Excited about purchasing a Logic vape pen? Here’s everything you need to know

Logic vape pen products come in three unique options, the Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarette, the Logic Power Series, and the Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System, and while these sleek, powerful devices are offered in robust tobacco and fresh menthol flavors, they also give ex-smokers the perfect on-the-go convenience in terms of lightweight, pocketable vaping technologies. Nevertheless, while so much is known about the brand and how it’s used to transition away from smoking, before placing your order and purchasing a Logic vape pen, here’s some influential information that may help you to care for and select which device meets your needs, and even save on your next online order. 

Caring for your Logic vape pen

While Logic is a reliable brand that’s known for its dependability and durability, it’s important to properly care for your device to ensure its longevity in the years to come. This includes selecting an appropriate storage area, regularly cleaning your device’s mouthpiece, and ensuring that each electronic component is handled delicately and accurately. Keep your device and e-liquids out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, clean it by wiping frequently, and ensure that you read up on the device’s battery maintenance and assembly instructions before attempting to use your device.

Read our July 22nd blog submission entitled “Your guide to taking care of your Logic device” to learn more about e-cig maintenance.

Selecting the right nicotine concentration level  

All vapers are different and each person may require a distinct amount of nicotine in their e-liquid to successfully remain free from combustible tobacco products. The best part is that determining the strength of nicotine you need is easy, and all it takes is a quick examination of your past smoking habits to translate the results to a percentage that will keep your vaping goals on track. 

It goes without saying, but heavy ex-smokers require a higher concentration level to keep from undergoing the difficult symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, whereas light and moderate ex-smokers will need a lower strength to fulfill their physical nicotine dependencies. The basic rule of thumb for selecting a Logic vape pen is that heavy ex-smokers should first start with the 27 mg Logic Power starter kits, while light to moderate ex-smokers may prefer to use the 20 mg Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System. This will allow the vaper’s current nicotine needs to be met which will pave the way for future opportunities to slowly lower nicotine levels over time! 

How can I receive discounts and coupons for Logic products?

There are so many ways that you can save when purchasing Logic vape pens and their cartomizer and capsule refills when you order on iloveecigs.com! Aside from taking advantage of the monthly discount code, you’re also able to set aside some funds for later use when you utilize the easy-ordering system — a bulk order service that allows shoppers to set up an ongoing quantity and frequency of Logic products. If that isn’t enough, I Love Ecigs customers are also able to save 3% by writing a product review, 2% with the purchase of the VIP Club Membership, and 3% automatically sitewide. 

Those who’re keen on becoming long-lasting customers should also consider subscribing to the newsletter where additional offers and flash sales are sent directly to your inbox! 

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Which countries possess the highest smoking rates and what influences are a factor?

While the global smoking prevalence is decreasing due to education, the total number of people who smoke worldwide will only continue to increase due to population growth. So, while it’s important to understand the role that smoking plays as a way to recognize how people are influenced to carry on this habit long term, it’s equally as important to acknowledge how systemic reinforcement within disadvantaged populations contributes to the smoking rates. After all, not everyone possesses the same access to buy e-cigs online or obtain viable information about the dangers of tobacco smoking. That being said, continue reading to learn about the influences that work against those who’re trying to make a change.   

The ten countries with the highest smoking rates are: 

Overall, the highest smoking rates are found in Southeast Asia and the Balkan region of Europe, however, these are the top countries worldwide

  1. Kiribati (52.40%)
  2. Nauru (47.50%)
  3. Greece (42.65%)
  4. Serbia (41.65%)
  5. Russia (40.90%)
  6. Jordan (40.45%)
  7. Indonesia (39.90%)
  8. Bosnia and Herzegovina (38.60%)
  9. Lebanon (38.30%)
  10.  Chile (38.00%)

Which factors influence these smoking percentages?

Research has identified a range of factors that can uptake higher smoking rates including interacting psychological, social, economic, and cultural factors that influence smoking patterns and behaviors. 

Those who smoke may have been enabled by: 

  • Lower-income, poor housing, and unemployment. 
  • Nicotine exposure during childhood.
  • Financial pressure and stress.
  • Anxiety and depression. 
  • Parental or peer examples. 
  • Targeted or intensive marketing by the tobacco industry. 

