Why do smokers love to smoke?

zero nicotine vaping

zero nicotine vaping

Even though smoking combustible cigarettes are the greatest cause of preventable death on a global scale, generations of smokers have continued to purchase them in large amounts to fulfill their tobacco dependencies. Although it’s fair to say that most people know the addictive qualities of nicotine, as well as the negative health effects of prolonged smoking, people of all ages still continue to light up. We believe it’s because smokers love to smoke for other reasons social, behavioral and physical factors that all have the ability to play a part in their overall dependency.

It gives them pleasure

For a smoker, the inhalation from their combustible cigarette gives them an overwhelming amount of pleasure. Whether it’s their first smoke of the morning, a quick puff during their break or a cigarette after a hard day’s work, smoking has the ability to help ease anxiety and discomfort.

Needless to say, this pleasurable sensation that smokers know all too well is most likely caused because their mind and body are stuck in a constant state of nicotine withdrawal. If they have been smoking for years, the moment that nicotine attaches to the receptors in their brain, their fidgety tension starts to diminish and their body can begin to relax. However, this calmed state doesn’t last long and within 30 minutes the process is already repeating itself. So, that “pleasure” smokers are feeling is simply their body craving more nicotine.

The good news is that there is a safer nicotine delivery device that does exist. An e-cigarette, such as Logic Pro, has the ability to give the body the nicotine strength that it craves, while also giving the vaper the ability to rid their body of tobacco. E-juices are available in a wide-range of nicotine concentration levels, which also gives the vaper an opportunity to choose a level that works best for dependency.  

It keeps them busy

Many people who fulfill their nicotine addiction through the use of traditional cigarettes are doing so because they enjoy watching the movements of smoke or simply love that it keeps their hands busy. So, why not satisfy both of those guilty pleasures through the use of e-cigarettes. Since they are comparable to combustible cigarettes, an e-cigarette allows the user to exhale a sweet-smelling vapor that dispels in a matter of seconds while also mimicking the look and actions of their combustible cousins.

It’s part of their routine

It can be incredibly hard to kill an old habit which is why quitting combustible cigarettes can be challenging. For people who have smoked for years, the physical act of doing it has become so ingrained in their day-to-day routine that they don’t even think about it anymore. That being said, if you’re aware of your daily routine with cigarettes, you have the power to make a healthier, more informed choice by modifying your routine to include an e-cigarette.

E-cigarettes put more control into the hands of the vaper, allowing them to choose their nicotine concentration level. Over time, some vapers are even able to switch over and enjoy the pleasures that can come from zero nicotine vaping. While zero nicotine vaping fulfills many of the same pleasures of regular vaping, it does so without any of the harmful side effects of nicotine inhalation.  

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What are the best ways to save money when you buy from iloveecigs.com?

save money with e-cigs

save money with e-cigs

Aside from their delicious flavors, lack of pungent, lingering smell and the fact that they are socially more acceptable than a combustible cigarette, the best part about e-cigs is that they can also save you money. A pack of traditional smokes usually costs far more than a standard vaping device and leaves a mess of butts stomped on our sidewalks. When you vape, you can feel better about choosing an eco-friendlier nicotine solution, and be rewarded with some incredible savings. While e-cigs are already a more economical choice in terms of price, there are also a few additional ways that iloveecigs.com is helping our customers save money.

Save when you buy in bulk

While our prices are already the best in the business for guaranteed real Logic products, we still offer our customers the option to buy product in a bulk amount in order to save money with e-cigs. Using the easy ordering system will give you the opportunity to stock up on all of your favorite delectable flavors for whichever Logic series you own. The more you buy, the more you’ll save.

Save when you become a member

At iloveecigs.com, we reward customer loyalty by offering an exclusive membership as well as a VIP membership for those who are absolutely crazy about our products. When you become a VIP member you can save 4% on every purchase and 6% if you sign up for recurring orders. Plus, you’ll also get 2% cash back in store credit as well as access to periodic flash sale notifications sent directly to your email inbox. Now that’s how you save money with e-cigs!

Save on shipping

If you’re a regular customer who lives in the U.S. you can also save money on your shipping costs. When you process an order that is $15 or over, we will wave the cost of your shipping and send out your order on the same day (on weekdays before 12 p.m. EST).

