How to fix a disposable vape that isn’t working

There is nothing more frustrating than a disposable vape that isn’t working, especially since these handy devices are marketed as “easy”, “maintenance-free”, and “simple to operate”. That said, due to no fault of your own, sometimes you may find yourself with a unit that doesn’t work quite right. This is incredibly frustrating for the many who rely on their disposable vape to keep their nicotine cravings from re-surfacing. So, if you find yourself with one that is experiencing problems, try out the troubleshooting tips before contacting customer support.

What are the components of your disposable vape? 

Before we delve into how to fix your disposable vape, let’s go over the technical terms that make up your unit so you can be sure to examine the correct areas.

  • E-liquid reservoir: The spot that holds your e-liquid—disposables vapes possess an integrated reservoir that comes pre-filled.
  • Coil: The heating element within your vape that’s responsible for turning liquid into vapor. 
  • Battery: Through draw-activation or a pushbutton switch, your battery allows power to flow through to the coil.
  • Mouthpiece: As the name suggests, the mouthpiece is the part where you put your lips to inhale the vapor. Each mouthpiece is created differently, with some offering a roomy, airy draw as opposed to a tighter, restricted draw. 

How to fix a disposable vape that isn’t working

Is your device not working well? There are a few common culprits that might be the fix to your problem. 

  • Check the mouthpiece: If your device is firing, something may be blocking the vapor flow. Be sure that your mouthpiece is clear of debris so there is sufficient airflow. 
  • Check your airflow: Your mouthpiece isn’t the only area that influences airflow. Many disposable vapes have small air intakes that allow air to flow into the device. Because they’re small, it’s easy for them to become blocked over time. 
  • Gently tap and shake: Air bubbles can form in your e-liquid reservoir, which can lead to muted flavor or a burnt taste. Simply give your device a gentle tap or shake to dislodge these bubbles. Then wait a few minutes before trying to vape again. 
  • Take a break: If you’re hitting your vape often, the wicking material that flows juice to the coil might become a little dry. The best ways to resolve this problem are by reducing the number of hits you take with each use. Another option is to purchase a secondary disposable vape and rotate between the two.

Did any of the above suggestions help you to fix your disposable vape? Drop a comment below if you have more questions. 

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