Start your quit smoking challenge in 2023

It’s that time of year when many people look at their lives and begin to set goals that will help them to live healthier and happier years ahead. While New Year’s resolutions can vary from person to person, for those who smoke combustible cigarettes, it’s all about kicking back the habit for good. If you need some added motivation and tips on how to quit smoking in 2023, you’ve come to the right place!

Pick your quit date

Ex-smokers find the most success in quitting for good when they set realistic and achievable expectations. This means that once an individual decides that they want to quit smoking combustible cigarettes, it’s best to choose a date in the future to make the move. This offers the user a chance to lower their intake in that time. For example, “I want to quit cold turkey in exactly one month.” Not only will selecting a physical date to hold them accountable, but it will allow them to start weaning their nicotine intake so that the withdrawal symptoms aren’t too overwhelming.

For those who want to remove nicotine withdrawal from the equation or want to combat their mental dependency on combustible cigarettes, e-cigs are a great tool to allow the ex-smoker to choose a nicotine concentration level that can be lowered over time. E-cigs also fulfill any mental dependencies around nicotine without the harmful side effects associated with tobacco. 

Keep active

Keeping active during your quit-smoking journey is a great way to focus on maintaining your resolution. Regular exercise is known to help people who’re experiencing cravings and withdrawal symptoms, as well as ensure that weight gain doesn’t become a problem during this challenging time. 

Seek support from loved ones

Every smoker has their own personal motivation and opinions on how to quit smoking. However, having support from loved ones not only holds them accountable but also provides added willpower to keep on track. If you’re feeling like you want to smoke, call up a friend to talk or ask about meeting somewhere to go for a short walk to take your mind off things. They can also provide daily encouragement if you express that you’re struggling, which means more than other available resources. 

Successful people know that a slip is not a fall and that relapses are common—and expected. To ensure that you’re properly equipped for your 2023 quit-smoking journey, shop our selection of e-cigs today!

Are there other methods that worked for you when you were quitting smoking? Drop a comment below to share them.

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