Vaping is more eco-friendly than smoking

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As a species we are constantly trying to find innovative ways to protect the planet. Often it is the smallest and simplest changes to our lifestyles that can make a big, long-lasting impact on the environment.

If you are passionate about recycling, you ‘re probably more aware of your carbon footprint. Why not carry this mentality across all aspects of your life and look for an eco-friendlier option to smoking? Vaping is an eco-friendly solution, especially if you get your hands on the logic vape pen.

No more cigarette butts

Everywhere you look cigarette butts litter our streets, beaches and parks.

More than 4,000,000,000 cigarette butts are thrown away each year by people after smoking a cigarette.

It’s kind of disgusting right? Though the main problem with cigarette butts is not that people throw them on the ground, it is that they don’t degrade. Cigarettes are made out of cellulose acetate and plastic is not a biodegradable resource. They can melt down into plastic-like liquid over time, but that can take up to 10 years.

Cigarette production is also not very eco-friendly. For every 300 cigarettes, one tree is destroyed. If that is the case, then each smoker buying a pack a day is responsible for killing at least 24 trees every year.  

Vaping is an eco-friendly alternative. Most e-cigs, like the logic vape pen, are both reusable and re-chargeable devices.

E-Cig batteries and cartomizers are recyclable

Just like many other batteries on the market, the standard e-cig battery is a recyclable product.

In order to properly dispose of the battery, manufacturers suggest that it be fully discharged and cooled in a container of cold saltwater for two weeks. Afterwards the battery qualifies as electronic waste and can then be disposed of following the guidelines of your municipality.

Finally, once you get the full use out of your metal cartomizer, you are then able to recycle them. In order to reduce waste and keep vaping such an eco-friendly alternative, try ordering a refillable e-cig product.

Vapor rather than smoke

E-cigarette vapor is a diffused gas-like substance that uses a lower temperature to condense flavored vape juice. The e-juice or e-liquid — which consists of innocuous substances such as PG (propylene glycol) and a VG (vegetable glycerin) base, flavoring and may or may not contain variable nicotine levels — is turned into an odorless vapor. In contrast, cigarette smoke is heated at a much higher temperature leading to the complete combustion of the tobacco. This process emits smoke into the air. The material burned in the combustible cigarettes, or the subsequent by product of the burning, includes an array of known toxins and carcinogens such as nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, ammonia, arsenic and DDT.

Needless to say, since e-cigs don’t burn anything, there is no smoke. No smoke means that there is no second-hand smoke or harmful toxins released into the air. This is a difference you can smell and one that those around you will appreciate.

Have you been thinking about switching to e-cigs as an eco-friendly alternative? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments section below?

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