Save by subscribing to our e-newsletter

When you subscribe to iloveecigs.com, you’re subscribing to savings. Our weekly newsletters contain special promotional codes that offer our customers huge savings on their e-cig orders. Not to mention, once a month, we also send out an e-newsletter that contains another discount code that can be combined with other deductions all month long. Allowing you to save money with e-cigs is our specialty.

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How are vapers using e-cigs to help with anxiety?

vaping benefits

 vaping benefits

Each and every one of us becomes stressed for different reasons. It’s when this stress develops, based on the elements in our environment, that the strain has the potential to evolve into an anxiety disorder — relationship problems, workplace dilemmas, financial strain, our own self-conscious awareness, fear of places, objects and situations and even social situations are all things that cause people anxiety. While this disorder is relatively common and most definitely treatable, extended worries, fears and emotional triggers can sometimes become too overpowering to bear. While many people use vaping to replace combustible cigarettes in order to reduce the negative impact on their physical health after years of smoking cigarettes, many also rely on vaping to help with their mental stress levels as well. Let’s break down the barriers and take a closer look at exactly how your mental health can benefit from vaping.

Smoking causes anxiety

Although people who struggle with their nicotine addiction and tobacco dependency may feel less stressed when they take a puff from their combustible cigarette, smoking is actually known to cause anxiety, not alleviate it. In fact, your risk of developing an anxiety disorder are much higher if you’re a smoker… five times higher.

However, an anxiety disorder is not your only concern, prolonged smoking of traditional cigarettes actually increases your chances of developing a panic attack disorder by 12 times.  

Thankfully, vaping benefits extend beyond your physical health and has the ability to reduce your anxiety and alleviate panic disorders that are caused by high amounts of nicotine. E-liquids come in an assortment of nicotine levels which gives the user the option of changing concentration amounts at any time. Vaping gives you the control you need, so, if you feel your anxiety levels creeping up, maybe try reducing your nicotine concentration to something slightly lower than what you were vaping before.

How exactly does vaping help with anxiety levels?

Aside from the ability to choose an e-liquid with lower nicotine levels, or simply only vape zero nicotine e-cigarettes, Vapers are also freeing themselves from the harmful side effects of tobacco use, which can have serious impacts on their mental health. Tobacco has been pegged as one of the leading causes of sleeping problems, which correlates as a prime contribution to many anxiety disorders.

When it comes to the state of your mental health, do you know any other vaping benefits? Tell us in the comments section below.


How do e-cigarettes affect your oral health?

oral health

oral health

For some people vaping is seen as an up-and-coming trend, for others it’s seen as a life-changing nicotine alternative. Regardless of how you’ve come to think of this tobacco-free technology, it’s hard to ignore the overwhelming number of benefits that it has. When it comes to your health and well-being, numerous studies support the position that e-cigarettes are helping ex-smokers begin to repair their bodies. But did you know that switching to vaping from traditional cigarettes also offers an abundance of benefits to your oral health?

How does smoking affect your teeth and gums?  

Smoking combustible cigarettes has the ability to do irreversible damage to your oral health. However, many people don’t realize to what extent the damage extends to their mouth, gums and teeth. While, it’s rather obvious that traditional cigarettes stain your teeth, smoking them can also lead to gum disease, tooth loss and various forms of mouth cancers. When you’re a heavy smoker, the tar from your cigarettes has the ability to produce a bacterial plaque inside of your mouth. This condition can cause a lack of oxygen in your bloodstream causing any infection in your gums to not heal. Did you know that gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults?

Vaping, on the other hand, generates a smokeless vapor that leaves little evidence left behind on your dental records. Also, since e-cigarettes are tobacco-less, tar-less products, your teeth will remain clean and white. Although vaping is a better choice for your oral health, it doesn’t come without risk. Nicotine inhalation, even in the smallest of amounts, does reduce blood flow and restrict nutrients and oxygen to the soft tissues of your mouth. That being said, you have the ability to wean down your nicotine concentration levels and begin vaping zero nicotine e-cigarettes, further reducing the risks associated with nicotine in regards to your oral health.

Consider finding your new tobaccoless vaping product today and take control of your health and well-being because the longer your smoke combustible cigarettes, the more likely you are to enter health complications when it comes to your teeth and gums.

Do you know any other fun facts about vaping and your oral health? Please drop a comment below and tell us more.  


