How to remain smoke-free in social settings this summer

The summer season is all about enjoying your time outside surrounded by the ones that you love. For many, it seems that easy. But for ex-smokers, it can be challenging when tobacco or nicotine cravings come knocking. The great outdoors is enjoyed by all, including those who smoke. However, the good news is that there are ways that will help you kick those cravings to the curb to enjoy your smoke-free, social summer. Here’s how!

What is social smoking?

Social smokers, also labeled as intermittent smokers, are people who choose to smoke conventional cigarettes in social situations, such as at a bar or alongside friends. While not known to smoke alone, social smokers can sometimes be motivated by peer pressure. However, while some people argue that social smoking isn’t hazardous to your health because you do not use combustible cigarettes often enough to develop a true nicotine dependence, we disregard the claim, as social smoking still increases the person’s risk of heart disease, lung cancer, cataracts, and other various health-related conditions. Quitting combustible cigarettes altogether is still the best option for long-term health, which is where Logic vapes come in.  

Logic vapes allow ex-smokers to remove tobacco from the equation by fulfilling their nicotine needs with a product that looks and feels like a conventional cigarette. This will allow the user to continue to “socially” smoke but with their e-cigs instead!

What if being around combustible cigarettes is hard for the ex-smoker?

While some ex-smokers are fine using their vape in social smoking settings, others can’t bear to smell or see someone smoking their combustible cigarettes. If you’re the latter and feel that the urge to smoke may creep up in social settings this summer, we recommend the following tips to keep yourself smoke-free.

  • Ask loved ones if they wouldn’t mind smoking in a designated area that’s away from you
  • Avoid triggers by spending more time with loved ones that don’t smoke
  • Make plans to do an indoor activity where no one is allowed to smoke
  • Make plans to do a physical activity to distract you from your cravings
  • Deep breathing is a great example of a relaxation technique that’s useful for dealing with stress
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or other activities that are known to be connected to smoking combustible cigarettes

Order your Logic vapes today and stock up for summer fun!

Do you have any suggestions for our readers in remaining smoke-free? Drop a comment below to start a conversation!

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