No tricks, just treats: Quit smoking tips to help provide support to your loved ones

While there couldn’t possibly be a single trick that would work to provide encouragement and support for every person who was attempting to quit smoking, there are quite a few stay-away-from-tobacco tips that could work, and as the loved one of someone who’s looking to make the change, this blog contains some valuable advice that will assist you in providing stimulation. So, have a read and let us know which quit smoking tips were appreciated and which could use some amending. 

How to provide help and encouragement to your friends and family

Is someone you love seeking your support in their quit-smoking journey? Whether you’re an ex-smoker who has successfully transitioned away from tobacco use or a trusted advisor whom others look to for advice, it’s a huge responsibility when you’re looking to provide the right encouragement and support to instill motivation in those around you. 

So, if you’re on the hunt for some rewarding quit smoking tips that will best assist your loved ones on their smoke-free transformation, here are some suggestions that we think you should try:

  • Do respect that your loved one is in charge and that their lifestyle change is a challenge that they need to want to overcome.  
  • Do communicate with the individual who’s trying to quit and ask them how they want you to approach this topic of conversation with them. Are you allowed to regularly check up? Should you ask how they’re feeling daily? Do they want you to congratulate them on their smaller successes? 
  • Do assure your loved one that they can talk to you whenever they need words of encouragement. 
  • Do assist in the occasional drop-off of quit smoking goodies, such as hard candy, plastic straws for chewing, and even some cut up veggies to help kick those mental cravings. 
  • Do spend some time helping to keep their mind busy. Offer to go with them to the movies or take a walk together to help the craving pass. 
  • Do try to invite them to smoke-free environments, meaning that you should encourage outside activities and only invite them over if no one who you live with smokes in and around the residence. 
  • Do help them to remove any remnants of their past smoking life, including lighters, ashtrays, and even clothing if the smell can’t be washed away. 
  • Do celebrate with them along the way. Quitting smoking is a pretty big deal!
  • Don’t doubt their ability to give up smoking.
  • Don’t judge, nag, or scold if they have a slip-up. 
  • Don’t call them out on their grumpiness. The symptoms of nicotine withdrawal are real and usually affect their mood within the first two weeks of the quit smoking process. 
  • Don’t offer advice that disregards their current plan or program. Instead, ask how you can help them to make changes that may benefit their process. 

How to extend your support if your loved one slips up 

All people are beautifully imperfect and when someone you care for is trying to quit smoking, you need to do your best to comfort them, even if a slip up occurs. 

Follow these quit smoking tips if there’s a slip:

  • Do remind them of how long they went without a combustible cigarette before their slip. 
  • Do help the quitter remember the reasons that they wanted to stop smoking in the first place.
  • Do continue to extend your encouragement and support by reminding them that wanting to quit far separates them from being a smoker. 
  • Don’t assume that they will start smoking as they did before. A “slip up” can range from taking a puff to smoking an entire combustible cigarette and this is a pretty common thing for someone who’s on their first few attempts. 

What to do if your smoker relapses 

If a relapse happens, it’s best to remind your loved ones that it’s just practice for the next time. They shouldn’t give up on their efforts and your encouragement and support are often what’s needed to give them the motivation to give quitting another go. Also, keep in mind that many smokers struggle to quit smoking cold turkey and often transition easier with the help of a Logic vape pen. E-cigs allow ex-smokers a slow progression and weans them to lower nicotine concentration levels over time. That way they never have to experience the struggles that come with nicotine withdrawal. So, if the person you care about fails to quit or starts smoking again after their first attempt, suggest e-cigs as an alternative to get the ball rolling. 

In the meantime, here are some quit smoking tips for a smoker who relapses: 

  • Do praise them for trying to quit (whatever length of time they completed).
  • Do remind them that trying again does not insinuate a failure.
  • Do encourage them to learn from past attempts. 

Do you have any advice to offer our readers who’re looking for support tips? Drop a comment below to start a conversation. 