3 reasons you should switch to vaping before the holidays

switch to vaping

 switch to vaping

The holiday season is in full-swing, including all the sights and smells. While there is a crispness to the fall air, there’s also the scent of delicious aromas, like roasting chestnuts and decadent mulled wine, alongside the bittersweet warmth of a crackling wood fire to ultimately put you in the mood for the festive season. That being said, many people use the month of December to spend extra time with their loved ones. However, stepping outside into the bitter cold is not the most appealing holiday activity. Stop missing the important moments, keep warm inside and begin to improve your health over the holidays by choosing to use an e-cigarette, rather than a combustible cigarette.

Stop missing the important moments

When you’re constantly popping in and out to smoke your traditional cigarette, you’re wasting time that should be spent with your loved ones. Whether it’s a little one in your family who took their first few steps or someone just told an incredible story, the shrieks of excitement are most definitely an indication that you’re missing these joyous moments of significance.

So, when you’re finally making the choice to throw away your combustible cigarettes and switch to vaping, you’re are automatically saving your departures from the dinner table and becoming a bigger part of the festive memory making. That being said, your family will most likely also appreciate that the horrible smell of burnt tobacco on your hands and clothes will no longer be combating the delicious smell of the holiday feast. You’re welcome!

It’s way too cold outside anyways

Often times, depending on where you live, the holiday season will subject you to the bitter cold. As a smoker, you’re no stranger to having frostbitten fingertips or your lighter constantly being blown out by the treacherous winter winds. Lighting a traditional cigarette and smoking outside can be an infuriating task during the holiday season. So, why not alleviate the added holiday stress by switching to vaping? Then you can simply sit back, relax and vape away in the toasty warm comfort of your cozy home.

Your body will thank you

Not only are combustible cigarettes the leading preventable death in the United States, but tobacco ingestion possesses the potential to damage your brain, lungs and heart as well as increase your risk to develop many smoking-related diseases. A clean bill of health is the best gift that you can give your loved ones for the holidays and also the best gift that you can receive from yourself. For smokers who need a helping hand, an e-cigarette is a handy tool that you can use to help free yourself from your tobacco dependency. It also allows you to control your nicotine intake and choose between a variety of delicious flavors.

Can you think of some other reasons to switch to vaping before the holidays? Tell us in the comments section below.

Ingenious gift ideas for the vapers in your life

Logic device

Logic device

Everyone wants to find the perfect gift to wrap up and give away during the holiday season. Although it can be difficult to think of an innovative present idea, some creativity and thought can help you find a gift perfectly tailored to the personality of your recipient. Ask yourself what that person needs and consider the gift of practicality. If they’ve been trying to quit combustible cigarettes or are already enjoying the pleasurable sensation of vaping, then a Logic vaporizer would be the ideal present to give a loved one, colleague or friend for the holidays.

Logic Disposable

For the vapers on your holiday shopping list who prefer the convenience of a pre-filled, premium-flavored electronic cigarette, we recommend gift wrapping the Logic Disposable e-cig. As a top-seller in Logic ecigs technology, the Logic disposable offers users a safe, easy-to-use vaping experience with a choice of five flavors — cool menthol, robust tobacco, sweet cherry, extra strong tobacco and extra strong menthol. You can even select the nicotine concentration level that your recipient would prefer. How’s that for a practical gift?

Logic Power

If your gift recipient has a little more vaping experience and would prefer a rechargeable  state-of-the-art device, then the Logic Power would be a suitable present to place a bow on and gift to them. Offered as a rechargeable starter kit, the Logic Power e-cig is known for being incredibly economical, with each flavor cartomizer lasting up to 400 puffs. The bundle contains a powerful, high-quality battery, a superior charger and a flavor cartomizer of your choice. Give the gift of a smoke-free lifestyle this holiday season.

Logic Pro

This advanced Logic vaporizer is a sublime vapor technology that gives its user a few extra tasty e-liquid flavors — like Tobacco, Menthol, Cherry, Toasted Tobacco, Strawberry, Berry Mint and Fresh Menthol. Grab some decorative wrapping paper and wait patiently for your recipient’s excitement when they find out that they are the new owner of a Logic Pro Vaporizer. Holding the device may even keep them thinking of you all month long as they come to appreciate the longevity of their new, state-of-the-art device. It’s almost as if gifting the Logic Pro is like giving a rich, flavorful experience that won’t wear off until long after the holiday season is over.

