What are the best ways to save on your Logic products?

Whether you’re looking to buy a Logic starter kit or simply stock up on some cartomizer or capsule refills for your devices, hunting for the best deal online can be time-consuming and frustrating. Not to mention, changing FDA restrictions are impacting deliveries that are destined for certain states based on e-cig brand and flavors. So, why not remove the hassle from your online shopping experience by selecting a brand-name that’s working alongside the FDA to become a smoking cessation aid and a retailer that’s geared towards giving you an abundance of savings? Shop Logic e-cigs from iloveecigs.com

#1 Buy e-cigs, cartomizers, and capsules online in bulk 

At I Love Ecigs, we understand that the best deal is one that arrives on time, which is why we’ve designed our Quick Order System to allow our customers to select which Logic products they like, the quantity that they want, and a frequency schedule they meet their vaping needs. Also, aside from receiving a generous, automated discount as a guest who is purchasing in bulk, you have the option to upgrade to a regular or VIP club membership to reap further price reductions. We aren’t exaggerating when we say, “best prices guaranteed” for the most cost-efficient way to buy your e-cigs online!

#2 Take advantage of membership pricing

Becoming a member of our community is easy and once you create an account with us, you will gain access to the deals  that are available with this free membership. Once registered, you also have the option to check the box “tell me about sales and discounts” to ensure that you’ve been added to the mailing list! However, for those seeking the best deals possible, the VIP club membership is the best way to save even more on the Logic products that you love. You will receive a 4% discount on all of your purchases, a 6% discount on recurring orders through the Quick Order System, and 2% back in stored credits that will automatically build up towards future purchases. You can also refer your friends and family, and after they make their first purchase, you will receive an additional $5 in credits. There are so many perks to this versatile membership! 

#3 We have flash deals and weekly/monthly promotions

There are other ways to save when you add your email to our subscription list. Every Thursday, you will receive a snippet of the weekly blog entry to your email inbox, and within it, there will be a unique coupon code that can be combined with your membership discount, and added at the checkout phase, to save 5% on your order. Also, once a month you can expect to receive a monthly discount newsletter featuring a further 1% reduction code! If you add up the savings, it’s easy to save 10% or more every time you order from iloveecigs.com!

When you buy e-cigs online, what do you look for in the brand you use? Drop a comment below to collaborate with other readers. 

One thought on “What are the best ways to save on your Logic products?

  1. Hello Mary,

    There is, unfortunately, no way that you’re able to order products to NY or NJ due to state laws. You would need to purchase and order your products to a box out of state or have family/friends bring it from outside of state. With changing regulations, these laws may change, but where it stands, we’re not shipping to NY or NJ.

    – The I Love Ecigs Team

  2. Hi Loretta!

    Keep up to date with your state’s policies, as they’re always changing. We also recommend that if you have a friend or relative that lives in another state, you can have your menthol products shipped there!

    – The I Love Ecigs Team

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