Why do vapers love EonSmoke JUUL compatible pods?

JUUL compatible pods

JUUL compatible pods

Smokers who are looking to make a lifestyle change are immediately drawn to EonSmoke JUUL compatible pods because of their high nicotine levels, heavenly flavors and all-around versatility. Whether they’re trying to bypass the risks of tobacco smoking or simply practice shaping their clouds, EonSmoke JUUL compatible pods are one of the most adaptable e-cigarette technologies currently on the market. But, what’s all the hype about?

They’re offered in higher nicotine levels

For vapers who once smoked, it’s important to find a nicotine level that’s equivalent to their old habits. So, naturally, one of the reasons that EonSmoke JUUL compatible pods are so popular is because they’re crafted with higher nicotine levels than the average e-liquid. Offered in a unique, vigorous 6%, the decadent pods have the ability to better mimic the sensation of conventional smoking, offering a richer, more robust flavor and an equally intense throat hit. Also, because of the higher nicotine concentration level, a person is able to vape more sparingly throughout the day while still achieving their desired nicotine intake.

They’re offered in more flavors

While there are many e-cig brands that have developed a wide selection of interesting e-liquid flavors, none can compete with the delectable assortment of EonSmoke JUUL compatible pods; especially since the pods come in every flavor derivative that you can imagine, including exquisite fruit combinations, enticing tobacco and even a toasty caffe latte blend. The best part is that you’re able to easily switch between each JUUL compatible pod by simply pulling off and then clicking on a new flavor to your device. Vaping has never been so easy or so incredibly tasty.

The pods are interchangeable with JUUL lab devices

Our collection of EonSmoke flavor pods is interchangeable with the popular JUUL labs devices. This means that you’re able to put savings back into your wallet by ordering EonSmoke JUUL compatible pods and simply popping them onto your JUUL device or fitting them onto your EonSmoke device. Not only do vapers love the versatile compatibility of the product, but they also like that they are able to keep using their JUUL devices while ordering EonSmoke JUUL compatible pods at a cheaper price on iloveecigs.com.

Which EonSmoke JUUL compatible pod will you be vaping this summer? Drop a comment below to discuss with other readers.

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How do you ensure your e-liquid is safe to vape?

Logic power refills

 Logic power refills

Whether you’re a novice vaper who’s still getting the feel of your device or a veteran that’s well-versed with the skills and knowledge, it’s always imperative for you to safely enjoy one of your favorite past-times. That’s why we want to make sure that all of our readers are vaping on the safe side. So, if you need some wholesome pointers or you simply aren’t certain if it’s prudent to use your e-liquid stash, consider the following tips to safeguard your vaping routine.

Check the expiry date of your e-juice

Since most e-liquids are comprised of three main ingredients — PG, VG and nicotine — once bottled, they typically possess a shelf life of roughly one to two years. This means that if your favorite e-cigarette company has a big sale, you’re able to stock up on your beloved choices without having to worry about vaping them right away. Although this is a general recommendation, you can also keep an eye on the color, smell and consistency of the e-liquid in order to ensure that your product is safe for vaping.

Store them in optimal conditions

The rule of thumb for keeping your e-liquid ripe and delicious is to follow the proper storing techniques. This means that you should store your extra Logic power refills in a spot that avoids any direct sun exposure and where you can maintain a safe, room temperature. Many vapers use a shelf in their kitchen cupboard or the drawer in their nightstand to keep the e-cig cartomizers fresh and easily accessible to swap between flavors. Also, make sure that your storage place of choice is a dry environment.

Keep your e-liquids sealed

While high temperatures and light exposure have the tendency to affect the shelf life of your e-juice, air exposure also has the ability to tarnish a perfectly delicious e-liquid. The best way to avoid needing to toss out your stock, or vaping an expired mixture, is to use pre-filled cartomizers, such as Logic power refills. These handy, disposable capsules are packed with decadent aromas and nicotine strengths while offering a high level of safety and convenience. Logic power refills are also sealed air-tight in order to prevent leakage and maintain their high-quality flavor.

Do you know of any other ways to ensure that your e-liquid is safe to vape? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.