In particular, higher smoker rates are more likely to be in environments where smoking is the norm or if friends and family members are smokers. The creation of these pro-smoking environments strongly influences the uptake of smoking, smoking patterns, and quitting intentions. 

What barriers prevent quitting?

Smoking plays a pivotal role as a coping mechanism for many people and like the above bullet points, there is also a range of factors that have been identified that may work as barriers for those who are trying to quit smoking, including:

  • May possess a heavier nicotine dependence. 
  • Less awareness of the harms of smoking and nicotine addiction. 
  • Misconceptions about the variety of available cessation services. 
  • Cost of accessing nicotine replacement therapies (ex. It’s cheaper to buy e-cigs online in bulk rather than ordering one or two at a time). 
  • Financial stress.
  • Lack of a support system.
  • Low confidence in ability to stop smoking. 
  • Smoking has worked as a pleasuring aid to relieve boredom. 

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Your guide to taking care of your Logic device

Caring for your vape device and supplies is an important extension of your product’s lifespan, and while various items could require their own unique care and research, the Logic e-cig lineup is easy to maintain and clean. So, whether you’re new to the vaping scene or perhaps need a refresher with a recent product purchase, read below and discover our guide to taking great care of your Logic vape pen!

Find a proper storage space for your Logic vape pen 

One of the best ways you can further the longevity of your device is by packing it away safely when it’s not in use. E-cigs are electronic, and like most battery-operated technologies, they need to be carefully stored if you’re hoping to keep them viable and working for a long time to come. This means that aside from finding a safe space away from liquids, extreme temperatures, and moisture, you will also want to find an area that’s not in direct sunlight, as this can damage the battery, charger, or the quality of the e-liquid contents. We always recommend our customers to store their Logic vape pens in a kitchen drawer or tucked away within a cupboard space.

For e-liquids to maintain the high-quality and safety standards you know and love, they will need to be kept in a cool, dry place to ensure optimal flavor once opened. Not only does the proper storage of e-cig cartomizers and capsules allow you stockpile when there are sales on your favorite vaping products, but you can also have some peace of mind that young children and pets will not be able to get into any of your supply when it’s placed in an area out of reach and away from grabbing hands. 

Properly care for your Logic vape pen battery 

Your battery is the essence of your device, which means that it’s important to keep it in good condition. After all, the performance of your device is entirely dependent on the efficiency of your battery, and a clean connection is only achievable when the battery terminal is wiped down with a clean cloth after every few uses. You’re also able to lengthen the battery life of your power source by charging it before it completely shuts off and dies. 

Assemble your Logic vape pen gently 

While the Logic brand of e-cig is incredibly agile and durable, like any electronic there should be some care when separate components are being assembled between uses. This means that while it may be tempting to want to tighten up the parts as compressed as they will go, it’s better for you to delicately twist the battery to the mouthpiece until it’s secure. 

How do you travel safely with your Logic vape pen?

Just because most people are staying safe at home amid the pandemic, doesn’t mean that you won’t be traveling to the beach for the day! The best way to transport your compact device is by purchasing a carrying case that will fit into your purse or pocket. 

When you carry around a Logic vape pen, you’re harnessing the intuitive power of the Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarettes, The Logic Power Series, or The Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System, which all harbor the same spill-proof, sealed e-liquid technologies, preventing spill overs in your bag when in transport. Replacement cartomizers and capsules also possess rubber-sealed caps as an added safety measure to ensure that if you need to carry backup e-liquids, you can rest assured that they will not dribble out of their packaging. 

Keep in mind that summer brings forth hotter temperatures and your cartomizers, capsules, and extra batteries should only be brought out if needed, as your purse, pocket, and vehicle glove compartment can be swelteringly hot. It’s also important to try not to drop your vape pens as a hard fall could create a malfunction in the device, causing it not to work. 

Do you have any more questions about caring for your Logic vape pen? Drop them down below for additional information and tips. 


Study: Research reveals that due to loneliness, smokers are less likely to quit combustibles

University of Bristol researchers found a relationship between experiences of loneliness and smoking cigarettes. While there have been previous studies presenting a causal link between the two in the past, until now it was not determined whether smoking behavior leads to loneliness or if loneliness leads to the smoking behavior. 

