Why do vapers prefer Logic e-cigs over other available brands?

E-cigs are a tool within a very competitive market of brands fighting for consumer attention. Although they all aim to allow users to take control of their health and well-being positively, not all e-cigs are created equal. So, if you want to start taking control of your nicotine intake while discontinuing your tobacco use and the dangers that come with it, find out why Logic e-cigs could be your ticket to quit-smoking freedom!

They love the convenience that comes with disposables

The Logic Electronic Disposable Cigarette is a handy choice for first-timers who are looking for an experience to closely resemble their past smoking routine. The unit comes pre-filled with either tobacco or menthol e-liquid containing 2.4% nicotine. Slender in its construction, this disposable model feels similar to a combustible cigarette, and since vapor is drawn upon inhalation, the user can fulfill any mental dependencies they possess, including the feel of the device between their fingers, the hand-to-mouth motion, and the inhalation, exhalation method to satisfy their nicotine cravings. The best part is this unit comes ready-to-vape right out of its packaging, giving users up to a generous 400 puffs of convenience! 

They love the eco-friendliness of replaceable options 

While some vapers prefer to mimic the habitual practices of their old routine, others love that vaping has allowed them to shake things up. The brand carries two units, the Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System and the Logic Power Series, both of which sell a rechargeable device with the option to purchase replaceable capsules and cartomizers. Aside from the fact that it’s way more economical to purchase the e-liquid replacements as needed, these two types of Logic e-cigs are gaining popularity because they are more ecological as well. Instead of disposing of the entire unit like the Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarette, the user charges the device when the battery runs low and replaces their pre-filled, e-liquid container once it becomes empty. This means that those who use this product have the power to reduce their carbon footprint with less waste, while also satisfying their nicotine needs just the same. 

They love that Logic e-cigs are easy to get a hold of and operate

I Love Ecigs is one of the top retailers on the market for Logic e-cigs, so rest assured that whether you make a one-time purchase or sign up using our quick recurring order system to receive ongoing shipments in the quantity and frequency you require, you will always have access to amazing Logic e-cig products and even more amazing savings — Yes, we offer the best prices on the market, guaranteed! 

In terms of operation, our customers always tell us that they love how their Logic e-cigs are overly simple and easy-to-use. Everything from charging the battery to replacing their flavor cartomizer/capsule in between uses can be done in a few easy steps, making the vaping experience both practical and enjoyable. 

Are there any other reasons that you love your Logic e-cigs? Drop them in the comments section below to entice transitioning ex-smokers or those looking for a new e-cig brand. 


The pandemic’s new normal has positive effect on quitting smoking

While the pandemic has encouraged people to pick up some odd and inspiring habits, it has also had a positive impact on smokers and their deep-rooted addiction to tobacco. So, whether your 2021 goal is to cut back your nicotine intake or to stop smoking altogether, find out how COVID-19 has positively affected others who think just like you!

How has COVID-19 undoubtedly impacted the quit-smoking journey? 

Our new normal has paved the way for people to start seeing their lives from a different perspective, influencing refreshing attitudes towards the smaller things that are within their control and can be achieved. While quitting combustible cigarettes can be challenging, the fact is that a change in routine can make a major impact on one’s ability to abandon a poor habit.

In the last year, the world has become more in tune with health and safety staying home and socially distancing to prevent the spread of the deadly virus with fewer influences setting in the pressures, giving smokers a greater opportunity to start their quit-smoking journey. 

Here are some ways that have/may influence a smoker’s consumption habits:  

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has pointed out that smokers are at a greater risk of contracting COVID-19 due to the negative impact that tobacco has on lung function. 
  • When there are fewer, if any, social commitments, the smoker can focus on their goals without being influenced by those who may choose to smoke around them. 
  • There has been an increase in online resources to provide information to smokers who are wanting to quit. 
  • Virtual counseling is booming and depending on where the user lives, may even be offered for free in their area. 
  • Many people have started working remotely throughout the pandemic, giving more freedom to exercise, eat better, get more sleep, and destress. 

Why should you buy a Logic vape pen online as your quit-smoking tool?

While many users find success when they quit cold turkey, others need to slowly wean their dependence to nicotine over time. Since each user is unique, the Logic vape pen is a great choice for those who are looking to transition away from combustible cigarettes because it closely resembles the look, smell, and handling of smoking. 