Which Logic device do you think would make the perfect gift? Tell us in the comments section below.  


Did you know that electronic cigarettes have a historical timeline?

the history of e-cigs

 the history of e-cigs

Although vaping seems to be all the rave in the media lately, interestingly enough the history of e-cigs actually dates back almost 90 years. So, let’s take a look at how this innovative technology became the device we know and love today.

1930: Joseph Robinson was granted a patent for the first documented reference of an electronic cigarette. Though it was never entirely clear if his prototype was actually manufactured.  

1960s: Jumping ahead 30 years, Herbert A. Gilbert was credited with his creation of the first device that closely resembles a modern-day e-cigarette. Having received his patent in 1965, Gilbert created many prototypes, but failed to commercialize his smokeless, non-tobacco cigarette product.

1979-80s: Now, we’ve entered the age of technology where Phil Ray, one of the pioneers of computers, worked alongside physician Norman Jacobson to create the first commercialized variation of an e-cigarette device — although it wasn’t actually electronic.  

1990s: Many patents for nicotine inhalation devices began to surface during this decade, including products that were invented by big tobacco corporations. Although these devices closely resembled our modern-day nicotine delivery technology, they were denied widespread commercialization due to FDA permissions.

2003: The success of the e-cigarette began in this year due to the success of the first commercial electronic cigarette in Beijing, China. Creator, Hon Lik, reportedly created the device for his father, a heavy smoking who was dying of lung cancer.

2006: E-cigs were introduced to the European market. Shortly after, they made their way to the United States.

2008 – 2012: Various countries and states discover their stance on electronic cigarettes and set regulations based on studies.

2013: The first E-Cigarette Summit was held in London in order to provide a platform to present scientific evidence on vaping. It was aimed at helping inform the public about health and policy debates.

2014: The word of the year is vape and many pro-vaping organizations were created, including American Vaping Association (AVA) and Smoke-Free Alternative Trade Association (SFATA), aimed at educating people about the use of vapor products and e-cigarettes to help smokers quit.

Present day: Vapers continue to fight for their right to use a better form of nicotine delivery.

Did we miss anything significant about the history of e-cigs? Tell us in the comments section below.


How do you use the Logic Pro?

Logic Pro Vaporizer

 Logic Pro Vaporizer

There are a lot of questions people have when they first start vaping, starting with which product they should invest in. At I Love Ecigs, we recognize that there are a vast number of devices on the market, but the Logic Pro vaporizer is a technology that stands out above the rest. As one of our top-selling products, due to its outstanding engineering, it’s known for being a simple, life changing, state-of-the-art technology that offers its users an enhanced vaping experience. This premium electronic cigarette is also easy-to-assemble, easy-to-charge and easy-to-love. Now, let’s find out just how easy the Logic Pro vaporizer is to use.

How do you change flavor capsules?

The Logic Pro is one of the most convenient vapor systems on the market. Once you notice that your e-liquid capsule is empty, which is visible through the window on the mouthpiece, simply disconnect your battery from the mouthpiece by twisting it counter clockwise. Once the battery has been removed you will be able to slide your used, disposable capsule out of the device. Next, remove the two plastic caps from each end of your new flavor capsule and insert it into the mouthpiece. Now, you’ll be able to screw the device back together. Then you’ll want to press the center button five times. The technology will be activated by this action and should blink blue to indicate that it’s ready to use.

How do you charge the device?

Your Logic Pro vaporizer is equipped with an advanced, cutting edge battery technology. But, like any superior battery, it will eventually need to be charged. In order to charge your battery, it will need to be removed from the mouthpiece — this can be done by twisting it counter clockwise. The battery can then be screwed into the USB charger, which can be plugged into your computer (while its on), using one of the USB ports. The light on the charger will remain red while it’s charging, approximately 3-5 hours, and will flip to green when it has full battery power. You will then be able to twist the battery off of the charger and back onto your device to begin vaping. Remember to click the center button five times to activate the battery.

Do you have any more questions about the Logic Pro vaporizer? Tell us in the comments section below and we will be happy to answer them.

