World No Tobacco Day: 3 reasons to quit smoking

It can always prove to be difficult to reach a new generation of tobacco smokers, but every year on May 31st we make it our mission to support World No Tobacco Day and what it represents. So, since we’re a few days away from this celebration of global awareness, catered to inform the public about the dangers of using tobacco, why not also give you some inspirational reasons to avoid the most preventable cause of death? 

Relinquish your dependency for health reasons

The human body is remarkably forgiving and in as little as 20 minutes after you butt out your combustible cigarette, it starts to mend the damage by decreasing your heart rate, improving your blood circulation, and dropping your blood pressure from escalated levels. While there are other effects, such as your risk of developing lung cancer, heart disease, or lung disease, that may take a few years to decrease to the levels of a non-smoker, you will notice ample improvement to your overall health, including less coughing and shortness of breath, a renewed cardiovascular endurance, and a heightened ability for your body to fight off foreign viruses, once you quit smoking for good.

Surrender tobacco use for your loved ones

While the decision to quit should be determined by you, your loved ones may be the motivation getting you started. After all, the choices you make in life impact those around you! Whether you live with your elderly parents or have children at home, lighting up around them increases their chances of developing breathing complications, and as they grow older and watch you, their likelihood of becoming smokers themselves also increases. So, while the secondhand risk is often a catalyst for quitting combustibles, consider giving up tobacco through the use of a Logic vape pen or retiring nicotine entirely to increase your life expectancy, giving your family members your company for more years to come. 

Rid yourself from the awful smell

As a smoker, you’ve likely become accustomed to the pungent odor of burning tobacco and until you quit cold turkey or transition to the alluring essence of a Logic vape pen device, you’ll never realize how overwhelming the smell is. While traditional cigarettes emit a stench into the air around you, the worst part is the smell of smoke clinging to your hair, clothing, and skin after you’ve finished. While brushing your teeth or washing your hands are temporary solutions to the problem, quitting smoking is a more beneficial resolution to your long-standing dilemma.  

If you successfully quit smoking or transitioned to vaping, what were your reasons? Drop some explanations below to encourage our readers.

Why vape shops should be considered an essential service

Since is an established e-commerce store, we’ve been lucky enough to remain open amid the coronavirus pandemic. This has allowed us to provide our customers with continued fast service and shipping on all of their favorite Logic vape pens and replaceable cartomizers and capsules. However, while physical vaping stores aren’t able to provide the same safe, social distancing operations that we can maintain in our warehouse, we do think that they deserve to be considered a necessary business moving forward. So, if your city is starting to loosen up restrictions, offering prepaid, curbside pickup services and door delivery options, why is it that shops that strictly sell e-cigarettes haven’t been permitted to open yet? 

Why are traditional cigarettes and liquor easily available while many businesses that sell electronic vapor products remain closed? 

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, liquor stores were deemed an essential service because members of the general population are dependent on alcohol. Convenience and grocery stores were also permitted to remain open to allow communities access to food and other fundamental items. Nevertheless, these businesses also were able to provide the smoking population with simple access to combustible cigarettes to satisfy their nicotine fix. Conversely, local vape shops were regarded as non-essential and were forced to close, leaving vapers with fewer options to obtain their much-needed products.

Those who use e-cigarettes are reliant on their chosen nicotine concentration levels to curb their cravings for combustible cigarettes. So, for many users, this form of nicotine delivery is essential in keeping them from going back to their old, tobacco-smoking routine. 

What happens when the body doesn’t get nicotine?

Many people who try to quit smoking on their own experience a wide range of negative effects while going through nicotine withdrawal. While it can pass relatively quickly, the symptoms combined with a long-term craving for nicotine are often considered so overwhelming to manage that it’s quite easy for them to lose focus on their goals and progress, resorting back to old habits. That’s why it’s important to curb these cravings to ensure that the vaper is set up for long-term success. 

It’s a matter of public health

Aside from everything mentioned above, we know all too well how smoking combustibles can significantly impact the health and well-being of long-term users, which is why so many ex-smokers relish in the changes that start to happen to their bodies when they give up tobacco. Eliminating tobacco and minimizing your nicotine intake gives you better respiratory function, which over time, increases your lung capacity and blood flow giving you extra supplemental energy that could be needed to fight any infections that enter your body. So, if you happen to come across the coronavirus, your health is better equipped to handle the severity of the symptoms through the use of an innovative device, like a Logic vape pen, over the toxic fumes of a combustible cigarette. 

