4 ways to quit smoking and boost your recovery

ways to stop smoking cigarette

As warmer weather approaches, we’re motivated to spend more time outside, and with that comes a focus on making some healthy changes. Though many people tend to steer towards things like losing weight or toning their muscles, the healthiest choice that you can make for yourself if you smoke combustible cigarettes is to quit. Plus, for those who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, listed below are four ways that smoking cessation can help you to kickstart a boost in your recovery. 

Getting outside is a good distraction 

Those who smoke combustible cigarettes often have some habitual places, people, or situations that contribute to their routines. For example, with your morning coffee or at social functions. However, you can help yourself to break these habits by changing your scenery. Instead of having a combustible cigarette alongside your coffee in the morning, shake things up by taking your coffee for a walk instead. Not only does a breath of fresh air help with any intense cravings but exercise is a great way to suppress them. That said, if your tobacco addiction is more mental, e-cigs are a great tool that can replace your combustible cigarettes. 

Regular exercise combats weight gain

As mentioned above, you can turn your outside time into workout time. Not only does this make it easier for you to achieve your weight loss goals but if you make it a regular thing you may even tone up, get stronger, and boost your mood in the process, which all helps with your ability to stay sober at the same time. 

Take part in spring cleaning

There’s no great feeling than opening up your windows to let the fresh air in after a long winter of being cooped up. It’s also a great time to organize and clean your home, wash extra clothing, and get rid of anything that you’re not using. Even if you have only lived in your current space for a short time, you may be surprised at how quickly things accumulate and at how good it will feel to clear out your space in recovery. Plus, while you’re keeping yourself busy, you aren’t thinking about smoking combustible cigarettes either. 

Learn to relax naturally in nature

We often hear that people rely on smoking combustible cigarettes to help ease their stress. However, it revs up your heart rate and causes several other stress-inducing health problems. If you’re stressed, how can you expect to stick to your journey? So, if you’re trying to quit smoking to boost your recovery, it’s important to get outside and find healthy ways to decrease stress or relieve stress during a tough moment. Simply breathing in the fresh air, standing in the sun, and spending time people-watching are great ways to naturally enjoy your surroundings and improve your ability to stay sober and quit smoking. That said, if there are others in your vicinity who are smoking, we recommend keeping an e-cig on hand to deter any cravings to light up a combustible cigarette. Other great smoking cessation options are nicotine gum, nicotine lozenges, or a nicotine patch. 

Quitting smoking does not threaten sobriety and breaking free from tobacco addiction will help you to learn healthier coping mechanisms to remain sober.

Are you ready to quit smoking? Which smoking cessation aid will you be relying on for those tough days?

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