Older users are quitting smoking at slower rates, study

A new study shows that more than a million people in the UK have quit smoking since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, with close to half (41%) reporting that their decision to quit was based on heightened health concerns. What was most intriguing about was that among the group of ex-smokers who recently quit, younger smokers (under 29) had higher quit rates despite being less susceptible to the virus, according to health experts

The study

The UK charity Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) conducted a survey between April 15 to June 20 and saw a surge of more than one million people in Britain succeeding in their quit-smoking attempts. Since the COVID pandemic hit worldwide, many smokers learned that they were at a higher risk of virus transmission, and what’s even more interesting is that even though older people were considered more vulnerable to COVID, younger smokers appear to be giving up traditional smoking at a much higher rate. 

What was the result?

Of the one million participants who claimed to have quit smoking, around 400,000 people were aged 16 to 29, compared to 240,000 who were over 50-years-old. While thousands have heeded the advice to quit during the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a great variation by age, with younger smokers quitting at a much greater rate than older smokers. 

“For young people who have been quitting, there’s a desire to generally be more healthy, and take control at a time in their lives where that control has been taken away,” said Hazel Cheeseman, the policy director for AHS. 

“Older smokers have been smoking longer because most people start in their teens. They’re therefore more likely to be more heavily addicted and therefore quitting is more difficult for them,” she added.

How can the Logic vape pen help?

While some people can quit cold turkey, others struggle with nicotine withdrawal symptoms. So, if you want to kick the habit without irritability, the Logic vape pen is a great stop-smoking aid. 

Offering ex-smokers a range of nicotine concentration levels with the choice to select a disposable electronic cigarette or a re-useable device with replaceable cartridges, the Logic vape pen is an intuitive, modern-day technology that fulfills the nicotine needs of the ex-smoker, while also satisfying their mental dependencies. 

If you want to learn more about how vaping can change your life, read our blog for e-cig news updates, informative how-tos, and general submissions about vaping culture. 

Do you know anyone that quit smoking during the COVID pandemic? Drop your personal experience below to share with our readers. 

World Mental Health Day: Could e-cigs provide a means to help those who suffer quit smoking?

While e-cigarettes have been used for over a decade to provide users with a safer nicotine delivery method that minimizes the harms associated with smoking tobacco, the effectiveness of e-cigs as cessation aids amongst those suffering from mental illness is still being explored further. So, while multiple studies and health entries published by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) have pointed to the fact that mentally ill individuals have higher smoking rates when compared to the general population, it’s believed that they could greatly benefit from e-cigs as a safer alternative. 

Can e-cigs help to reduce smoking rates among people with mental health conditions?

Since this subject is something we’ve never discussed in our blogs before, we thought it would be best to examine a recent study and smoke-free initiative statement.

The study: Titled, “E-cigarette Use and Associated Factors Among Smokers With Severe Mental Illness,” this study examined 526 adult smokers (medium age range of 46-years-old) with a documented diagnosis of a severe mental illness (SMI). The compiled data indicated that the majority (70.3%) of the participants had tried an e-cigarette, and more importantly, of those who had tried one, over half (54.6%) used it to quit smoking, while 13.9% reported it helped to reduce their smoking. 

What was the result: Smoking was found to be more prevalent among people who had severe mental illness than the general population and e-cigs could provide an effective means of helping people to quit. However, factors such as education levels and the number of prior quit attempts were also factored to fully explore the effectiveness of e-cigs, such as the Logic vape pen, as a cessation aid for smokers. 

Mental Health Smoking Partnership statement: Titled, “Why Smoking and Mental Health Matters”, and orchestrated by the Mental Health and Smoking Partnership, it’s emphasized that smoking retains a strong presence in mental health settings, and e-cigs, alongside other harm reduction tools, should be made easily available to help reduce smoking rates. While smoke-free policies are a vital means to assist in the changing of cultural norms, a more enabling approach towards vaping should be taken, including the consideration of making e-cigs a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) that is readily accessible for those who need them. 

What’s next?

