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About us

Offering you an incredible smoking experience

Our Story

In 2011, I Love Ecigs began offering Logic Electronic Cigarettes to convenience stores. Very quickly we learned that consumers loved this product and are using it daily. Some of them smoked this product while in their cars, homes, restaurants or when they were around other people and children and didn’t want to disturb them. Some continued smoking their regular tobacco cigarettes on other occasions, whereas some switched to the Logic Electronic Cigarettes exclusively. Since we saw such growth in our e-cigs market and such loyalty to this brand, we decided to offer this great product to everyone who desires to try smoking electronic cigarettes.

We built this e-commerce site to help educate consumers about e-cigs and offer the best electronic cigarettes we know in the market. So if you are asking where can I buy electronic cigarette? You came to the right place. is committed to provide a top-quality smoking experience. We sell the Logic e-cigs which we believe is a superior brand of electronic cigarettes, are easy to use and provide a smoking sensation with no tar, no carbon monoxide, no tobacco, no ash, no second hand smoke and no smell. You can smoke them everywhere and disturb no one.

our nicotine reduction program

As former smokers, we know how difficult it is to quit smoking. We know that according to research and public information, smoking regular tobacco cigarettes is just unhealthy. As part of our commitment to supplying smokers with superior smoking products, we came up with a simple and easy-to-follow program that may help smokers transform their smoking habits. Please take a look at our Nicotine Reduction Program for more details.

why choose i love ecigs

Industry Leading Service. We provide superior support to our consumers by putting their needs first.

Superior Products. We selected the best e-cigs available in the market today – the unique triple distilled oils provide for a high-quality and richer tasting smoking experience. The quality assurance performed at Logic’s factory help to ensure you receive the consistent product you expect with every order.

Privileged Membership. We offer our own I Love E-cigs membership, with discounts and special offers just for our members. Become a member and receive an overall 2% discount from your entire order. Invite a new member and upon their paid order you will receive a one time 5% of your next order.

Education. We offer industry research and information to keep our consumers well informed.