The study

The study was published mid-June, 2020 in the academic journal Addiction and highlighted evidence to suggest that combustible cigarettes were culprits leading to prolonged experiences dealing with loneliness. The research revealed that being lonelier not only increased the likelihood of starting to smoke but also the number of cigarettes people smoked per day. Additionally, it was also a factor that decreased the user’s likelihood of quitting altogether. 

What was the result?

Generic survey data was taken from hundreds of thousands of people throughout the UK, including figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) and YouGov’s COVID-19 tracker, which highlighted that 7.4 million people reported a change to their well-being since the start of the pandemic

“Suddenly, the whole of the UK has become more socially isolated than ever before. For many people, this will likely increase their loneliness,” said co-lead author of the study, Dr. Robyn Wootton. 

Using the novel research method, mendelian randomization — a method that measured variation of genes to examine the causal effect of a modifiable exposure on the disease in observational studies — the team found evidence that those who started smoking after an attempt to quit or who took up the habit again after a long period of time smoke-free, did so amid the pandemic because of loneliness. In fact, 2.2 million people across the UK are smoking more than they were before the lockdown

“A potential mechanism for this relationship is that nicotine from cigarette smoke interferes with neurotransmitters such as dopamine in the brain,” said senior author of the study Dr. Jorien Treur

What does this mean for your progress? 

Whether you’re one of the many who’s struggling with the limitations brought about through COVID-19 or you’ve simply been postponing your quit date because of delayed access to helpful smoking cessation aids like the Logic vape pen, it’s clear that people need more support and encouragement than ever. Be sure to celebrate your small successes, even if it involves taking the step to become smoke-free with a vaping device before tackling the challenge of becoming nicotine-free. Also, utilize your friends and family as your support system, virtual or in-person at a safe distance. You can do this! 

Have you considered trying a Logic vape pen on your stop-smoking journey? Drop a comment below to ask us a question.

What makes vaping more convenient than smoking combustible cigarettes?

Aside from the benefits to your health and savings, there are a lot of conveniences that vaping can offer over combustible cigarettes. In fact, advantages with this popular technology are bursting at the seams with so many ex-smokers trading in their smelly, tobacco packets for lightweight, pocketable gadgets that offer a more versatile selection of flavors amid a smoke-free setting. Read more to find out about other conveniences that can be achieved when you switch to a pro-vape lifestyle. 

Easily switch between flavors

Unlike conventional cigarettes, Logic electronic cigarettes allow the user to effortlessly switch up flavors throughout the day, which opens a window of opportunity to try both tobacco and menthol Logic e-cig refills. While there are ex-smokers who miss the smoky musk of combustible tobacco, others long for the minty punch of menthols. So, for users who possess an appreciation for an enticing mix of both flavors, you’re able to pop off and replace your cartomizer or capsule depending on your mood. Both devices from the Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System and the Logic Power Series have been developed with one-click vaping in mind, which means that these easy-to-use e-cigs possess a modern design allowing the user to seamlessly twist the battery off from the mouthpiece of the device and pop off the capsule or cartomizer to swap for another flavor. This on-the-go technology is perfect when you’re away from your at-home conveniences and their spill-proof e-liquid containers ensure the highest quality standards. So, your purses and pockets can carry Logic e-cig refills safely without leaking worries!

Eco-friendly devices

Each Logic device comes equipped with a simple, safe, and powerful battery that provides vapers with thicker, enriching clouds and a higher-quality vaping experience over other competing e-cig brands. The Logic Pro is equipped with a 650 MAH battery while the Logic power comes with a 320 MAH battery. As a leading, rechargeable technology, the batteries on Logic e-cigs can also be plugged into wall outlets or computer USB ports to charge-up and activate long-lasting power with a capacity to offer 300 to 400 delicious puffs per charge. What also makes Logic so eco-friendly is that all the electronic components can be disposed of at your municipal recycling center, leaving no butts between the sidewalk cracks of City streets. 

