Two mistakes first-time vapers make when selecting their e-liquid

While vape retailers are making it easier than ever before for users to buy their e-cigs online, few are taking the time to educate their customers on why their unique brand assists transitioning vapers. Sure, they will use digital marketing tactics to gain traction, but word-of-mouth is huge in this business and since tobacco and menthol extracts are the only flavors remaining on the market, it’s important to help pair new vapers with an e-liquid that will meet their basic needs. So, novice vapers rejoice because I Love Ecigs is here to tell you why our brand can offer you a satisfying and fulfilling experience! But first, avoid these two mistakes when selecting your e-liquid of choice.  

Purchasing the wrong flavor

While consumers are only permitted to buy e-cigs and e-liquids online that are approved or undergoing approval by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there’s no arguing that each brand possesses its own unique take on the taste of tobacco and menthol. So, if you’re a novice vaping who’s just starting to develop an enjoyment from flavor profiles that mimic the smooth and delicious piquancy of your past smoking experience, then you can rely on Logic’s lineup of traditional, bold tobacco e-liquid and a refreshing menthol e-liquid for both disposable and replaceable e-cigs.

Using the wrong nicotine strength 

A successful transition away from combustible cigarette smoking to vaping is reliant on your ability to meet your body’s nicotine needs, which can be done through the purchase of an e-liquid extract that offers an equivalent nicotine concentration level. 

Medium to heavy ex-smokers adore the punch that’s packed into the 27 mg (2.4% nicotine) that’s offered in both Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarettes and the Logic Power Series. However, if you were a recreational user, the better option would be the light 20 mg (1.8% nicotine) that’s exhibited in the Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System

Are there any other factors that first-vapers should consider when selecting the right e-liquid? Drop a comment below to share with our readers. 


One thought on “Two mistakes first-time vapers make when selecting their e-liquid

  1. Annette,

    Unfortunately, Logic only makes the 2.4% or 27mg for the Logic Power Series at this time. If you want a lower percentage, you would need to switch over to the Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System to have the 1.8%.

    – The I Love Ecigs Team

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