Tips for autumn vaping

While autumn isn’t extreme in terms of weather and temperatures, it’s still important to keep your vape nice and warm to ensure the best experience. Even the best vape pen struggles in the cold. This includes protecting your device so it doesn’t freeze, which causes the battery to lose capacity and e-liquid to lose some of its flavor. Since your e-cig is an extension of your quit-smoking lifestyle, it’s best to consider the following tips for autumn vaping.

Tobacco is the best flavor to vape

Autumn is hands down one of the most colorful and cozy seasons, which is why you should vape something that complements it. Tobacco is a robust, smokey flavor that in our opinion, best accompanies the crisper air and cool evenings. 

Logic has three lineups of devices, all of which come feature a tobacco e-liquid.

Protect the battery

Although most vapers are used to safeguarding their device battery from extreme heat and direct sunlight, believe it or not, cool temperatures also aren’t ideal for its operation. Sub-zero temperatures can cause the unit to drastically cool down, which reduces the efficiency and lifespan of the battery. So, be sure to store your battery somewhere warm and remember to not leave it in the car overnight. 

Care for the e-liquid

Even the best vape pen can feel the cool pinch of autumn, which is why it’s important to take added care of your device and replacement e-liquids. Since cold weather can make e-liquid less viscous, your device needs to work harder to generate its usual amount of vaper. To prevent this from happening, be sure to store it somewhere where extreme temperatures can’t seep in and keep your backup supply there as well.

Your lips may also need attention this time of year

When using your e-cig in cooler temperatures, your lips can dry out. So, we encourage users to keep some lip balm on hand to moisturize them!

Do you always remember to check temperatures before heading out for the day? Drop a comment below to let us know your autumn e-cig care routine. 

One thought on “Tips for autumn vaping

  1. Here in Alabama, I wake up to 32-35° weather and go into the afternoon with 75-80° weather. Such a massive difference leaves my sinuses in horrible shape. Tight chest, runny nose, clogged & painful ears, nasty headache. I have found that if I take it easy in the mornings with my vaping, I can enjoy my afternoon vaping so much more. I love the anticipation of my afternoon coffee, good book & vape. Favorite time of the day!

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