Logic vape pens are offered in three types of units, the Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarette, the Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System, and the Logic Power Series, all of which possess the ability to fulfill both the physical and mental dependencies that exist when a user is attempting to quit smoking. Each device offers e-liquid with a different nicotine strength, giving users the power to choose their concentration amount and slowly lower it according to their needs. This means that while they’re doing their part by spending more time at home to slow the spread of the virus, they can conveniently order their unit and replaceable cartomizers or capsules online and take advantage of the lower levels of stress in their home environments. 

Are you a recent ex-smoker who found success by using a Logic vape pen? Drop a comment below to share your story.

What’s the difference between e-cigs and vapes?

Whether you’re a first-time vaper or someone who just started researching before transitioning away from combustible cigarettes, before placing your order, it’s important to know which type of devices are best able to cater to your needs. Since there are a wide range of Logic vape pens, all available in a variety of nicotine levels and two delicious flavors, start by learning the basics of e-cigs versus vapes before you quickly become overwhelmed with the new lingo of this ever-growing industry.  

What’s an e-cig?

An e-cig, formally known as an electronic cigarette and often referred to as cig-alikes within the vaping community, closely imitates the look and feel of combustible cigarettes. Providing a simple setup using minimum parts, e-cigs are an intuitive technology with disposable, ready-to-use units, and rechargeable devices with sealed e-liquid cartomizers. E-cig devices are activated simply by inhaling, which causes the battery to heat the element, which changes the e-liquid into vapor. All this can take place in as little as a few seconds, making e-cigs the perfect solution for users who are looking for a commitment-free, low-cost entry to the world of vaping. Since there are no tanks to refill, and the battery even comes pre-charged, there is very little maintenance required during your transition. Simply unpackage your choice of Logic vape pen and enjoy!   

RECOMMENDATION: Does the above description appeal to you? If so, we strongly suggest that users try the Logic Power Series. This e-cig system uses pre-filled tobacco and menthol cartridges, providing up to 300 rich puffs before a refill is needed. 

What’s a vape?

The word vape is a shortened term that’s used to describe the word vaporizer, referring to a rechargeable module that can be combined with interchangeable e-liquids. In terms of selection, vape users have access to a wider variety of devices and e-liquids. Since the units are generally larger than the average e-cig, vaporizers can also offer users a longer battery life, stronger draw and thicker vape. Working the same way as an e-cig, the rechargeable battery heats a small element within the device, vaporizing the e-liquid for the user to inhale. However, unlike e-cigs, as the tank gets low, or if you’re feeling like changing, you can seamlessly swap to a different flavor or nicotine strength whenever you feel like it. The best part is that some vaporizers, like the Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System, offer pre-filled capsule technology instead of a tank, making the process of swapping flavors more convenient and far less messy. 

RECOMMENDATION: If the above description sounds appealing to you, then a vaporizer is likely the best choice for you. The Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System is the perfect, hassle-free vaporizer, offering users a lowering nicotine concentration level over other Logic vape pen products. 

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New review suggests vaping is 70% more effective than nicotine patches and gum

A 2016 literature review was recently updated based on the concluding results from a multitude of studies from around the world. The evidence collected suggests that electronic cigarettes (ex. Logic e-cigs) are the most effective tools for smoking cessation when compared to other nicotine replacement therapies (NCTs), including nicotine gum and nicotine patches. 

The review

The review entitled “Electronic Cigarettes for Smoking Cessation” was originally conducted by the Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group in the United Kingdom, and with so many continuing studies over the past four years, recent updates were added this past October to further the conclusions of the original study. The review includes the findings from 12,430 participants within 50 completed studies over the four-year period; 26 of which were randomized controlled trials (RCTs), a type of scientific experiment aimed at reducing certain sources of bias when testing the effectiveness of new treatments, which is accomplished by the random allocation of subjects.

What were the results?

With the objective being to evaluate the effect and safety of using electronic cigarettes (ex. Logic e-cigs) to help people who smoke achieve long-term smoking abstinence, the combined findings concluded that vaping nicotine is 70% more effective in helping users quit as opposed to patches or gum. There was also no clear evidence found that could link vaping products containing nicotine to any serious health conditions. 

“There is now evidence that electronic cigarettes with nicotine are likely to increase the chances of quitting successfully compared to nicotine gum or patches,” said Jamie Harmann-Boyce of Cochrane. 

A combination of RCTs and randomized cross-over trials in which people who smoke were randomized to electronic cigarettes or control conditions, as well as uncontrolled invention studies in which all participants received e-cig intervention, were used in the conclusive review. Also, participants within each study needed to report abstinence from cigarettes at six months or longer for them to be accounted for in the concluded percentage. 