Despite a drop in the general population’s smoking rates in recent years, the rates amongst people struggling with mental health conditions have remained unchanged, and as high as 70% for those in psychiatric settings. While e-cigs, such as the Logic vape pen, are not the only stop-smoking aids on the market, they should be a legitimate method for quitting across all mental health settings. 

Do you have anything to contribute to the conversation? Drop a comment below to share with our readers. 

Why you should review the Logic products you love

At a time when e-cigs play a vital role in helping ex-smokers lower their nicotine levels,  first-time vapers are hungry for objective advice and guidance to help in their decision making which can only come from real users, whereas some brands are just looking to benefit themselves. That’s why it’s so important for established vapers to declare their experiences in a place where it would be valued, such as the product review section on Nevertheless, if you’re willing to share your opinions on your favorite Logic products, here are some reasons to justify doing it as soon as possible. 

You can use this as an opportunity to educate first-time vapers 

Since there’s a wide assortment of information available online at the click of a button, there’s a higher likelihood of a novice vaper stumbling upon false or misleading material that may persuade them against trying an innovative product. So, as a means of combating misinformation that may deter first-time vapers from using e-cigs to successfully transition away from combustible cigarettes, please offer an objective review. Aside from word-of-mouth, this will allow you to best communicate why you selected the Logic vape pen, while also highlighting the benefits that it has provided to you throughout your changeover. Authentic critiques can be hard to come by, so be sure to focus on what you love most about the product and why you’ve chosen as your one-stop-shop for everything Logic! 

It allows you to offer up some expertise

While it’s the job of e-cig manufacturers to handle the production, distribution, and marketing channels of the business, many people in charge of conducting those affairs have never tried a Logic vape pen and were selected based on their skills rather than their experiences using the devices. So, while there are lots of people that will tell first-time vapers why their product is the best, only those who are using it to control their nicotine intake can offer a useful perspective.

You get to support the brand you love

Well-loved brands possess the power to formulate a relationship with their customers and if you’re one of the many who have fallen for the desirability of the Logic brand, it’s important to show your support. Nurturing a brand will allow it to grow and furthering its developments will ensure more technological advancements and the overall longevity of its products. So, when you’re encouraging people to buy Logic vape pens, you’re securing your access to one of the best smoking cessation aids on the market. 

You’ll receive a sweet discount

Whether you’re fond of the Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarette, the Logic Power Series, or the Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System, leaving a descriptive product review will secure you an automatic 3% discount coupon on a future order. So, aside from loving the products you use and the service you receive, you’re also able to reap the benefits of vaping at a lower cost to you. It’s a win, win! 

Which of the above reasons is the most important to you? Drop a comment below to compare with other readers.

How does the Quick Order System work?

While there are many ways to save when you shop on write a review, grab a membership, and take advantage of free shipping — there’s no greater way to save for a rainy day then using their Quick Order System. Once you find out all the fantastic advantages that come along with this easy purchasing setup, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to make the switch! 

What’s I Love Ecigs’ Quick Order System and how does it work?

We all lead busy lives and sometimes our needs can get tossed aside to make room for other responsibilities. That’s why the Quick Order System exists! When your mind is occupied with work and chores, it can be easy to forget when you’re running low on e-cig cartomizers and capsules, and since vaping is considered to be a lifeline for those who have transitioned away from combustible cigarettes, it would be worrisome if your supply ran out. 

Our Quick Order System is an essential service for recurring customers who buy Logic vape pens online because they enjoy the carefree convenience of having their vape necessities delivered right to their doorstep. With the ability to select your product, quantity, and a frequency schedule, you are able to free up more time for other important tasks, have an accessible stockpile to all their favorite products, and never be left with the unwanted feeling of nicotine withdrawal. 

So, whether you live an on-the-go lifestyle or you simply enjoy the benefits that are offered through ongoing, limited contact delivery, it’s time for you to set up a schedule that works for you, and start reaping the benefits of bulk ordering while you’re at it! 

What’s the difference between Guest Price, Member Price, and VIP Club Member Price?

