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If you’re the type of shopper who’s always on the hunt for a good deal but also strives to find convenience and reliability when you buy e-cigs online, I Love Ecigs is the one-stop retailer for all your needs. If our online reviews aren’t enough to convince you of our aspiring reputation, continue reading to find three more reasons why your next order should be on iloveecigs.com

We offer the best prices on the market

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You can buy e-cigs online through our Quick Order System 

Is there a specific Logic product that crushes your nicotine cravings and appeases your taste buds? Sometimes vapers enjoy a wide variety of e-cigs, while others find one or two products to enjoy long-term. Whatever type of vaper you are, when you buy e-cigs online, we recommend using our Quick Order System to set up an order frequency and quantity that meets your needs. That way you continue to have access to your favorite products without having to worry about running out or wait on a spontaneous delivery. 

We are PACT Act Compliant

The Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (PACT) Act enhances the previous requirements of the Federal Jenkins Act. It came into effect on March 27, 2021, and was amended to include electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) as tobacco products under the federal definition. This was trouble for vapers across the nation, leaving them with little to no access to buy e-cigs online, often resulting in many switching back to combustible cigarettes due to nicotine addiction. 

That being said, I Love Ecigs is one of the few approved vendors that has been permitted to sell affordable Logic products. We’re PACT Act compliant and our unbeatable service allows us to remain committed to following any future restrictions to ensure that our customers have access to the e-cigs they know and love.   

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Teens who vape would be smoking combustible cigarettes if it weren’t for e-cigs, study says

A recently published study entitled, “High school seniors who used e-cigarettes may have otherwise been cigarette smokers: Evidence from Monitoring the Future” suggests that teens who vape would likely have turned to combustible cigarette smoking if e-cigs were not available. While the results were published as an academic article in Nicotine & Tobacco Research, if you continue reading, a summary of the outline of the study and its findings can be found below. 

The study

Researchers challenged the so-called “gateway” theory—an idea that vaping is a path toward smoking—by running a regression analysis of 12th-graders. The data was pulled from the “Monitoring the Future Report”, a survey that was conducted by the federal government’s National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). The survey is used to measure drug use by adolescents nationwide and is modeled to examine variables such as age, race, ethnicity, geographic region of residency, grade point average, alcohol consumption, and parents’ educational attainment. 

All of the above-mentioned factors contribute to youth smoking and the model also shows how that prevalence has dropped significantly since e-cigarettes have become widespread and more available versus the pre-ecigarette era. 

What were the results?

The restrictions that are currently hurting responsible vapers, like those who enjoy our lineup of Logic power refills, are a direct result of an increase in youth e-cigarette use in recent years, however, this study sought to determine that those who used e-cigs between 2014 and 2018 would have turned to smoking combustible cigarettes if vape products had not been available. 

In other words, the youth who do choose to vape would be smokers if e-cigs were unavailable. The decline in youth smoking is a direct result of the accelerated availability of e-cigs.

“There are two bits of good news in this,” said Clive Bates, a tobacco control expert and former director of Action on Smoking and Health. “The first is that young smokers will be diverted into vaping and probably spared a life of smoking. The second is that most of the vaping among kids who never would have been smokers will be pretty transient and likely not persist after a period of experimentation.

Mature, adult vapers should be able to curb their nicotine cravings with the help of Logic power refills and studies like this one are key in ensuring the continuation and longevity of e-cigs as a smoking cessation aid

What did you find most interesting about the above study? Drop a comment below to share. 

Study: How e-cigs are affecting smoking behavior

The contribution that e-cigs have made to smoking cessation continues to be monumental and while there are reports that suggest otherwise, it’s important to immerse yourself in how these recurring e-cig studies are changing the lives of combustible cigarette smokers worldwide. Continue reading to learn more about how they help to change smoking behavior. 

The study

The analysis titled, “The effect of e-cigarettes on smoking cessation and cigarette smoking initiation: An evidence-based rapid review and meta-analysis,” is a combined review of eleven database searches from January 2015 to June 2020. It included six systematic reviews, five randomized controlled trials (RCTs), and 24 cohort studies that compared regular e-cigs with placebo e-cigs and nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) with e-cig use.  

What were the results?

The two primary outcomes that the researchers analyzed were smoking cessation among smokers and smoking initiation among non-smokers, whilst looking out for any adverse events as a secondary outcome. With regards to smoking cessation, findings from four systematic reviews, data from five randomized controlled trials, and evidence from nine cohort studies suggested that e-cigs were superior to other NRTs, especially if the user tried quitting smoking cold turkey. Also, within the analysis findings, no data showed serious adverse events from vaping. 

