4 reasons to quit smoking in the spirit of the holidays

The holiday season is meant for spending quality time with the ones you love most. Amid the chaos, it may seem challenging to change up your routine, especially if it involves smoking combustible cigarettes. However, since quitting smoking can be difficult, with it often feeling like never the opportune moment, we believe the season’s warmth is the perfect time for you to give it a shot. Here’s why. 

Your family and friends are around you

The best way to quit smoking is when you feel most supported. With your friends and family around you throughout the holidays, you will be so busy celebrating and catching up that you will have less time to think about your nicotine cravings. Plus, if you tell your loved ones your quit-smoking plan, they can help to keep you on track during the crucial first few days. 

Present buying will be easier

Coming up with unique gifts that people will love and genuinely use is always something on the mind when it comes to shopping for the holidays. That said, expressing that you intend to quit smoking offers an opportunity for your loved ones to shower you with tools that will help you on your journey, including e-cigs.

You can use food to substitute your cravings 

It’s no secret that nicotine is addictive and that quitting can result in a period of discomfort while your body gets used to functioning without it. While ecigs are the best way to quit smoking, allowing the user to quit tobacco and slowly lower their nicotine levels over time, eating is also a great way to help with these unwanted cravings. Fill your time by trying tasty treats leaving combustible cigarettes behind you. 

It saves you money

Combustible cigarettes aren’t cheap, especially with ongoing regulations adding taxes that bring up the cost. The holiday season is also a time when it’s challenging to save money. However, if you ditch your smoking habit, those savings can go directly into your pocket. 

Why spend the holiday season out in the cold when you can be enjoying the warmth inside with your loved ones? To avoid being moody from quitting, consider substituting your nicotine intake with ecigs instead of going cold turkey!

Do you have any other driving factors in making you want to quit smoking over the holidays? Drop a comment below to let our readers know more. 

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