Why are vapers raving about Logic Power?

When it comes to cutting-edge, vaping technology, the Logic Power series is an incredibly well-known device within the e-cig industry. While it possesses a sleek, intuitive design, the powerful mechanics of the device also deliver efficiency, convenience and flavor. That being said, could this trusted Logic model be the next step in your vaping evolution?

The dependable, long-lasting batteries

There’s a reason that Logic branded this particular e-cigarette model with the adjective “power”. It’s because this exclusive device comes packed with an impressive, rechargeable battery that is capable of outlasting its competitors. Needless to say, for the rare moment where you need a little extra energy to get you through the day, you can rely on the contents of your Logic Power Series Starter Kit that comes equipped with a universal USB charger.

The vigorous vaper production

As you inhale, your device delivers a smooth draw of vapor through your mouth before dipping into your lungs. After holding your vapor for however long your technique requires, you’re then able to exhale and release a thick cloud of lush vapor. The essence of the aromas is completely dependent upon the scents you enjoy with offers including robust tobacco, fresh menthol and alluring cherry cartomizers.  

The easy-to-use practicality

The best part about the Logic Power Series is that these devices are tailor-made to be effortless and straightforward. So, when you want to switch between aromas, or if your flavor cartomizer is empty, simply twist if off of the lithium battery pack. Next, you’ll need to remove the new cartomizer from its packaging by pulling off the plastic end caps from each end of the cartomizer and then twisting the new flavor onto your battery. If you’re looking to recharge your device, it’s the exact same process of removing the cartomizer, but instead of popping on a new flavor, just twist onto the USB charger and wait for the blue light to blink, telling you that it’s fully charged and ready to vape.

Do you own a device from the Logic Power series? If so, tell us about your vaping experience.

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