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How do you encourage a loved one to quit smoking?

a man holding a cigarette

Most smokers use tobacco regularly because they’re addicted to nicotine, and not because they enjoy the taste, smell or negative health consequences. Nevertheless, if you’re looking to give support to a friend or family member when they’re attempting to quit smoking, remember to offer statements of affirmation, encouragement, and diplomacy to allow them to express and explore their thoughts on the matter. While a pat on the back works for some people, the best JUUL compatible pods on the market work better for others and strengthening your reassurance in their success goes a long way. 

Talk about the health benefits of quitting

There are so many ways that health and well-being can benefit once your loved ones extinguish their last cigarette. As one of the leading causes of lung cancer, coronary disease, Type 2 Diabetes, and high blood pressure, smoking tobacco comes with a large number of increased health risks, which is why informative persuasion has the power to go a long way in aiding the quitting process.  

While you can’t physically sustain your loved one’s motivation to quit, you can offer to share health reports and use data and materials from credible sources to show them what can happen when they successfully reduce their smoking cessation. For example, one year after they quit smoking, their risk of getting coronary disease decreases by 50% and after five years of being smoke-free, their chances of getting lung cancer drop by 60%

Praise them, even if they achieve smaller goals

Quitting smoking will likely be one of the hardest things your loved one will ever overcome, and even if they manage to remain smoke-free for a single week, you must reassure and support them through their life-changing transition. While it’s pretty common for people to attempt to quit multiple times before succeeding, keep in mind that everyone’s journey is different and some may take longer than others. Try encouraging them to keep up their efforts by writing a list of the reasons that they want to quit. Then, have them place it in a prominent location that allows them to view and read them every day. 

Remind them of some behavioral tips to help kick the craving 

While each person’s cravings are triggered by their individual needs, there are activities you can suggest to your loved one when they’re confronted with the urge to smoke: 

  • Encourage them to keep their hands busy (knitting, gardening, and drawing). 
  • Try deep breathing exercises.
  • Exercise daily, even if their abilities only allow them to go for a short walk. Offer to partner with them, which is something that benefits both of you. 
  • Talk to them every day and ask, “how are you feeling?” and “do you have any new reasons to quit smoking?” Positive self-talk is a great way to keep the motivation flowing. 
  • Suggest that they attend a stop-smoking meeting in their area. It often helps to discuss the craving with another person who may understand what they’re going through. 
  • Encourage them to get rid of all their tobacco products and even clean their clothing to remove any old, cigarette odors. 
  • Tell them to start a savings jar and whenever they’re feeling like going out to buy a pack of cigarettes, they can toss their change into the jar and admire how quickly it fills up! 
  • Gift them some of the best JUUL compatible disposable pod e-cigs on the market. While some people can successfully quit cold turkey, others rely on e-cig devices to slowly lower their nicotine levels over time. The more important thing is that they’re tobacco-free and working on keeping away from traditional cigarettes. 

What motivational intervention strategies have you used to help loved ones in the past? Drop some advice below for our readers.

How do you cope with a smoking relapse?

Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult challenges you will ever face and it can take smokers multiple attempts before they are completely smoke and nicotine-free. Despite these struggles, it’s important to be easy on yourself if you happen to relapse. While some people can simplistically quit smoking on a dime, others struggle physically, mentally, and emotionally to overcome their habitual routine. So, if your quitting journey has turned into an endless loop of smoking on and off, it’s time to overcome your burdensome feat and achieve your objective. 

Determine your triggers

A moment of weakness shouldn’t be considered a monumental setback, so when an unexpected urge to smoke comes knocking at your door, you need to be prepared to combat the persuasion. 

Relapses can be dangerous to your progress, so if there are triggers, events, or circumstances that you know generate an urge to want to smoke, it’s best to avoid them as much as possible during your transition. Common triggers may include:

  • Leisurely being around other people who smoke. 
  • When you consume large quantities of alcohol.
  • When you’re feeling under-confident. 
  • When you isolate yourself from loved ones. 
  • When you aren’t giving your mind and body enough sleep.
  • When you’re encountering stressful situations on a frequent basis. 
  • When you’re in the first few weeks of adapting to your new lifestyle.
  • When you’re angry. 

