Why was it so important to keep menthol e-cigs on the market?

In April 2022, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced its decision to keep menthol e-cigs available—a move that has been warmly welcomed in the vaping community. This decision not only preserves consumer choice but also acknowledges the potential benefits of menthol e-cigs as smoking alternatives. 

Preserving consumer choices and preferences

The FDA’s decision to maintain menthol e-cigs on the market recognizes the importance of preserving consumer choice. Many vapers prefer menthol flavors for their smoothness and cooling sensation, which can make the transition from traditional cigarettes more manageable. By allowing menthol e-cigs to remain available, the FDA supports harm reduction strategies that empower smokers to make the switch. 

Addressing public health concerns responsibly

Critics have raised concerns about the appeal of flavored e-cigs to youth, promoting regulatory scrutiny. However, the FDA’s approach balances these concerns with the recognition that menthol flavors can play a crucial role in harm reduction efforts. With easy access to order online and age verification upon delivery, vendors ensure that responsible, adult vapers are the only ones who get their hands on these devices. 

Supporting harm reduction and smoking cessation efforts

Logic menthol e-cigs are among the brands now back on the market, offering smokers a familiar and satisfying alternative. These products provide consumers with a choice that aligns with their preferences while reducing their exposure to the harmful chemicals found in combustible cigarettes. For individuals looking to quit smoking, having access to menthol e-cigs can be a critical factor in their journey towards better health.  

Acknowledging the science behind harm reduction

The decision for the FDA to keep menthol e-cigs available reflects a growing body of scientific evidence supporting their ability to support harm reduction. In fact, switching from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs can significantly reduce exposure to harmful toxins and carcinogens associated with smoking. Menthol e-cigs, specifically, provide a viable option for smokers who find menthol flavors essential to their smoking experience. 

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4 tips for enhancing your vaping experience with menthols

Do you want to get your hands on a product with a refreshing and invigorating flavor profile? Whether you’re new to vaping or looking to upgrade your current experience, we’re here to offer up tips on how to get the most out of menthol vaping.

Choose quality menthol e-liquids

The foundation of a great menthol vaping experience lies in choosing high-quality e-liquids. This means looking for brands specializing in menthol flavors by using premium ingredients. Opt for e-liquids that strike the right balance between minty freshness and smoothness, enhancing your vaping sessions with every puff. Once you learn the taste, you can further experiment with different menthol intensities to find your preferred level of cooling sensation. 

Proper maintenance and care

To maintain optimal performance and flavor consistency, regularly clean and maintain your vaping device. Residue buildup from e-liquids can affect the taste and vapor production of menthol flavors over time. Clean the tank or pod regularly with warm water and dry it thoroughly. This simple practice ensures a fresh and enjoyable menthol vaping experience with each use.

Stay hydrated and mindful

Menthol vaping, like any form of vaping, can impact hydration levels. However, you can stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking plenty of water, especially if you find menthol e-liquids to be particularly cooling. Be mindful of how menthol affects your throat and respiratory system, adjusting your vaping habits accordingly for a comfortable experience. 

Pairing menthol with nicotine strength

When selecting menthol e-liquids, it’s best to match your device with your current vaping habits. Menthol flavors can complement different nicotine strengths, affecting both the throat hit and overall sensation of each puff. Higher nicotine strengths with menthol can deliver a more robust throat hit, mimicking the experience of traditional cigarettes. Lower nicotine strengths paired with menthol can offer a smoother inhale, which is ideal for those who prioritize flavors over throat hit. Moreover, understanding how nicotine strength interacts with menthol flavors can help you tailor your vaping experience to achieve your desired balance of satisfaction. 

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Can smoking impact women’s reproductive health?

While smoking affects many aspects of your health, its impact on women’s reproductive health is particularly concerning. The harmful substances in combustible cigarettes can have detrimental effects on fertility, pregnancy outcomes, and overall reproductive health. However, understanding these effects is crucial for women who are planning to conceive or are already pregnant.