5 e-liquid flavors that may suit you?

flavored e-cigarette

flavored e-cigarette

Flavor plays a huge role in your overall vaping experience. Whether you’re a former smoker who enjoys the robust kick of natural tobacco, you’re a person who finds tropical, fruity nodes to be calming or you simply relish sweet, sugary aromas, it’s clear that the essence of flavor has the ability to drive your taste buds crazy. Needless to say, most vapers are keen on finding the best flavored e-cigarette to meet their needs. So, naturally, every vaper seeks a flavor or two that reflects their pleasures, typically meaning that they are impulsively drawn to a particular palate. Rule out the flavors that simply don’t “do it” for you and revel in the e-liquid flavors that suit you the best.

Toasted Tobacco flavoring

Vapers who adore rich, smoky aromas will absolutely love this new Logic Pro flavor capsule. Offering a smooth take on the traditional, overpowering strength of most tobacco flavor capsules, Logic Pro’s Gold Label Toasted Tobacco is the perfect blend for ex-smokers who miss combustible cigarettes. It’s a full flavor taste experience like no other!

Fresh Menthol flavoring

Menthol lovers rejoice! Logic Pro has created a new menthol flavor capsule that offers all the fresh, minty aromas of traditional menthols, but in a lighter nicotine concentration. You’ll be in your eleMINT when you take a smooth puff of this classic, well-loved flavor.

Sweet Strawberry flavoring

For vapers who savor the angelic taste of fruit, this flavored e-cigarette will definitely be your jam! That’s right. Logic Pro Gold Label Strawberry flavor capsules offer vapers the same sweet, juicy taste of strawberries in a mouthwatering e-liquid form. Designed to fulfill all your luscious fruit cravings, this tasty e-juice is guaranteed to make your lips smack just thinking about it.

Charming Cherry flavoring

Those of you who enjoy the sour-sweet flavor of a ripened cherry are bound to enjoy the Power Series Platinum Label Cherry cartomizer. Another Logic e-juice that tastes as sweet as candy, this top-of-the-line flavor capsule is packed with fruity nodes and an extremely delicious tang. You might say it’s berry similar to its pitted counterpart.

Bodacious Berry Mint flavoring

If you’re a person who constantly battles both sides of your taste buds, the Logic Pro Gold Label Berry Mint flavor would be an ideal choice for you. Combining two favorite aromas, sweet berries and cool mint, into one tasty e-liquid that’s sure to give you a bodaciously bold experience.

What’s your favorite e-cigarette flavor? Tell us in the comments section below.

Basic safety tips for vaping

vaping safety

vaping safety

Over the years, there have been stories reported about faulty or defective e-cig devices. Although it’s incredibly uncommon, as with most electronic accessories, it’s important to do your research and always put your safety first. That’s why we’ve crafted this list of helpful tips that will help vapers to elevate their vaping experience by maintaining the longevity of the device and practicing basic vaping safety.

How to care for your e-cigarette battery

The most important thing a vaper can do to ensure safety is to properly care for their batteries. We recommend for you to always inspect your batteries prior to use, making sure that they are free of any dampness or damage. However, there are a few other ways that you can maintain your batteries.

  • Store your batteries at room temperature or below  
  • Avoid the exposure of direct sunlight
  • Use the correct charger or adapter for your battery
  • Avoid overcharging your battery – no need to charge overnight
  • Avoid under-charging your battery – give it enough time to fully charge
  • Never carry loose batteries around in your pocket
  • Give your battery time to cool down after using it prior to recharging it
  • Do not keep the battery in your mouth for extended periods as it can heat and create a burn

Avoid unregulated MODS

If you’re a first-time vaper, unregulated modifications to your device are not recommended. They’re generally more powerful and require a basic understanding of how circuits connect to their battery sources.

Regulated devices, such as the brand Logic, detect any issues the device is having and shut it down as part of a built-in safety feature. While unregulated devices are not constructed with these features, which makes them more dangerous for inexperienced vapers. For those who simply want a grab-and-go, smooth vaping experience, Logic also offers a care-free disposable option.

Purchase a spill-proof option

Adding e-liquid to your own device has a list of advantages, including the ability to mix a combination of flavors. While this vaping method is a sophisticated choice for the more advanced vaper, in order to avoid any spillage, beginner vapers should try use a pre-filled cartomizer. They are much easier to operate — simply remove the plastic caps from each end and twist the cartridge onto the battery.

Are there any other pointers that you have in regards to vaping safety? Tell us in the comments section below.