You can set up a delivery frequency and quantity schedule free of charge

Many ex-smokers are used to stocking up on cartons when they can knab a great deal, but wouldn’t it be more convenient to pre-order your e-cig products and have them safely delivered right to your door? After all, there is nothing worse than thinking you had another pack of Logic e-cig refills stashed away in your kitchen cupboard, only to find out that your secret stockpile was already used. 

Iloveecigs.com understands that buying disposable e-cigs and cartomizer and capsule refills are far more accommodating online, which is why our website has an easy ordering system that’s set up for customer convenience. This quick ordering process allows you to select the items, the quantity, and the frequency that you want using a delivery schedule. It is a real “set it and forget it” option that lets your head stay clear for all the other important things in your life. And, you get your products as cheap as possible, locking in free shipping on orders of $15 or more! 

What do you find most convenient about vaping over smoking combustibles? Drop your opinion below to start a conversation.

Study: Vaping better than cigarettes for blood vessel health

Electronic cigarettes are seeing immense support from the University of Dundee, as their research continues to back up vaping as a way to improve the blood vessel function of ex-smokers. Devices, like the popular variety available from Logic e-cigs, are a great tool for users who’re looking to cultivate a similar experience and also transition away from the harmful effects of combustible tobacco use. Continue reading to find out more about this inventive study. 

The study

Authors of the study, which was published in the Journal of American College of Cardiology, determine through research that it only takes one-month for ex-smokers to see a significant improvement to blood vessel function, which indicates that vaping is a positive step forward for current smokers looking to improve their health and reducing their risk of heart attacks and strokes. 

What was the result?

The study looked at data collected from 114 adult subjects who had no current signs of cardiovascular disease. The participants were split into three survey groups, all of whom had smoked at least 15 cigarettes per day for a minimum of two years. One group contained 40 people who were not willing to quit their combustible cigarette smoking, while the other two groups were made up of 37 people who were interested in using devices, like Logic e-cigs, to transition away from their past smoking habits. One of these two groups were given e-cigarettes that contain nicotine and the other had devices with zero nicotine concentration. 

Researchers then measured the blood vessel function of the participants after one month by comparing the artery diameter before a tight cuff was applied to an arm, with the artery diameter just after the cuff was released. The percentage change is larger within healthier vessels, and the group of tobacco smokers showed little difference to their blood vessel functioning. On the other hand, both vaping groups had more than a 20% improvement. The most compelling part of the study was that the nicotine and non-nicotine subjects possessed a blood vessel function that was on par with non-smokers.

What did you find most interesting about the above study? Drop a comment below to share with other readers. 

Understanding our warranty, return, and exchange policy

Whether you prefer to shop online or through a physical store, it’s important to stay on top of the rules about warranties, returns, and exchanges. Find out the established policies of iloveecigs.com by reading our summary below. 

What is our warranty policy?

The original purchaser is the only individual that can utilize our consumer warranty, providing that the item(s) purchased are free of defects in material and workmanship under that said item(s) use. 

For reference, the policy does not cover defects or costs that are caused by the following: 

  • Modifications, alterations, repairs or servicing to the item(s) by any person or company other than I Love Ecigs will void your warranty. Once you buy Logic e-cigs from our online store, we’re the only company that should be handling them. 
  • Accidental or physical abuse to, or misuse of the item(s) in a manner that is inconsistent with the indicated instructions that we have provided you with. 
  • Any use of the item(s) other than for what it was intended. 

Subject to the above conditions, the warranty policy will allow original purchasers to obtain a replacement within 30 days of purchase if the item(s) were proven to be defective. 

What’s our return and exchange policy? 

When you buy Logic e-cigs online using our e-commerce store, you have 30 days to carry out a return or exchange on your purchased items. While a receipt is required for all returns and exchanges, I Love Ecigs reserves the right to deny a return or exchange on used cartomizers or capsules. 

