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Logic Pro Black Label Menthol Capsules

Black Label
Menthol Flavor
1.8% Nicotine - 20 mg Model: LP-Menthol-443
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Logic Pro Black Label Menthol eLiquid Capsules provide a full bodied flavor for the smoker accustomed to a rich traditional cigarette taste. This line of Logic eLiquid Capsules delivers a most realistic full menthol flavor vaping experience with much more vapor.

The way it works is the nicotine-infused Logic menthol e-liquid is heated quickly by the atomizer to the point of becoming vapor rather than organic material actually burning. This produces an inhalable vapor that delivers nicotine and minty flavor.

Holding the Logic Pro Vaporizer is amazingly cool and vaping is easy and smooth. The pre-filled, vacuum sealed eLiquid capsule is a big change in both the quality and convenience of the e-vaping system. It offers you “grab and go” convenience and spillage safety; you can take a refill capsule with you when you travel to make sure you don’t run out.

the Black Label logic menthol e-liquid was created exclusively for Logic with premium, three-time distilled oils producing a rich and full flavor of menthol taste while eliminating the thousands of toxins present in a traditional cigarette.

Remember to order your Logic Pro Vaporizer Kit with your choice of Logic Disposable eLiquid capsules.

We also carry  Black Label Menthol Disposable Ecigs Power Series Black Label Menthol Cartomizers and  Power Series Black Label Menthol Starter Kits.


  • Each Black Label eLiquid Capsule contains 1.8% nicotine by volume offers a full and rich menthol flavor vaping sensation
  • Each pack comes with 2 capsules of menthol eLiquid
  • Each capsule is pre-filled, vacuum sealed that prevents accidental spills
  • Each capsule has a rubber end cap on each side, one is clear and the other is gree
  • Individually handmade and tested for quality before leaving Logic facilities


  • Remove eLiquid capsule from packaging
  • Remove the rubber end caps from each end of the capsule (one is clear the other is green)
  • Insert the capsule into the vaporizer pen top with the flat end up
  • Twist the charged battery onto the vaporizer pen top
  • Press the button five times - the blue light will now be lit
  • You are ready to experience the Logic Pro Vapor System technology
  • The battery will automatically turn off if you stop vaping for more than 10 minutes
  • When you are ready to vape again, just press the button once and you are ready to go
  • Once you have finished the eLiquid, simply dispose of the capsule and insert another one
  • Once your rechargeable battery is empty, just recharge it and you will be ready again within a few hours

Please Note: Not fit for use with our Power Series and USB Charger


  • Propylene Glycol: FDA approved as a food additive, propylene glycol is found in many health products, cosmetics and medicines
  • Water: Pure and simple, so you inhale water vapor, not smoke
  • Flavorings: A combination of flavorings that give the vapor its flavor
  • Nicotine by Volume:  1.8% (high)

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(based on 50 reviews)

  • Lisa N. May 30, 2018

    Great taste

    I love ecigs they have the best prices and fast delivery.The menthol taste is very smooth I have been enjoying them for 2 years and have saved so much money not buying cigarettes anymore.
  • Marlene M. Mar 18, 2018

    Love the Logic product

    Was happy with your prices and timely response. Guess that's a thumbs UP!
  • Lisa N. Mar 6, 2018

    Black label capsules

    I love the black label capsules in menthol flavor it is so smooth tasting.
  • Kym M. Feb 28, 2018

    Logic Pro Black Label Menthol Caps

    I generally hate writing reviews unless a product is REALLY bad but I am making an exception here. First, the pkg arrived sooner than expected which was Great! I've tried many different types and brands of e-cigs and vaping systems but nothing else compares to Logic Pro. It is the best by far. The menthol caps are easy to use and taste really good. I have finally found a high quality vapor system at an affordable price. THANK YOU!!
  • Valerie R. Feb 6, 2018

