How does vaping help an ex-smoker kick their combustible cigarette dependency?

nicotine delivery system

nicotine delivery system

Whether there’s an enthusiastic page flip following the end of your annual calendar or the committed anticipation of a fresh start, the beginning of a new year has the ability to spark promise inside us all. This obligation can come in all forms — joining a gym, saving extra money, volunteering, being more present or starting a new career — but your angst for a buzzing, positive change is often most provoked by your desire to feel good about yourself and your health. That being said, nothing helps both your mind and body feel better than waving goodbye to your combustible cigarette dependency. Perhaps you’ve been promising yourself, year after year, to throw out your pack of smokes and start caring about your future health and well-being? Well, today’s the day, 2019 is your year and here’s how vaping can help you achieve your goal.

You’re able to combat your nicotine withdrawals

E-cigarettes are a state-of-the-art technology that has the ability to help ex-smokers slowly wean themselves off of their tobacco and nicotine dependencies. These devices are considered to be a much safer nicotine delivery system because they allow the vaper to choose their own nicotine concentration levels in order to avoid the displeasing side effects of nicotine withdrawal — anxiety, depression, insomnia and many more irritable symptoms. That’s why e-cigarettes, such as the Logic Power, are an incredibly advantageous tool to use when you’re trying to quit traditional cigarettes and part of why they have become so popular so fast. They possess a wide variety of nicotine levels, an assortment of deliciously, enticing flavors and can be used to contest the discomforts of nicotine withdrawal.  

You receive a satisfying sensation

Often times smokers struggle with quitting combustible cigarettes because their mental dependency is equally as strong as their physical one. That’s why e-cigarettes are such a helpful nicotine delivery system. Once inhaled, the vapor then makes its way to the lungs of the user through the use of a hand-to-mouth action that feels similar to smoking. Although this oral fixation doesn’t undergo combustion like a traditional cigarette, it does mimic the experience through the use of similar motions, inhalation techniques and flavors.  

Vaping as a stress reliever

Many people have a hard time quitting smoking because they relied on combustible cigarettes as a means of stress relief. While combustible cigarettes may feel like they subside your stress, it’s only a temporary feeling that quickly wears off when your body starts to crave nicotine again. Maybe vaping could be the decompression tool you need to help get you through the stress of everyday life?

Are there any other ways in which this revolutionary, nicotine delivery system can help with a combustible cigarette dependency? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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