How to properly inhale using a Logic vape pen

Although vaping is the perfect quit smoking aid for a person who feels comfortable with a product simulating their past experience with combustible cigarettes, there are a few other things to consider. This blog will help you to pick the perfect vaping setup and explain how to properly use it to achieve ultimate satisfaction! 

Selecting your Logic vape pen setup

Since most e-cig devices operate in the same way, this process would apply to all Logic vape pen units:

Step 1: Choose your device

There are three Logic vape pens on the market: The Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System, The Logic Power Series, and The Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarette. While each unit offers a slightly different experience, the main difference is that two possess rechargeable batteries and the other has a built-in, pre-charged battery. 

*Be sure that the Logic vape pen you use has the right nicotine concentration level. Both the Logic Power unit and disposable unit have a higher level of nicotine (2.4%) for heavy ex-smokers, while the Logic Pro unit has a lower level of nicotine (1.8%) for someone who requires less or who has been able to lower their strengths over time.

Step 2: Select your e-liquid

The only option that’s currently available for purchase is tobacco. However, the Logic brand is working with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to get menthol products approved for sale and marketing as well. While the disposable option comes pre-filled to keep things worry-free, you need to make sure that you order compatible replacements for the Logic Pro unit and Logic Power units. The Logic Pro unit uses tobacco capsules, whereas the Logic Power unit uses tobacco cartomizers

How to inhale using a Logic vape pen

Using either the mouth-to-lung technique—inhale and hold the vapor breathing into your lungs—or the direct-to-lung technique—inhale and breathe directly into your lungs, exhaling quickly—here are the steps to vaping using your device.

  • The battery source powers the heating element
  • The increase in temperature heats the e-liquid within the device’s tank
  • The e-liquid turns into vapor 
  • The device is draw activated, allowing the user inhales the vapor through the small mouthpiece

*Your Logic vape pen works as a complete system, so you cannot mix and match its parts with other e-cigs on the market. While experienced vapers enjoy the rechargeable features offered by the Logic Pro and Logic Power devices, beginners are advised to stick with the Logic Disposable unit for easy vaping convenience. 

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