What is nicotine withdrawal and how can you combat it?

Since nicotine withdrawal symptoms usually peak within one to three days and decrease over four weeks, many effects that remain are psychological. Needless to say, understanding the signs of nicotine withdrawal and how to manage it will help you on your quit smoking journey. 

What’s nicotine withdrawal?

When a combustible cigarette is inhaled you feel happy because the nicotine activates a specific part of your brain that stimulates the release of the hormone dopamine throughout the body. This buzz also causes your blood pressure and heart rate to temporarily increase. However, when nicotine begins to leave the body, smokers experience uncomfortable physical and psychological withdrawal effects, which is the primary reason that so many remain addicted to traditional smoking. 

While nicotine has several different effects on a person’s body, the symptoms that one experiences when quitting cold turkey or lowering their dosage varies which is why it’s important to know all signs of nicotine withdrawal before setting your quit date. 

The unpleasant signs of nicotine withdrawal can present themselves physically, only lasting a few days, and physiologically, lasting weeks to months post smoking. 

Some people may experience the following physical symptoms of nicotine withdrawal:

  • Headaches
  • Swelling
  • Restlessness
  • Tremors 
  • Abdominal pain/cramping 
  • An increase in appetite
  • Disgestive issues (ex. constipation)
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Difficulty concentrating

Others may experience the following psychological symptoms of nicotine withdrawal: 

  • An intense craving for nicotine 
  • Irritability and frustration
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety

How can nicotine withdrawal be treated? 

Since the signs of nicotine withdrawal can sometimes keep smokers from transitioning away from combustible cigarettes, many ex-smokers benefit from various kinds of support during this period. 

Some treatments for nicotine withdrawal include: 

  • Nicotine replacement therapies (NRTS): Nicotine chewing gum, skin patches, inhalers, and nasal sprays supplement the nicotine intake the user needs.
  • Medication: Physician subscribed medications can sometimes help to reduce cravings. 
  • E-cigarettes: These powerful tools offer users a wide range of nicotine levels and a device that looks and feels like a real combustible cigarette so both the physical and psychological needs of the former smoker can be satisfied
  • Counseling: Both group and independent counseling sessions are valuable in helping ex-smokers cope with physical and psychological effects and assist in identifying potential triggers. 




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Why do some vapers prefer tobacco over flavored e-cigs?

Electronic cigarettes are life-changing devices that offer users a part of their existing smoking experience combined with something refreshing through a safer delivery system. Needless to say, even though there are lots of things vapers don’t miss about smoking combustible cigarettes, their fondness for the taste and smell of tobacco is hard to shake. That’s why tobacco e-cigs continue to surpass flavored e-cigs as top-sellers. 

Tobacco e-cigs closely mimic past smoking experiences

Routine is each person’s regular way of doing things in a particular order, and like many aspects of our lives, smoking combustible cigarettes was once a part of our daily procedure. This is one of the many reasons why those who vape enjoy tobacco over flavored e-cigs. Not only do Logic tobacco e-cigs perform like combustibles, but they’re comparable in their appearance and taste. With a sleek and slender design and robust tobacco options, these products are making waves for transitioning smokers. 

Tobacco e-cigs help to ease the transition for the ex-smoker

Quitting combustible cigarettes cold turkey is a challenge that many ex-smokers struggle to overcome, which is why tobacco e-cigs are a helpful tool to ease that transition. Aside from satisfying their much-needed nicotine cravings, tobacco e-cigs offer vapers an abundance of choicedisposable or replaceable options, a variety of nicotine concentration levels, high-quality outputs in each puff, and the choice to adapt to their needs over time. The best part is the complete control of your nicotine intake by using a tobacco-flavored e-cig containing zero tobacco. This ensures that the consumer is fulfilled with needing to combat the negative effects of tobacco smoking. 

Tobacco e-cigs satisfy both mental and physical dependencies 

While the body’s need for nicotine and the satisfying taste of tobacco are both physical dependencies that are appeased when a vaper chooses a tobacco e-cig, there is also a mental aspect that brings gratification. Whether it’s the hand-to-mouth motion, the ability to inhale and exhale at the vaper’s pace or the feeling of the cylindrical, lightweight device between the fingertips, tobacco e-cigs fulfill both sides of a transitioning vapers dependencies bringing enjoyment and comfort to the experience. 

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Why is it so important to have access to e-cigs online?

If the last year and a half have taught us anything, it’s that many people browse and frequently shop for things online. Whether they do so based on the wide selection, the convenience of saving time, or the no-pressure shopping experience, it should come as no surprise that vapers also enjoy perusing the online market. While the simplicity and speediness of online shopping are what draws many vapers in, it’s the reasons below that make virtual access so important. 