Have you tried nicotine patches or nicotine gum in the past only to have found Logic e-cigs worked better for your transition? Drop a comment below to tell us your story. 


Survey results reveal that 80% of vapers stop smoking completely

A variety of sources from previous studies led to the development of a survey that would solidify what experts have been saying for years, “e-cigs are much safer than smoking combustible cigarettes”. Nevertheless, if you know of any naysayers who still believe that e-cigs need to be restricted further, perhaps the astounding percentages below may be enough to persuade them otherwise? 

The survey

A press release issued on October 29, 2020, by the online publication Real Wire, a global media distribution network, revealed that there’s a huge demand for Logic e-cigs, and other popular brands, all across Europe. Many ex-smokers attribute their success in quitting tobacco cigarettes alongside the help of innovative smoking cessation tools like e-cigs, and the results from the following survey claim that a factor assisting their ability to stop lay with their access to flavored refills

What was the result?

More than 3,300 e-cigarette users took part in a survey, which was carried out by the Independent European Vape Alliance (IEVA). Over 80 percent of the respondents reported that since they had switched over to e-cig use only, they had been able to completely stop smoking. Additionally, 65 percent of vapers claim to use fruit or sweet e-liquids to curb their cravings. 

A good third of participants (roughly 35 percent) claim that tobacco-flavored products, as featured in the Logic e-cigs lineup, are their preferred flavor of choice because they help to ease the longing for their past smoking lifestyle. However, many users claim to enjoy a hint of flavor as a change to their routine, with many claiming that they would have a harder time keeping smoke-free without a variety of options to choose from. 

“Our survey confirms previous research that e-cigarette flavors are crucial for adult smokers. A flavor ban must be avoided at all costs, because it would lead many vapers to buy unregulated products on the black market or to start smoking again. And this would endanger the great opportunity that many more smokers will stop smoking with the help of the e-cigarette,” said the president of IEVA, Dustin Dahlmann. 

What did you find most interesting about the survey results? Drop a comment below to start a conversation with other readers. 

New study finds pod-based e-cigarettes less harmful than smoking

You’ve likely heard someone say “e-cigarettes are less damaging to your health than traditional cigarettes”, but have been reluctant to try them out because of the lack of access to reputable studies and sources. So, we’re here to show you what physicians and scientists have been exploring for years significant evidence that pod-based e-cigarettes, such as the Logic Power Series, are incredible, beneficial, nicotine-based alternatives to combustible cigarettes. Continue reading below to learn more about this recent, profound study. 

The study

Dr. Jasjit S. Ahluwalia, a professor of behavioral and social sciences and medicine at Brown University conducted a randomized clinical trial of fourth-generation pod e-cigarettes and found that e-cigarette use is considerably safer than combustible cigarettes. While the above result seems to be a pattern among many studies directed in the past, this specific study offered further research into “pod-based e-cigarettes” and how successful they were at helping smokers quit for good. 

Data from the clinical trial, entitled “Effect of Pod e-Cigarettes vs Cigarettes on Carcinogen Exposure Among African American and Latinx Smokers”, was published on the JAMA Network on November 18, 2020. Since ethnic minority groups tend to experience higher rates of tobacco-related morbidity and mortality even when they smoke at the same rates as other groups, 186 African American and Latinx smokers were chosen to participate in the trial. Two-thirds of the participants were provided e-cigarettes, similar to the pod-based options in the Logic Power Series, for six weeks, whereas the remaining one-third were instructed to continue smoking combustible cigarettes as usual. 

What was the result? 

After six weeks had passed, data showed that participants who switched to e-cigarettes exhibited significantly lower levels of the potent pulmonary carcinogen NNAL compared to those who had continued to smoke combustible cigarettes exclusively. The e-cig users had also significantly reduced carbon monoxide (CO) levels and reported fewer respiratory symptoms.

“It’s possible that nicotine e-cigarettes and other harm-reduction products will be game-changers for our field,” Ahluwalia added. “I hope this study stimulates more people to do this research and to have an open mind about this. I also hope it inspires them to let science inform policy rather than emotion.”

In your experience, have you noticed a positive change in your health and well-being when you switched to vaping? Share your outlook with other readers below. 