 Impact on fertility

Smoking can significantly reduce a woman’s ability to conceive. This is because the toxins in combustible cigarette smoke, such as nicotine and carbon monoxide, can interfere with the function of the ovaries, reducing the number of eggs and their quality. Further, studies also show the impact that women who smoke face when it comes to infertility—it may take them longer to conceive. Another study has also linked combustible cigarette smoking to an earlier onset of menopause, which shortens the reproductive window for women (although more evidence is needed to support this claim). 

Smoking and pregnancy

The dangers of smoking extend well into pregnancy. When a pregnant woman smokes combustible cigarettes, she exposes her developing baby to harmful chemicals that can cross the placenta and affect fetal development. Smoking during pregnancy is also associated with an increased risk of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, and preterm birth. With additional issues such as low birth weight and developmental issues for the baby, there are many risks to both mother and child when the mom continues to smoke throughout her pregnancy.  

Long-term consequences 

The impact of smoking is not limited to the immediate pregnancy period. Children to mothers who smoked during pregnancy are at a higher risk of developing respiratory problems, learning difficulties, and behavioral issues. They may also be more prone to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). For the mother, smoking can lead to long-term reproductive health issues, including increased risk of cervical cancer and complications with future pregnancies

Quitting smoking for better reproductive health 

The best way to mitigate the risks associated with smoking and pregnancy is to quit smoking entirely. Women who stop smoking before conception can improve their chances of a healthy pregnancy and reduce the risk of complications. Even those who quit during the early stages of pregnancy can see significant benefits for both their health and their baby’s development. 

Using e-cigs to quit smoking

For those struggling to quit smoking, e-cigs can be a viable option. This is because e-cigs provide a less harmful alternative to traditional smoking by offering nicotine delivery without the harmful chemicals found in tobacco smoke. Be sure to consult with your healthcare provider if you need further support or resources as a woman who wants to quit smoking.  

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How to save on your e-cig purchases amid rising inflation

Saving money is increasingly important in today’s economic climate. With inflation on the rise, finding ways to cut costs on everyday purchases like e-cigs can make a significant difference to your budget. If you’re a fan of Logic e-cigs and frequently shop with us, there are several strategies you can employ to maximize your savings without compromising on quality. 

Take advantage of promotions and discounts

While some websites only offer seasonal sales, we take pride in slashing prices on your favorite Logic e-cigs year-round. With a 5% site-wide discount automatically offered when you buy as a registered member, our costs are already far lower than competing websites. Plus, there are additional ways for you to save on your purchase—use our monthly discount code, grab hold of a VIP membership, and order your products in bulk.  

Buy in bulk

Purchasing Logic e-cigs in bulk quantities offers shoppers significant savings per unit. With varying bulk discounts for guests, members, and VIP members, you can ensure that you get the lowest cost per capsule or device, reducing your overall expenditure in the long run. While discounts are the primary reason that customers use our easy ordering system, this method also offers the convenience of having e-cigs delivered on a predictable schedule.

Sign up for emails and follow on social media

Want to know a cool fact? Our subscribers are the first to know about any exclusive discounts. However, signing up for emails offers more than just discounts towards your future purchases. You can expect industry news and inventory updates! If you want to stay further connected, our social channels are another way that we announce flash sales, so be sure to follow us there as well!

Navigating through inflation requires managing your expenses. By shopping with us and utilizing the above cost-saving strategies, you can effectively stay on budget without sacrificing your vaping experience. 

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Study: Reduce cancer risk at any age when you quit smoking

In the battle against cancer, one of the most significant preventative measures a person can take is to quit smoking. A recent study published in The Guardian sheds light on the profound impact cessation can have on reducing cancer risk, regardless of age. While this is just the findings of a single study, the long-term health benefits when you stop smoking now are not something that can be overlooked because “stopping smoking at any age helps reduce the risk of cancer.”