Online access ensures you have a steady supply of products

Many vapers transition to e-cigs as a means to help them quit combustible cigarettes for good, and while their end goal may be to eliminate nicotine, vapes are a great alternative that allows them to manage their nicotine intake levels and slowly lower them in a timeframe that suits their best interests. That said, the reason that combustible cigarettes are so addictive in the first place is because of their high nicotine levels, which must be managed to avoid going through nicotine withdrawal. Without online access to Logic e-cig retailers, vapers risk the chance of running out of the products they need to stay smoke-free, as there’s no guarantee that a physical store nearby will have their disposable devices or replacements cartomizers and capsules in stock and on hand. 

Online access gives vapers the option to save money

With the cost of hiring sales staff and paying the rent for a physical store location, the overhead price of e-cig products sold at vape shops or convenience stores is usually quite a bit higher than obtaining the same products online. Moreover, shopping online for your e-cigs also allows you to save by purchasing your favorites in bulk or keeping your eye on your inbox for special sales and other discounts. 

While we don’t like to brag, as one of the most known Logic e-cig retailers on the market, we also advertise offering the best prices guaranteed. So, aside from fast, easy shipping with your online order, you can also rest assured that you’re receiving your high-quality products at the best prices. 

Shopping online offers 24/7 access 

Buying your well-loved e-cig products online means that you have the flexibility to shop anytime you want. Not only is this great for those who don’t have a traditional work schedule but it’s also beneficial for those who reside in rural areas where access to Logic e-cig retailers, in general, may be hard to find. With 24/7 online access, you can also read honest product reviews, search the blog for how-to’s, and send any questions by email without ever having to step foot into a physical store!

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When does heart health return to normal after quitting smoking?

The human body is far more resilient than most people think and even though combustible cigarette smoking is the primary cause of preventable disease in the United States, that doesn’t mean that vital organs can’t bounce back in a user’s post-smoking life. With the help of the best e-cigs to quit smoking, ex-smokers are finally starting to take control of their nicotine intake, which is an empowering way to reinstate some normalcy to their health. But how long does it take your heart to return to normal post-combustibles?

How does smoking combustible cigarettes affect your cardiovascular health? 

Our lungs take in oxygen which is then delivered to the heart, allowing it to pump oxygen-rich blood to the rest of the body through blood vessels. However, when someone constantly breathes in combustible cigarette smoke, the blood being distributed throughout the body becomes contaminated with the chemicals commonly found in tobacco products. These chemicals are damaging to your heart and blood vessels, and over time, can lead to cardiovascular disease (CVD).

What is CVD and how does combustible cigarette smoking affect this condition?

CVD is an umbrella term for a variety of conditions that affect the functioning of the heart or blood vessels. Some of these conditions include:

  • Coronary heart disease
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Aneurysm
  • Peripheral artery disease

In addition to the damage above, combustible cigarette smoking can also cause CVD by changing the chemistry of your blood and causing plaquea waxy substance that’s composed of cholesterol, scar tissue, calcium, fat, and other materialsto build up in the arteries and the heart’s major blood vessels. There are also other rare, but possible, cardiovascular conditions that are caused by excess smoking including, peripheral artery disease (a condition where insufficient blood flow can result in amputation) or abdominal aortic aneurysm (a bulge in the heart’s aorta that can burst and cause sudden death). 

How can you protect your heart?

While one of the best ways to protect your heart from any smoking-related disease is to stop using cigarettes, even those who have smoked can better their heart health by quitting as soon as possible. 

Here is how quickly your heart starts to repair itself: 

Since quitting smoking is difficult for some, many ex-smokers rely on nicotine replacement therapies to aid them on their quitting journey. While many successfully use nicotine gum or lozenges, most need a product that can fulfill their mental dependence as well as their physical dependence on smoking. That’s why e-cigs are such a popular quitting tool. Since everyone is different, we can’t outright say what the best e-cig to quit smoking is, but we can recommend all three of our Logic products based on feedback from our many satisfied customers and reviews.

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Two reasons why Logic vape pens are the top of the vaping game

The e-cig industry has been forced at a federal and state level to navigate major changes to its operations. Due to imminent laws hitting small businesses and responsible vapers, there are fewer life-changing products available to the masses. That being said, Logic continues its commitment to helping ex-smokers transition to a product with nicotine levels that can be better managed and products that no longer subject them to the harmful effects of tobacco. Continue reading to find out two more reasons why Logic remains at the forefront of the vaping industry. 

