Searching for a Mother’s Day gift that shows you care about her health?

e-cig starter kit

 e-cig starter kit

It can be difficult and time-consuming when you’re on the hunt for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. After all, doesn’t she deserve the best? So, if you’re one of the many people who is feeling clueless about what to get your mom this year and if your she’s a smoker or a vaper, we recommend showering her with a gift that’s thoughtful, creative and mindful of her health. Because it’s important to wrap her up a present that will make her smile, how about presenting her with a premium e-cig starter kit? Whether she’s already a vaper or you simply want to help her on the path to better health, e-cigarettes send the message that you care. Did we mention that it’s practical, courteous and incredibly affordable?

Logic Power Series Platinum Label Tobacco Starter Kit

Has your mom been talking about how she wants to quit combustible cigarettes for good? Well, why not show her just how much thought you’ve put into her gift this year by grabbing her a state-of-the-art e-cig starter kit? After all, it’s the perfect choice for those who enjoy and miss the robust, rich flavor of tobacco. Not to mention, this particular Logic model will allow her to vape with an added sense of confidence because its full-bodied tobacco cartomizers offer the same strong-tasting flavor, and remarkable 2.4% nicotine strength, that she’s used to.

Power Series Platinum Label Menthol Starter Kit  

If your mom prefers the chilling taste of refreshing menthols, then she will love indulging in our contemporary menthol e-cig starter kit. Designed to deliver a realistic smoking experience, this device is known for its thick distribution of lush, flavorful clouds. The best part is one crisp menthol cartomizer is equivalent to roughly two packs of menthols. That’s a satisfying 400 lavish puffs!

Platinum Label Cherry Starter Kit

It’s possible that your mom is a little too sweet for her own good and the only way you’re able to balance out the scale is by gifting her something that’s as pleasant as she is. So, if she has an abundant sweet tooth and enjoys the smooth, sensuous taste of cherries, then this innovative cherry e-cig starter kit may be her match made in heaven. The best part is the cherry-flavored cartomizers offer the same enriching experience as a traditional cigarette, delivering the level of nicotine that your mom requires, only she will be left feeling and smelling more charming and beautiful between vapes.

Which e-cig starter kit will your mom be opening this Mother’s Day? Tell us in the comments section below.


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