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4.73/5 (based on 37 reviews)

Recommended 97% of reviewers recommend this product

  • ecigs saved my life

    Andrew M. / Jan 08, 2020
    I had to quit smoking due to my health concerns. But I missed the relaxation of putting on a smoke. ecig s were my savior. I will eventually quit and I know logic pro will help me do that. Logic is half the price of cigs and with I love ecig s the price gets even lower. I will stick with I love ecig s an logic pro from now on.

    Carol P. / Nov 14, 2019
    I started smoking 58 years ago.(Yes, I AM old) I was diagnosed with COPD and knew I just HAD to stop smoking. I used everything imaginable and available at the time. NOTHING, nothing worked. I think I smoked the first ecig invented. I tried perhaps 10 different products, which was a lot 12 years ago. I got used to them and used one product I received by mail for 10 years. The last two years the product was getting bad. The quality of the entire assembly had gone bad. I finally divorced them after a major fight over the quality of the product I was receiving. The cartomizers were empty, the batteries wouldn't work, it was just all bad. I found this website and my whole world changed! I truly LOVE...I LOVE ECIGS!! I've been two years now, and their products are amazing. They have never disappointed, not once in two years. They are great pricing, great flavor and GREATEST QUALITY! I must remark, I have had COPD 14 years now. ECIGS are NOT more harmful than cigarettes ( As the news media is putting out now) It simply isn't true. Had I not quit smoking, I would have been dead now, instead of writing this review. I would be coughing now with the other ecig I used for many years that was low low quality! These LOGIC that I use now Are the BEST! They are flavorful, long lasting, satisfying and delicious! And for a topper, they are less expensive with all the discounts they offer. The deliveries are fast and never wrong! What more could you ask for? Maybe some pretzels and a beer?? Thank you thank you!! I LOVE ECIGS. You are the real deal!
  • Logic Pro products ROCK!!!

    Lloyd L. / Nov 03, 2019
    Consistent quality and flavor, checkout hassle free, delivery and packing spot on, highly recommended.
  • Love logic

    Linda R. / Oct 28, 2019
    I have been smoking logic since 2012 and love these menthol, no other e cig compares, always on time and fresh
  • Highly recommend

    Lisa P. / Oct 28, 2019
    Been using logic for 5 years. Highly recommend trying this and also highly recommend this store they are always quick and easy to buy from. Thank you
  • Absolutely love logic!

    Leah C. / Oct 27, 2019
    Love the products, the price, & the fast shipping!! This has truly saved my life.
  • I won’t order from anywhere else!

    Anastasia . / Oct 25, 2019
    Keep up the amazing work! I purchase every few weeks in bulk and they are so accurate with the count, and shipping is super fast! The price is the lowest I seen! And I literally have NO complaints. And will always order from this site!! And recommend that you do as well! I’m a logic user personally! You will love all there flavors too!
  • I loveeee Logic!

    Anastasia . / Oct 25, 2019
    I love the discounts! I love the costumer support! I love the fast shipping! I literally ONLY will ever order with this company! Such a life saver, and saves you money too! I couldn’t say enough wonderful things about purchasing from here. I highly recommend that any of you do!
  • I've been using logic for 12 years...

    Michael O. / Aug 20, 2019
    I use logic as a alternative instead of tobacco..while tobacco had harmful additives...logic only had nicotine and menthol. While satisfying my craving..I've kept smoking logic all these cause u never wanted to quit!!!! But i realize how dangerous real cigarette are.... With all those chemicals in just the filters... Logic have been a life saver breathing had improved and i didn't blow up in weight when i switched to e-cigs.. So in hine sight... Logic helps, not hurt. Michael from Jersey.
  • Great Product

    Leah C. / Aug 11, 2019
    Love the product & prices! It’s helped me tremendously, and I haven’t had a craving for an actual cigarette! Definitely recommend!
  • Love the product

    Wyona S. / Apr 18, 2019
    I just bought my product today tried it and love why because since i start using it I haven’t have a crave for a Newport cigarette
  • Great Service and Awesome Pricing

    Joseph R. / Mar 18, 2019
    Having been a Logic customer for several years now, I have to say this company has been true to it's customers and then some!

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