FDA authorizes Logic vapes: What you need to know six months later

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In case you didn’t catch the news back in March, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorized devices and tobacco-flavored refills made by Logic Technology Development LLC. As one of the two vape product companies to receive this authorization by the agency, this is monumental for our business and the industry as a whole. However, since it’s been almost six months since this approval made headlines, we need to summarize once again to keep all vapers informed of any noteworthy changes.

Which products have been “approved” by the FDA?

Once a product receives “approval” by the FDA, it simply means that the company has demonstrated that that said product is safe and effective for its intended use. This allows the company to then market and manufactures the product. However, some restrictions may remain post-approval. 

In terms of Logic vapes, there are two products that officially have this “approval”—the Power Series Platinum Label Tobacco Cartomizers and the Logic Pro Black Label Tobacco Capsules. The tobacco cartomizer is screwed into the rechargeable Logic Power device, whereas the tobacco capsule drops into the rechargeable Logic Pro unit to activate the draw.

Are there plans to “approve” menthol products?

Premarket Tobacco Applications (PMTAs) for menthol replacement capsules on both the Logic Power Series and Logic Pro models remain under review, as have all menthol applications that were submitted to the FDA. There is no update as to whether or not menthol products will receive “approval”.

How do I stay informed?

Those wishing to remain informed about the FDA, ecig approvals, and Logic vapes cause trust us to report any news we hear in our weekly blog.

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