COPD Patients see long-term benefits from vaping

We’ve all heard that regardless of our age, slowly reducing or stopping smoking is beneficial to our health. Needless to say, this 2020 e-cig study demonstrates how vaping is allowing smokers with serious health conditions to improve their health, well-being, and overall quality of life.  

What is COPD?

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, also known in its short form as COPD, is a type of lung disease that’s characterized by long-term breathing problems and poor, obstructed airflow. The main symptoms of COPD include shortness of breath and a cough with sputum production (spit up material from the respiratory tract). This progressive disease also typically worsens over time with the main cause directly related to smoking tobacco

The study

The following e-cig study compiled data over 5 years for 39 participants — 19 of whom were part of a smoker’s control group and 20 were part of the e-cig user group. The analysis commenced with patients being evaluated prospectively for their measurements of respiratory exacerbations, spirometry indices (detection of airflow), quality of life using the COPD assessment tool (CAT), 6-min walk distance (6MWD), as well as conventional cigarette consumption. The baseline measurements before switching over to e-cig use were compared with follow-up visits at 12-, 24-, 48, and 60-months. 

What was the result?

The following e-cig-related study entitled, “COPD smokers who switched to e-cigarettes: health outcomes at 5-year follow up” was led by CoEHAR founder Dr. Riccardo Polosa. It was found that smokers that suffered with COPD who had switched to vaping were able to drastically increase their quality of life. These patients had reduced their yearly flare-ups by about 50%, significantly improved their cardio-respiratory health, and increased their ability to exercise.

“The most important finding of the study [was] that COPD patients can abstain from smoking cigarettes indefinitely if suitable substitution is available,” said Dr. Polosa.

Those in the user group who had once smoked combustibles but had transitioned to e-cigs achieved a significant diminution in COPD exacerbations, whereas there were no significant changes that could be observed from those in the control group who had continued smoking. The e-cig users within the study also presented continual improvements to their lung function at each follow-up, as well as improved CAT scores and 6MWD.

“E-cigarettes can be a massive remedy for COPD and this is important for physicians, patients and their caregivers.” 

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Why do Logic e-cigs make the perfect stocking stuffers?

While there are a very wide variety of multinational festivals and holidays that are celebrated worldwide throughout the month of December, many involve the practice of gift-giving. So, if you’ve been stumped by the question of what to get for the loved ones on your holiday shopping list, we’ve got the reasons why Logic e-cigs may be the answer.

They’re incredibly budget-friendly 

Logic e-cigs are considered to be one of the most economical brands of vape products on the market, and since iloveecigs.com is so focused on bringing savings to our customers, we offer them at the best prices, guaranteed! Aside from the automatic, site-wide discount that you will see available to everyone who shops online, we offer other methods to save you money on your next Logic e-cig order. 

  • Use the monthly coupon code and receive a 1% discount on your purchase.  
  • Save 2% when you sign up for a FREE membership. VIP members receive a 4% discount and 2% cashback in store credit with every purchase. 
  • Receive free shipping on all orders of $15 or more within the U.S.
  • Save 4% on recurring purchases through our quick ordering system and up to 9% with large quantity bulk orders. VIP members receive 6% on recurring purchases! 

They’re a practical gift for transitioning smokers 

Whether your gift recipient has smoked for their entire life or a short while, Logic e-cigs are an excellent nicotine replacement tool for transitioning smokers. Available as a disposable, toss-and-go unit or as a rechargeable model, there’s a Logic e-cig that can meet the demands of every soon-to-be ex-smoker in your life! 

To find the greatest success with Logic e-cigs, be sure to pick a device that matches your loved one’s past smoking routine. If they were a heavy smoker, we recommend the full-bodied strength of either the Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarette or the Logic Power Series. Both models are offered in a robust 2.4% (27mg) nicotine concentration level and have tobacco and menthol options to further personalize the vaper’s experience. Lighter ex-smokers prefer the 1.8% (20mg) of the Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System

They’re compact and will fit into a stocking 

It can be challenging to find a gift that’s practical and fits comfortably within the standard holiday stocking, which is why Logic e-cigs have become the ultimate festive offering. With the ability to fit in a single hand, each Logic product comes pre-packaged in a smooth, rectangular box, and regardless of whether you’re purchasing the device and/or some replaceable cartridges and cartomizers, all of the above and more can be conveniently wrapped and nestled with care into the depths of any sized stocking. And to top it all off, this compact convenience will be passed on to your gift recipient, who can easily carry their device within a coat pocket, purse, or other small, on-the-go compartment! 