    Pro hits the spot

    I've been using the 2.4 level of Pro cartridges and am now stepping down to the 1.8 to further reduce my nic addiction. The taste and hit factor of the Pro has been great. Best wishes to all who are beating the addiction. Pro really does help.
  • Upto M. Jan 17, 2018


    Excellent customer service and quick delivery always. Thank you!
  • Robert R. Dec 7, 2017

    Great Product

    Great flavour and very fresh. Never had a bad tasting one like I get from the store sometimes.
  • sandra j. Dec 7, 2017

    superb customer service

    I would like to thank you for your superb customer service. No matter whether I have a simple question or a problem (David) has always helped me with a solution. Your company is top notch when it comes to the wonderful customer service it provides. For this reason alone I will remain a customer with I Love Ecigs. A sincere thank you!
  • Lisa N. Dec 2, 2017

    Love ecigs

    I love them fast shipping and great prices. Would recommend to anyone and love the taste .
  • Upto M. Oct 19, 2017


    Impressed as always by great customer service and very fast delivery.
  • Upto M. Sep 26, 2017


    Very impressed with new capsules. Excellent customer service as always!
  • Rhonda M. Aug 12, 2017

    The Best E-Cig Ever

    Simply Awesome, easy to operate, fast shipping knowing, that I reside in Hawaii. Overall the BEST!!!
  • Upto M. Jun 8, 2017


    Impressed as always with your great customer service and very fast delivery. Thank you!
  • Dawn U. May 23, 2017

    Great product

    i have been using this product for 3 years and will never go back to regular cigarettes again
  • Upto M. May 22, 2017


    I am impressed as always at the great customer service and quick delivery. Thank you!
  • Upto M. May 9, 2017


    I am always impressed with your excellent product and very quick delivery. Thank you!
  • Upto M. Apr 9, 2017


    Thank you for your excellent service and quick deliveries. Much appreciated!
  • Upto M. Mar 19, 2017


    Suburb service as always and quick delivery. Thank you!
  • Lisa F. Feb 1, 2017

    Remains best quality

    I've been an iloveecigs member for a while now, and in addition to a better price than local stores, & the percentage off options as well as decals, the best part is quality. Nothing worse than opening your refill package only to find one or more are dead or have a burnt flavor to them. Most stores will not exchange or refund, & I can't imagine the hassle of trying to go through logic directly. However in my own experience, iloveecigs stands by the product. Shipping is fast-my orders usually arrive one day after processing. They are shipped well & shipped fresh-therefore, no duds! Far better to place consistent orders with iloveecigs than buy logic products in local stores.
  • Dawn U. Jan 23, 2017

    The best

    I highly recommend the pro capsules to the regular electronic ! You get the same nice menthol taste with every drag not like the electronic cigarette The pro vapor is the way to go, I changed after watching another customers video and I wish I would of done it sooner
  • Maureen C. Jan 14, 2017

    Logic Pro is the BEST

    I highly recommend Logic Pro vaporizing system that I have ever used. The smooth menthol blend is vert satisfying and never go back to any other brand of a vaporizer system. The customer service when I hit the wrong item or have any questions is amazing and you get a person not a recording that takes you 20 minutes to finally talk to someone. I would highly recommend Logic Pro to anyone. I rate this product a five star item.
  • Betty W. Nov 12, 2016

    great customer service

    I love e cigs. Great products, great customer service. Keep up the good work!
  • Betty W. Aug 29, 2016

    Love them

    I love these cartridges and I Love E Cigs customer service the Best. They have replaced cartridges that are faulty. Thanks
  • Cathie L. May 3, 2018

    Good menthol flavor

    I wish these still came in a 3 pack because it was more cost effective. However, I keep coming back because these capsules are easy to use, have good menthol flavor, and have a good inhale and exhale experience.
  • Michael M. Apr 25, 2018

    Search for better flavor

    Great item, but I wish they have a lower nicotine level to choose from
  • sandra j. Apr 16, 2018

    logic pro cartridges

    I am so pleased with the new production of the cartridges. They finally got it right. I have had no problems with these. Thank you!
  • Allison M. Mar 23, 2018

    I love the fast service and [...]

