What can you do to remain smoke-free?

quit smoking

quit smoking

Making the decision to quit smoking combustible cigarettes is incredibly easy, whereas actually maintaining a smoke-free lifestyle is where you’re likely to face transition challenges. Whether you’re constantly feeling the stronghold of nicotine withdrawal or you’re disrupted by the changes to your everyday routine, slipping back into old habits is a consistent battle when you’re not prepared with a well thought out plan to maintain your smoke-free way of life. That’s why we want to encourage you to maintain a balanced combination of daily exercise, healthy eating, ongoing willpower and the use of Logic e-cigarettes to help your quitting process prosper.

Get active

Physical activity is a great approach to use when you’re trying to quit smoking. Not only does it have the power to distract you from your cravings, but it can also help you deal with the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal — headaches, insomnia and depression.

When you first quit smoking, try committing 10 minutes a day to physical activity. Over time, you may even begin to notice a boost in your mood and energy levels. You may find that pursuing an active lifestyle can also help you reach your health goals by lowering your blood pressure and making your heart and lungs stronger. The key to using exercise as part of your smoke-free journey is to find an activity that you enjoy and use as part of your plan to reach your fitness goals.

Eat healthily

When you quit smoking, you may experience an increase in your appetite. That’s why making adjustments to your diet can help keep you on the right track. Ensure that you keep nutritious, healthy snacks on hand — granola bars, banana or a yogurt — so that you’re able to keep your energy levels up when you’re on-the-go. Not only is your mind and body distracted by delicious food, but you’ll notice that quitting smoking has heightened your taste buds and sense of smell.

Mindful eating is a great way to make you feel good about your body, while also helping you reach health goals that have long since been suppressed by your prior smoking habits.  


In order to maintain a smoke-free lifestyle, you absolutely must have the willpower to restrain your impulses. After all, many of our bad habits can simply be attributed to a lack of willpower. That’s why it’s essential to start off with the right amount of determination and a toolbox full of tricks to boost your willpower to the highest possible levels. When you do that, you will maximize the chance that you’ll be able to overcome your tobacco dependency and have the confidence to maintain techniques of self-control. Keep in mind that just having the willpower isn’t always enough. If you want to ensure that you’ve set yourself up for success, start your quitting process by making a plan to keep up your routine and telling your friends, colleagues and loved ones about it. Then look to them for motivation and support when you’re losing tenacity.  


Often times quitting cold turkey, even when you combine physical activity, healthy food and willpower, are not enough to help you successfully quit smoking. That’s why so many people look to an e-cigarette device to help satisfy the cravings of both mind and body. These incredible devices allow you to choose your own nicotine concentration level, which in turn keeps you away from tobacco and allows you to take control health.

The best part is that e-cigarettes are fulfilling your body’s need for nicotine, without the toxins of combustible cigarettes, enabling you to focus on combating your physical and mental dependencies and setting your own time-frame to wean yourself down to more manageable, healthy nicotine levels. This process is often more successful because your body is not faced with the horrible side effects that follow from nicotine withdrawal. You also get the sensation of continuing to enjoy those time-honored daily breaks with your e-cig at hand – morning coffee, break with a co-worker, out for a drink with friends or after meal – all without breaking your commitment to quitting cigarettes.

So, instead of attempting to quit cold turkey, try combining the above recipe for success in order to help you manage your nicotine dependency and quit smoking for good.

Are there any other methods you can use to help you remain smoke-free? Tell us in the comments section below.

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