When you avert activities in your day-to-day that may cause any of the above triggers, you’re setting yourself up for success. We aren’t saying that you can’t experience anger or frustration, but doing your best to prevent an escalation in your mood will improve your likelihood of feeling triggered. Also, relieving stresses can help to boost your quitting efforts and also assist you in developing new ways to cope with the physical and mental pressures of life. Since you once used cigarettes to combat the overextension and intensities of your routine, it’s important to find other means to crunch these afflictions. 

What are some ways to overcome your triggers?

Finding outlets that eliminate stressful triggers in your life can be daunting, however, things like exercise, taking a warm bath, experimenting with meditation, having a good diet, and even spending more time around animals are common ways that smokers can progress forward. Quitting smoking can be a lengthier process for some ex-smokers, so remember to not compare your progress to those around you. 

However, if you’re struggling to keep your momentum going, we recommend trying one or all of the following suggestions to help keep you on track: 

  • Surround yourself with people who support you. This could include friends, family or even acquaintances that are former smokers. 
  • Consider using a Logic e-cig starter kit so that your physical addiction to nicotine can be fulfilled while you’re working on your mental dependency with tobacco. Logic e-cig starter kits will also allow you to slowly decrease your nicotine levels at a pace that works for you. 
  • Consult with your doctor about medications that can help with smoking cessation. 
  • Test out some over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapy products such as nicotine patches, nicotine gum, nicotine lozenges, and Logic e-cig starter kits

Have you ever slipped up and gone back to smoking? Share some advice on what worked well for you to effectively quit combustibles for good.

Why are seniors more attracted to disposable vaping products?

best JUUL compatible pods

 best JUUL compatible pods

Many older smokers turn to vaping because of their lack of success with other nicotine replacement therapies and with decades of doctors’ warnings, their health depends on quitting tobacco. Getting nicotine in a safer way is an important reduction strategy and with a steady rise in vaping technologies, it only makes sense that more and more seniors are becoming attracted to these innovative smoking cessation devices. Nevertheless, since the market consists of many state-of-the-art e-cigs more challenging to operate and costly to buy, disposable vaping products have become the go-to for golden-agers looking to free themselves from tobacco for good!  

Disposables are easier to use 

While there are a large number of seasoned vapers who enjoy using re-chargeable devices, allowing them a smooth transition between flavors, most seniors prefer a simpler technology. Seniors who are new to vaping will appreciate the simplistic operation and design of a disposable e-cig. After all, who wouldn’t be fond of a grab-and-go technology that gives them instant satisfaction? Not to mention, they’re the easiest way to vape because they’re manufactured to be small, super portable and even designed with pre-filled, nicotine-containing e-liquid, so the vaper doesn’t need to worry about how to perform the re-filling process. In addition to all of the above perks, disposable e-cigs also come pre-charged, so whether you’re out on-the-go or simply off-the-grid, there’s no need to transport a charger around. Just vape your disposable e-cigarette device until it’s finished and then discard it into the appropriate electronic waste bin. 

They’re budget-friendly for those on a fixed income

Life without retirement savings can leave seniors stuck with never-ending debt and with more than 25 million elderly people in America living in poverty, it’s important to save wherever possible. It’s no secret that the effects of long-term tobacco smoking can take a toll on your health and your wallet, which is part of the reason that so many seniors enjoy vaping e-cigs. Every penny counts when you’re on a fixed income and disposable devices are one of the most cost-efficient products on the market! For as low as $6.22 per device, vapers can enjoy between 150 and 400 puffs, which is equivalent to about two packs of conventional cigarettes. This means that not only are seniors finally able to take control of their addiction to nicotine, but they’re also able to better stick within their monthly budget. The best part is that they can even set up ongoing purchases through the use of our easy ordering system. This will allow them to grab hold of the best prices possible by buying in bulk and selecting a delivery frequency that meets their vaping needs. 