The Quick Order System’s pricing is broken down into three purchasing categories, with the opportunity to make a single bulk purchase or set up a high-volume, recurring delivery schedule. The more items that you order, the cheaper each item becomes, and extra discounts are offered for those who sign up for an exclusive membership. Regardless of how you choose to use the Quick Order System, you can rest assured that I Love Ecigs offers the best prices on the market, guaranteed! 

Which products can be purchased through our Quick Order System? 

The system is set up so that shoppers can buy their favorite Logic vape pens online in the quantity and frequency that best suits their vaping style and needs. Products include the Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarette, the Logic Power Series, and the Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System devices, including their cartomizer and capsule refills, which are available in tobacco and menthol. 

If you have any further questions about how to buy Logic vape pens online for the best prices possible, drop a comment below!

What are the performance and battery life expectancy of your Logic vape pen device?

The simplicity of a device goes hand-in-hand with its performance, as e-cig technology has advanced rapidly over the years and it can prove to be challenging when trying to keep up with the times. Needless to say, mimicking the look and feel of a combustible cigarette is the bare minimum expected nowadays, as many ex-smokers are finding more enjoyment with devices that perform well and possess enduring batteries. Find out why the Logic vape pen is a perfect device to meet your expectations. 

How does the Logic vape pen’s performance outweigh other e-cigs?

While e-cigarettes come in many shapes, sizes, and brands, none are as intuitive and proficient as the Logic vape pen. Made to look similar to a regular cigarette, the Logic vape pen is a slim, pocketable technology that’s offered as a convenient disposable or replaceable cartomizer and capsule device. That way regardless of your vaping preference, you’re still able to enjoy Logic’s signature tobacco and menthol flavoring. Trust our customers when they say nothing tastes quite like Logic! 

As far as performance goes, ILoveEcigs is one of the few suppliers that truly stands behind their product, offering users a fair warranty, return, and exchange policy that includes defects in material and workmanship under normal use of the item. This means that you’ll be able to rely on the superior operation of your Logic vape pen for years to come. Not to mention, both the Logic Power Series and Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System disassemble in three-parts (mouthpiece, cartomizer or capsule, and battery), complete with coil integration, so there’s less opportunity for user error. 

What’s the battery life expectancy of your Logic vape pen?

While your brand-new device’s battery life is partially dependent on how often you use it, a full charge will approximately last 300 to 500 puffs. However, the Logic brand does suggest replacing your battery after one year due to normal wear and tear, especially if you’re a frequent vaper. 

How to ensure your device and its battery lasts longer?

Like any electronic, proper care and regular maintenance will ensure longevity for your device and its battery. Here are some things we suggest:

  • Don’t over-charge your battery.
  • Only charge the battery when the device is below 25% power. 
  • Routinely disassemble your device and wipe down the terminals between the battery and mouthpiece to ensure that it’s clean of junk and debris. 
  • Store your device in a cool, dry environment to avoid overheating.
  • Don’t drop your device.

What do you find most exciting about Logic’s performance and battery life? Drop a comment below to compare with other readers.

Study: Flavored vaping ban hurts smokers trying to make the switch

While the use of e-cigs and traditional cigarettes among American youth isn’t uncommon, the restricted access to e-cigarettes is worrisome for first-time and longstanding vapers. While brands, such as the popular Logic vape pen, are still able to offer tobacco and menthol e-cigs, many vapers were reliant on a variety of other flavors as their smoking cessation aids to curb their cravings for combustibles. So, rather than curtailing e-cig use among youth, the flavored vape ban is mainly causing current vapers to return to their old smoking habits. 

The following study assesses the perspectives of American youth towards e-cig use and why ex-smokers are the ones who are suffering. 

The study

Lawmakers and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned fruit and mint-flavored electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) and replaceable cartomizers and capsules this past February in hopes of curbing teen use. However, the following study, “Youth Perceptions of JUUL in the United States”, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association of Pediatrics provides new evidence to suggest that the counteractive measures of banning flavored vape products played little to no role in assisting with the teen vaping epidemic and instead, researchers found that young people who use e-cig devices, were doing so as part of their natural teenage experimentation and to seek social inclusion. In other words, kids vape or smoke combustible cigarettes to look cool and the flavored vaping ban harms ex-smokers by stripping them of their right to use a far less harmful smoking cessation tool. 