Are there any other reasons you love gifting Logic e-cigs? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

Urine samples reveal more carcinogenic chemicals found in smokers

In 2020, it’s common knowledge that traditional cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals, many of which are carcinogenic to humans. However, there are still people arguing that the content of e-cig products are less known. To this effect, the following study was aimed at determining the amount of chemical exposure that’s associated with non-smokers, smokers, and vapers by testing participants’ urine. 

The study

The following analysis compares the chemical effects of smoking up against vaping through the use of urine sampling. Published by Elsevier, a Netherlands-based information company that specializes in scientific, technical, and medical content, the study examines in contrast how many chemicals are passing into the human body from combustible cigarettes versus e-cigs by profiling the urinary mercapturic acids as biomarkers of toxic compounds. 

What was the result?

Throughout the study entitled, “Urinary biomonitoring of subjects with different smoking habits – Part I: Profiling mercapturic acids” Italian researchers analyzed urine samples of sixty-seven healthy adults with different “smoking” behaviors: 38 were non-smokers, 22 smoked traditional cigarettes, and seven were vapers. 

Comparable to data that has been collected in previous studies, their compiled data confirms that combustible cigarettes are a major source of carcinogenic chemicals — benzene and 1,3-butadiene. In comparison, e-cigs were found to be a minor source and mostly associated with exposure to chemicals that possess far less carcinogenic potential, such as acrylonitrile and acrolein. 

What does this mean?

For those who buy e-cigs online as a method to reduce or completely eliminate their dependence on combustible cigarettes, you’re also greatly lowering your exposure to carcinogenic chemicals. And the current FDA review process of all Logic products means you can have much greater confidence in the safety of your vape products, than previously when there was no monitoring in the industry.  Also, when you buy e-cigs online, you’re gaining access to a more widespread selection of nicotine concentration levels and devices that mimic the feel, smell, and taste of traditional cigarettes. This gives you the option to cut out tobacco and lower your nicotine strength over time.  

Did you know that urine sampling was popular for profiling this type of data? Drop a comment below to discuss with other readers.  


Looking to give the gift of Logic this holiday season?

Do you have a loved one who’s expressing a need or desire to take the plunge and quit smoking? Maybe there’s a family member or close friend on your holiday shopping list who has been struggling with going cold turkey? Dropping combustible cigarettes for good is a challenge that many users struggle to overcome, but nicotine replacement therapies are shifting the power of transformation and none are as popular as e-cigs!

Gift Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarettes 

Did you know that the Logic brand manufactures a disposable e-cig that’s offered in both tobacco and menthol? Many ex-smokers and long-time vapers prefer this grab-and-go technology, as it contributes to a more simplistic, care-free vaping experience. The Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarette is a pre-filled, pre-charged device that comes equipped with a powerful battery, allowing your loved one to activate a rich draw of vapor from right out of its packaging. So, as soon as your gift recipient unwraps their thoughtful item, they can immediately enjoy its rich flavoring, infused with 27mg nicotine concentration, creating a vapor that satisfies any craving. Once the tank is emptied after a generous 300-400 puffs, they simply dispose of the device and repeat the process by opening another.  

Gift Logic Power Series or Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System

Is your quit-smoking peer more interested in an e-cig that allows them to swap between flavors? How about an inventive device that can be charged rather than disposed of between uses? Both the Platinum Label Logic Power Series and the Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System check both of the above, sought-after necessities and are great choices for those who are looking to reduce the cost of smoking substantially, while also taking charge of their nicotine intake. Since each device offers tobacco and menthol replacements, your loved one also has the option to choose to stick to their current favored flavor or swap to something different at the start of their transition. 

While there’s an endless list of reasons why struggling smokers would love to see some Logic e-cigs in their holiday stockings, their economic efficiency is another important factor that’s revolutionizing the quit-smoking journey. Every cartomizer, capsule, and pre-filled disposable tank is equivalent to roughly two packs of traditional cigarettes, without the risks that come from the inhalation of tobacco. So, if health and wellness isn’t the driving priority that gives you the confidence in gifting your purchase, perhaps your loved one is finally ready to start putting away some money? 

Vape any of the above devices with confidence, as Logic e-cigs are known for providing users with thick, lush vapor, rich flavor, and more recently, a pending U.S. FDA approval that will allow the brand to continue to service the needs of you and your loved ones for years to come. 

Which of our selection of Logic e-cigs do you plan on gifting to your loved ones this holiday season? Drop a comment below to share.