They have the most enticing flavors

Senior ex-smokers who have spent a long tasting and smelling traditional combustibles are often ready for a change in flavor. After all, if the pungent trace of burnt tobacco reminds them of their life with combustible cigarettes, they may find themselves triggered and struggle to make the transition to e-cigs. While some of the best JUUL compatible pods from EonSmoke were discontinued, EonSmoke’s lineup of Disposable Electronic Cigarettes is still going strong, with 16 fruit-filled flavors designed to satisfy your cravings and offer a more aromatic vaping experience. Not only do they come in an assortment of sweet-tasting fragrances with each and every puff, but they also dissipate quickly, leaving behind no trace that you were even vaping in the first place. 

Are there any other reasons for smokers to be attracted to the best JUUL compatible pod replacements on the market? Drop a comment below to spark an engaging conversation.

Why people start using tobacco and why they struggle to stop

stop smoking aid

stop smoking aid

While quitting traditional cigarettes is not easy, it can still be done, and after reading this blog post you’ll be able to better understand the influence tobacco has had on your life. Giving you the information and tools you need to combat your addiction will be the route of your success and if you’re hoping to stop this long-standing habit, one of the best ways is through self-awareness. So, since ex-smokers emphasize that quitting smoking is one of the hardest things that they have ever done, despite the struggles, people are tackling the long and hard process through the help of various support systems and innovative, stop smoking aids

Why do people start smoking? 

Most smokers began using combustible cigarettes in their teenage years, either because of the pressures from their peers, budding curiosity or under the influences of family and friends. So, whether you wanted to see what all the hype was about or you simply thought it was cool at the time, the reality is that the tobacco industry has been influencing young people through the glamour of movies, video games, and social influences, highlighting smoking as a lavish past-time.

How does nicotine affect you?  

The nicotine you inhale from your tobacco smoke is quickly absorbed into your bloodstream through your lungs and from there, spreads to the rest of the body and proceeds on to the brain. When taken in small amounts, nicotine allows you to feel pleasant and mellow, characteristics that often hook newcomers to the habit. Then, the more you smoke over time, the more your body requires the nicotine to reap the rewards of mental alertness, speeding up the cycle of addiction. Over time, recreational smokers become dependent on higher levels of nicotine and will suffer mental or psychological withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop either cold turkey or with the help of stop smoking aids. Translating to irritability, nervousness, headaches, and sleep trouble, most people give up trying to quit because of the withdrawal from nicotine affecting their mood so much that their day-to-day interactions become unbearable.

Why is it so hard to quit tobacco? 

People who have used tobacco regularly will experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms if they suddenly stop or greatly reduce the amount they’re consuming. So, while there’s no danger in quitting smoking, giving up the habit causes your body to physically react to the absence of nicotine, mentally long for the ritualistic feeling of the hand-to-mouth motion and become emotionally overwhelmed with the change in your day-to-day routine. Along with causing feelings of frustration, depression, anxiety, and restlessness you may also experience a decreased heart rate, sudden weight gain, and even constipation. 

Thus, we recommend using a stop smoking aid to help alleviate the above symptoms and combat your discomforts (stop smoking aids include e-cigarettes, nicotine gum, lozenges, and the patch). 

Do you have a success story that you wouldn’t mind sharing? Drop a comment below to encourage people to stop smoking cigarettes. 



How do flavored e-cigs help vapers keep away from combustibles?

a lady vaping

In addition to helping to counteract the long-term health effects of smoking tobacco, vaping offers a myriad of benefits to the transitioning smoker. Whether you’ve struggled to quit combustibles in the past due to nicotine withdrawal or you simply relapse from the robust scent of burnt tobacco in the air, many factors can hold you back from your progression. Let us tell you how EonSmoke Disposable Electronic Cigarette product flavors are reforming the vape industry. 