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Your Father’s Day guide to the best e-cig starter kits

e-cig starter kit

 e-cig starter kit

If you haven’t quite kickstarted your Father’s Day shopping it’s not too late to grab a hold of a gift that’s both practical and innovative. Whether your dad’s currently smoking and looking to sever his ties with tobacco or he’s a beginner vaper that’s looking to enhance his relationship with e-cigs, gifting him a state-of-the-art e-cig starter kit is the perfect way to show him that his health and well-being is top of mind for you. So, if your dad is ready for a life-changing experience, here’s your guide to selecting the right device to amplify his admiration for e-cigs.

Logic Power Tobacco E-Cig Starter Kit

If your dad is the type of man who enjoys the robust intensity of tobacco, then he would love to unwrap one of our Logic Power Tobacco E-Cig Starter Kits. With a rich, spicy scent folding into the flavor palette and an added hint of nuttiness to top it all off, this signature kit comes equipped with the ultimate aromatic experience for those who love tobacco. So, if your old man misses the lively vigor from his smoking days, he will adore the fierce potency of this smooth, fragrant alternative.

Logic Power Menthol E-Cig Starter Kit

Show your pops how intently you listen when you gift wrap a refreshing twist to the more traditional flavor, tobacco. Many ex-smokers and first-time vapers think of tobacco as the pungent smell of their past, so, respect your dad’s choice to disregard the taste of tobacco when you present him with a Logic Power Menthol E-Cig Starter Kit. It’s distinct, chilling vibrancy is so incredibly refreshing, imparting a cooling sensation instantly upon inhalation. So, if he’s a man who’s rather fond of the sharpness of spearmint or peppermint, he will love indulging in a revitalizing, minty substitute.

Logic Platinum Cherry E-Cig Starter Kit

For many vapers, including your father, ridding themselves from the more conventional flavors of combustibles is a great way to help ensure a more successful transition. So, if your old man wishes to bid farewell to tobacco or menthols, then gifting him a Logic Platinum Cherry E-Cig Starter Kit will give him an opportunity to create an entirely new experience. This rich, enticingly sweet, fruity flavor pays homage to the natural aromas of the season. You’re welcome, Dad!

Which e-cig starter kit is the perfect match for your dad? Drop a comment below and let us know his style.

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The advantages of buying EonSmoke, JUUL compatible Pods at ILoveEcigs.com

JUUL compatible pods

JUUL compatible pods

Making a name for ourselves by outshining the competition is what ILoveEcigs does best. That’s why there are so many tempting advantages to becoming a life-long customer. So, if you’re an admirer of JUUL, why not try expanding your vaping experience by opening your mind to the power of EonSmoke JUUL compatible pods? After all, there are so many reasons to love them and even more reasons to buy them.  

We’re priced better

Happy customers are the beating heart of our business, which is why we strive to sell our products at the lowest price on the market. In addition to offering shoppers an exclusive monthly discount, ILoveEcigs also gives patrons a 2% membership discount, a 3% discount when they write a product review and a 4% discount on every order if they sign up for recurring orders. So, if you add up the savings, that’s an additional 10% off to returning customers!

We have all the flavors

The EonSmoke lineup has an added assortment of 16 heavenly flavors, all packed into convenient JUUL compatible pods. While there are lush, fruity extracts like grape, blueberry and sour apple there are also some unique, exotic aromas such as pineapple, mango and lush ice. So, if you’re on the hunt for the exhilaration of diverse flavors, the EonSmoke JUUL compatible pod lineup might be the melange of products that you’ve been looking for.

We offer disposable and pre-filled options

Whether you’re the type of vaper who enjoys the convenience of ready-to-go EonSmoke Disposable Electronic Cigarettes or the option to swap between a diverse selection of pre-filled flavors, ILoveEcigs has it all within our lineup of EonSmoke JUUL compatible pods. What a refreshing, convenient way to enjoy vaping on-the-go!

We possess fast, reliable shipping

When it comes to getting your hands on some innovative EonSmoke, JUUL compatible pods, ILoveEcigs is prompt and dependable. Welcome to the carefree days of ordering e-cigs with free U.S. shipping, endless worldwide shipping options and even same-day shipping on orders that are placed during the week by 12 p.m. EST. The best part is that with our recurring order system, you’re able to schedule your orders and space them out with a quantity and frequency that works best for you.

