3 tips for first-time vapers

Since vaping is no longer considered a new technology, with the increasing need for smokers to quit combustible cigarettes for their health and well-being, there will always be waves of first-time vapers looking for tips. From simply wondering how devices work to more experienced questions like how to clean and maintain the unit. If you are one of the many to fall within the newbie category, you’re in luck! We’re an experienced Logic vape pen vendor and have three tips for making your transition as smooth as possible.

Utilize reviews to select the right e-cig

Just because there are lots of e-cigs to choose from doesn’t mean they’re all worth trying. Many brands have attempted to make a name for themselves in the market, but the ones with a long-standing reputation are the only units that are worth purchasing. Not only can you rely on trusted reviews but these brands are the ones focused on consumers, as they have committed to working alongside the FDA’s requirements and restrictions, protocols which are both costly and time-consuming for the company. That is why our website chooses to only sell the Logic vape pen


Disposables are a great starting point

We aren’t saying rechargeable units won’t be your end game, but disposables are recommended as a great starting point. This is because disposable e-cigs are pre-charged, pre-loaded with e-liquid, and ready to vape. All the user needs to do is inhale through the mouthpiece to activate it. These devices are also usually higher in nicotine concentration, which meets the needs of heavy ex-smokers. That way they can focus on quitting tobacco without the side effects that come from nicotine withdrawal. 


Choose tobacco e-liquid to satisfy your cravings 

If you want an experience that closely resembles your past smoking routine, we recommend using a tobacco-flavored e-liquid to satisfy your cravings. Part of a successful transition away from combustible cigarettes relies on smoothly transitioning out of those mental dependencies as well. So, while the nicotine strength meets your current needs, the flavor of your e-cig should also mimic what you already know, allowing you to kick tobacco to the curb and all of its negative side effects. 


If you’re an experienced vaper, please drop your tips in the comments section below.

How to properly inhale using your e-cig device

Vaping is a powerful quit-smoking aid. Simulating the feel, taste, and smell of smoking combustible cigarettes, it allows ex-users to fulfill their mental and physical dependencies through inhalation that uses the same premise: a battery source powers the heating element which then vaporizes the e-juice for the user to inhale through the mouthpiece. Since both the disposable unit and two refillable Logic vapes—Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System and Logic Power Series—work as a complete system, beginner and more experienced vapors can enjoy the same refreshing experience, regardless of their chosen e-cig product. 

Logic vapes’ batteries

All three Logic vapes devices use the same battery technology, which is made from lithium-ion. Aside from being powerful and interchangeable, there’s no need to have any previous experience to safely and effectively operate your unit. Batteries are also ultra-portable for devices that require regular charging and come pre-charged for the disposable option

So, how do you properly inhale? 

Whether you’re vaping for the first time since quitting combustible cigarettes or just trying out Logic vapes, it’s important to properly inhale to ensure a pleasant experience. Get the best out of your Logic vapes by using the following steps:

Step 1: Purchase your desired device and e-liquid featuring the appropriate nicotine concentration level on iloveecigs.com.

Step 2: Wait for your order to arrive.

Step 3: Unpackage your order upon delivery.

Step 4-(A): Place the disposable Logic vape between your lips, inhale to activate the vapor, and slowly exhale—continue as needed.

Step 4-(B): Screw the cartomizer or capsule onto the battery of your Logic vapes unit—ensure that the connection is secure. Place the mouthpiece between your lips, inhale to activate the vaper, and slowly exhale—continue as needed. Once your battery is dead, simply unscrew it from the mouthpiece and screw it on the charger. Replace your cartomizer or capsule as needed.

Now that you know how to properly inhale using your e-cig device, it’s time to start shopping!

Is there a particular inhalation method that you like to use? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

3 perks of buying your Logic vapes with us

Aside from the long-standing relationships that we’ve built over the last decade in business, there are many reasons that customers trust us to help ease their transition from smoking combustible cigarettes to vaping. If you need some convincing to join the I Love Ecigs community, there are three perks of buying your Logic vapes listed below.