Why should you consider e-cigs as your quit-smoking tool?

Taking into consideration the above findings, e-cigs are a powerful quit-smoking method, enabling the user to wave goodbye to tobacco and choose their nicotine concentration level, lowering it over time. That being said, there are also other reasons you should swap to vaping.

If you’re wanting to learn more about how e-cigs could change your life, toss aside the idea of quitting smoking cold turkey and revitalize your mindset by reading more studies like the one above on our blog.

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Why are tobacco e-cigs so popular for ex-smokers?

In a world that’s filled with temptation, it’s important to equip yourself with a tool that betters your chances of staying abstinent from smoking. Those who’re in search of the best tobacco flavor, nicotine strength, and overall dependability and usability in a device should consider a Logic tobacco e-cig as their quit-smoking device! Continue reading to learn why. 

Tobacco e-cigs is the flavor they’re used to

While each ex-smoker’s journey may differ from the rest, there’s one thing that most of them share—a former love for tobacco flavoring. Regardless, if they swapped to menthols, many ex-smokers at some point indulged in tobacco combustible cigarettes, which means that fond memories of that flavor often bring an increased enjoyment and satisfaction when users swap to vaping. 

We carry the best e-cig tobacco flavor on the market in three handy devices—the Platinum Label Tobacco Disposable Ecig, the Power Platinum Label Tobacco Starter Kit, and some Logic Pro Black Label Tobacco Capsules that are interchangeable with the Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System device

Tobacco e-cigs contribute to their past routine 

The dictionary definition of the word routine is something that’s performed as part of a regular procedure rather than for a special reason. So, if you’re a former smoker who has recently transitioned to vaping, chances are you’re familiar with your past routine and the comforts that tobacco would bring you. Whether you used to start your mornings with a smoke and a coffee or relied on your combustible cigarettes to get you through a stressful day, the best e-cig tobacco flavor is key for keeping yourself smoke-free by closely mimicking your past routine—flavor, strength, and setting should all come together to make it a smooth transition. 

Tobacco e-cigs are always readily available

While there are a select group of FDA-pending brands that offer a variety of e-cig flavors, most are only able to offer tobacco. This makes it easy to rely on this flavor to be readily available for the user. The best part is that if you’re purchasing using our Quick Order system you can set up the item(s), quantity, and frequency that works for your vaping schedule, which means that you will never be left hanging without the products you need to satisfy your nicotine cravings. 

Are there any other reasons that you were drawn to tobacco e-cigs? Drop a comment below to share with our other readers.

4 benefits of owning a Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarette

Whether you’ve been looking around for a new setup or you’ve heard great things about the Logic brand, it may be time to give disposable vape pens a try. More vapers than ever are enjoying the deeply satisfying flavors and nicotine concentration strength offered through the disposable lineup and with so many other profound benefits, your vaping experience could likely use a little enhancement. 

Benefit #1: They’re lightweight and compact

While some vapers use clunky, heavy box systems, most prefer a device that’s remarkably slim and weightless so it can be easily transported for everyday use. While all of the best disposable e-cigs are manufactured with portability in mind, the Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarette is about as lightweight as it gets, offering a compact vaping setup that has an ergonomic edge over its competitors. Also, since it comes pre-filled and pre-charged for convenience, users only need to find room in their pockets and purses for the device. 

Benefit #2: They’re easy to use

One of the most commonly sought-after qualities that ex-smokers seek in their vaping device is simplicity, which is why the best disposable e-cigs make their transition as easy as possible. Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarettes are ready to go straight out of their packaging, meaning vapers don’t need to spend any time tinkering with settings before they can start satisfying their nicotine needs. They are also button-free, activating the release of vapor as soon as the user starts inhaling. Logic disposables are quickly becoming the simplest way to enjoy your vaping experience! 

Benefit #3: They require zero maintenance

Another reason why vapers are drawn to disposable devices is that they’re carefree and maintenance-free. This means that there’s no need to regularly clean any hardware components, replace the tank, or even charge the battery. Everything is user-friendly and ready to go right out of the packaging, which saves a lot of time for the vaper.

Benefit #4: They possess leak-proof technology

Since e-liquid can be dangerous if consumed by children or pets, it’s important to select products that have leak-proof technology. The secondary benefit of this is that you won’t be cleaning any spillage out of your purse or pockets while on the go. Needless to say, that’s part of the reason that disposable vape pens are so popular. Since they come pre-filled with your e-liquid of choice, users aren’t stuck fiddling around with any cartridges or capsules, creating an opportunity for leaks. 