What are you waiting for? Place your first order for some EonSmoke, JUUL compatible pods.

Which flavor are you most excited about trying? Drop a comment below to start a conversation.

Alex Wilks is the Social Media & Content Creator for Trek Marketing. Her work has been featured on Global News, Black Press Media, andthe Kwantlen Chronicle

UK study highlights just how much vapers save annually

e-cig starter kit

 e-cig starter kit

There are many reasons why people quit smoking combustible cigarettes. Whether it be for the endless list of benefits to their health, a heightened return of smell and taste or simply because they hate the lingering, clinging odor, smokers are rapidly making this lifestyle change. Needless to say, while some people quit cold turkey, there are many who need the assistance of an e-cig starter kit to keep their motivation levels in check. And while these innovative devices possess delicious flavors and an assortment of nicotine strengths, what really entices ex-smokers to become vapers is the fact that it allows them to challenge nicotine withdrawal while putting savings into their wallet. It’s a win, win! So, let’s take a look at the study.

The study

A 2019 study commissioned by the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) found that smokers have the ability to save about £346.32 ($450) annually when they switch to vaping. These savings, among the 3.2 million who vape, equate to an annual nationwide savings of almost £1.1 billion. In the U.S. where 34.3 million people smoke, that national savings figure would be up to 15 billion dollars.  

The poll collected financial information from 1,790 people who were in the process of, or have made the swap from smoking to vaping. It found that not only were more than half of the participants saving money, but three in 10 people were seeing positive transformations to their oral health and respiratory health. While a further 43 percent reported that they felt less stressed than they were when they smoked.

The objective

The poll was part of a greater vaping awareness campaign that was geared at reaching smokers all across the UK. According to Public Health England, “40 percent of smokers have never even tried vaping” and the UKVIA wanted smokers to consider making a switch, as they felt evidence suggested it’s a less harmful smoking alternative.

What was the result?

The poll also highlighted:

  • Over two-thirds of poll participants said they would never go back to smoking
  • Three in 10 people reported having enough money saved up to take a holiday. Many also made a comment about some added savings.
  • Eight in 10 people recommend vaping for those who are trying to quit combustible cigarettes.
  • 23% said that they felt more confident in their social circles after making the switch.
  • On average, those who were polled smoked about 5,216 cigarettes annually.

Other than saving money, what other benefit does your e-cig starter kit provide you with? Drop a comment below to start a conversation.


Alex Wilks is the Social Media & Content Creator for Trek Marketing. Her work has been featured on Global News, Black Press Media, andthe Kwantlen Chronicle

A beginners guide to EonSmoke, JUUL compatible pods

JUUL compatible pods

JUUL compatible pods

While our diverse lineup of Logic vape pens and cartomizers will remain our business’ bread and butter, we’re expanding our product selection to include EonSmoke, JUUL Compatible PODS, EonSmoke Disposable electronic cigarettes and the EonSmoke JUUL Compatible Device. After extensive research, we’re offering this new line of JUUL compatible PODS because we see that vapers love it for its powerful and smooth 6% salt nicotine hit. Offering 15 delicious flavors, including Pineapple, Lush Ice, Pink Lemonade and Mango, this revolutionary, smoking alternative is a contemporary way to refashion your vaping into something pleasurably diverse. The power of additional choices is almost as intoxicating as EonSmoke’s incredible flavors. Iloveecigs.com is proud to offer the best prices available online for the EonSmoke, JUUL Compatible Product line. This beginners guide will highlight some historical and developmental details behind EonSmoke and how it’s challenging the most popular vape manufacturer in the country, JUUL Labs.

What is JUUL Labs?

JUUL Labs is the biggest name in electronic cigarettes today. Known for offering a    vaping experience that mimics the sensation of cigarette smoking, for ex-smokers, this popular e-cigarette brand uses cartridges, also called JUUL pods, that are packed with salt nicotine from leaf tobacco to a create a new e-cig that was unlike others in the market. These pods are offered in a diverse selection of mid to lower level nicotine strengths, including 3% and 5%.

How does EonSmoke fit into the mix?

