What are the best ways to save money when you buy from iloveecigs.com?

save money with e-cigs

save money with e-cigs

Aside from their delicious flavors, lack of pungent, lingering smell and the fact that they are socially more acceptable than a combustible cigarette, the best part about e-cigs is that they can also save you money. A pack of traditional smokes usually costs far more than a standard vaping device and leaves a mess of butts stomped on our sidewalks. When you vape, you can feel better about choosing an eco-friendlier nicotine solution, and be rewarded with some incredible savings. While e-cigs are already a more economical choice in terms of price, there are also a few additional ways that iloveecigs.com is helping our customers save money.

Save when you buy in bulk

While our prices are already the best in the business for guaranteed real Logic products, we still offer our customers the option to buy product in a bulk amount in order to save money with e-cigs. Using the easy ordering system will give you the opportunity to stock up on all of your favorite delectable flavors for whichever Logic series you own. The more you buy, the more you’ll save.

Save when you become a member

At iloveecigs.com, we reward customer loyalty by offering an exclusive membership as well as a VIP membership for those who are absolutely crazy about our products. When you become a VIP member you can save 4% on every purchase and 6% if you sign up for recurring orders. Plus, you’ll also get 2% cash back in store credit as well as access to periodic flash sale notifications sent directly to your email inbox. Now that’s how you save money with e-cigs!

Save on shipping

If you’re a regular customer who lives in the U.S. you can also save money on your shipping costs. When you process an order that is $15 or over, we will wave the cost of your shipping and send out your order on the same day (on weekdays before 12 p.m. EST).

Save by subscribing to our e-newsletter

When you subscribe to iloveecigs.com, you’re subscribing to savings. Our weekly newsletters contain special promotional codes that offer our customers huge savings on their e-cig orders. Not to mention, once a month, we also send out an e-newsletter that contains another discount code that can be combined with other deductions all month long. Allowing you to save money with e-cigs is our specialty.

Are there any other ways that you save money with e-cigs? Tell us in the comments section below.


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