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Nicotine Reduction Program

Decrease the level of nicotine you smoke at your own pace

Control the level of nicotine you smoke - No Tobacco

We recognize that most everyone who smokes cigarettes likes it. We also realize that about a third of smokers yearn to quit smoking. I Love Ecigs is pleased to offer you a program that may help you decrease, at your own pace, the level of nicotine you smoke without tobacco, smell or ash (although individual results may vary).

There are two key aspects that make it particularly hard for smokers to reduce their smoking or to quit: 1. the body’s desire for nicotine; and 2. our own physical desire to enjoy that hand-to-mouth movement with the sensation of inhaling and exhaling vapor. Our product is able to provide both of these aspects without the odor or tar of regular cigarettes being released into your body or the air around you.

We are not stating that this is a quit smoking miracle or that the device we sell is better or healthier than a regular tobacco filled cigarette. What we offer is a program that allows you to continue the physical enjoyment you feel by inhaling and exhaling vapor without tobacco while allowing you to control the level of nicotine you smoke.

program steps

When you follow these steps, you could potentially reduce the level of nicotine you smoke over a period of time that is comfortable for you. Logic Electronic Cigarettes can be smoked in your car, at home, the office or a restaurant (where permitted) without producing any smell or carbon monoxide.

Step One. Start using the Logic Electronic Cigarette at any level that is comfortable for you. If you currently smoke regular strength cigarettes you could start with the Platinum Label (2.4% nicotine) or the Black Label (1.8% nicotine) e-cigs. If you currently smoke “light” cigarettes, you may start with either the Black Label (1.8% nicotine) or the Gold Label (1.4% nicotine). You may smoke e-cigs exclusively or in conjunction with your regular cigarettes.

Step Two. When you are ready, use increasingly lower nicotine by volume Logic Electronic Cigarettes until you are using the White Label “Zero” (0.1% nicotine). Use each level for as long as you feel comfortable. If and when you are ready, stop smoking!

The Four levels of nicotine we offer

Very High
2.4% nic. by vol.
1.8% nic. by vol.