EonSmoke has been developing JUUL compatible pods since 2017, offering a wider selection of flavors at a competitive, budget-friendly cost. In 2018 they improved their signature recipe in order to offer 6% and 6.8% nicotine salts in their pods rather than their original 4%. The change introduced a more intense and real experience for vapers, with an added vibrancy to the flavors and a smoothness in the nicotine quality hit and vaping sensation.

ILoveEcigs is proudly selling EonSmoke JUUL Compatible PODS  with 6% salt nicotine in 16 enticing flavors, the EonSmoke JUUL Compatible Device (in black, silver and gold chrome colors)  and eight flavors of heavenly 6.8%% salt nicotine EonSmoke Disposable electronic cigarettes.  

What is nicotine salt?

Nicotine salt is a relatively new composite in e-juice that forms in leaf tobacco. In this process, all the impurities found in tobacco are stripped away, leaving you with nicotine in its pure form. It’s generally considered to be a more stable form of nicotine because it vaporizes at a much lower temperature. This means that nicotine salts have the ability to offer a smoother vaping experience, allowing you to inhale higher levels of nicotine without feeling a harsh throat hit. Through a high absorption rate, you vape less and use less of your e-juice supply. This means that with the EonSmoke, JUUL Compatible Product line you can actually start putting some extra savings back into your wallet while increasing your vaping enjoyment and satisfaction.

Are you excited to try something new? Which EonSmoke JUUL compatible pod sounds the most tempting to you? Drop a comment below to join the conversation.


Alex Wilks is the Social Media & Content Creator for Trek Marketing. Her work has been featured on Global News, Black Press Media, andthe Kwantlen Chronicle

What do you need to know before traveling with your e-cig?

disposable e-cig

disposable e-cig

With the start of summer just on the horizon, it’s about time for you to start planning your seasonal staycations, weekend getaways and abroad adventures. After all, everyone deserves some vacation time to sit back and unwind from the stresses of everyday life. As a vaper, part of finding your state of relaxation most likely involves a few calming puffs from your e-cig device. So, if you’re hoping to enjoy some new sights and sounds over the summer months, it’s important for you to do the research beforehand in order to find out which countries possess vaping restrictions and bans. After all, while many countries simply possess limitations on nicotine-containing e-juices, others have banned products altogether. To ensure your journey is worry-free, here are a few things that you should consider before setting out.

What are the vaping laws at your destination?  

It’s incredibly important for you to conduct some research beforehand on the legal status of vaping in countries you plan to visit. While most places in the world are tolerant of e-cigs, some do possess restrictions on e-liquids that contain nicotine as an ingredient. For example, it is illegal to sell vaping products in Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, but it’s perfectly okay to vape in these countries. Moreover, in other places where vaping is banned, such as Singapore and Thailand, the possession of e-cigs could result in up to ten years in prison. There are also countries such as, Sweden, Australia and Japan that simply possess laws that restrict vaping, which means that vape products can be bought and sold, but e-liquids must remain nicotine-free.  

This is why it’s essential for you to stay up-to-date with the laws of the countries that are on your traveling bucket list, as well as their definitions that can vary from country to country.

What are the airport and airline policies?

Now that you’ve selected a vape-friendly destination, the next thing you should consider is the policies of all the airports and airlines you’ll be encountering prior to booking your flight. It’s important to consider the rules of the airports you’re laying over in, as well as the regulations regarding carry-on baggage. Since e-cigs are electronic devices, they will most likely be required in your carry-on luggage for safety purposes. So, for the purposes of travel, you may want to consider the convenience of a disposable e-cig in order to limit the number of batteries that you’ll be required to carry.

Can you vape in public places and restaurants?

Now that you’ve found a destination, airline and airport that supports vape culture, it’s also important for you to read up on the by-laws of the regions that you’ll be visiting. After all, you don’t want to be seen breaking the rules or disregarding the local culture. That being said, many places lump vaping together under anti-smoking laws which will restrict vaping in public places. However, there are some countries that will allow you to enjoy your disposable e-cig in an open-air restaurant or out on the beach.  

