How are vapers using e-cigs to help with anxiety?

vaping benefits

 vaping benefits

Each and every one of us becomes stressed for different reasons. It’s when this stress develops, based on the elements in our environment, that the strain has the potential to evolve into an anxiety disorder — relationship problems, workplace dilemmas, financial strain, our own self-conscious awareness, fear of places, objects and situations and even social situations are all things that cause people anxiety. While this disorder is relatively common and most definitely treatable, extended worries, fears and emotional triggers can sometimes become too overpowering to bear. While many people use vaping to replace combustible cigarettes in order to reduce the negative impact on their physical health after years of smoking cigarettes, many also rely on vaping to help with their mental stress levels as well. Let’s break down the barriers and take a closer look at exactly how your mental health can benefit from vaping.

Smoking causes anxiety

Although people who struggle with their nicotine addiction and tobacco dependency may feel less stressed when they take a puff from their combustible cigarette, smoking is actually known to cause anxiety, not alleviate it. In fact, your risk of developing an anxiety disorder are much higher if you’re a smoker… five times higher.

However, an anxiety disorder is not your only concern, prolonged smoking of traditional cigarettes actually increases your chances of developing a panic attack disorder by 12 times.  

Thankfully, vaping benefits extend beyond your physical health and has the ability to reduce your anxiety and alleviate panic disorders that are caused by high amounts of nicotine. E-liquids come in an assortment of nicotine levels which gives the user the option of changing concentration amounts at any time. Vaping gives you the control you need, so, if you feel your anxiety levels creeping up, maybe try reducing your nicotine concentration to something slightly lower than what you were vaping before.

How exactly does vaping help with anxiety levels?

Aside from the ability to choose an e-liquid with lower nicotine levels, or simply only vape zero nicotine e-cigarettes, Vapers are also freeing themselves from the harmful side effects of tobacco use, which can have serious impacts on their mental health. Tobacco has been pegged as one of the leading causes of sleeping problems, which correlates as a prime contribution to many anxiety disorders.

When it comes to the state of your mental health, do you know any other vaping benefits? Tell us in the comments section below.


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