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Nicotine Reduce Program


Why Smokers Love to Smoke

  • It gives them pleasure (Dichter, 1947)
  • It relaxes them (Dichter, 1947)
  • They enjoy watching the smoke (Dichter, 1947)
  • It keeps their hands busy (The Lung Association [TLA], 2012)
  • It helps them be social (Dichter, 1947)
  • It helps control their weight (TLA, 2012)
  • It’s part of their daily routine (TLA, 2012)
  • It’s a form of self-expression (Dichter, 1947)
  • They have good smoking memories (Dichter, 1947)

The downside of smoking

  • Tobacco smoking is the single greatest cause of preventable death globally (”Health Effects of Tobacco”, 2013)
  • Two thirds of all smokers want to quit smoking (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, 2011)
  • Nicotine replacement therapies (NRT), specifically nicotine patches and nicotine gum, do not improve smokers’ chances of long-term cessation (Dwyer, 2012)
  • It’s expensive. Depending where you live, one pack of 20 cigarette could cost you anywhere between $6 - $14. Therefore, smoking one pack a day will cost between $2,190 to $5,110 for a year of smoking
  • Nicotine is addictive and difficult to stop using (Jacobs, 1997)
Take the Test: Why Am I Smoking?


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How did you get here?

Have you ever wondered why you started smoking and why you continue to? The Why Do I Smoke? test is an effective tool from the National Cancer Institute, used by smokers, physicians, smoking cessation specialists, and others to help indicate the reasons a smoker has for smoking (The “why I smoke” test, n.d., para 1).

If you are a smoker who is finding it difficult to understand why smoking is so ingrained in your daily life, this test may provide some clarification (The “why I smoke” test, n.d., para 2).

Fill out the form below and press “submit” to find your score on six facets that motivate you to smoke.

Test: Why I Smoke

Always Frequently Occasionally Seldom Never
A. I smoke cigarettes to keep from slowing down.
B. Handling a cigarette is part of the enjoyment of smoking it.
C. Smoking cigarettes is pleasant and relaxing.
D. I light up a cigarette when I’m upset about something.
E. When I run out of cigarettes I find it almost unbearable.
F. I smoke automatically without even being aware of it.
G. I smoke to perk myself up.
H. Part of the enjoyment of smoking comes from the steps I take to light up.
I. I find cigarettes pleasurable.
J. When I feel uncomfortable about something, I light up a cigarette.
K. I am very much aware of the fact when I am not smoking.
L. I light up a cigarette without realizing I still have one burning in the ashtray.
M. I smoke to give myself a “lift”.
N. Part of the enjoyment of smoking is watching smoke I inhale.
O. I want a cigarette most when I am comfortable and relaxed.
P. When I feel “blue” or want to take my mind off of my cares, I smoke a cigarette.
Q. I get a real craving for a cigarette when I haven’t smoked for a while.
R. I’ve found a cigarette in my mouth and didn’t remember having put it there.
Find out my results!

Why Follow Our Program?

  • Easy to follow
  • Effortless
  • Economical
  • Effective

Replace regular cigarettes with our e-cigs

  • We don’t use regular tobacco filled cigarettes so you stay away from the tobacco burning and tar creation
  • We offer tobacco and menthol flavored e-cigs to suit your taste preference
  • When smoking our Logic electronic cigarette, there is no ash, smell or second-hand smoke

If you enjoy cigarettes, you will Enjoy Logic e-cigs

  • Smoking our Logic electronic cigarettes feels like smoking a real cigarette, but better
  • The taste is great, it satisfies the hand to mouth motion and the inhaling /exhaling activity, it keeps you busy and you can smoke it anytime

four Nicotine levels

  • Platinum Label – 2.4% nicotine by volume (very high)
  • Black Label – 1.8% nicotine by volume (high)
  • Gold Label – 1.4% nicotine by volume ( medium)
  • White Label – up to 0.01% nicotine by volume (very low)

Cost Effective

  • Smoking our Logic e-cigs is more affordable than smoking standard cigarettes
  • An equivalent of one pack of cigarettes costs less than $2

Membership benefits

  • We offer membership and quantity discounts

No Guarantees

  • is not guaranteeing that you will reduce nicotine intake as a result of participating in our program
  • Individual results may vary


  • This product is an electronic cigarette and should not be used by non-smokers, women who are pregnant or breast feeding, those sensitive to nicotine, a person with or at risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or taking medicine or depression or asthma
  • They are not intended to be drug products that diagnose, treat, cure or mitigate any disease or condition
Create Program

Make a commitment

The first step a smoker must take is to make a commitment to reducing the level of nicotine he or she is using. We believe that if a smoker is committed to quit, they will have a better chance of succeeding. If you just want to “kick the tire” and check it out, the likelihood of success is very small.

Reduce Gradually Nicotine Reduction Program works as a gradual reduction of nicotine use over a period of time to lessen the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and to help a smoker get used to and maintain a lower nicotine level.

Inform others of your plan

One way of creating your success is involving others in your Nicotine Reduction Program plan. We highly suggest that a smoker informs as many close friends and family members as possible of their decision and intent to reduce their nicotine intake, so that they get support from people who care for them. It will help you keep on track (“no place to hide”) and be accountable to those around you, particularly in those difficult times when you are not sure if you can do it. Tell your friends that you are participating in a plan reducing your nicotine intake over a period of time and you want to quit fully from smoking standard tobacco cigarettes.