The return and exchange method

Subject to the above warranty, refund and exchange policies, if you buy Logic e-cigs and/or refill cartomizers and capsules online and they fail to operate satisfactorily, please follow these steps: 

  1. Email our Customer Service Team (CS@ILoveEcigs.com) to request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA#) and to receive approval. Please write the following in your email subject line, “Request for Return Merchandise Authorization Number”, also please include: 
  • Your contact information (first and last name, email address, phone #)
  • Order #
  • Purchase date
  • Your shipping address

      2. The reason for the return (please provide a detailed explanation of the difficulty that you’re experiencing). 

All of the above must be completed to process your warranty, return, or exchange request. Allow two business days for our team to receive your email and reply. Once your request has been approved, and you have received your RMA#, securely package your returned item(s) in a padded envelope, and include a copy of our email communication together with the item(s) receipt. Once we have received the item(s) we will send you a confirmation email that will include the estimated delivery date of your replacement item(s). 

Do you have any further questions about warranties, returns, and exchanges when you buy Logic e-cigs online from I Love Ecigs? Send us an email or call 1-800-705-4030. 

Our products ship to every state and are making great strides towards gaining FDA approval

While COVID-19 has halted many developments from happening worldwide, two things that haven’t been interrupted are our dedication to nation-wide shipping and the strides that Logic has taken to gain FDA approval. Pandemic aside, our company remains a top-choice among consumers, keeping you stocked with your favorite capsules and cartomizers

We’re continuing to offer nation-wide shipping

Since each state possesses its own e-cigarette sale and packaging restrictions, the rising federal regulations on buying e-cigarettes online have made it difficult for many users across the country to purchase their favorite vaping products. Lucky for you, we have a solution!

While the online sale of nicotine delivery systems has been prohibited to unlicensed vendors, at I Love Ecigs, we carry a Tobacco wholesale and online sale license, which allows you to continue to buy high-performance e-cigarettes from our online store, regardless of where you live in the U.S. We have also taken added precautions to verify the age of our purchasers by only accepting payments through a credit card in the purchaser’s name. This ensures that the use of Logic devices remain in the hands of adult consumers.

The brand Logic is currently under FDA review

While many other brands of e-cigarettes that you buy online have stepped out of the running, Logic remains committed to its customers and is one of the manufacturers that has applied to be reviewed by the FDA. Currently, the FDA is seeking information on product design and e-liquid substances for various electronic delivery systems and once regulations can be met, the packaging, labeling, advertising and sales will be mandated across the board. This means that only approved manufacturers will be permitted to continue with sales. So, since Logic is on the list, the best thing you can do is invest in a product lineup that’s here to stay and one that’s devoted to helping ex-smokers transition away from tobacco use. 

Buy e-cigarettes online, ask questions, and learn about why I Love Ecigs remains a top-retailer in the market. 

What do you find most interesting about the current restrictions in place? Drop a comment below to converse with other readers.

Fight stress by implementing these healthy habits

While stress is a normal part of our everyday lives, the causes of it are different for everyone, which can make fighting it off rather challenging. Contrary to popular belief, smoking isn’t the best habit for those looking to relieve stress, as it inflicts more tension and anxiety on the body. So, if you’re a current or ex-smoker and are looking for ways to manage life’s challenges, you should consider implementing some healthier coping habits! 

How does smoking combustibles impact your stress levels?

While long-standing smokers believe that combustible cigarettes help them to manage and overcome stress, that’s simply not the case. Since users are used to managing and handling their physical and mental pressures through smoking, it has become their coping mechanism to suppress unpleasant feelings. So, while it may seem that conventional cigarettes are providing users with a remedy during stressful situations, it’s their addiction to nicotine that’s giving them this false sense of satisfaction. 

Nicotine induces stress and, for the users who are dependent on it to satisfy their cravings, it becomes a vicious cycle of necessity. Basically, when a smoker is used to a particular routine, or if they have had an extra stressful day, lighting up a combustible cigarette seems to melt their worries away, providing a calming solution to cope with a stressful situation. Although, while their bodies will feel levelheaded and relaxed shortly after finishing, the brain will start to crave nicotine once again, and if their needs go unfulfilled, their bodies will start going through unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. So, the reality is that smoking cigarettes helps you to cope with stress in the moment, but works as a primary influence in your day-to-day stress levels. 

Many ex-smokers find success in transitioning to vaping by using a Logic vape pen to better manage their nicotine intake. This allows them to confront their addiction head-on and select a concentration level that works for their individual needs. 