Logic has pending FDA approvals

The Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has imposed stricter regulations on the vaping industry in recent years, which has caused many manufacturers to cease their operations. With requirements to be registered and added regulations to the manufacturing, packaging, labeling, advertising, promotion, sales, and distribution process of all devices and electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS) components, an abundance of companies couldn’t keep up and instead chose to liquidate their inventory. 

Logic, however, was one of the few vape manufacturers that were committed to jumping through all of the FDA hoops and now possess a pending approval. This means that not only are they pledged to keep their customers smoke-free but they also are dedicated to staying in business for years to come.  

Logic e-cig refills exhibit realistic flavors 

While Logic e-cig refills are only offered in two flavors, these infusions are high-quality and closely replicate the real taste and aroma of menthol and tobacco combustible cigarettes. For transitioning ex-smokers, it’s important to mimic their past smoking experience to make their transformation as smooth as possible, and with the help of Logic’s refreshing menthol e-cig refills and vigorous tobacco options, it’s hard to tell the difference. FD

*Logic e-cig refills are offered in 1.8% or 2.4% nicotine to cater to concentration needs as well as flavor preferences. 

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3 ways to start reducing your nicotine strength when vaping


While some vapers reduce their nicotine levels head-on by strategically lowering them every month or so, others reduce their needed strength by opting for products with a harsher throat hit to trick their brain into feeling higher levels of nicotine. Needless to say, since everyone’s e-cig journey is unique to them, here are three ways that we suggest you use when trying to lower your vape liquid nicotine strength

Commit to lowering your vape liquid nicotine strength

While large commitments are challenging because they open us up to emotional, physical, or financial risk, the choice to slowly lower the vape liquid nicotine strength of your cartomizer or capsule is a relatively small commitment that can easily be achieved over time. 

Here are some tips to help you succeed in transitioning to a lower vape liquid nicotine strength:

  • Pick a date in the next two weeks. This will give you time to prep, but not too long that you lose your motivation. 
  • Select a day where you plan to be busy and be sure to hold yourself accountable by writing it down. It’s important to have healthy distractions to take the pressure off and feel motivated to succeed. 
  • Be sure to order your replacement cartomizers and capsules in their lower e-liquid strengths ahead of time so you won’t feel the need to push your goal date. 
  • Talk to some close friends and family about your plan so that they’re able to help you feel supported.

Vaping has been a good method to help you get off tobacco for good, so be sure to commit to lowering your nicotine intake when you’re ready to do so. 

Understand your stress points

Whether your nicotine cravings come knocking first thing in the morning or you vape most often when stuck in traffic, after an argument, or when you’re anxiously waiting for the results of your exam, it’s important to know what your stress points are. When you’re aware, you can plan better to ensure that you always have your e-cig charged and ready to go. Needless to say, if you want to navigate your nicotine intake easier, consider vaping with a disposable e-cig that’s ready to use right out of the packaging. 

Reassess your chosen device

Just because one type of device may have worked well during your transition from combustible cigarettes to e-cigs doesn’t mean that same unit will be your ticket to reducing your nicotine strength. This is one of the many reasons why the Logic brand carries an abundance of choices for the vaping consumer. Choose between tobacco and menthol flavoring, 2.4% or 1.8% nicotine levels, and a disposable or replaceable device and find the most comfortable option for your needs. 

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Last-ditch efforts made to change FedEx’s rules over vape mail ban

The cost of e-liquids and devices is growing as the vape mail ban implementation continues to put pressure on both physical and digital shop owners. Not only does the cost of shipping privately increase the buying prices for consumers, but it also prevents e-cig technology from reaching the hands of those that need it to quit smoking. 

What are the current restrictions on mailing e-cigs across the U.S.?

Updated regulations in 2021 have brought about a lot of changes to the e-cig industry, one of which is the omnibus spending bill that was signed into law in late 2020 by then-President Trump. It included the following two items:

  • The Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (PACT) Act of 2009 now applies to all vaping products. Any company shipping products across state lines must now keep a record of their sales and transmit those records to the tobacco taxation authorities in the locations to which the company ships. The paperwork is now a requirement imposed by the PACT Act, affecting small retailers. This is also one of the factors driving up the costs of vape mail.
  • USPS was the first company to implement a ban on the shipments of vaping products to consumers. This ban applied to both devices and e-liquids. Many vapers now refer to the 2021 omnibus spending as the “vape mail ban” for that reason. 

FedEx followed suit with other mail carriers a couple of months later in banning the delivery of vape mail, causing many local e-cig shops to raise prices for their consumers. 

What are consumers doing in hopes the vape mail ban is reversed?