    I love the fast service and the good quality of the products I order.
  • Ferdinad D. Nov 22, 2017

    E Cigs rock

    Except when they don't. I get a DOA capsule every once in a while. Last order had 2 dead capsules. Not worth returning or complaining about, but it happens. However, Smoking tobacco has so many bad effects. With e-cig vapes I feel refreshed and the urge to smoke is "vaporized". Thanks for the alternative option.
  • Upto M. Nov 22, 2017


    Great customer service and very quick delivery. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Tracy M. Nov 15, 2017

    logic pro

    Product is way better than before. Shipping was prompt and on time.
  • Steve L. Aug 24, 2017


    Best refills I've found. Tried the flavored ones, but stick to the menthol. Cool but not harsh taste. Give them a try you won't be disappointed.
  • Danielle S. Jul 23, 2017


    Works great to help with not smoking. Wish they were sold in 5 packs.
  • Steve L. Jul 18, 2017


    I prefer the advance vapor system over the regular, but both are good. Service is quick. Give them a try!
  • Deborah M. Jul 17, 2017

    Logic Pro Black Label Menthol Capsules

    Always super fast delivery and great customer support you can count on that you can't get any where else, thank you
  • Upto M. May 26, 2017


    You guys are awesome as always! Great customer service and very fast delivery.
  • Upto M. May 16, 2017


    As always, excellent product and very quick delivery. Thank you!
  • Trish H. May 10, 2017

    Prompt delivery

    I've been purchasing on the website here and there for refills for my logic pro. I"m glad to have the convenience of the products and prompt delivery. I will continue to shop.
  • Steve L. May 5, 2017


    I appreciate the smooth flavor of the refills. Once in awhile there will be a bad one, but not often. We've bought from another place and the WHOLE package was awful!
  • Upto M. May 3, 2017


    As always ILoveECigs provides awesome customer service with very quick delivery!
  • Debra S. Apr 24, 2017


    I won't smoke cigarettes again. No smell, no mess, no hassles. These are a nice smooth menthol flavor. At any strength. Good price. Fast shipping.
  • Upto M. Apr 2, 2017


    Very quick delivery and excellent service as always.
  • Steve L. Mar 21, 2017


    My husband really enjoys the menthol flavor. The vanilla is okay too!
  • Jane H. Mar 18, 2017

    E cig refills

    Very easy to navigate the online store. The free shipping is especially nice, especially to Hawaii. My order arrived earlier than it Was supposed to.
  • Steve L. Feb 24, 2017


    I use this vapor system and also the ecig menthol brand on both. I really like them. Cant find them locally and this site is easy and fast to order from.
  • Ferdinad D. Nov 15, 2016

    Smmoth and easy

    The menthol is just enough to be relaxing. I enjoy taking a break and hitting the vape with these menthol cartridges. I highly recommend them to anyone.
  • Betty W. Oct 19, 2016


    Love ordering from I LOVE ECIGS, their products are super and they ship fast.
  • Ferdinad D. Jun 26, 2016

    Menthol is the best

    These refills are very satisfying. I would highly recommend them.
  • Crystal P. Mar 17, 2018

    There is a difference

    I enjoy this product but it does not last as long as when i first purchased 1 would last almost 2 and a half days now 1 lasts one day?
  • Cathie L. Sep 20, 2017

    Great menthol flavor ... but sometimes doesn't work right

    These Logic Pro capsules are so clean and easy to use! I have been using them for about 2 years. My biggest issue is that for every 6 capsules I buy, 1 or 2 of them don't have good inhale/exhale so I get very frustrated and lose money. But because the capsules are better than anything else I've tried so I continue to use them. The packaging recently changed, but it's my understanding the price changed, too, so it should all even out.
  • Alina B. Aug 4, 2016

    Great product

    I am buying black label menthol flavor.i love new capsules, the only thing that l am not happy about that they are three in the pack
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