Which is better: Refillable or disposable vapes?

Vapers at any experience level have to choose between two types of e-cig devices: disposables or refillables. While some users may go back and forth between vaping both, changing periodically to suit their needs and exploring new flavors, others prefer to stick to one type to receive the same experience every time. In that case, which is better? Here, we compare disposables with pre-filled units to determine which is best for your needs and lifestyle. 

Everything you need to know about disposable vapes

These single-use devices include a battery and a pre-filled flavor of your choice. They are easy to use and often geared toward recent ex-smokers who require a device to ease their transition from combustible cigarettes. 

What are some other reasons vapers choose disposable vapes?

  • Zero maintenance: Disposable vapes are compact and convenient. They are mess-free, hassle-free, and allow you to focus on the pure enjoyment of vaping with no maintenance required. 
  • Easy to use: While all vape pens are relatively simple to use, disposable vapes are the easier option, as they come pre-filled and don’t require cleaning or charging.
  • More flavors: Disposable vapes are usually available in more flavors, which allows you to further customize your experience with e-cigs. 
  • Portability: Disposable vapes offer the same quality and consistency time and time again, and since these devices are small, they travel well and are always ready to use. 
  • Longevity: Some devices have better batteries than others, however, your disposable vapes are designed to last as long as it takes to use up the e-liquid inside. 


Everything you need to know about refillable vapes

Refillable vapes are eco-friendly units that allow users to reuse the entire device and simply replace the cartomizers or capsules as needed. These e-cigs are also rechargeable, offering vapers a chance to further stomp their carbon footprint. Often styled as a cig-a-like to mimic the look of a combustible cigarette, refillable vapes allow for interchanging flavors and strengths, which adds a layer of excitement to both new and longstanding vapers everywhere. 

What are some other reasons vapers choose refillable vapes?

  • Customization: Refillable vapes allow users to choose the flavor and nicotine strength they need at the moment, which means that when lowering their intake, they won’t need to purchase another device. 
  • Flavor quality: While disposable vapes have awesome quality too, refillable vapes are equipped with a small atomizer coil, which in our opinion, makes the flavor superior. 


Which is better in terms of cost?

Although refillable vapes have a higher price point, they do offer better value for money over a longer term. Disposable e-cigs are priced lower (with no need to purchase anything additional), making them more affordable upfront. 

It all comes down to what you like. Since here at I Love Ecigs, we have both disposable and refillable vapes to suit all needs and tastes, you should be satisfied, regardless of the products you choose. 

Do you have a preference or do you go for whatever is cheapest at the moment? Drop a comment below to share. 

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    First they helped me to quit smoking and now I can still enjoy smoking with Logic.
    Wouldn’t use anything else.

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