Other things to keep in mind when traveling with your e-cig

While laws and restrictions are the most crucial elements of your travel plans to consider when you’re a vaper, there are a few other things that you should keep in mind if you’re planning to get on a plane or take a road-trip.

  • How will you store your e-juice? E-liquids in bottles need to be stored in a vertical position while in your luggage and once you’ve reached your accommodation in order to avoid any spillage. So, if you’re worried about carrying around fragile bottles, choose a disposable e-cig for vape and dispose convenience or pick up a Logic Power Series starter kit that uses pre-packaged, spill-proof cartomizers to give you worry-free vaping enjoyment. Because these e-juice capsules simply pop on and off the end of the device, you won’t need to worry about pouring or spilling e-juice when you are out on the road as well.
  • How will you maintain a cool temperature? Many travel destinations are hot and humid, so, it’s important to know if you will have access to a fridge or cool storage space in order to avoid any spoilage of your supply. Also, there are destinations that take over 24 hours to get to, so, consider this when you’re packing e-liquid for your trip.
  • How will you charge your device? Consider the wattage of the plugs in the country you’re visiting and ensure that the energy levels are converted properly before plugging in your device.

Are there any other factors to consider if you’re a vaper going away on holidays? Drop a comment below if you have any tips to share.

Alex Wilks is the Social Media & Content Creator for Trek Marketing. Her work has been featured on Global News, Black Press Media, andthe Kwantlen Chronicle

3 mistakes to avoid if you’re a beginner vaper

logic vape pen

logic vape pen

The world of vaping doesn’t have to be intimidating. In fact, with the right amount of knowledge, switching from combustible cigarettes to e-cigarettes is actually incredibly easy. That being said, while the physical transition between the products is evidently painless, there can still be daunting some decisions if you’re new to the lifestyle. So, in order to make your first-time purchase uncomplicated, we’ve decided to share with you three mistakes that you want to try and avoid while you’re still getting into the swing of vaping.

Please, invest in a high-quality device

One of the most common oversights that beginner vapers make is purchasing a cheap, low-grade device that possesses substandard technology. While it may seem like a budget-friendly investment at the time, a mediocre device has a higher chance of breaking, burning out or needing some replacement parts. That’s why it’s always best to consider your device to be an investment in your longstanding journey to becoming smoke-free. Moreover, high-quality e-cigarette technology, like our Logic vape pen, is worth the first-rate price tag. Not only is a logic vape pen a durable and dependable device, but each of its celebrated collection contains a wide variety of delicious e-juice flavors and ample nicotine strengths. So, why not pay a tiny bit more to ensure an enormous difference in quality and design?

Please, select the correct nicotine strength

Another big mistake that first-timers make is selecting an e-juice with the incorrect nicotine level. Keep in mind that the nicotine strength that’s needed for your Logic vape pen shouldn’t be a guessing game. In fact, it’s entirely dependent on your previous smoking habits and whether you were an occasional or heavy smoker. Below is a rough guide to help point you in the right direction.

  • Omg/ml (zero nicotine e-cigs) are good for people who used to be light smokers and for those who are trying to rid themselves of their nicotine dependency.
  • 20 mg/ml (1.8% e-liquids) are good for people who used to be light to moderate smokers.
  • 27mg/ml (2.4% and higher) are good for people who used to be heavy cigarette smokers.

Please, don’t buy too many items

We understand that when the time comes for you to make the switch you may feel an overwhelming desire to want to splurge on all the latest flavors and accessories. Although this is an exciting, life-changing event in your life, it’s important to be mindful that simplicity is the key to your transition. So, when you start out as a beginner vaper all you really need is a state-of-the-art device, a few delicious flavors and a couple of batteries. That being said, once you get some time and experience under your belt, you will then be able to branch out and try some more advanced vaping technologies.  

Do you have any tips to pass on to the beginners? Drop them in the comments section below.


Alex Wilks is the Social Media & Content Creator for Trek Marketing. Her work has been featured on Global News, Black Press Media, andthe Kwantlen Chronicle

How do you select a reputable e-cig vendor?

buy e-cigs online

 buy e-cigs online

For the people who once relied on receiving nicotine from combustible cigarettes, it’s no surprise that vaping has become their safe haven. Especially since e-cigarettes give them the opportunity to choose their nicotine concentration level and slowly lower their intake over time. That being said, with the power of choice comes many benefits and pitfalls, so, it’s important to know whether your vaping gear and juices are coming from a reputable vendor. Thus, in order to ensure that you’re enhancing your vaping experience to its fullest potential, there are a couple of things that you should consider when you buy e-cigs online.

