fidgety tension starts to diminish and their body can begin to relax. However, this calmed state doesn’t last long and within 30 minutes the process is already repeating itself. So, that “pleasure” smokers are feeling is simply their body craving more nicotine.

The good news is that there is a safer nicotine delivery device that does exist. An e-cigarette, such as Logic Pro, has the ability to give the body the nicotine strength that it craves, while also giving the vaper the ability to rid their body of tobacco. E-juices are available in a wide-range of nicotine concentration levels, which also gives the vaper an opportunity to choose a level that works best for dependency.  

It keeps them busy

Many people who fulfill their nicotine addiction through the use of traditional cigarettes are doing so because they enjoy watching the movements of smoke or simply love that it keeps their hands busy. So, why not satisfy both of those guilty pleasures through the use of e-cigarettes. Since they are comparable to combustible cigarettes, an e-cigarette allows the user to exhale a sweet-smelling vapor that dispels in a matter of seconds while also mimicking the look and actions of their combustible cousins.

It’s part of their routine

It can be incredibly hard to kill an old habit which is why quitting combustible cigarettes can be challenging. For people who have smoked for years, the physical act of doing it has become so ingrained in their day-to-day routine that they don’t even think about it anymore. That being said, if you’re aware of your daily routine with cigarettes, you have the power to make a healthier, more informed choice by modifying your routine to include an e-cigarette.

E-cigarettes put more control into the hands of the vaper, allowing them to choose their nicotine concentration level. Over time, some vapers are even able to switch over and enjoy the pleasures that can come from zero nicotine vaping. While zero nicotine vaping fulfills many of the same pleasures of regular vaping, it does so without any of the harmful side effects of nicotine inhalation.  

Have you ever tried zero nicotine vaping? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below.


What are the best ways to save money when you buy from iloveecigs.com?

save money with e-cigs

save money with e-cigs

Aside from their delicious flavors, lack of pungent, lingering smell and the fact that they are socially more acceptable than a combustible cigarette, the best part about e-cigs is that they can also save you money. A pack of traditional smokes usually costs far more than a standard vaping device and leaves a mess of butts stomped on our sidewalks. When you vape, you can feel better about choosing an eco-friendlier nicotine solution, and be rewarded with some incredible savings. While e-cigs are already a more economical choice in terms of price, there are also a few additional ways that iloveecigs.com is helping our customers save money.

Save when you buy in bulk

While our prices are already the best in the business for guaranteed real Logic products, we still offer our customers the option to buy product in a bulk amount in order to save money with e-cigs. Using the easy ordering system will give you the opportunity to stock up on all of your favorite delectable flavors for whichever Logic series you own. The more you buy, the more you’ll save.

Save when you become a member

At iloveecigs.com, we reward customer loyalty by offering an exclusive membership as well as a VIP membership for those who are absolutely crazy about our products. When you become a VIP member you can save 4% on every purchase and 6% if you sign up for recurring orders. Plus, you’ll also get 2% cash back in store credit as well as access to periodic flash sale notifications sent directly to your email inbox. Now that’s how you save money with e-cigs!

Save on shipping

If you’re a regular customer who lives in the U.S. you can also save money on your shipping costs. When you process an order that is $15 or over, we will wave the cost of your shipping and send out your order on the same day (on weekdays before 12 p.m. EST).

Save by subscribing to our e-newsletter

When you subscribe to iloveecigs.com, you’re subscribing to savings. Our weekly newsletters contain special promotional codes that offer our customers huge savings on their e-cig orders. Not to mention, once a month, we also send out an e-newsletter that contains another discount code that can be combined with other deductions all month long. Allowing you to save money with e-cigs is our specialty.

Are there any other ways that you save money with e-cigs? Tell us in the comments section below.


How are vapers using e-cigs to help with anxiety?

vaping benefits

 vaping benefits

Each and every one of us becomes stressed for different reasons. It’s when this stress develops, based on the elements in our environment, that the strain has the potential to evolve into an anxiety disorder — relationship problems, workplace dilemmas, financial strain, our own self-conscious awareness, fear of places, objects and situations and even social situations are all things that cause people anxiety. While this disorder is relatively common and most definitely treatable, extended worries, fears and emotional triggers can sometimes become too overpowering to bear. While many people use vaping to replace combustible cigarettes in order to reduce the negative impact on their physical health after years of smoking cigarettes, many also rely on vaping to help with their mental stress levels as well. Let’s break down the barriers and take a closer look at exactly how your mental health can benefit from vaping.

Smoking causes anxiety

Although people who struggle with their nicotine addiction and tobacco dependency may feel less stressed when they take a puff from their combustible cigarette, smoking is actually known to cause anxiety, not alleviate it. In fact, your risk of developing an anxiety disorder are much higher if you’re a smoker… five times higher.

However, an anxiety disorder is not your only concern, prolonged smoking of traditional cigarettes actually increases your chances of developing a panic attack disorder by 12 times.  

Thankfully, vaping benefits extend beyond your physical health and has the ability to reduce your anxiety and alleviate panic disorders that are caused by high amounts of nicotine. E-liquids come in an assortment of nicotine levels which gives the user the option of changing concentration amounts at any time. Vaping gives you the control you need, so, if you feel your anxiety levels creeping up, maybe try reducing your nicotine concentration to something slightly lower than what you were vaping before.

How exactly does vaping help with anxiety levels?

Aside from the ability to choose an e-liquid with lower nicotine levels, or simply only vape zero nicotine e-cigarettes, Vapers are also freeing themselves from the harmful side effects of tobacco use, which can have serious impacts on their mental health. Tobacco has been pegged as one of the leading causes of sleeping problems, which correlates as a prime contribution to many anxiety disorders.

When it comes to the state of your mental health, do you know any other vaping benefits? Tell us in the comments section below.


How do e-cigarettes affect your oral health?

oral health

oral health

For some people vaping is seen as an up-and-coming trend, for others it’s seen as a life-changing nicotine alternative. Regardless of how you’ve come to think of this tobacco-free technology, it’s hard to ignore the overwhelming number of benefits that it has. When it comes to your health and well-being, numerous studies support the position that e-cigarettes are helping ex-smokers begin to repair their bodies. But did you know that switching to vaping from traditional cigarettes also offers an abundance of benefits to your oral health?

How does smoking affect your teeth and gums?  

Smoking combustible cigarettes has the ability to do irreversible damage to your oral health. However, many people don’t realize to what extent the damage extends to their mouth, gums and teeth. While, it’s rather obvious that traditional cigarettes stain your teeth, smoking them can also lead to gum disease, tooth loss and various forms of mouth cancers. When you’re a heavy smoker, the tar from your cigarettes has the ability to produce a bacterial plaque inside of your mouth. This condition can cause a lack of oxygen in your bloodstream causing any infection in your gums to not heal. Did you know that gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults?

Vaping, on the other hand, generates a smokeless vapor that leaves little evidence left behind on your dental records. Also, since e-cigarettes are tobacco-less, tar-less products, your teeth will remain clean and white. Although vaping is a better choice for your oral health, it doesn’t come without risk. Nicotine inhalation, even in the smallest of amounts, does reduce blood flow and restrict nutrients and oxygen to the soft tissues of your mouth. That being said, you have the ability to wean down your nicotine concentration levels and begin vaping zero nicotine e-cigarettes, further reducing the risks associated with nicotine in regards to your oral health.

Consider finding your new tobaccoless vaping product today and take control of your health and well-being because the longer your smoke combustible cigarettes, the more likely you are to enter health complications when it comes to your teeth and gums.

Do you know any other fun facts about vaping and your oral health? Please drop a comment below and tell us more.