Our Logic vapes are a great price 

While we guarantee the best prices available on the market, there are also a wide variety of other ways that shoppers can save on their Logic vapes

Our online store is available in English and Spanish

We recognize that many of our customers speak Spanish as their first language, which is why our website has been translated to offer added flexibility and choice. This allows shoppers who prefer to read Spanish-written content access to the same helpful information as English speakers, as well as the ability to purchase their Logic vapes online without needing an assistant to translate for them. 

Logic vapes are FDA approved for sale and marketing in the U.S.

Becoming the second e-cig company to receive authorization, Logic and their brands, Logic Power and Logic Pro are FDA approved for sale and marketing within the U.S. This is a direct result of the benefits to adult smokers attempting to reduce cigarette usage. While tobacco, so far, is the only flavor that the FDA is allowing, the best takeaway from this event is that the agency is accepting the benefits of vaping Logic vapes when considering combustible cigarette tobacco harm reduction. Since our website solely focuses on Logic vapes retail, you can rest assured that you can rely on us to provide you with these life-changing products long-term. 

Are there other reasons you purchase Logic vapes from us? Drop them below to start a conversation.

FDA authorizes Logic vapes: What you need to know six months later

In case you didn’t catch the news back in March, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorized devices and tobacco-flavored refills made by Logic Technology Development LLC. As one of the two vape product companies to receive this authorization by the agency, this is monumental for our business and the industry as a whole. However, since it’s been almost six months since this approval made headlines, we need to summarize once again to keep all vapers informed of any noteworthy changes.

Which products have been “approved” by the FDA?

Once a product receives “approval” by the FDA, it simply means that the company has demonstrated that that said product is safe and effective for its intended use. This allows the company to then market and manufactures the product. However, some restrictions may remain post-approval. 

In terms of Logic vapes, there are two products that officially have this “approval”—the Power Series Platinum Label Tobacco Cartomizers and the Logic Pro Black Label Tobacco Capsules. The tobacco cartomizer is screwed into the rechargeable Logic Power device, whereas the tobacco capsule drops into the rechargeable Logic Pro unit to activate the draw.

Are there plans to “approve” menthol products?

Premarket Tobacco Applications (PMTAs) for menthol replacement capsules on both the Logic Pro and Power Series models remain under review, as have all menthol applications that were submitted to the FDA. There is no update as to whether or not menthol products will receive “approval”.

How do I stay informed?

Those wishing to remain informed about the FDA, ecig approvals, and Logic vapes cause trust us to report any news we hear in our weekly blog.

Are you happy that you chose a product that can remain on the market? Drop a comment below to tell us your story.

Logic Pro or Logic Power: How do you choose?

While the Logic vapes collection is known within the vaping community for its simplicity when transitioning from combustible cigarettes to e-cigs, it can be challenging to narrow down which Logic product will best meet your needs. Although it’s possible to rotate between a variety of units, most vapers prefer routine and find the most success when they use the same device for a set amount of time. That said, since the Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System and the Logic Power Series are both rechargeable, refillable units, we wrote this blog to highlight how they differ to assist with your next purchasing decision. 

What makes these Logic vapes similar?

To compare similarities, we’ve chosen to focus on flavor, smell, touch, and appearance as well as rechargeability and refillability:

Flavor: Both the Logic Pro and Logic Power devices are sold in tobacco to provide ex-smokers with a fulfilling vaping experience that mimics a flavor they’re already fond of.

Smell: Vapor dispels quickly, producing no smell.

Touch: Both the Logic Pro and Logic Power devices offer users hand-to-mouth inhalation, meaning the device needs to be inhaled and exhaled like a combustible cigarette. The motion enables ex-smokers to fulfill their mental dependency on combustible cigarettes. However, the logic Pro requires you to press a button first to activate it, the Logic Power starts immediately upon inhaling.

Appearance:  The Logic Power device is a slender, cig-a-like unit that closely resembles the weight and size of a combustible cigarette. The Logic Pro is a thicker device.

Rechargeability: Both the Logic Pro and Logic Power devices must be charged when the battery is depleted.

Refillability: Both the Logic Pro and Logic Power devices require the user to replace with a new capsule or cartomizer when the tank becomes empty. 

What makes these Logic vapes different?