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Smokers at higher risk of developing severe COVID-19 symptoms

Since the start of the pandemic increasing evidence has mounted suggesting that smokers are at a higher risk of developing a more severe case of COVID-19 than those who don’t smoke, making it a particularly good time for heavy users to try and quit or cut down on their habits. Nevertheless, if the headline wasn’t enough to convince you to test out a Logic vape pen as your nicotine replacing substitute, perhaps learning about how coronavirus has worsened the viral infection for smokers will prove to be persuading. 

Smokers are over-represented in critical COVID-19 cases

Data published in The New England Journal of Medicine groups together several patients that contracted the virus residing in the epicenter of the outbreak, Wuhan China. It was discovered that among those patients, those who experienced less-severe symptoms were non-smokers, whereas that severity more than doubled among those who were current or former combustible cigarette smokers. 

Out of 1,099 patients that contracted COVID-19 in Wuhan, 173 of them developed severe, life-threatening symptoms 16.9% of the people were current smokers, 5.2% had recently smoked, and 1.3% were former smokers.

“Smokers seem to be over-represented in groups of people who have severe or critical COVID-19, said J. Taylor Hays, M.D. Director of the Nicotine Dependence Center at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and Professor of Medicine, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. 

More than 25% of current smokers required ventilators, ICU care 

While it’s well-known that tobacco smoke harms one’s respiratory system, including irritation of the trachea and larynx, as well as the development of excess mucus and the swelling of lung airways, more worryingly, the above data showed that 25.5% of patients that required mechanical ventilation, admission to an intensive care unit, or ultimately died, were current smokers

Quitting combustible cigarettes, even for the right reasons, can be difficult to overcome, and reaching ground zero by giving up tobacco and nicotine in the same go-around can prove even more challenging. So, if you want to make it your mission to quit for your health and well-being, set yourself up for success by using a Logic vape pen as your nicotine stand-in!

What did you find most interesting about the above data? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.  


Study: Extinguished cigarettes continue to emit chemicals for hours, even days

While many vapers love how the smells emitting from their Logic vape pens have the power to quickly dissipate upon exhalation, another important incentive to help keep you smoke-free is the absence of combustion and leftover chemicals. So, if you’re an ex-smoker looking for a reason to extinguish your traditional cigarettes for good or a vaper who just made the transition, read this “after smoke” study to solidify your recent, transformative decision. 

The study

Commissioned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and conducted by scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, Maryland, a February 2020 study analyzed the “cold butts” of extinguished combustible cigarettes to find out how long emissions can remain in the air. 

A smoking machine was built, which measured the emissions of 2,100 “smoked” cigarettes in a sealed, safeguarded chamber to keep the technicians protected while they carried out their research. Surveying equipment was then used to take samples of the air in the sealed space. 

What was the result?

The results revealed that “cold butts” will continue to emit nicotine and triacetin (a plasticizer used in cigarette filters) for at least 24 hours after they have been extinguished and can even possess chemical concentrations up to five days later. 

Scientists also found temperature to play a key role, as warmer environments (defined as 25 °C in this study) allowed the cold butts to emit chemicals at higher rates, while cooler conditions slowed the emission levels. 

These emissions are now being referred to as “third-hand smoke” and can be left behind on surfaces such as walls, floors, and furniture and even on the clothes of someone that’s sitting next to you. These stats should definitely give pause for those with non-smokers at home. 

Do you prefer the smell of tobacco or menthol? Logic vape pens come in both fresh, robust flavors and none of the ingredients are left behind to linger in the air.  


Logic e-cigs are a solid choice for new vapers

At I Love Ecigs, we strongly believe that introductions are the best means to get the word out about super awesome products! After all, the reason we advocate for the Logic brand is that we firmly trust in the products and want smokers to start changing their lives. Logic products are among very few brands that began the FDA approval process. Logic started the process in 2017 and expects to obtain approval in the near future, thus ensuring that Logic products will continue to have authorization to be sold. So, whether you’ve never heard of e-cigarette starter kits, Logic, or us, continuing this short read could be a life-changing activity that kick starts a reformation of your current smoking routine. 

Logic devices come with versatile options to choose from

When you’re first transitioning away from smoking combustible cigarettes it’s important to find a device that suits your needs and lifestyle. Logic offers everything from disposable, e-cigarette starter kits to more progressive devices that allow users to switch between flavors and charge while on-the-go. Nevertheless, since you’re new to vaping, it’s time to meet the Logic lineup.

Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarettes are manufactured in 2.4%  nicotine strength, in either menthol or tobacco flavors, to give first-time vapers the strong vigor they need to remain smoke-free. Designed to deliver a realistic smoking experience, these e-cigarette starter kits come pre-filled and ready-to-vape making them simplistic, innovative, and the perfect tool for ex-smokers! 

The Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System is a more sophisticated device, giving vapers the option to switch between two alluring flavors (tobacco and menthol) by simply placing the capsule onto the vaporizer. This device packs enough punch for light to medium ex-smokers, offering a 1.8% nicotine concentration. 

The Logic Power Series is a super light-weight and portable device that comes in a 2.4% nicotine strength. Offering a very comfortable draw, this e-cigarette starter kit provides vapers with thick clouds, rich flavor, and affordable refills. 

Logic devices are easy-to-operate and budget-friendly

The simplistic mechanics of each device make their operation easy for vapers, either coming in a disposable vape-and-toss or a straightforward twist-and-go. The uncomplicated usability of Logic makes vaping a great choice for long-time smokers, as they’re used to lighting and tossing their cigarette butts between smoking sessions. 

While the list of benefits is endless, another factor that draws users towards Logic is their affordability. Since the average cost of one pack of cigarettes ranges between $6 and $14 from state-to-state, securing a device that offers between 200 and 400 puffs for as little $7.62 is quite the steal in terms of savings!

Have you ever wondered how different your life could be with an e-cigarette starter kit? Drop a comment below to start a conversation. 


Vaping is safer than combustible cigarettes, according to UK government

Based on the research and analysis commissioned by Public Health England (PHE), smoking remains the biggest cause of preventable death and disease worldwide, and despite ongoing campaigns encouraging tobacco reduction, smoking is still on the rise, burdening public health. Needless to say, whether you’re for or against vaping, recent developments have evolved accrediting nicotine delivery replacements, such as the Logic vape pen, as safer alternatives to combustible cigarettes. Let’s have a look at the report! 

The report 

The annual report focuses on the ongoing, harm-reduction argument that fixates on the concept that vaping is safer than smoking traditional cigarettes — “vaping regulated nicotine products have a small fraction of the risks of smoking,” said the authors. 

Late 2019 brought about new regulations in the U.S. banning flavored vaping products because of concern about illness and teen usage, and while the UK has remained in support of vaping over the years, misinformative studies have made their way over to England. According to the report, “the percentage of people who believed vaping is safer than cigarettes declined” and PHE attributes that falsity to the U.S.

Data was pulled from six nationally representative surveys that examined both the prevalence and characteristics of vaping in England. Other academic studies published between November 2018 and October 2019, alongside stop smoking service data and peer-reviewed publications were also used. 

The report was based on the main findings of the following two categories:

  • Vaping among young people
  • Vaping among adults

What was the result?

Vaping among young people in England has remained steady, and is mainly concentrated in those who have experience with smoking less than 1% of young people who have never smoked are current vapers”.

Lastly, vaping among adults has increased between 5% and 7% since 2019, with most adults using “vaping products to help them quit smoking”. It’s also declared that the banning of flavored e-liquids for Logic vape pens and other devices has deterred adult vapers from reducing their smoking and may have also been a contributing factor pushing them towards illicit and/or combustible products on the market. 

What did you find most interesting about the above report? Drop a comment below to share your thoughts with other readers. 

The chain of nicotine addiction: Physical, mental and social

Logic vape pen

Logic vape pen

While most smokers understand that their addiction to combustible cigarettes is what will make it difficult for them to quit, what they might not realize is that addiction is a three-link chain that includes physical, mental, and social aspects. So, if you want to set yourself up for a better chance at staying smoke-free, you’ll want to tackle your addiction from every angle!

How are smokers physically addicted to combustibles? 

An essential component of traditional cigarettes is nicotine, which is known for how highly addictive it is once inhaled and absorbed by the brain. While it releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that makes the mind and body feel calm and relaxed, this tranquil moment quickly disappears, leaving the body craving the feeling and constantly wanting more. This is the physical part of a smoker’s chain of addiction. 

How can you win your warfare against your physical addiction to smoking, you ask? Well, for starters you can begin the process and lower your nicotine dependency by purchasing a Logic vape pen and selecting a concentration level that meets your needs. That way you aren’t forced to battle withdrawal symptoms, you can slowly lower your strength over time, and you can select a final quit date that works for you.  

How are smokers mentally addicted to combustibles?

A mental or behavioral addiction should never be underestimated, as it can often hold just as much importance to the person struggling with the dependency. Since combustible cigarettes can become so ingrained in your daily routine, you’ll find that specific times of day, such as before bed, or certain activities, such as driving, are triggers that automatically inhibit you to want to light up. It’s because these actions have become a crutch for your smoking addiction and therefore, a natural behavior. Also, many smokers are used to handling tiredness and stressful situations by relying on combustible cigarettes as their companion. This is the mental part of a smoker’s chain of addiction. 