Reducing nicotine involves two major challenges

The Physical Nicotine Addiction Aspect. Gradually reducing nicotine intake is a very effective way of reducing or eliminating the withdrawal symptoms associated with nicotine addiction. This principle is the key reason why our nicotine reduction program works and makes the entire process less difficult. An effective method of gradual nicotine reduction is to use a schedule to gradually reduce the number of e-cigs you smoke, and reduce the amount of nicotine per electronic cigarette. These two factors are carefully calculated to help accomplish a successful nicotine reduction program.

The Behavioral / Psychological Aspect. By using a device that looks and operates like a cigarette, we help alleviate the behavioral / psychological challenge and address the physical cues that prompt smoking. A smoker can now “smoke” our electronic cigarette anytime anywhere. And although it is not a “real” cigarette, it feels like one. There is the same hand to mouth motion, inhaling and exhaling action, the familiar taste and satisfying feeling. So a smoker is not “missing” smoking, they just replaced it with an electronic cigarette. This factor is a key to reducing the behavioral / psychological impediment involved in the process.

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Program Questionnaire

The length of each stage

The program works as a gradual reduction of nicotine use over a period of time. In the starting stage you will use higher nicotine by volume e-cig and over time you will reduce that level of nicotine intake until you will reach the Zero nicotine level.

The number of e-cigs usage per day / month

Each of our electronic cigarettes / refill cartomizers holds the equivalent of 2 packs of cigarettes. For example, smoking one pack of regular cigarettes per day is the equivalent of smoking one Logic e-cig in two days.

The Program Mid-point

In the mid-point of each stage, reduce the number of e-cigs you smoke by approximately 15%. This will help ease your transition to the next lower level. (For example, if you smoked one e-cig over a two day period (48 hours), when you reach your stage mid-point, smoke that same e-cig over two days plus seven more hours (one e-cig every 53 hours). You are training your body to gradually use less nicotine and be ready for the changes of e-cig strength that will happen at the end of the stage.

Moving to the next stage

At the end of your first stage, you should start with the next stage on your program, using lower nicotine content Logic e-cig. For example, if you started with a Platinum Label, stage two will be with the Black Label, stage three will be with the Gold Label and stage four will be with the White Label. You can start the next stage with the same number of e-cigs per day that you started the previous stage.

Continue with the stages as you lower the nicotine levels until you reach the last stage with the White label. At this point, you are smoking e-cigs with a maximum nicotine level of 0.01% by volume. You may choose to quit smoking altogether (best option) or continue with this stage, reducing the number of e-cigs you smoke per month gradually until you are ready to quit smoking e-cigs completely.

Create Program

Choosing the type of e-cigs you would like to use

We offer the same e-cig in two forms: disposable and rechargeable. They have the same taste and feel.

Disposable E-cigs. Consist of a cartomizer (the cartridge that contains the flavor) and a battery. When they are depleted you dispose of them. For this option we offer disposable single units.

Rechargeable E-cigs (Power Series). Consist of a rechargeable battery and a refill cartomizer. You smoke it like the disposable e-cig and when either the battery or refill cartomizer are depleted, you either replace the refill cartomizer or recharge the battery when it’s empty. For this option, first buy a starter kit that comes with a unique rechargeable battery and a USB charger. You may also buy flavored refill cartomizers.

Our suggestion is to order the rechargeable e-cig as they are less expensive than the disposable e-cigs. For example, a supply equivalent to 30 packs of regular cigarettes per month will cost $120 for disposable e-cigs or $57 for rechargeable e-cigs. Disposable e-cigs cost $8 / unit times 15 disposable e-cigs is equal to $120. Rechargeable cartomizers cost $19 / package of five times three packages is equal to $57.

Additional Savings

If you set your account for a monthly recurring order, you will save 5% of the cost and be able to manage your orders easier.

We don’t store your credit card information. Your order will be ready for you at the checkout two weeks before your next order date and an email reminder will be sent to you to login your account and pay for your order. We will not send you your order without your instruction.

Things to be aware of

Your Timeline. Don’t say, “I can manage my intake without a timeline”. The problem with this statement is that you will lose control and smoke all the time. Be disciplined. The program allows for a flexible schedule that you build. Stick to it.

Smoking Regular Cigarettes During the Program. Some smokers continue to smoke their regular cigarettes along with the e-cigs, just less. Based on smokers that we interviewed, we recommend that you set a number of maximum cigarettes to smoke per day and work towards reducing them to zero. Some decided that for the first month they smoke three cigarettes a day, one cigarette in the morning after breakfast, one after lunch and one after dinner. In the second month they smoke two cigarettes a day, one cigarette in the morning and one after dinner. In the third month they smoke only one cigarette after breakfast. From the fourth month on they stopped with smoking regular cigarettes at all. Some smokers only smoke e-cigs from the start of the program. The choice is yours.

Reducing to Zero Nicotine. A smoker can create their plan but be very careful to plan a reduction to zero within a reasonable period of time.

One Logic E-cig is Equal to 40 Regular Cigarettes. You must be careful not to smoke them all the time. Unlike regular cigarettes which you can physically “finish”, the e-cig is only ending after the equivalent of 40 cigarettes. Therefore, we suggest that you limit yourself to a maximum of 15 puffs per hour.

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