To compare differences, we’ve chosen to focus on cost, robustness, and nicotine concentration level:

Cost: The Logic Power Series is a cheaper option than the Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System. However, both devices feature discounted rates when shopping on iloveecigs.com!

Robustness: the Logic Pro hit is stronger than the Logic Power due to its bigger battery.

Nicotine concentration level: The Logic Power Series is offered in a robust 2.4% nicotine strength, which is a great option for first-time vapers and those who have recently quit combustible cigarettes. Whereas the Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System is offered in a vigorous 1.8% nicotine strength, which is a great option for those who were light ex-smokers or users who want to lower their nicotine intake.

Overall, the differences are mainly in the nicotine level and robustness. Which Logic vape would you choose to use is entirely based on preference after reading reviews and testing out each product for yourself!

Which Logic vape do you use? Drop a comment below to persuade new vapers in your direction.

Why we recommend the Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarette for summer vaping

Fresh air, lush green foliage, wide open spaces, and warm sun rays are just a few reasons why many people aim to spend more time outdoors during the summer. However, sometimes being away from the comforts of home can present challenges to our routines. Rid yourself of any inconveniences by opting to vape the Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarette over other e-cigs this summer! Here’s why.

It doesn’t require charging

Unlike other Logic vapes, the Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarette is a pre-charged device, meaning that it’s fitted with the perfect amount of battery power needed to operate it until the pre-filled e-liquid tank is empty. Not only is this a super convenient feature for someone who has recently transitioned from combustible cigarettes, but it also opens the doors for your summer activities. Just because you vape, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to enjoy a day or a weekend unplugged in nature. So, whether you choose to go on a hike, take a camping trip, or simply get off the grid to enjoy the big, open wilderness, the Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarette is the preferred Logic vape for adventuring this summer. 

No added equipment is needed

Like any other e-cig brand, Logic vapes require replacement cartomizers/capsules, batteries, and a charger to ensure an optimal vaping experience. However, the Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarette is an all-in-one e-cig, which means that everything you need to enjoy your nicotine cravings is in this ready-to-go unit. Since it comes pre-charged and pre-filled upon purchase, vapers don’t need to bring along added equipment, keeping it compact for carrying in your hiking backpack or fanny pack. Plus, since the device is filled in the manufacturing stage, you don’t need to worry about it leaking into your bag as it shifts with movement. 

A flavor that ex-smokers are fond of

Ex-smokers are likely to steer towards something familiar, like the fresh, vigorous scent and taste of tobacco. Like all Logic vapes, the Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarette is sold as a tobacco unit, with a slender cig-a-like body that closely resembles the weight and feeling of combustible cigarettes. This familiarity makes the transition easy for those who’re ready to say goodbye to the negative effects of smoking.

Lit combustible cigarettes start forest fires

While we’re not accusing all smokers of being the cause of a forest fire, many major fires around the world are known to be human-caused and sometimes are the result of combustible cigarette butts. By using the Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarette, you’re taking an initiative to ensure that our forests are safer for all who explore them. Plus, once your device is empty, you’re responsibly recycling it rather than flicking it out your car window to the ditches below.

Do you already vape Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarettes? Drop an expert opinion below for the first-timers!

How to remain smoke-free in social settings this summer

The summer season is all about enjoying your time outside surrounded by the ones that you love. For many, it seems that easy. But for ex-smokers, it can be challenging when tobacco or nicotine cravings come knocking. The great outdoors is enjoyed by all, including those who smoke. However, the good news is that there are ways that will help you kick those cravings to the curb to enjoy your smoke-free, social summer. Here’s how!

What is social smoking?

Social smokers, also labeled as intermittent smokers, are people who choose to smoke conventional cigarettes in social situations, such as at a bar or alongside friends. While not known to smoke alone, social smokers can sometimes be motivated by peer pressure. However, while some people argue that social smoking isn’t hazardous to your health because you do not use combustible cigarettes often enough to develop a true nicotine dependence, we disregard the claim, as social smoking still increases the person’s risk of heart disease, lung cancer, cataracts, and other various health-related conditions. Quitting combustible cigarettes altogether is still the best option for long-term health, which is where Logic vapes come in.  