Shop our selection of the best disposable e-cigs on the market today!

Which of the above benefits is what motivated you to try Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarettes? Drop a comment below. 

What’s the secret to relinquishing tobacco long-term?

Even after most of your cravings are gone, there are many ex-smokers who voice that a part of them still longs for the tastes and smells of their past tobacco products. Whether it’s pure palatableness or a fond memory of routine, it can be difficult to move on from these dependencies. Learn what to expect after you first quit combustible cigarettes and how you can avoid slips or go back to smoking through the use of our lineup of vibrant Logic e-cig refills.

Cope with your stress 

Many ex-smokers used to rely on their traditional cigarettes as a means of coping with their stress levels. But there are now far healthier ways to kick your nicotine cravings by managing your intake and learning how to handle and take care of the situations that cause you stress. While stress manifests very differently for everyone and is an unavoidable part of life, combustible cigarettes are a common trigger. Contrary to popular belief, smoking inflicts more tension and anxiety on the body than it relieves. When the nicotine reaches the brain, it releases a feel-good chemical known as dopamine, which instills feelings of pleasure and relaxation that your body craves continuously. However, this effect is only temporary and as soon as it wears off, you’re left with increased blood pressure and heart rate, less oxygen, and tense muscles. So you see, the perceived feelings of relaxation are an illusion and the feelings of nicotine withdrawal always return. 

Here are some positive, healthier ways in which ways you can manage your stress:

  • Switch to e-cigs and satisfy your current nicotine level while changing the strength of Logic e-cig refills to continue to meet your needs over time. 
  • Practice deep breathing daily.
  • Eat healthier, more enriched foods.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Start a creative hobby 

Manage your weight

Most ex-smokers experience many changes to their metabolisms after their quit, resulting in weight gain. While fear of getting heavier is a common reason people veer off their quit-smoking journey, you shouldn’t let this small setback influence your want for a healthier lifestyle. After all, it’s the best time to focus on your exercise and eating habits. 

Here are some ways you can support your smoke-free goals and better manage your weight: 

  • Up your water intake.
  • Get up and move around often.
  • Control your food portions and go online for tasty, inspiring recipes.
  • Use Logic e-cig refills to keep your nicotine cravings in check.

Slips and relapses should never be considered failures, but rather opportunities to learn what works well for you and what times. While the end goal is a tobacco-free, nicotine-free life, it’s far easier to wave goodbye to the harmful effects of tobacco while managing your nicotine intake using Logic refills. Shop our selection today, offered in a variety of nicotine concentration levels.

Do you have any other tips for relinquishing tobacco for good? Drop them in the comments section below to share with our readers. 

How to provide a better quit-smoking support system to your friend or family member

Providing help to those struggling with nicotine addiction isn’t easy, especially if you’re trying to lay a quit-smoking support foundation for someone you love. While there are ample resources available online, a physical support system is often more important to those who’re trying to make this change in their lives, and since providing unsolicited advice is not the best method, we’ve crafted some recommendations for those who have been approached by their loved ones seeking some guidance to help them quit smoking.

Offer to partake in smoke-free activities

Since the use of combustible cigarettes has likely become a habitual part of your loved one’s day-to-day routine, a good way that you can support them is by steering them towards new activities or hobbies that don’t support smoking and work well to distract them from their nicotine cravings. Whether you suggest an outing where they’re unable to smoke (ex. dinner at a restaurant) or physical activity that provides the right amount of entertainment (ex. hiking), you will be providing them with practical distractions that will help ease their urge to smoke. It would also be most beneficial if you didn’t smoke yourself around someone who’s trying to quit, as this could trigger their cravings and affect their progress. 

Do your best to be understanding and patient 

While it can be easy to offer support to a loved one on occasion, it’s much harder to be understanding and patient when you’re living with the person who’s attempting to quit smoking cold turkey. Irritability and crankiness are common symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, and while these moods will pass, in the meantime you’re stuck as the potential punching bag. That being said, you must inform yourself of what can be expected during the quitting process so that you’re equipped to give your loved one a break. Since slips and relapses can also happen, you must do your best not to nag or shame them and instead provide encouragement for them to try again. 

If anger and annoyance persists, suggest that they quit smoking with e-cigs to ease the transition with an innovative product that offers nicotine without the dangers of tobacco. 

Encourage them to celebrate their success

Quitting combustible cigarettes is a big deal, especially if they’re longstanding smokers. As a part of the support system for your loved one, be sure to acknowledge each milestone, even if it’s smoke-free for a single week. This could be as simple as pointing out the positive changes you’ve noticed in them when they’ve been smoke-free (ex. more energy, looking healthier, etc.). A compliment goes a long way in building up their confidence and may be the deciding factor that helps them move forward and quit smoking for good.