Pleasurable nicotine levels

When you’re shopping around for an e-cig device during the initial phase of your transition, it’s important to select a brand with crafted e-liquids to match your current nicotine levels. The right nicotine strength is paramount for those looking to successfully make the switch, as some may be too low to satisfy and others too intense to enjoy. So, if you want to be rid of combustible cigarettes for good this changeover, then you’ll need to select a vaping product that aligns with your current smoking needs. 

While the end-goal is to wean off nicotine altogether, a good way that you can facilitate an effortless transition is by matching your current nicotine demands with an intensely satisfying product such as an EonSmoke Disposable Electronic Cigarette. Offering soothing salt nicotine e-liquids combined with easy-to-use, vape-and-go technology, these disposable devices are both practical and cost-efficient! The best part is that since salt nicotine is a more stable nicotine form, it allows vapers to enjoy high concentration levels to better mimic the sensation of smoking combustibles. So, closely match the intensity and potency of your time-honored, combustible favorite by perusing through the EonSmoke Disposable Electronic Cigarette lineup.  

High-quality flavors

Quitting smoking is a monumental achievement and it can be challenging to consistently remind yourself why you made the decision. So, while e-cigs do their part to satisfy your taste for nicotine, many vapers are still uncomfortable by the smell and taste of tobacco products. That’s why ex-smokers flock to the popular EonSmoke Disposable Electronic Cigarette flavors and their ability to recapture new experiences! With flavors like Blueberry, Pomegranate, and Mango, why would you even want to vape something that reminds you of the smell of cigarette smoke?  

Smell and taste better

EonSmoke Disposable Electronic Cigarettes come in an assortment of delicious flavors, but the enlighted aromas in the lineup also awaken your taste palettes, offering a jolt of piquancy that you thought was lost forever because of your smoking habits. So, not only will you be able to taste the sweet tang in each puff, but your clothes, hands, and breath will no longer smell like rancid tobacco smoke and the air quality will be free from the presence of tobacco toxins and offensive smells. 

What’s your e-cig flavor are you vaping these days? Drop a comment below to compare your taste palette with our other readers. 


What type of nicotine replacement therapies help you to quit smoking?

Stressed female executive vaping at work

Whether you want to quit smoking for health or financial reasons, if you’re significantly dependent on high-levels of nicotine, you may be struggling with the pains of physical and mental withdrawal. But what if we told you that a steady dose of nicotine is possible through the use of nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) and the success rates can help you combat your once-loved smoking routine? That’s right! Nicotine replacement therapies are now more innovative than ever before and the best part is that you can choose how to taper down your nicotine needs without needing to worry about the toxic effects of inhaling tobacco. So, are you ready to greatly impact your quit success through the use of contemporary NRTs? 

How does your nicotine replacement therapy work?

Nicotine replacement therapies help ex-smokers combat the difficult withdrawal symptoms that coincide with quitting combustible cigarettes. While they aim to temporarily replace the much-needed nicotine to the brain, those hoping to rid their body of tobacco for good often use them to achieve long-term smoking cessation, slowly lowering their dosages over time and using a continuous treatment. Since there’s an assortment of NRTs, it isn’t uncommon for recent ex-smokers to juggle a few at a time to see which products work effectively for them. That being said, there are some cases where people manage to quit without the use of any nicotine replacement therapies, however, NRTs heighten their chances of success. 

What types of nicotine replacement therapies do ex-smokers use?

Most nicotine replacement therapy products are recommended based on how much you smoke, so, before selecting the appropriate choice for you, first determine whether you’re a light (less than 10 cigarettes daily), moderate (less than a pack daily) or heavy smoker (more than a pack daily). 