Logic vapes allow ex-smokers to remove tobacco from the equation by fulfilling their nicotine needs with a product that looks and feels like a conventional cigarette. This will allow the user to continue to “socially” smoke but with their e-cigs instead!

What if being around combustible cigarettes is hard for the ex-smoker?

While some ex-smokers are fine using their vape in social smoking settings, others can’t bear to smell or see someone smoking their combustible cigarettes. If you’re the latter and feel that the urge to smoke may creep up in social settings this summer, we recommend the following tips to keep yourself smoke-free.

  • Ask loved ones if they wouldn’t mind smoking in a designated area that’s away from you
  • Avoid triggers by spending more time with loved ones that don’t smoke
  • Make plans to do an indoor activity where no one is allowed to smoke
  • Make plans to do a physical activity to distract you from your cravings
  • Deep breathing is a great example of a relaxation technique that’s useful for dealing with stress
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or other activities that are known to be connected to smoking combustible cigarettes

Order your Logic vapes today and stock up for summer fun!

Do you have any suggestions for our readers in remaining smoke-free? Drop a comment below to start a conversation!

Logic e-cigs: A vaper’s first choice

Those who have tried a wide variety of electronic cigarettes know that there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing your go-to device. Things like flavor, deliverability, choices of nicotine strengths, and accessibility to buy are all part of what makes a positive experience with an e-cig brand. That said, those who fail to find their perfect match may resort back to their old ways of smoking combustible cigarettes. So, if you want to ensure success in your transition, we recommend that you start by vaping Logic e-cigs: A vaper’s first choice.

Logic e-cigs are sold with menthol or tobacco options

To properly mimic the experience that ex-smokers crave, Logic has designed a menthol and tobacco option for each one of its e-cig lineups. This allows vapers to easily swap between flavors or select the one that is closest to their old routine. Not only does this make for an easier transition when moving away from tobacco products, but it also allows the person to decide if they want to change things up. Whatever you decide, you will love the natural flavors used to make Logic e-cigs!

Logic e-cigs offer first-rate deliverability 

While the flavor of your device is important, if the unit is hard-to-operate and lacks draw activation technology, its complexity is bound to make you consider switching back to smoking combustible cigarettes. Thankfully, Logic e-cigs are manufactured with simplicity in mind. Not only do these devices possess the same natural hand-to-mouth motions, but they also offer first-rate deliverability, meaning that each hit of vaper is powerful and prominent. This allows you to get your much-needed nicotine in fewer puffs, which saves money and effort. 

Logic e-cigs are sold in two nicotine strengths

Part of the reason for multiple nicotine strength options is to cater to all types of transitioning smokers—as you need a device that meets the nicotine concentration level of your current needs. However, another reason that Logic e-cigs are sold at a lower level is to allow the vaper to safely decrease their strength as needed—something that isn’t an option when they smoke combustible cigarettes. 

Logic e-cigs can be purchased conveniently online

Accessibility to e-cigs is one of the primary reasons someone who vapes will return to smoking traditional cigarettes. Aside from getting the best prices on the market, combined with speedy shipping and the option to set up automated deliveries, Logic e-cigs can be purchased directly from our website, with many options to save right at the checkout. How’s that for accessibility?

Are Logic e-cigs your first choice? Drop a comment below to tell our readers about your experience with these vape units.

Are you aware of the rules of flying with your vape?

Whether you spend your summertime visiting family abroad or seek out some sunshine somewhere new around the globe, the warmer months are easily the busiest time of year for traveling. For those who vape, your daily past-time requires some additional planning to ensure where you’re visiting allows public vaping, and/or if you plan to get on a plane to get, research that airline’s policies. Needless to say, this blog will provide you with some general rules in regards to the big question: “Can you bring disposable vapes on an airplane?”

Can you bring disposable vapes on an airplane?