On July 12, 2021, more than 400 vape companies urged FedEx to reverse its recent policy, prohibiting these companies from shipping and receiving vaping products. These businesses, along with the American Vaping Association, signed a letter to insist that the mail carrier’s delivery ban be revoked, as it prevents consumers from obtaining the products they need to remain smoke-free. 

FedEx’s current restrictions do not allow the shipment of vape mail from business to business or directly to consumers, greatly affecting those living in rural communities. 

Many vapers and vape shop owners believe that if consumers cannot access or afford e-cigs, they will be forced to turn back to combustible tobacco as a last-ditch effort to curb their nicotine cravings. 

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What are the benefits of a closed vapor system?

a girl smoking a closed vapor system

You’ve likely heard the term “closed vapor system” floating around since you switched to e-cigs, but unless you’ve conducted a bit of research or had someone explain what it means, you may still be wondering what it is and what the benefits are over other vaping systems? Since the Logic brand only manufactures and sells this type of e-cig, it’s important to learn about some of the benefits of these types of products!

Closed vapor systems are easy to swap out and replace 

Whether you prefer to vape using a disposable device or enjoy the disposable e-cig cartridges and cartomizers paired with a reusable power unit, when your e-liquid tank is empty, manufacturers ensure that all types of closed vapor systems are easy for the user to replace. 

Have you just purchased a Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarette? These units are equipped with a pre-charged, pre-filled technology that enables their user to open the packaging and use the device right away. Then, when the tank is empty, the device can be recycled and the new packaging is opened. 

How about the Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System or Logic Power Series? Both of these intuitive devices are compatible with swap-and-go disposable e-cig cartridges and cartomizers and allow the user to seamlessly twist off the used tank to replace it with a new one. Vapers can also amp up their experience by switching between flavors! 

Closed vapor systems don’t leak

Open vapor systems require each user to fill their empty tanks from an e-liquid bottle before they can continue using their devices. This creates opportunities for the user to spill when pouring or if the mouthpiece isn’t tightened fully, e-liquid can also leak out when the device is turned on its side. However, all of the above problems can be resolved with closed vapor systems! Reusable open tank e-cigs are not compatible with disposable e-cig cartridges and capsules, which are purchased pre-filled and pre-sealed, making them leak-proof and easily portable for the users to bring along and swap throughout the day. Since a leaking device is messy and dangerous for those who spend time around children and pets, why not opt for products that are airtight and can be stored and transported without worry?

Open vapor systems are no longer legal in the U.S. These systems were not just considered messy and inconvenient, they were deemed dangerous because people used different substances in their units resulting in deaths. 

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Why ex-smokers enjoy Logic’s tobacco options

Unlike traditional, combustible cigarettes, tobacco e-cigs do not contain any real tobacco. Needless to say, these battery-powered devices perfectly heat the element and e-liquid to produce an enriching vapor that most ex-smokers can’t differentiate, making it easier and cheaper for them to wave goodbye to the negative effects of tobacco smoke. The best part is that with access to Logic’s lineup, there are lots of devices and nicotine strengths to choose from! 

Logic has three devices to choose from

Since tobacco is one of the most popular flavor choices for transitioning ex-smokers and long-time vapers who miss their old routines, Logic makes it a top priority to carry a rich tobacco experience for every device they manufacture. With that said, there are three choices on iloveecigs.comThe Platinum Label Tobacco Disposable E-cig, The Logic Power Series Platinum Label Device equipped with a tobacco cartomizer, and The Logic Pro Advanced Vapor system paired with a tobacco capsule. All of the above tobacco e-cigs are rich with strong-tasting tobacco flavor and are designed to offer a realistic smoking experience. Their distilled oils contain the perfect nicotine and flavor combination to keep any cravings for combustible cigarettes at bay. 

Logic has two nicotine strengths

Since each ex-smoker catered to a unique past experience, having a couple of choices of nicotine strengths is an important tool in making their transition to tobacco e-cigs easier. We always recommend that heavy ex-smokers start their journey with a device that possesses a higher concentration level, like the Logic Disposable. Not only does it offer vigorous satisfaction with each puff, but it’s also ready to vape right out of the packaging, and when the device is empty, you can simply recycle it. Heavy ex-smokers with a bit more experience can purchase a Logic Power Series device and a few tobacco cartomizers on the side. This eco-friendly unit comes in 2.4% nicotine, making it a great substitute for past smokers with heavy habits. Lastly, the Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System is another buy-and-swap choice for those that prefer to reuse and charge their device. Its tobacco e-cig replacement is great for light to medium ex-smokers and is offered in a 1.8% nicotine. 

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