The following NRTs are recommended for those who are light to medium smokers:

  • Nicotine patch
  • Nicotine gum
  • Nicotine nasal spray
  • Nicotine inhaler
  • Nicotine lozenges
  • E-cigarettes with lower nicotine levels

The following NRTs are recommended for those who are medium to heavy smokers:

How do you get the most out of your nicotine replacement therapy? 

All of the above NRTs, except one, offer ex-smokers’ relief from their physical dependence of combustible cigarettes. However, with the use of an e-cig starter kit, you possess the power to also combat your mental and psychological dependencies to smoking, such as the feel of something in your hands, flavors you’re accustomed to, and the satisfying hand-to-mouth motion. So, if you want to get the most out of your nicotine replacement therapy, ensure that you give vaping a try! 

Vaping is single-handedly the best way that you can ensure success in quitting smoking altogether, and when it’s paired alongside the right NRT (based on your past smoking habits), your new, smokeless lifestyle could become an ongoing, everyday routine. Although NRTs are encouraged to help the process along, your prosperity will also heavily rely on your ability to maintain routine changes in your life such as exercise, dietary adjustments, and an invaluable support system. So, if you want the most favorable outcome, try making the most of your healthier, habitual day-to-day! 

Which of the above nicotine replacement therapies have you found success with? Drop a comment below to encourage others to break free of their daily grind of combustible smoking. 

What is a disposable e-cigarette and where did it come from?

disposable electronic cigarette

disposable electronic cigarette

Whether you’re a first-time vaper or a transitioning ex-smoker, most people prefer the simplicity of a disposable electronic cigarette. Aside from their easy-to-use versatility, these devices possess incredible battery power to ensure that they can lavishly last 250-400 puffs! The best part is that instead of packing around extra e-liquid cartomizers that have the potential to spill in your bag, you can carry around a couple of different flavored disposable ecigs to taunt your taste buds throughout the day. Now that you’re hooked on the benefits of disposables, why not learn about the origins of this outstanding technology? 

What’s the history of disposable electronic cigarettes? 

First invented by Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist who struggled with smoking cessation, the disposable electronic cigarette was a ground-breaking solution for those who previously struggled when attempting to quit traditional cigarettes. Creating a discreet way of consuming nicotine without combustion, as well as a liquid solution without the toxic, foreign chemicals prominent in cigarette products, disposable electronic cigarettes have managed to replicate the feel and shape of smoking while using a heated vapor technology. That being said, one of the earliest versions of disposable electronic cigarettes was released in 2004 and since then, the flavors, battery power, and overall practicality have modernized to find these handy products at the top of any person’s quit-smoking wish-list! Nevertheless, how do you choose a brand? 

What separates EonSmoke Disposable Electronic Cigarettes from the rest? 

Many people still enjoy the throw-and-go approach that disposable e-cigs offer them, which is part of the reason that EonSmoke products are some of our best-sellers. Not only are they offered in 16 amazing, fruit-filled flavors, including Pomegranate, Blue Raspberry, and Kiwi Strawberry to name a few, but these nifty devices come in a unique 6.8% nicotine strength, which caters to the needs of heavy ex-smokers. This less-common concentration level is made possible due to the salt nicotine contents within the e-liquids, a technology that has become increasingly popular on the market because of its ability to vaporize at lower temperatures, easily absorb into the bloodstream and produce a smoother, more exciting vaping experience. 

So, if you’re on the hunt for a durable, high-quality disposable that checks all of your must-haves, consider trying an EonSmoke Disposable Electronic Cigarette. After all, the battery power is 280 MAH! 

Which flavor are you most excited to try from the EonSmoke lineup? Drop a comment below to compare with other readers.  

Study debunks myth suggesting e-cigs are the gateway to teen smoking

Since vaping is a nicotine replacement therapy that should only be used by adults who are trying to wean down their dependency to combustible cigarettes, it’s concerning when anyone underage gets their hands on a product designed to combat nicotine addiction. However, there’s good news! A 2019 e-cigarette study examined a controlled group of teens and has concluded that the proposed link between e-cig use and future combustible cigarette use is largely attributable to shared risk factors and not experimentation. This means that while teens are doing what teens do, trying new things, e-cigarette use won’t increase their risk of becoming smokers. That’s right! This e-cigarette study is debunking this long-standing myth!  

