3 perks of buying your Logic vapes with us

Aside from the long-standing relationships that we’ve built over the last decade in business, there are many reasons that customers trust us to help ease their transition from smoking combustible cigarettes to vaping. If you need some convincing to join the I Love Ecigs community, there are three perks of buying your Logic vapes listed below.

Our Logic vapes are a great price 

While we guarantee the best prices available on the market, there are also a wide variety of other ways that shoppers can save on their Logic vapes

Our online store is available in English and Spanish

We recognize that many of our customers speak Spanish as their first language, which is why our website has been translated to offer added flexibility and choice. This allows shoppers who prefer to read Spanish-written content access to the same helpful information as English speakers, as well as the ability to purchase their Logic vapes online without needing an assistant to translate for them. 

Logic vapes are FDA approved for sale and marketing in the U.S.

Becoming the second e-cig company to receive authorization, Logic and their brands, Logic Power and Logic Pro are FDA approved for sale and marketing within the U.S. This is a direct result of the benefits to adult smokers attempting to reduce cigarette usage. While tobacco, so far, is the only flavor that the FDA is allowing, the best takeaway from this event is that the agency is accepting the benefits of vaping Logic vapes when considering combustible cigarette tobacco harm reduction. Since our website solely focuses on Logic vapes retail, you can rest assured that you can rely on us to provide you with these life-changing products long-term. 

Are there other reasons you purchase Logic vapes from us? Drop them below to start a conversation.

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