Why should vaping be considered a method of tobacco harm reduction?

Tobacco harm reduction is a set of terms that are used to describe a public health strategy that’s aimed at lowering the health risks associated with using tobacco products to individuals and the wider society. While these strategies aren’t always a one-size-fits-all approach, many vapers believe that e-cigs should be a top method for tobacco harm reduction. After all, they vaped their way to quitting e-cigs. 

What does tobacco do to the body?

Both long-term and short-term tobacco use have negative effects on the body. That said, smoking combustible cigarettes poses a great risk for the development of the following non-communicable diseases—cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic lung disease, and diabetes. Other effects could also include heart disease, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), certain eye diseases, and problems with the immune system, like rheumatoid arthritis. 

Since the health effects of tobacco are so damaging alongside the chemicals and tar in combustible cigarettes, many users rely on e-cigs to help ease a smooth and successful transition away from tobacco use. Vaping also allows ex-smokers to control their nicotine intake and avoid the uncomfortable side effects of nicotine withdrawal. 

Vaping helps ex-smokers quit for good

Often when users try to quit smoking combustible cigarettes they experience the effects of nicotine withdrawal—a collection of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms that can lead to nausea, headaches, fatigue, mood swings, and an urge to smoke again. Since e-cigs allow users to supplement their nicotine intake, smokers can quickly become ex-smokers with all-around fulfillment that matches their current and/or past smoking experience.  

Vaping helps ex-smokers properly supplement their nicotine needs

Since every smoker is as unique as their personal smoking routine, they need to get their hands on a product that matches their current needs. This is why e-cigs are offered in a variety of nicotine strengths. Giving more power to the consumer, e-cigs allow ex-smokers to select a nicotine concentration level based on the intensity and amount that they smoke. Easily satisfying cravings reduces the potential harm to tobacco users.  

E-cig devices mimic the look and feel of tobacco

While appropriate nicotine replacement is one of the best ways to remain smoke-free by satisfying physical nicotine addiction, many users are also mentally dependent on combustible cigarettes. Many e-cigs on the market are sleek and slender in their design, imitating traditional cigarettes. This allows devices like the Logic lineup to feel equivalent to a combustible cigarette in the hands of the user. Also, since e-cigs possess the same hand-to-mouth motion and draw-activated inhalation, the only thing that’s missing from the experience is the horrendous odor on your hands, hair, and fingertips. No one’s missing that! 

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