The study

In November 2019, new research was published in the medical journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research suggesting that any relationship between teenage vaping and smoking can be attributed to shared risk factors the individual is surrounded by peers or parents who smoke combustible cigarettes or they consume alcohol. 

The findings of the above e-cigarette study bridge off from another analysis reviewed at the University of California, San Francisco. This 2018 research concluded that the progression of e-cigarette use was not a direct correlation with e-cig experimentation and those who went on to smoke combustible cigarettes were part of an established group who had experimented with cigarettes before.  

What was the result? 

The e-cigarette study evaluated 12,000 middle school and high school students across the United States, using complex statistical methods to account for pre-existing differences among the group and looking at demographic information such as race and sex, as well as behavioral information, such as how often a teen was disciplined and how often they took risks. 

Arielle Selya, the study’s lead author and assistant scientist at Sanford Health in South Dakota said, “it’s really important to hold off on making policies on e-cigarettes—like Eonsmoke Disposable Devices—until we have a more solid understanding… [because my] research undermines the ‘gateway hypothesis’ that vaping leads to smoking.”

That being said, while there are studies that are published in the media telling the public that adolescents who vape will likely start smoking, it’s important to know that these researchers are drawing a very difficult conclusion that’s not based on the shared risk factors around them. 

“Most studies out there are biased when it comes to looking at the effects of e-cigarettes [because of] a ‘knee-jerk reaction’ about regulating vaping products,” said Selya and “over-regulating e-cigarettes could actually push teenagers to smoke” not the other way around. 

What are your thoughts on this contemporary e-cigarette study? Drop a comment below to share your thoughts.

Last opportunity to buy flavored Logic Ecigs and EonSmoke JUUL Compatible PODS

ATTENTION! The Food and Drug Administration is pulling a range of e-cigarette products from the market, including all fruit and mint-flavored disposable cartomizers and capsules. So, with the exception of menthol and tobacco, all other flavors will be banned as of February 6, 2020, which means that companies will no longer be allowed to manufacture, distribute or sell unauthorized e-cigs. That being said, if you’re one of the many vapers who rely on a particularly sweet piquancy to curb your hankering for a combustible cigarette, we recommend that you place a bulk order before these new restrictions start disrupting your harmonized vaping routine. 

Which products are leaving our shelves?

Unfortunately, both Logic and EonSmoke will be discontinuing many popular infusions from their product list, including Logic Power Series Platinum Label Cherry Starter Kit, Logic Power Series Platinum Label Cherry Cartomizer, Logic Pro Gold Label Strawberry Capsule, Logic Pro Gold Label Cherry Capsule, Logic Pro Gold Label Berry Mint Capsule as well as the entire selection of EonSmoke JUUL Compatible products. While this news is disheartening, the choice collection of EonSmoke Disposable Electronic Cigarettes and both the Logic Power Series and Logic Pro Advanced Vapor Systems, which feature tobacco and menthol items, will continue to be available for adults to use as a quit-smoking cessation aid. 

Get them before they’re gone! 

There are officially only 7 days left before you will no longer be able to purchase fruit and mint-flavored capsules and cartomizers, which means that this is your last opportunity to place an order to receive some of your favorite aromas. So, whether you want to gather a collection of EonSmoke JUUL Compatible PODS or enjoy the comfort and distinctive qualities that are offered by Logic’s Berry Mint, Cherry or Strawberry capsules, you’ll want to snag whatever is left on our shelves. 

Please note that since we’re in the process of liquidating the entire inventory of the above products, quantities may vary and some flavors may no longer be available since all stock is being sold on a first-come-first-served basis. Thank you for your understanding! 

What has been your favorite flavor to vape over the years? Drop a comment below to compare among other readers.