The study

Conducted by a team of researchers out of the National Cancer Center Korea in Seoul, the study analyzed data from thousands of individuals over several years. Their aim was to determine the correlation between smoking cessation and cancer risk across various age groups. 

What were the results?

The results were unequivocal—quitting smoking significantly reduces the risk of cancer, even for those who have smoked for decades. The study found that individuals who stopped smoking experienced a gradual decline in their cancer risk over time. Moreover, the benefits of cessation were evident across all age groups studied, from young adults to seniors.

“The chances of developing cancer halved in people who quit for at least 15 years, compared with those who continued to smoke, with the risk from lung cancer falling further and faster, particularly in those who quit before middle age.”

For those in their 30s and 40s who quit smoking, the risk of developing lung cancer decreased by up to 90% compared to those who continued to smoke. Even for individuals over 60. 

Key takeaways from the study

The implications of this study offer hope to smokers of all ages. It’s never too late to quit smoking and lower your risk of cancer. By making the decision to stop smoking now, ex-smokers can take control of their health and significantly improve their long-term prognosis. 

However, quitting smoking can be challenging, and many individuals struggle with cravings and withdrawal symptoms. In this regard, alternative nicotine delivery systems like e-cigs can play a positive role, serving as a helpful tool for smoking cessation. 

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The smoking cessation timeline: What to expect

Deciding to quit smoking now is one of the best decisions you can make for your health and well-being. However, understanding what to expect on this journey can help you stay committed and motivated. Here’s our timeline so that you can follow your significant milestones on this path to a smoke-free life. 

After only 20 mins

The benefits of quitting smoking begin almost immediately after you stub out your final combustible cigarette. Within just 20 minutes, your heart rate and blood pressure drop to more normal levels. Your circulation starts to improve, giving you the first signs of better health. 

After eight to 12 hours

In the first eight to 12 hours after you quit smoking, the carbon monoxide levels in your blood have decreased, which allows your blood oxygen levels to rise to normal. This change reduces your risk of heart attacks and improves your body’s overall oxygenation. 

After 24 to 48 hours

By the second day, your body will have eliminated nearly all traces of nicotine. Your senses of taste and smell, which have been dulled by smoking since you started, will now improve. This makes eating food more enjoyable and enhances your appreciation of various scents. 

After two to three weeks

As you continue your journey to quit smoking now, your long-term effects start to shine through. This includes the improvement of your lung function. Now, you’ll find that it’s easier to breathe and have more energy for physical activities. Walking and exercise become less strenuous, and you’ll likely experience less coughing and shortness of breath. 

After one to three months

By the end of the third month, your blood circulation continues to improve. You’ll also see a substantial improvement in your lung function and physical performance. After this amount of time, your risk of heart disease will start to decrease, and your body’s overall healing process will accelerate moving forward.

After one year

One year after you quit smoking, your risk of coronary heart disease becomes roughly half of that of a smoker. When you quit smoking now, the physical benefits are endless. But the emotional and psychological benefits like accomplishment and an increased self-esteem start at your one year mark.

After five years

When five years have passed, your risk of stroke is significantly reduced and becomes comparable to that of a non-smoker. The blood vessels and arteries begin to widen again, reducing the risk of blood clots and related health issues. 

After ten years

A decade after you quit smoking now, your risk of lung cancer is about half that of someone who still smokes. You also decrease your risk of mouth, throat, esophagus, bladder, kidney, and pancreas cancer. Your body has had a significant time to repair and regenerate after all this time. 

After 15 years

Your risk of coronary heart disease is equivalent to that of a non-smoker 15 years after you quit smoking. What a huge milestone!

What to do to get started?

Quitting smoking is a journey filled with challenges and triumphs. By understanding the timeline of benefits, you can stay motivated and focused on the ultimate goal: a healthier, smoke-free life. Remember, it’s never too late to quit smoking now and you can get started quicker with the help of e-cigs

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Navigating vaping regulations in the workplace

Since vaping has become increasingly popular as a stop-smoking aid, with the top choice of tobacco tank for vaping being the ones available by Logic, users must learn to navigate their needs alongside workplace regulations. This means that if you rely on your e-cig to fulfill your nicotine cravings throughout the day and keep from smoking combustible cigarettes, you should discuss policies with your employer about vaping on company premises. On the other hand, if you run a business and need help navigating vaping regulations in your workplace, consider our suggestions below.