Use the overabundance of customers reviews

When you’re trying to find a trustworthy online vendor sorting through customer reviews can prove to be incredibly helpful. Not only are you able to use them to assist you in selecting a delicious e-juice, but you can also read them over to find out how good the service and support of the vendor is. In most cases, people will only take the added effort to create a review if they feel that their experience was either horrible or fabulous. So, it should be really easy to trust the comments from customers reviews and use them as added research to decide whether you want to carry forward and buy e-cigs online. That being said, you can also tell how popular and established a seller is based on how many reviews they have.

Look for a blog

Maintaining an active blog says a lot about a company — they’re organized, they do their research and they’re invested in the e-cig industry. It takes careful time and consistency to earnestly write on a well-timed schedule and if a company manages to do so, it’s because they’re passionate about their business. Not to mention their blog can always be used as an appropriate source for e-cig studies, product reviews and as a place to ground your knowledge about the industry. Be sure to look for vendors who write about an assortment of topics and use links to the appropriate their sources.

A few benefits of shopping with iloveecigs.com

At iloveecigs.com, we take pride in our ability to represent the vaping industry by providing our customers with state-of-the-art e-cigarette technology, such as the Logic e-cigs lineup. However, aside from our astounding product selection, there are a few other ways that we maintain our consumer relationships.

  • Professional customer service
  • Cheap prices
  • Added special discounts for members and returning, subscribed customers
  • Monthly and weekly flash sales
  • An intuitive, easy-ordering system
  • Free shipping across the U.S.

Are there any other factors that you consider before buying e-cigs online? Share with us by commenting below.

Searching for a Mother’s Day gift that shows you care about her health?

e-cig starter kit

 e-cig starter kit

It can be difficult and time-consuming when you’re on the hunt for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. After all, doesn’t she deserve the best? So, if you’re one of the many people who is feeling clueless about what to get your mom this year and if your she’s a smoker or a vaper, we recommend showering her with a gift that’s thoughtful, creative and mindful of her health. Because it’s important to wrap her up a present that will make her smile, how about presenting her with a premium e-cig starter kit? Whether she’s already a vaper or you simply want to help her on the path to better health, e-cigarettes send the message that you care. Did we mention that it’s practical, courteous and incredibly affordable?

Logic Power Series Platinum Label Tobacco Starter Kit

Has your mom been talking about how she wants to quit combustible cigarettes for good? Well, why not show her just how much thought you’ve put into her gift this year by grabbing her a state-of-the-art e-cig starter kit? After all, it’s the perfect choice for those who enjoy and miss the robust, rich flavor of tobacco. Not to mention, this particular Logic model will allow her to vape with an added sense of confidence because its full-bodied tobacco cartomizers offer the same strong-tasting flavor, and remarkable 2.4% nicotine strength, that she’s used to.

Power Series Platinum Label Menthol Starter Kit  

If your mom prefers the chilling taste of refreshing menthols, then she will love indulging in our contemporary menthol e-cig starter kit. Designed to deliver a realistic smoking experience, this device is known for its thick distribution of lush, flavorful clouds. The best part is one crisp menthol cartomizer is equivalent to roughly two packs of menthols. That’s a satisfying 400 lavish puffs!

Platinum Label Cherry Starter Kit

It’s possible that your mom is a little too sweet for her own good and the only way you’re able to balance out the scale is by gifting her something that’s as pleasant as she is. So, if she has an abundant sweet tooth and enjoys the smooth, sensuous taste of cherries, then this innovative cherry e-cig starter kit may be her match made in heaven. The best part is the cherry-flavored cartomizers offer the same enriching experience as a traditional cigarette, delivering the level of nicotine that your mom requires, only she will be left feeling and smelling more charming and beautiful between vapes.

Which e-cig starter kit will your mom be opening this Mother’s Day? Tell us in the comments section below.