What was the result? 

The authors of the following MyVoice e-cig study surveyed 1,129 subjects, aged 14 to 24 via text message, and found that a mere 5% reported that it was the variety of fruit and mint-based flavors that attracted them to e-cigs. 

“It’s not just about the flavors,” said MyVoice founder and senior author, Tammy Chang. 

“It’s about understanding the motivations for using these products, and their attitudes toward risks.” 

Savvy youth instead reported that they’re using e-cigs because it’s about being cool, an “experimentation that happens naturally in adolescence.” 

While the FDA and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) continue to aggressively push the war on vaping, ex-smokers are struggling to find a safer alternative to combustible cigarettes and a more effective form of smoking cessation, and under the FDA’s current policy, unauthorized flavored cartridge-based e-cigs (other than tobacco or menthol vape pens that are manufactured by approved companies such as Logic) are under strict, not-for-sale enforcements. 

What are your thoughts on the above claim? Do you agree that flavored e-cigs are beneficial for transitioning vapers? Drop your opinion in the comments section below.

Two mistakes first-time vapers make when selecting their e-liquid

While vape retailers are making it easier than ever before for users to buy their e-cigs online, few are taking the time to educate their customers on why their unique brand assists transitioning vapers. Sure, they will use digital marketing tactics to gain traction, but word-of-mouth is huge in this business and since tobacco and menthol extracts are the only flavors remaining on the market, it’s important to help pair new vapers with an e-liquid that will meet their basic needs. So, novice vapers rejoice because I Love Ecigs is here to tell you why our brand can offer you a satisfying and fulfilling experience! But first, avoid these two mistakes when selecting your e-liquid of choice.  

Purchasing the wrong flavor

While consumers are only permitted to buy e-cigs and e-liquids online that are approved or undergoing approval by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there’s no arguing that each brand possesses its own unique take on the taste of tobacco and menthol. So, if you’re a novice vaping who’s just starting to develop an enjoyment from flavor profiles that mimic the smooth and delicious piquancy of your past smoking experience, then you can rely on Logic’s lineup of traditional, bold tobacco e-liquid and a refreshing menthol e-liquid for both disposable and replaceable e-cigs.

Using the wrong nicotine strength 

A successful transition away from combustible cigarette smoking to vaping is reliant on your ability to meet your body’s nicotine needs, which can be done through the purchase of an e-liquid extract that offers an equivalent nicotine concentration level. 

Medium to heavy ex-smokers adore the punch that’s packed into the 27 mg (2.4% nicotine) that’s offered in both Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarettes and the Logic Power Series. However, if you were a recreational user, the better option would be the light 20 mg (1.8% nicotine) that’s exhibited in the Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System

Are there any other factors that first-vapers should consider when selecting the right e-liquid? Drop a comment below to share with our readers. 


How the Logic brand is working with the FDA to meet new regulations

Combustible cigarettes have had a devastating impact on public health, leading to tobacco-associated cancers, emphysema, and heart disease, which is responsible for almost half a million deaths in the U.S. per year. E-cigarettes have managed to diminish some of the harmful effects of smoking, but in recent years, have received pushback from the government for further regulation. So, here are the most recent developments in how e-cigs manufacturers and retailers are working with the Federal Drug and Food Administration (FDA) to gain approval as smoking cessation aids. 

Meeting the requirements for ENDS manufacturers

Since late 2016, the Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) gained regulatory authority over all Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), including e-cigarettes, vapes, e-liquids, e-cigars, e-pipes, and e-hookahs, which meant that this government agency would handle all of the managerial and legal requirements that would be set in place for the manufacturers of e-cigarette products, such as the Logic vape pen

Where it stands, all makers on the market need to meet the following criteria:

  • Register their brand and submit a list of all products, including labeling and advertisements. 
  • Submit tobacco health documentation. 
  • Submit full ingredient listings of all e-liquid products. 
  • Include the required warning statement on all packaging and advertisements for ENDS and e-liquids stating, “WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.” 

