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Logic Pro Vaporizer

Model: LP-SK-863
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The first step to start vaping is to purchase the Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System Starter Kit. Logic Pro Starter kit comes with a metallic vaping pen and a rechargeable battery and a USB charger. Convenient and simple.

Logic Pro Advanced Vapor Systems is the latest most sophisticated eLiquid vaporizer on the market. The patent pending disposable capsule technology allows you to enjoy the same great Logic flavors and have more of the fulfilling vaping experience provided by Logic ecigs. Simple and safe, the intelligent lock system stops accidental activation. It offers you “grab and go” convenience and spillage safety; you can take a refill capsule with you when you travel to make sure you don’t run out.

Logic Pro Vaporizer produces much more vapor than Logic ecigs and it feels “fuller”. So if you prefer that fuller smoking experience, then vaping with the Logic Pro Vaporizer should be your pick.

Remember to order your preferred flavor of Logic disposable e-liquid capsules for use with the Logic Pro starter kit.


  • Light metallic structure with smooth silver finish
  • A window showing the quantity left in the eLiquid capsule
  • 600 MAH battery provides the thickest vapor and richest flavor in the industry
  • A rechargeable battery comes fully charged and ready to work
  • USB charger
  • Intelligent lock system prevents accidental activation
  • Activating the battery by pressing 5 times on the start button
  • Battery shuts down automatically after 10 minutes of not vaping
  • After rest, activating the battery by pressing the start button once
  • Produces equal puffs
  • Individually handmade and tested for quality before leaving Logic facilities


  • Remove the vaporizer pen from the packaging
  • Remove the USB charger and the wall charger from the package and store them in a safe place
  • The battery is charged and ready to go
  • Remove the eLiquid capsule of your choice from packaging
  • Remove the rubber end caps from each end of the capsule (one is clear the other is yellow)
  • Insert the capsule into the vaporizer pen top with the flat end up
  • Twist the charged battery onto the vaporizer pen top
  • Press the button five times - the blue light will now be lit
  • You are ready to experience the Logic Pro Vapor System technology
  • The battery will automatically turn off if you stop vaping for more than 10 minutes
  • When you are ready to vape again, just press the button once and you are ready to go
  • Once you have finished the eLiquid, simply dispose of the capsule and insert another one
  • Once your rechargeable battery is empty, just recharge it and you will be ready again within a few hours

Please Note Not fit for use with our Power Series and USB Charger

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(based on 37 reviews)

  • Michele G. Nov 26, 2017

    Excellent products. Very [...]

    Excellent products. Very lightweight . Great service from company
  • Michele G. Nov 18, 2017

    Great new look for logic pro [...]

    Great new look for logic pro vaporizer. Much smaller than original
  • Candy M. Oct 17, 2017

    Power Series to Logic Pro

    With the Power Series Ecig being discontinued, relieved and happy to say Logic Pro Black Label is even better than the Power Series was. Lasts much longer! Happy customer!
  • Michele G. Aug 31, 2017

    Great service. Long time [...]

    Great service. Long time customer. Excellent company
  • Loreli M. Aug 21, 2017

    speedy delivery

    I ordered a starter kit and the delivery was very quick. This product is excellent. Thank you for quality service.
  • Arlene H. Aug 20, 2017

    Excellent smoking

    I've been using for 3 yrs and after trying many other brands I am fully satisfied wth logic. It looks gr8 and the battery just keeps on charging without any problems
  • Lisa N. Jul 13, 2017

    Love ecigs

    It came fast and it was what I ordered. I would recommend logic pro to anyone, there the best product out there.
  • Linda V. May 22, 2017

    Excellent service

    Ordering is easy, delivery super quick. Love this website and the product!
  • Pat C. May 17, 2017


    I am so glad I found this.. I got my logic pro on Monday and I love it very good quality menthol and battery lasts a long time thank you maybe I can finally stop smoking
  • Pat C. May 15, 2017


    I just got my logic pro it's great very good vapor
  • Upto M. Mar 25, 2017


    Excellent customer service as always with very quick delivery. Thank you!
  • Dawn U. Mar 8, 2017


    Great product, best out there!!! Wouldn't go back to cigarettes every
  • john m. Mar 7, 2017

    logic pro

    Helped me quit my 40 year habit and now I use strictly the pro system. Also have purchased it for several fellow workers also wanting to try an easy approach to the monkey. No more coughing or griping family members either!
  • Jaida W. Mar 2, 2017

    Easy, convenient, my new fav!