Comply with local regulations 

When crafting vaping policies, employers should consider the potential health risks. Since the long-term effects of secondhand exposure to vapor aren’t known, non-users may appreciate a policy that is in line with combustible cigarettes and secondhand smoke exposure. Since e-cig devices are considered tobacco products—even though they don’t contain tobacco—your company’s policy should put all of these products under the same umbrella. By following state regulations and specific jurisdictions laws that govern the use of e-cigs indoors or in public areas, employers can create an environment that’s fair to all with a designated place for vapers to use their life-changing products.

Promote health and awareness

In addition to addressing vaping and your workplace policies, employers can also promote education and awareness among employees. Providing information about the health risks of smoking combustible cigarettes and offering resources for quitting tobacco can help support those who are trying to make healthier choices. Employers can also provide support programs or incentives for employees who want to quit smoking altogether or lower the nicotine concentration level of their e-cig. 

With that in mind, it’s also important for employers to maintain a respectful and inclusive workplace environment. Some employees may have sensitivities or health conditions that are exacerbated by exposure to vapor from tobacco tanks for vaping. By accommodating these individuals and creating a designated vaping area, employers can foster a workplace culture that prioritizes health and well-being for everyone. 

Ending thoughts

Ultimately, navigating vaping regulations in the workplace requires a proactive approach from employers. By establishing clear policies, staying informed about relevant regulations, promoting education and awareness, and fostering a respectful workplace environment, employers can create a safer and healthier workplace for all.

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How does vaping help with smoking cessation?

While vaping is not 100% risk-free, it is significantly less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes. As a form of stop smoking assistance, e-cigs provide both nicotine replacement and a way to address the behavioral aspects of smoking. For many, vaping has proven to be a successful tool in stopping smoking, offering hope for a healthier future. But the real question is, “how does vaping help with smoking cessation” really?

Understanding the mechanics of vaping

Vaping involves inhaling vapor produced by an e-cig, like the popular Logic vapes. These devices heat the tobacco e-liquid and deliver a rich, flavorful vapor that, unlike traditional cigarettes, contains a nicotine strength chosen by the user. What’s the best part? By choosing to use e-cigs rather than combustible cigarettes, you eliminate tar and many other harmful substances found in cigarette smoke. 

E-cigs are great nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs)

One of the primary ways vaping aids in smoking cessation is through nicotine replacement. For many smokers, the addiction to nicotine is a significant barrier to quitting. Vaping provides a controlled way to reduce nicotine intake gradually. Since e-liquid comes in various nicotine strengths, it allows users to start with a level that matches their current smoking habits with the option to slowly decrease the nicotine content over time. This method mirrors other forms of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) like patches and gums, offering the familiar sensation of smoking without the harmful effects of tobacco combustion. 

E-cigs match the behavioral aspects of smoking

Smoking is not just a chemical addiction; it’s also a deeply ingrained habit. The hand-to-mouth action and act of inhaling and exhaling smoke are comforting routines for many smokers. Since vaping can closely mimic these behaviors, providing a similar sensory experience without the harmful effects of tobacco, e-cigs have quickly become valuable as a stop smoking assistance tool.

E-cigs offer a more personalized approach to quitting

Vaping offers a customizable approach to quitting smoking. Users can choose from a range of devices and nicotine strengths, which can make the transition from smoking combustible cigarettes to vaping more enjoyable and sustainable. This personalization has the power to enhance the overall experience, increasing the likelihood of long-term success in smoking cessation. 

