5 e-liquid flavors that may suit you?

flavored e-cigarette

flavored e-cigarette

Flavor plays a huge role in your overall vaping experience. Whether you’re a former smoker who enjoys the robust kick of natural tobacco, you’re a person who finds tropical, fruity nodes to be calming or you simply relish sweet, sugary aromas, it’s clear that the essence of flavor has the ability to drive your taste buds crazy. Needless to say, most vapers are keen on finding the best flavored e-cigarette to meet their needs. So, naturally, every vaper seeks a flavor or two that reflects their pleasures, typically meaning that they are impulsively drawn to a particular palate. Rule out the flavors that simply don’t “do it” for you and revel in the e-liquid flavors that suit you the best.

Toasted Tobacco flavoring

Vapers who adore rich, smoky aromas will absolutely love this new Logic Pro flavor capsule. Offering a smooth take on the traditional, overpowering strength of most tobacco flavor capsules, Logic Pro’s Gold Label Toasted Tobacco is the perfect blend for ex-smokers who miss combustible cigarettes. It’s a full flavor taste experience like no other!

Fresh Menthol flavoring

Menthol lovers rejoice! Logic Pro has created a new menthol flavor capsule that offers all the fresh, minty aromas of traditional menthols, but in a lighter nicotine concentration. You’ll be in your eleMINT when you take a smooth puff of this classic, well-loved flavor.

Sweet Strawberry flavoring

For vapers who savor the angelic taste of fruit, this flavored e-cigarette will definitely be your jam! That’s right. Logic Pro Gold Label Strawberry flavor capsules offer vapers the same sweet, juicy taste of strawberries in a mouthwatering e-liquid form. Designed to fulfill all your luscious fruit cravings, this tasty e-juice is guaranteed to make your lips smack just thinking about it.

Charming Cherry flavoring

Those of you who enjoy the sour-sweet flavor of a ripened cherry are bound to enjoy the Power Series Platinum Label Cherry cartomizer. Another Logic e-juice that tastes as sweet as candy, this top-of-the-line flavor capsule is packed with fruity nodes and an extremely delicious tang. You might say it’s berry similar to its pitted counterpart.

Bodacious Berry Mint flavoring

If you’re a person who constantly battles both sides of your taste buds, the Logic Pro Gold Label Berry Mint flavor would be an ideal choice for you. Combining two favorite aromas, sweet berries and cool mint, into one tasty e-liquid that’s sure to give you a bodaciously bold experience.

What’s your favorite e-cigarette flavor? Tell us in the comments section below.

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