What’s important to remember is that every person possesses struggles when they’re trying to quit combustible cigarettes. While some may struggle more with the loss of their habitual routine, others crave the feeling or smell of traditional cigarettes. The good news is that regardless if your loved one is struggling with physical or mental dependencies, quitting smoking with e-cigs allows them to fulfill all of their smoking needs while removing tobacco from the equation. For most ex-smokers, choice is a powerful motivator and when they possess the power to choose their device and how much nicotine they’re using, they find more success in weaning their dependencies and transitioning to a smoke-free lifestyle. 

Are there other ways that you have built a quit-smoking support system for your loved one? Please share any pointers that you have in the comments section below.

Why are refillable e-cigs the biggest trend in the e-cig market?

Even with ongoing restrictions against certain types of marketing and advertising, these innovative devices have still managed to change the lives of many ex-smokers. Needless to say, while vapers have a variety of choices in terms of brands and products, most are drawn to the biggest trend in the e-cig market, refillable devices. So, conscious vapers rejoice! Logic has two refillable e-cig options and both can be purchased through our online store! In anticipation of the arrival of your order, why not learn more about why refillable e-cigs are currently trending? 

They work to promote an eco-friendly alternative to smoking

It’s no secret that combustible cigarettes are terrible for the environment, emitting thousands of chemicals into the atmosphere and leaving behind plastic residue that litters the streets and takes hundreds of years to decompose. Many of our customers have expressed that aside from their health and well-being contributing to their quit-smoking journey, the eco-friendliness of vaping is the second most common factor contributing to their transition. Of course, they also love the taste and consistency offered by Logic products!

These refillable e-cigs are a more sustainable alternative, allowing users to steadily reuse the device, only replacing the cartomizers and capsules when the e-liquid is finished and recycling finished products at the same depots that accept used batteries. Aside from being rechargeable, you can also buy Logic e-cigs online in bulk, which reduces the carbon footprint of extra packaging that’s needed for multiple smaller orders. 

They make it easy to swap between flavors

Since the Logic brand only offers tobacco and menthol products, vapers can comfortably mimic their past smoking routines with a device that’s efficient and effortless, especially when it comes to swapping flavors. That’s right! Who said you needed to choose between vaping tobacco or menthol? When you buy refillable Logic e-cigs online you’re able to purchase the unit and stock up on the cartomizer or capsule replacements which will allow you to have access to both tobacco and menthol options. This means that if you decide to start the day vaping tobacco and want to cool off with the refreshing taste of menthol later you simply twist off the cartomizer or capsule from your device’s battery and replace it with the other flavor. You can have the best of both worlds when you vape Logic!

You aren’t stuck with just one nicotine concentration level

Since not every ex-smoker requires the same nicotine strength to remain smoke-free, it’s important to have a choice! When you buy Logic e-cigs online, you’re able to start off using the Logic Power Series, which is available in a rich 2.4% nicotine. As you become comfortable with this device and its smooth vapor production, you can slowly wean your need for nicotine by transitioning to the Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System, which is available in a satisfying 1.8% nicotine. Varying nicotine concentration levels is just another reason that so many people love Logic and continue to recommend it to their peers. 

Do you currently use refillable e-cigs? If so, leave a review below to encourage other shoppers to try them out.

It’s time to educate non-vapers about the benefits of e-cigs

The demand for e-cigs is booming, and while vapers have been able to reap the rewards offered by these innovative devices, not every non-vaper is convinced of their advantageous benefits. So, if vaping has changed your life, considering using the following information to spread awareness to those in your immediate social circle. 

E-cigs allow users to lower their nicotine levels over time 

Most ex-smokers have experienced the many dreaded symptoms that follow nicotine withdrawal, and while irritability and anxiety tend to get better with each passing day, it’s easy for people to fall back into their old habits if they’re unable to cope with the sudden cravings. A strong desire for nicotine is one of the biggest factors that prevent the smoking population from quitting and is also a huge driver that has steered the popularity of e-cigs over the past decade. 

E-cigs provide users with an alternative nicotine consumption method that allows them to choose the nicotine strength that satisfies their current needs. This allows them to start to regain control of their minds and bodies while also gaining confidence in the quit-smoking process. After all, when their nicotine needs are met, combined with the mental dependency to the taste of tobacco or menthol, vapers can focus on removing the combustible cigarettes from the equation, ridding themselves of the harmful chemical effects of long-term use. You can even buy e-cigs online and have them delivered right to your door for an added convenience!