    I love, love, love my new Logic Pro! So very easy and convenient to use. Great draw and absolutely love the prefilled cartridges! I am so happy with my purchase :)
  • Michele G. Jan 27, 2017

    Excellent product and [...]

    Excellent product and service. Great company to order from. Very good service
  • Michele G. Nov 5, 2016

    I'm always amazed at how fast [...]

    I'm always amazed at how fast I receive my orders. Very happy with this company & their prices
  • Patricia T. Oct 31, 2016

    starter Kit

    Excellent brand, been using for awhile. Highly recommend and the service is great.
  • Karen B. Oct 24, 2016

    Love It

    The Logic Pro kit. I have other E-cigs but, this is definitely my Favorite! No mess with refills. I am about to purchase another to have on hand. I have not smoked regular cigarettes in close to three years. Yay!!
  • ranzy g. Oct 20, 2016

    logic pro

    I purchase the logic pro and I love it will recommend this product to anyone who wants to stop smoking cigarettes thanks
  • sherrie u. Sep 4, 2016

    Love it

    It made me quit smoking cigs now my husband wants one 2 Yaya I hope he quits to its the best match for a Newport smoker
  • Lisa N. Dec 6, 2017

    New Logic Pro is GREAT!

    I just received my new logic pro vape. and it's so light weight and sleek. Its a Smokey gray color made of some smooth material that seems almost "soft" if you can conceive that description. Thanks Logic!
  • Carole G. Oct 16, 2017

    great shipping & products are what they say

    I like the new logic pro - lighter & works I think well
  • Carmella O. Oct 16, 2017

    New Design

    I really like the new design. It's slimmer and lighter.
  • Upto M. Mar 12, 2017


    Great service as always. I have been using the Logic Power system and finally decided to try the Logic Pro system and it is awesome!
  • Dawn U. Jan 16, 2017

    Better than the e cigarette

    I love the Logic Pro, it's so much better than the regular logic cigarette. Much better taste and no burn on throat.
  • Arlene H. Jan 10, 2017

    Stainless steel electronic

    I really like this item and especially sinc it now comes with lanyard It is a little bulky and I wish it wasn't so slippery in your fingers but the draw is very satisfying and I don't have to suck on it constantly
  • Debra F. Dec 30, 2016

    Logic Pro

    I really have enjoyed using my new Logic Pro. Vaping is the only way to go. Pure enjoyment Everytime!!
  • Iris F. Nov 23, 2016

    smooth taste

    I really enjoy the menthol taste and no mess vaping!
  • Michele G. Nov 18, 2016

    Best Electronic cigarette company

    Speedy delivery Extremely reliable All messages left are returned even on a weekend. Extremely polite, courteous employees
  • Michele G. Nov 12, 2016

    Best quality e-cigarette. [...]

    Best quality e-cigarette. Best quality & service from
  • diane m. Nov 6, 2016

    pro logic

    I got the product very quickly I like the fact that you don't have to fill and spill and leak.That is a big plus
  • Sandra D. Aug 26, 2016

    The ECIG

    It has taken me a while to get used to using the Logic Pro but now that I am used to it I seem to go through a lot of the juice. One capsule lasts me approximately one day. I really thought I would get a longer use out of one capsule. And I am not smoking it all the time either. I really do like the product and would like to try other flavors.
  • Randall T. Aug 15, 2016

    600 MAH

    I really do like the system, but only wish that you would produce a battery with adjustable MAH up to 1100. I use this one and another one from a competitor because of their selection of juice flavors and the stronger Batteries. But I do take yours on the boat with me because I can drop a cartridge and go and never miss a beat putting my customers on fish. Just hope you consider a stronger battery system. Overall though it's a great product.
  • Robert D. Jul 25, 2016

    Logic Pro Vap System is the Best!

    I purchased the Logic Pro Starter Kit as a replacement for my older one. I lost one of the pieces and like to have to Logic Vaps on hand. I have not had a cigarette in over 2 years and do not want one! I no longer cough or wheeze. I love that I do not smell like an ashtray! My husband and family love the change as well. I have recommended this product to many friends...they buy them where they can. I have referred them to ILoveEcigs.
  • Carole G. Jul 22, 2016


  • ROBERT S. Jul 8, 2016

    Best E Cig Available

    Was able to quit smoking regular cigs with Logic Pro. Best quality ecig I have found, and I tried many. Amazingly quick shipping - great customer service.
  • Kaknotta L. Sep 18, 2016

    Nice stainless pen

    If I had a menthol capsule, I probably would have quit smoking, but I only received the tank in the starter kit.
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