Both Logic disposable and refillable e-cig devices can travel alongside passengers on airplanes within the U.S. and to many other countries. It’s up to the user whether they want to place them safely inside carry-on luggage or on-person in their pockets, however, since these devices are electronic and often powered by lithium batteries, they’re not permitted within checked luggage. The same rules apply to your backup cartomizers, capsules, and extra disposable units

While we’re specifically referencing the U.S. Transportation Security Administration Regulations, there are many places around the world that follow the same rules in regards to, “can you bring disposable vapes on an airplane?” That said, since there may be minor variations in how TSA vape rules are applied to various airlines even in the U.S., it’s always best to check the airline rules before booking your trip and packing to fly. Also, if you’re traveling to someone new, be sure to check local vaping laws before departure. There are some places that have outright vape bans, so even if the airline allows it, the country may not (this includes stopovers that require you to go through customs to change flights. 

The TSA requires passengers to pack all e-liquids in a single 1-quart bag through the security checkpoint. The device must also accompany the passenger and be placed in the bucket alongside other electronic devices through the security screening. TSA screeners may also ask you to turn on your device, so make sure that your unit is charged well in advance.

How to pack your vaping gear for a flight

For experienced vapers, air travel is pretty straightforward. But if this is your first time bringing your e-cig on a plane, there are some basic rules and procedures that need to be followed:

  • Always pack your device, batteries, and e-liquids in your carry-on luggage, as there are concerns over fires in the cargo hold when electronic devices are left inaccessible.
  • If you take extra batteries along for your rechargeable unit, keep them in a safe plastic battery case to avoid overheating.
  • Don’t forget to include your charger when packing and be sure that you have a conversion adapter if you’re visiting a country that has a different type of plug.
  • If your trip is short, consider taking disposable vapes so you have less gear to carry and account for.
  • Cabin pressure can cause full bottles to expand, splitting the seams and causing leaks. Try to pack partially used bottles that have some unused space at the top to avoid this from happening. 
  • European Union countries have a 20 mg/ml nicotine limit, so if you use a higher concentration level, be sure that you’re well equipped for the length of your trip. 

We hope you have a great trip and that this blog assists you to travel with ease!

Do you live outside the continental U.S. We’re curious, can you bring disposable vapes on an airplane where you live? Drop a comment below to share your experience with our readers. 

3 vaping tips for the summer months

It’s the official first week of summer and while that means it’s time to get out and enjoy all that the season has to offer, it also means there may be a few adjustments needed to ensure that your vaping experience remains satisfying and safe. Listed below are three tips that we have for vaping in the summertime. 

Carry and keep your e-liquid in a cool, dry environment 

If you’re a habitual vaper who possesses a large stash of refills and/or backup disposables, it’s important to find a space that promotes longevity when storing your replacement vapes. The ideal storage location needs to be dry, cool, and out of direct sunlight. Thinking of your replacement vapes as a glass of milk. Fresh out of the fridge, it’s delicious and satisfying, but if you leave it on the counter in direct sunlight, it changes consistency, temperature, and flavor, which can greatly affect the taste and texture. That said, because summer months are already the warmest time of year, be sure to leave extra replacement vapes at home and use a carrying case for your e-cig rather than your pocket. Even the best brands, like Logic ecigs, need a quality storage environment to maintain the taste users know and love!

Avoid charging batteries and/or devices in your vehicle

If you’re driving with the air conditioning on, it’s easy and safe to charge your ecig device—we recommend extending the charge cord to rest the battery and/or device in the glove compartment for shade from the sun. However, if your vehicle is stationary and hot, it’s best to avoid charging at this time. While the risk is minimal, direct sun exposure can overheat the batteries and/or device. The best way to ensure your experience isn’t hindered due to weather is to pre-charge your device before leaving the house and bring along a couple of backup batteries. 

Be prepared for the summer adventures ahead 

Whether you live somewhere that has a short summer or your habitat to a part of the globe where sunshine is always in the forecast, with a little planning, you can take your Logic ecig wherever you go—a family beach day, an impromptu barbecue with friends, or a weekend road trip. Aside from the tips above, if you have plans to be on the go this season, be sure to keep extra batteries close, have a supply of refills, or opt for easy with pre-charged, pre-filled disposables. Extra stock ensures that you’re never left without when a nicotine craving comes knocking. 

Do you have any other tips for novice vapers that we may have missed? Please drop them in the comment section below to share with our readers.