E-cigs introduce an eco-friendlier lifestyle

We all know that combustible smoking ends with an abundance of old cigarette butts littering our walkways and landscapes, so wouldn’t it be nice to be a part of the solution rather than the problem? While vaping isn’t completely zero waste, it’s far more eco-conscious compared to conventional smoking. 

How are vapers setting the groundwork for a more sustainable environment, you ask?

  • Disposable e-cigs support up to 400 rich puffs, which is equivalent to roughly 40 traditional cigarettes. 
  • Disposable e-cigs, once used, can be recycled along with other electronic waste.
  • Refillable e-cig devices can be charged and reused long-term as long as they’re cared for and maintained well. 
  • Refillable e-cig devices contribute to less waste, allowing the user to replace the cartomizer or capsule between uses rather than the entire unit. 
  • No plastic waste is left on the ground. 
  • No combustion occurs.

E-cigs aren’t a nuisance to the people around you

We’re certain there have been several times throughout your life as a smoker that you’ve felt the need to distance yourself from peers or passersby due to the lingering odor of your combustible cigarette. E-cigs have resolved this issue by providing users with a smoke-free environment for themselves and those around them. Since e-liquid consists of five primary ingredients—PG, VG, nicotine, flavoring, and water— versus the carcinogenic chemicals that are emitted from combustible tobacco, it quickly dissipates after being exhaled, leaving no trace behind to bother others. 

Buy e-cigs online to start your journey today.    

Are there other benefits that we missed in our post? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Switching to vaping reduces carcinogenic presence, study

There is a risk-benefit tradeoff within many aspects of our lives—driving is quicker and more convenient, but there is a chance you could get into an accident; junk food tastes good, but it often contains more calories and fat; disposable and refillable e-cigs rid smokers of the effects caused by tobacco and other chemicals found within combustible cigarettes, but they do still contain nicotine. The below clinical trial focuses on the risk-benefit of e-cigs versus combustibles and specifically examines the carcinogen presence in the body and other immediate health risks. 

The study

The analysis titled, “Effect of Pod e-Cigarettes vs Cigarettes on Carcinogen Exposure Among African Americans and Latinx Smokers,” consisted of a six-week randomized trial where the e-cigarette use and cigarette use among African American and Latin smokers were documented. The study focused on measuring the concentrations of nicotine, any reduction in potential health risks, as well as used biomarkers to determine carcinogen exposure between the two methods of nicotine delivery. The end goal of the clinical trial was to examine the extreme effects that the everyday use of combustible cigarettes has on the body and determine the risk-benefit tradeoff that’s exhibited when users transition to e-cigs. 

Those who participated in the trial possessed a habit of consuming at least five combustibles daily or at least 25 in the past 30 days. They also needed to be interested in quitting. 

The study included 186 African American and Latinx adult smokers, some of whom were told to continue to consume their daily number of combustible cigarettes while others were supplied with vaping products in their preferred flavors (5% nicotine concentration levels) along with the education, training, and action planning to help them to prepare for the transition. The selection was randomized and the data was analyzed and collected between September 18, 2019, and September 4, 2020. 

What were the results? 

The primary outcome from the biomarkers revealed that there was a reduction in urinary 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-)3-pyridyl)-1-butanol (NNAL) concentration, with secondary outcomes revealing a change in urinary cotinine, expired carbon monoxide, (CO), respiratory symptoms, lung function, and blood pressure at weeks two and six for the e-cig group only. 

Co-program leader of KU Cancer Center’s Cancer Prevention and Control research program, Nikki Nollen, Ph.D., acted as site principal investigator. 

“What was most surprising was the magnitude of change experienced by those in the e-cigarette group… they reduced their NNAL by 64%, carbon monoxide by 47%, and respiratory symptoms by 38% compared to those in the control group who continued to smoke cigarettes as usual.”

Why should you buy e-cigs online to help you quit smoking?

Aside from the factors mentioned above that take effect after a short six weeks, there are so many benefits from quitting smoking with the help of e-cigs. Needless to say, while you’re able to purchase vape products from specialty stores, nothing beats the experience you get when you buy e-cigs online.

  • Since online businesses aren’t paying for the lease of a physical storefront and likely don’t need to hire as many staff, they can offer e-cig products for the best prices. 
  • You can read customer reviews to compare products before committing to your purchase.
  • You’re able to set up a delivery schedule that meets your quantity and frequency needs 

If you have questions about how to buy e-cigs online or require further information on the study, drop a comment below.