Thus, when someone decides to quit smoking for good, they’re forced to relearn and adjust their behaviors to overcome the hurdles of mental dependency. This could include hanging out with different people, avoiding coffee and alcohol or even using a Logic vape pen, whenever they feel a routine urge for the taste, touch, and smell of combustible cigarettes.   

How are smokers socially addicted to combustibles?

Since this part of your addiction is often overlooked, it’s important for you to understand the significance that it can play in overcoming your chain of addiction. Since smoking has allowed you to form social groups around your habit, you’ve likely got many friends that may even smoke themselves. Smoking has also worked as your social icebreaker, inhibiting you to spark up a conversation and make connections while doing recreational activities in spaces that have allowed you to enjoy your favorite past-time. This is the social part of a smoker’s chain of addiction.

While you’ve ignored the fact that your social life has been built upon your addiction, if you want to head in a smoke-free direction, you’ve got to alter these social groups and re-evaluate how you spend your time. Instead of taking a smoke break, go for a walk and rather than going out with a large group of friends that smoke, maybe try spending more time with people who will support your decision to not smoke. 

How have you worked to overcome your physical, mental or social addiction to smoking? Drop a comment below to share your pointers with other readers.

How long does nicotine remain in your system?

EonSmoke Disposable Electronic Cigarette

EonSmoke Disposable Electronic Cigarette

Regardless of whether you’re someone who smokes or chews tobacco, or you’re the bystander living with one of the above, the reality is that nicotine is being absorbed into your body directly upon inhalation or consumption, or indirectly through your skin, into your bloodstream. While your liver goes on to break down most of the contents, to eventually be eliminated through your kidneys as urine, nicotine can still be detected in your body up to three months after ingestion. So, how long it remains is your system is dependent upon how it’s ingested or absorbed and how frequently you use it. 

How long will traces of nicotine be present in your urine?

While factors, such as how much nicotine concentration is in your delivery method, may change the consistency of nicotine presence, the general rule of thumb is as follows: one cigarette contains 12 milligrams (mg) of nicotine, enabling your body to absorb about 1 mg into your bloodstream. However, if you vape instead and your EonSmoke Disposable Electronic Cigarette has 6.8% salt nicotine, roughly 0.68% will be absorbed by your body. So, anyone who has regular, daily exposure to nicotine will have it detectable in their urine for up to three weeks after their last exposure. 

How long will traces of nicotine be present in your bloodstream? 

Nicotine lingers in your blood anywhere from one to ten days and can be found using tests to determine how much is present. Interestingly enough, the presence of nicotine can be confused with other compounds that are found in your bloodstream, such as thiocyanate, which is common after ingesting medication or foods like broccoli and cabbage. 

How long will traces of nicotine be present in your saliva and hair follicles? 

If you’re the type of smoker who relies on your daily dose of nicotine, it will always remain present, as it takes four days to be flushed from your saliva and up to three months to no longer appear in your hair follicles. 

However, if you choose to transition to vaping and use an EonSmoke Disposable Electronic Cigarette as a substitute for your nicotine dependency, you will have the choice to slowly lower your levels, which will allow you to decrease the amount of nicotine that’s present in your body systems and possibly even completely overcome your addiction to nicotine in the years to come. The best part is that it’s within your control! 

How else can you influence how long nicotine stays in your systems?

While simply cutting your nicotine intake is likely the best way to lower the levels that are present in your body, there are some other exposure factors that can determine how long nicotine will be detectable. 

  • Genetics: The ability to metabolize nicotine and flush it out can be determined by your genetic makeup. 
  • Age: The older you are, the longer it will take your body to remove this toxin. 
  • Hormones: Sex hormones have been known to play a role, as women usually metabolize nicotine quicker than men. 
  • Liver function: The ability to break nicotine down into enzymes is determined by your liver functions. So, if you drink a lot or possess some sort of liver deficiency, it may be challenging for your body to dispose of these toxins. 

Do you know any other interesting facts about nicotine and your body systems? Drop a comment below to share your thoughts with other readers. 


Shipments are going out as usual from our new warehouse in Delaware!

Dear valued customers,

At I Love Ecigs, the safety and well-being of our staff and customers have always been our top priority, and since so many people depend on us to remain smoke-free, we’re determined to provide you with the products and services that you need during this challenging time. Since business is being carried out as usual, we wanted to share the steps that we’re taking to help keep our communities safe. 

