An introductory guide to Logic Pro flavors

Logic Pro e-cigarettes

Logic Pro e-cigarettes

Alternative nicotine products, like Logic Pro e-cigarettes, have emerged as a promising solution for smokers who seek to minimize the harm from tobacco and quit combustible cigarettes altogether. Giving the user the ability to reduce their nicotine strength over time, vapers aren’t faced with the same nicotine withdrawal challenges and are able to select a nicotine-containing e-juice that best suits their vaping style. The best part is that Logic Pro e-cigarettes aren’t restricted to the same flavor choices. While they do offer tobacco and menthol aromas, there are also many fruit concoctions for vapers who are working on overcoming their mental cigarette dependencies. So, if you’re looking to expand your flavor palette, we’ve got a signature selection of vape juices that might entice your senses.

Vigorous tobaccos

If you crave the full-bodied flavor of tobacco, paired with an enriching hand-to-mouth motion, then you will want to try the grab-and-go convenience of one of our robust tobacco Logic Pro e-cigarettes.

Logic Pro Black Label Tobacco offers vapers a distinct, hearty flavor that satisfies their cravings for a traditional cigarette, so, if you prefer the flavor of tobacco with an added twist and lower nicotine level, then the Logic Pro Gold Label Toasted Tobacco possesses some crisp, roasted nodes of refined flavor. These blends are the perfect rich tobacco extracts!

Invigorating menthols

If the cooling, minty flavor of menthol is what you desire, then perhaps you will want to get your hands on some rejuvenating menthol Logic Pro e-cigarettes.

Logic Pro Black Label Menthol offers the same temperate mint aromas as traditional menthol cigarettes but in an inhalable vapor form. Now, if you enjoy the essence of a light peppermint flavor, then the Logic Pro Gold Label Fresh Menthol vape juice may be the chilling experience you’ve been looking for. So, why not ditch the harshness of combustibles and try their state-of-the-art electronic counterparts?

Sweetened fruits

While there are many ex-smokers that miss the taste of their traditional cigarettes, people also despise some of the conventional smells. So, if you’re looking to make a change to your lifestyle, then maybe you would like to try some gratifying fruity flavors?

Logic Pro Gold Label Strawberry is a flavorful, fruity experience that exuberates the fresh taste of classic strawberries, but in a vapor form. Whereas, Logic Pro Gold Label Cherry exhibits a smooth, mouth-watering experience that feels as if you’re biting into the skin of a hand-picked cherry. Now, if you enjoy the pleasures of fruits and mint aromas combined, then the Logic Pro Gold Label Berry Mint vape juice might be your flavor calling. Featuring a refreshing mint flavor combined with a lush mix of heavenly berries, this incredible extract is both unique and tasty.

Logic Pro e-cigarettes are the best contemporary extracts. Which ones will you be adding to your online cart? Tell us in the comments section below.

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