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How to use e-cigs as a coping mechanism for stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are prevalent challenges for many people in the modern age. While coping mechanisms vary, one method gaining popularity is using e-cigs. Among the many options available, Logic e-cigs are the most reliable choice. Are you ready to learn more about how these devices can serve as effective tools to help manage? Let’s talk below.

Understanding your device

Logic e-cigs offer a convenient and accessible alternative to traditional smoking. They operate through a battery-powered heating element that vaporizes a tobacco-flavored, nicotine-containing e-liquid. Logic e-cigs’ commitment to quality distinguishes them, providing a consistent and satisfying vaping experience for all. 

Tapping into benefits

One of the primary reasons individuals turn to Logic e-cigs as a coping mechanism is due to their ability to mimic the sensation of smoking without the harmful effects of tobacco. The act of vaping can provide users with a momentary distraction from stressors, offering a sense of relaxation and relief. 

Plus, there are perks of utilizing a tobacco tank for your vaping needs. Known as “cartomizers” or “capsules” under the Logic brand, the tobacco tank harnesses high-quality e-liquid for vaping. This allows users to indulge in the rich flavor and satisfying vapor production, which works to enhance the overall experience. Moreover, the familiarity of tobacco is extremely comforting for those transitioning from combustible cigarettes. 

Managing stress and anxiety

When facing stress and anxiety, finding healthy outlets is essential. Logic e-cigs offer a harm reduction approach, allowing users to satisfy their cravings without the adverse health consequences associated with smoking. The ritual of vaping can also serve as a mindful practice, promoting relaxation and mindfulness. 

Establishing boundaries

While Logic e-cigs can be beneficial as coping tools, it’s important to establish boundaries to prevent over-reliance. Setting limits on vaping frequency and being mindful of nicotine intake can help maintain a balanced approach. Additionally, exploring other coping strategies such as exercise, meditation, or therapy can complement the use of e-cigs. 

Seeking support

Navigating stress and anxiety alone can be challenging. Seeking support from friends, family, or mental health professionals can provide valuable guidance and encouragement. Be open to discussions about your vaping habits and address any concerns to foster a supportive environment as a user who relies on e-cigs as a coping mechanism.

What methods do you use to deal with stress? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

Understanding e-liquid ingredients

E-liquids are the backbone of your vaping experience, offering users a wide range of nicotine concentration levels. Understanding the ingredients that comprise these e-liquids is crucial for vapers who want to remain smoke-free. In this guide, we will explain ingredients that make up Logic e-cigs’ popular capsules and cartomizers, as this brand is renowned for their quality. 

Exploring the ingredients

E-liquids consist of four primary ingredients: flavoring, nicotine, vegetable glycerin (VG), and propylene glycol (PG). VG and PG serve as the base liquids, carrying the flavorings and nicotine while producing vapor when heated. Logic e-cigs meticulously balance the VG-to-PG ratio in their e-liquids to optimize flavor, throat hit, and vapor production, catering to a broad range of vapers’ preferences. 

The flavor palette of Logic e-cigs

Logic e-cigs boast a distinct tobacco flavor that closely resembles the fondness of combustible cigarettes. Each puff contains high-quality ingredients to ensure a consistently satisfying vaping experience. Since many ex-smokers crave the rich depth of tobacco, Logic e-cigs offer users an e-liquid that suits their taste. 

Commitment to quality and safety

What sets Logic e-cigs apart is their unwavering commitment to quality and safety. All Logic e-liquids undergo rigorous testing and quality control measures to meet the highest standards of consistency. This dedication ensures that every vaper can enjoy their favorite flavor with confidence, knowing they’re using safe and reliable products. 

How to order Logic e-cigs

For those eager to experience Logic e-cigs firsthand, ordering them is simple. Visit our website, where you can shop our selection of Logic products, including disposables. Browse, select your desired products, and proceed to checkout. With secure payment options, we ensure a convenient way to stock up on your favorite products.

*Disclaimer: We recommend ordering in bulk or setting up a recurring frequency schedule to ensure your products arrive when needed. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your business.

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