Do smoking scenes on TV and in films affect how we perceive the habit?

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In 2023, visual storytelling dominates, and the portrayal of smoking scenes on TV and in films plays a significant role in shaping societal perceptions of habits like smoking combustible cigarettes. These depictions can either glamorize smoking or highlight its adverse effects on health, leading users to want to stop smoking. Consequently, it’s crucial to consider the impact of these representations on those who are looking to make a change. 

Smoking scenes are often glamorized

Whether it be a new TV show on a streaming platform or a popular movie in the theater, characters who smoke inadvertently glamorize the habit. Especially when these characters are likable or fan favorites. Smoking combustible cigarettes is portrayed as edgy, confident, or rebellious, creating an image that can be alluring to young, impressionable audiences. This glamorization can deter a stop smoking message and keep individuals from seeking guidance on how to quit by subconsciously influencing them to perceive smoking as desirable. 

Some storylines discuss real health consequences

Conversely, the realistic portrayal of smoking’s health consequences in the media can have a positive impact on those attempting to stop smoking. By showcasing the detrimental effects on the character’s health, these scenes serve as cautionary tales to motivate those watching to seek resources or adopt strategies to help with quitting for good. 

TV and films influence our everyday lives

Regardless of how you look at it, smoking scenes can be framed to influence the audience’s perception of the habit. If smoking combustible cigarettes is depicted as normalized, viewers may underestimate its addictive nature. That said, if the media portrays the struggle, it can foster understanding for those on the path of learning how to stop smoking. 

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