Aside from reinforcing safe behavior in the packaging and shipping environment in our new warehouse in Delaware, we’re limiting contact within the facility by ensuring that all staff adheres to social distancing. We have also increased the frequency of cleaning and sanitizing within the building’s common areas and surfaces. 

We are continuing to ship packages with contents over $15 for free around the U.S. So, there’s no need to leave the house. Simply place your order online and wait for your package to arrive safely at your door! 

These are difficult times and our hearts are with everyone as we take this unprecedented event one day at a time. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns. In the meantime, we have compiled a list of precautions from authorities around the globe to help keep you safe. Please take the following steps, plus any required or recommended by your regional authority. 

  • It’s essential to follow the authority directions.
  • Make a complete separation between your home and public spaces. To do this, remove gloves, masks, and all the clothing you wear outside as soon as you enter your home. These clothes should then be washed right away.
  • Please make sure that you and the people in your home do not shake hands with others and do your best to minimize what you touch when you’re outside. 
  • Keep a distance of at least 6 feet between you and others outside of your home.
  • Order any food or supplies to your home and only leave when absolutely necessary. 
  • Remember to stay connected with your friends and family. Be sure to call your neighbors and elderly family members to keep their spirits up and ensure that they have what they need so they don’t need to risk going outside. 
  • Exercise at home. It’s important to keep your body moving.
  • Do things that make you happy. Limit the amount of news you watch and finish your home projects. Make the time special and worthwhile!

Thank you for your continued support and business and we wish you and your family safety and good health. 


The I Love Ecigs Team

How do you encourage a loved one to quit smoking?

a man holding a cigarette

Most smokers use tobacco regularly because they’re addicted to nicotine, and not because they enjoy the taste, smell or negative health consequences. Nevertheless, if you’re looking to give support to a friend or family member when they’re attempting to quit smoking, remember to offer statements of affirmation, encouragement, and diplomacy to allow them to express and explore their thoughts on the matter. While a pat on the back works for some people, the best JUUL compatible pods on the market work better for others and strengthening your reassurance in their success goes a long way. 

Talk about the health benefits of quitting

There are so many ways that health and well-being can benefit once your loved ones extinguish their last cigarette. As one of the leading causes of lung cancer, coronary disease, Type 2 Diabetes, and high blood pressure, smoking tobacco comes with a large number of increased health risks, which is why informative persuasion has the power to go a long way in aiding the quitting process.  

While you can’t physically sustain your loved one’s motivation to quit, you can offer to share health reports and use data and materials from credible sources to show them what can happen when they successfully reduce their smoking cessation. For example, one year after they quit smoking, their risk of getting coronary disease decreases by 50% and after five years of being smoke-free, their chances of getting lung cancer drop by 60%

Praise them, even if they achieve smaller goals

Quitting smoking will likely be one of the hardest things your loved one will ever overcome, and even if they manage to remain smoke-free for a single week, you must reassure and support them through their life-changing transition. While it’s pretty common for people to attempt to quit multiple times before succeeding, keep in mind that everyone’s journey is different and some may take longer than others. Try encouraging them to keep up their efforts by writing a list of the reasons that they want to quit. Then, have them place it in a prominent location that allows them to view and read them every day. 

Remind them of some behavioral tips to help kick the craving 

While each person’s cravings are triggered by their individual needs, there are activities you can suggest to your loved one when they’re confronted with the urge to smoke: 

  • Encourage them to keep their hands busy (knitting, gardening, and drawing). 
  • Try deep breathing exercises.
  • Exercise daily, even if their abilities only allow them to go for a short walk. Offer to partner with them, which is something that benefits both of you. 
  • Talk to them every day and ask, “how are you feeling?” and “do you have any new reasons to quit smoking?” Positive self-talk is a great way to keep the motivation flowing. 
  • Suggest that they attend a stop-smoking meeting in their area. It often helps to discuss the craving with another person who may understand what they’re going through. 
  • Encourage them to get rid of all their tobacco products and even clean their clothing to remove any old, cigarette odors. 
  • Tell them to start a savings jar and whenever they’re feeling like going out to buy a pack of cigarettes, they can toss their change into the jar and admire how quickly it fills up! 
  • Gift them some of the best JUUL compatible disposable pod e-cigs on the market. While some people can successfully quit cold turkey, others rely on e-cig devices to slowly lower their nicotine levels over time. The more important thing is that they’re tobacco-free and working on keeping away from traditional cigarettes. 

What motivational intervention strategies have you used to help loved ones in the past? Drop some advice below for our readers.