Logic is one of the five shortlisted brands that have been allowed to continue sales throughout the U.S. due to their compliance with the above guidelines. 

Successfully utilizing premarket review requirements 

Premarketing authorization requirements took effect on August 8, 2016, requiring manufacturers to gain authorization by the FDA before their products would continue to be sold on the market. Ultimately, this FDA revision will take up to a one-year period (from May 12, 2020), where vapers will be able to buy Logic vape pens and other e-cigs and e-liquids online while the manufacturers are complying with ongoing regulations to be deemed as safe, smoking cession aids. So, by 2021, Logic will receive its official authorization as a stop-smoking treatment and will continue to provide ex-smokers with both tobacco and menthol e-cig options.

Restricting access youth have to ENDS

While it’s easy to buy Logic vape pens online and in-person from an accredited retailer if you’re over the age of 21, I Love Ecigs is working hard to ensure that stop-smoking aids remain in the hands of the ex-smokers who need them. We check that all purchasers are allowed to buy e-cigarettes in accordance with the regulations under the Tobacco Control Act and enforce, through marketing, that our products contain nicotine and should only be used by adults to transition away from combustible cigarette smoking. 

Conducting manufacturer and retailer checks

As an accredited retailer and licensed e-cig vendor we carry a Tobacco Wholesale license and online sales license, which allows us to continue to distribute Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarettes, Logic Power Series, Logic Advanced Pro Vapor Systems, and their cartomizer and capsule refills, to customers across the U.S. So, as long as you vape Logic and enjoy our amazing customer service, you will be able to grab hold of your favorite products for years to come. 

Do you have any other questions about the Logic brand or FDA regulations? Drop a comment below and we will do our best to answer your questions and concerns.

Why do vapers prefer menthol e-cigs over tobacco?

Whether you’re brand-new to the world of vaping or you’ve been using e-cigs for years, there are many reasons why vapers prefer to use menthol e-cigs to tame their cravings for traditional smoking. Aside from finding the flavoring to be similar, if not better, than conventional menthols, e-cigs offer a delicious nonabrasive taste that helps to gently acclimate users to vaping. So, while it’s likely that you vape as a means of remaining smoke-free, it’s important not to get tired of your flavor choice, which is why menthol disposables, cartomizers, and capsules provide a good punch and an even better after-taste. That being said, you’re probably wondering what the main benefits of vaping this smooth flavor are? 

It’s a nice change of smell and flavor

One of the many reasons why smokers transition to vaping is because they’re tired of the lingering taste and odor that traditional tobacco leaves behind. Typical tobacco flavors include anise, clove, and cinnamon, all of which are strong, robust aromas that possess a potent, spicy stench that can easily cling to clothing and hair. On the other hand, menthols are known for their retention of minty fragrance and are reminiscent of eucalyptus and other conifer scents naturally released by trees. So, the taste and smell of the menthol e-cigs you buy online are undeniably more refreshing, cooling, and sweet, making them an invigorating option for those vapers who’re looking to make a change. 

The throat hit is stronger

Ex-smokers are conditioned to enjoy the punchy throat hit that follows the inhalation of nicotine, however, this sensation is better achieved when you buy menthol e-cigs online! Offering a powerful blend of delicious flavor, menthol cartomizers, and capsules allow vapers to tailor their experience by boosting the throat hit, a very prominent sensation that occurs at the back of the throat, which significantly benefits ex-heavy smokers looking for a dominant flavor to enhance their vaping experience. 

Aside from the flavor, other elements can impact the intensity of the throat hit, including nicotine levels, PG/VG mixes, and temperature and airflow settings. Lucky for you, Logic menthol e-cigs offer a perfect blend of rich, minty flavoring, vigorous nicotine strengths, and high-performance functionality to allow for a satisfying puff every time. 

Do you buy menthol e-cigs online over tobacco e-cigs? Drop a comment below to start a conversation.