You can also fight stress with healthy habits 

Since transformation doesn’t happen overnight, it’s best to pair your new Logic vape pen with healthier habits that help users combating aggravating situations. So, here are some active ways that you can improve your lifestyle.

  • Get a better night’s rest: Deep, restful sleep helps you to be more energetic and productive throughout the day and for those who’re struggling to manage their stress levels, an untroubled sleep will go a long way. 
  • Re-evaluate your mindset: When you let your worries go, you’re able to see the world through a different perspective. So, if you have a lot on your plate at the moment, remember to give yourself a break and just breathe. 
  • Laugh more: Laughter is good for the soul and naturally, it can decrease stress hormones and trigger the release of endorphins that promote our sense of well-being. So, whatever life is throwing your way, try to laugh it off! 
  • Stay connected with loved ones: Oftentimes our biggest supporters are the people that make up our social circles which means that it might be time to give your friends and family a call if you’re feeling stressed. 
  • Stay organized: As an extension of the above suggestion to laugh more, staying organized and keeping our home and workspace clean is something that makes us feel good about ourselves. This means that if you’re feeling good, you’re happy and experiencing the feel-good chemicals in your brain. So, why not start some to-do projects to help you keep focused? 
  • Get active: Exercise is a good way to relieve mental and physical tension, so find something that you enjoy and stick with it! 

Are there other methods that you use to cope with stress? Drop some suggestions below for other readers. 

Inventive device helps researchers track and understand vaping habits and use

While many of you rely on e-cigarette devices to keep away from the dangers of tobacco use, aside from managing nicotine intake, you likely aren’t digging any deeper into your current vaping habits. For example, did you know that places, people, and experiences contribute to your prevailing e-cig use and continued smoke-free lifestyle? Since transitioning to vaping has proven to be a life-changing event, read about how researchers are using new technology to fill gaps in their vaping knowledge. 

Everything you need to know about the device 

Cornell Tech, a technology, business, law, and design campus located on Roosevelt Island in Manhattan, New York City, has developed a new tool that’s attracting a lot of attention among researchers. 

Contributing to e-cigarette studies worldwide, the device known as PuffPacket has been designed to monitor electronic cigarette inhalations by yielding valuable information like when and where the user vapes, how deeply they’re inhaling and exhaling, and how much nicotine they’re consuming in each session. Considered to be the first of its kind, the accessory can be attached to various nicotine-delivery e-cigarettes, which is helpful to researchers who’re used to dealing with an assortment of brands of e-cigs.

Why did the team develop the product?

“There’s been a jump in the prevalence of e-cigarette use, especially in recent years, but we don’t really understand how people are using it,” said Alexander Adams, a doctoral student in information science at Cornell Tech.

Adams is part of the team that developed PuffPacket, a hardware and software research platform that leverages technology already built into each e-cigarette to track their usage. The system manages signals within the e-cigs devices to directly measure and track nicotine consumption levels and is even able to use Bluetooth technology to calculate the frequency, intensity, and duration of each inhalation. This information is then augmented using the user’s smartphone-based location tracker, which will determine where the user is and what activity they’re doing – such as walking, standing or driving – to help identify potential patterns among users. The most interesting part is that the information is also beneficial for the user, as it can be integrated into other mobile health tracking systems! 

“The lack of continuous and objective understanding of vaping behaviors led us to develop PuffPacket,” he said. “To enable proper measurement, monitoring, tracking, and recording of e-cigarette use, as opposed to…self reports.”  

The team presumes that if their inventive device can help vapers monitor their nicotine consumption levels and habits, it will allow them to determine how to better manage their cravings. Also, e-cigarette studies will greatly benefit from PuffPacket by understanding the driving forces behind each puff of vapor.

How does PuffPacket work?

The accessory affixes directly onto vaping devices and can sync with most cell phones, which allows vapers to yield more accurate results than methods that would require them to manually track their vaping habits. PuffPacket is activated by an inhale through an e-cigarette device which sends an electrical signal to “wake up”, allowing the gadget to save battery power when it’s not in use. 

Do you plan to start conducting your own e-cigarette studies using the PuffPacket? Drop a comment below to explain what you would like to know about your vaping habits.